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Chapter 1707 More Lessons For Everyone

Lin Mu thought about Lu Xu's words and thought that it'll be fine.

"Hmm, we may as well. The Ming sisters are resting anyways." Lin Mu agreed as the two headed out to another ring.

Qian Wen's ring was about ten minutes away from Lu Xu's and was in the southern part of the tournament grounds. The people here seemed to be even more excited and the crowd's voice was rather loud too.

Even outside the rings, they could be heard clearly.

'Guess being in the main area made it more crowded.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

After all, for the people who were just there to watch and weren't partic.i.p.ants, they would prefer to stay in the main areas rather than the distant rings like the one that Lin Mu was a.s.signed to.

The only ones that went far were those that had their matches there, though eventually as word spread more people would go there to take a look. After all, people wanted to see exciting matches and there was no way to know who would be a.s.signed where beforehand.

"Ah, Brother Mu Lin, Brother Lu Xu." Qian Wen soon met the two at the entrance of the ring.

"Were you waiting for us?" Lin Mu asked.

"I just came from the betting pavilion after getting some information. Luo Liqin is still there and will continue to supply us with information." Qian Wen replied.

"I see, that's good then." Lin Mu nodded his head.

"Let's go take a seat, shall we? Though I don't know if we will be able to get one easily." Lu Xu suggested.

Lin Mu and Luo Liqin nodded their heads and headed into the ring. By some luck, they were able to find a few empty seats at the edge of the ring. Someone had just vacated them as the three had arrived, allowing them to take their place.

A match was ongoing in the ring, but people didn't seem too interested in it. It was just a fight between two First Tribulation Stage immortals after all.

"What were you doing before this brother Mu Lin? You talked about the Ming sisters resting?" Lu Xu asked.

"I was teaching them." Lin Mu replied.

"Teaching them what?" Qian Wen inquire.

"I want to teach you guys that too. I think it'll help you in the fights greatly." Lin Mu replied. "It is battle tactics and a.n.a.lysis of your opponent." He added.

"Oh? That sounds interesting." Lu Xu nodded his head.

"I guess we can do it after my match is over. We'll have an empty period after that anyways." Qian Wen said. "Then the next match will be of Ming Dandan and it is four days away." He added.

"That's true." Lin Mu nodded his head. "I don't think any of us have gotten information about our next matches anyways."

The three discussed for a bit while also looking at the fights that happened. Most of the fights were relatively straightforward and one didn't need to think much about them. Lin Mu tried to see if there was anything interesting about them but didn't find them to be that relevant.

Hours pa.s.sed like this until it was time for Qian Wen's fight.

Unlike the last time, Qian Wen's fight was with a relatively simple opponent. His opponent was at the Second tribulation stage of the immortal realm, thus being a level weaker than him.

Lin Mu barely even had to use the Nine Divine Heart Sutras as Qian Wen managed to defeat his opponent on his own. He was after all a soldier of the royal army and had a decent amount of fighting experience.

In fact, compared to the majority of the partic.i.p.ants Qian Wen might rank in the top 20% with the most battle experience. After all, there was no lack of cultivators who had a high cultivation base, but lacked battle experience.

These were the immortals who had been taught by their masters and had stayed in seclusion for a long time. They would be raised on pills and precious herbs, thereby raising their strength, but lacking the skill needed to apply it properly.

And once Qian Wen's fight was over, Lin Mu brought them back to the tea house where Ming Aolian and Ming Dandan had been resting.ReadNovelFull.com

"How were the fights?" Ming Aolian asked upon seeing them.

"I didn't really need to do much. Their opponents were weak enough." Lin Mu replied.

"I see… well that makes sense. Most opponents are weaker this early on in the tournament." Ming Aolian nodded.

"Yeah, only after the fifteen day mark are they filtered out enough that they become tougher." Ming Dandan agreed.

"We just have to make sure we come out on top." Lu Xu stated.

"That is true." Lin Mu nodded his head. "And in order to do that, I think it's better to enhance your own understanding about the opponents and their skills." He added.

And as soon as Lin Mu said that, Ming Dandan and Ming Aolian shuddered. They recalled the lessons that Lin Mu had given them and felt a bit uneasy.

"Is this what you were talking about earlier?" Qian Wen inquired.

"Indeed." Lin Mu affirmed. "Should we start it then? It'll be fun." He asked.

"I don't see why not. We got a few days till the next match." Lu Xu was fine with it.

The two Ming sisters didn't reject it either, as they had indeed learned from it. While it might be a bit exhausting, they still knew it was going to help them in the long term.

And with that done, Lin Mu began his lessons again, this time with two more cultivators added to the group.

Lu Xu and Qian Wen had no idea what they were getting into. Thus when Lin Mu got into the details of it all, the started feeling a bit overwhelmed. But as time pa.s.sed, they started to understand better and better.

The same happened with the Ming sisters, who had already been through it once.

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