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Chapter 1706 Higher Expectations

Lin Mu headed to the ring where Lu Xu was about to fight, having left the two Ming sisters behind.

"I guess they really were tired." Lin Mu muttered.

"You do realize, you gave them information that would take them a few days to learn right?" Xukong suddenly spoke up.

"Huh? Was that too much?" Lin Mu couldn't help but ask.

"For their standards probably," Xukong replied.

"But that was just some basic a.n.a.lysis. Once they learn that they'll be able to do better on their own." Lin Mu said. "If they don't know that, how can they a.n.a.lyze all the possibilities in a fight and predict their opponent?" he asked in confusion.

"That's the thing… they don't do that," Xukong replied.

"They don't?" Lin Mu furrowed his brows.

"Not everyone fights the way you do. Nor do they spend days a.n.a.lyzing and learning about an opponent's techniques." Xukong answered with a chuckle. "Most don't have the free time or the interest in doing that."ReadNovelFull.com

"Isn't that a waste then? It gives so many avenues to improve." Lin Mu started feeling a bit disappointed.

"Well, that is where you stand out from the rest." Xukong laughed. "If others could do the same, or had the will to do it, they would certainly be standing out from the others. There is a reason why most people lag behind those with talent or those who are geniuses.

Those who can overcome those kinds of people, rely on hard work and study." He explained.

"I see…" Lin Mu realized that the way he saw the world was quite different. "So should I… change the way I do it?" he asked.

"The way you taught them?" Xukong asked.

"Yes." Lin Mu nodded.

"No… rather you should develop it further. It will help you learn and understand better too." Xukong encouraged.

"Alright. I'll see what more I can do." Lin Mu replied in affirmation.

Xukong thought of something else seeing this.

'If he were in a sect, he would easily get the position of a teaching elder… Possibly a high one.' Xukong thought. 'Might be good to let him try out for a bit. He can always leave it anyways.'

Xukong had wished for Lin Mu to have various experiences in life. After all, only by learning and observing different things and places would one learn. Lin Mu himself hadn't had the traditional form of teaching, thus for him, doing something like this was entirely new.

His method of teaching was untouched by the standard flaws and he was able to expand upon points that a lot of others missed out on.

'Seems like getting a disciple was the right decision… it allowed me to learn quite a lot too.' Xukong thought. 'The only regret is I did it too late. Perhaps Lin Mu doesn't have to miss out on it.'

Xukong had a lot of thoughts after that, planning a few things for Lin Mu to do later. But in the meantime, Lin Mu had reached the ring where Lu Xu's fight was about to happen.

His immortal sense quickly found the man standing in one of the rows. There was no longer any seating s.p.a.ce left and there were a lot of people standing.

"Lu Xu," Lin Mu called out to the man and approached.

"Ah, brother Mu Lin." Lu Xu greeted him. "You're right on time."

"Perhaps a bit late. There's basically no place to sit left." Lin Mu replied.

"It wouldn't have mattered even if you came a day early. This ring has been especially crowded." Lu Xu stated. "Some of the bigwigs had their fights here after all." He added.

"Oh? Like who?" Lin Mu asked.

"Other than a few of the black horses that had demonstrated their power in the banquets, there was a top ranker too." Lu Xu replied. "Childe Wildfire had a fight here yesterday." He revealed.

"Childe Wildfire is in this ring?" Lin Mu raised his brows.

He was one of the top five rankers and was said to be quite strong. Though he had been defeated by someone else, earlier in the banquet.

"Yes. I got to see his battle. He is certainly strong… stronger than most." Lu Xu said with a serious expression. "I don't think if I faced him, I'll be able to win." He added.

"That strong?" Lin Mu was interested. "But it also means that the one who defeated Childe Wildfire, is even better?"

"Dugu Shanhe, yes…" Lu Xu nodded his head. "He's quite strong too."

"Has he had any matches yet?" Lin Mu questioned.

"He has of course." Lu Xu replied. "But from what I've heard, he's ended all his fights within a few seconds."

"A few seconds?" Lin Mu raised a brow. "So no one has gotten an idea about his skills?" he inquired.

"No… They didn't get to glance much from his fights. He defeats his opponents and leaves." Lu Xu responded. "He's had three wins so far too."

"I see… so he just needs two more to qualify." Lin Mu muttered before looking at the ring.


The formation screen changed as the name and appearance of Lu Xu and his opponent appeared.

"Looks like it's time for you." Lin Mu spoke.

"I'll get to it now." Lu Xu wasted no time in going down.

He already trusted Lin Mu in being able to help them and thus didn't worry much.

Though this time, Lin Mu didn't actually have to do much from the start. Lu Xu's opponent turned out to be someone at the First Tribulation Stage of the immortal realm, allowing him to defeat the opponent easily.

The fight barely lasted two minutes and once that was done Lu Xu returned.

"Haha, looks like you didn't really need to come." He couldn't help but laugh awkwardly.

"It's fine. I still got to get some information." Lin Mu shook his head.

"Qian Wen's fight is in the afternoon, right? Do you wish to meet up with him?" Lu Xu asked.

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