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I succeeded in forcing Hasumi watch the horror movie.

The movie was truly scary. Screams were raised here and there.

I was scared too, so I hugged my little brother, however my brother that was seriously looking at the movie with sparkling eyes was frightening, so I at least stopped screaming.

However, as the film entered its climax, the dreadfulness increased. When I finally couldn't endure it anymore I hugged Hasumi.

Hasumi was stiffened. Had he frozen from being too scared? Hasumi that now was just a doll, hugged me without reserve.

We went outside as soon as the movie ended.

I was teary eyed from the scare. My little brother looked to be in a good mood.

Hasumi was…….quietly vomiting.

I'm sorry, Hasumi. This is my fault. This wasn't famous on the net just for show.

“Neesan, aren't those, Tojo-san and Minase-san?”

“Yes. Let's follow after them.”

My brother and me began walking to chase them but Hasumi remained stiff as he was.

I grasped Hasumi's hand and pulled him to walk.

Really, he takes so much labour. Well, it's my fault though.

My brother looked at us with complex expression.

Seems like those two will go shopping after this.

They entered the department store.

Ah, that's bad. We won't know which floor they'll be on if they take the elevator.

And we cannot ride the elevator together.

What should we do.

Yuto that saw I was looking troubled said, “I'll enter the elevator with them and see which floor they’ll get off.”

I am saved. Having a reliable little brother is the happiness of an onee-chan.

Hasumi and I decided to sit and wait for my brother’s call.

Hasumi still looks like he hasn't recovered.

I bought tea from a nearby vending machine and handed it to him.


“It's my apology. I'm really sorry for making you do the impossible.”

“..............not really.”

Hasumi took the tea and lifted the lid to have a sip.

I silently looked at him.

“Huh…...right, where's Yuto?”

“My brother chased after those two. Since we can't ride the elevator with them.”

“Is that so.”

Hasumi and I remained silent.

We didn’t do anything and just sat there s.p.a.cing out waiting for the call.

When I casually glanced at Hasumi, who was next to me, I noticed his complexion worsening.

“Hasumi-sama? Your complexion looks bad, are you okay?”


”Even if you say somehow, you don't look like it…….how about lying down?”

“In such a place?”

Even though the place where we are sitting isn’t conspicuous, it's not like people don't pa.s.s through here.

Moreover there are no cushions, so it wouldn't be comfortable to lie here.

“I'm fine to give you a lap pillow, you know?”

I said jokingly.

Hasumi said, “I'll refrain myself,” and tried to persist for a while, but before long he looked like he couldn’t put up with it anymore and leaned on me.

“Sorry…….just for a bit, let me remain like this.”

Hasumi said with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

He seems to feel really bad. As I thought, is the horror movie the cause?

Thinking that the unusually weak Hasumi was pitiful, I placed Hasumi's head on my lap.

“It may not be too comfortable, but…..please try to sleep a bit.”

It's my fault because I forced him to watch the horror movie.

It's embarra.s.sing, but I should endure it.


Hasumi weakly closed his eyes.

Soon I could hear his regular breathing.

I gently stroked Hasumi's hair.

I thought this previously too, his hair feels good to touch. It makes you want to continue petting them.

I hope that Hasumi will get well soon.

If possible, before my legs become numb.

“Neesan, those two are…...what's up with Hasumi-san?”

“It seems like he feels sick because of the horror movie. Let's leave him be for a bit, okay?”

“.............mou, neesan, you're too sweet.”

“About what?”

“It's fine if you don’t understand.”


My little brother sank into silence with a sullen look.

What is he angry about? Today's brother always looks mad.

“So, this is what happened.”

“Oh my, such a thing happened.”

I reported to Miku-sama what happened on the day of her date.

It seems like Miku-sama had an enjoyable date. After shopping they went to a restaurant for dinner, before going home. The restaurant chosen by the prince, seemed to be a pretty one, with a good view that was close to the sea.

I'm glad more than anything else that Miku-sama enjoyed herself.

In the end, we returned home after that because Hasumi's complexion wasn’t good.

My little brother thinking that was his fault, apologized to Hasumi with a blue face, but Hasumi didn't blame him and said, “It's not Yuto's fault.”

Even so, it was me that forced him to watch the horror movie, even when I understood that he was weak to that. It's my bad.

Looking at me, who was seriously depressed, Hasumi stroked my head with a ponpon. Seeming to mean not to mind it.

“Really, I'm sorry for what I did to Hasumi-sama……”

“Well…...but, wasn't that a fortunate accident for Sousuke?”

“A fortunate accident?”

“Yes. …...fufu. I feel like I understand Yuto's hardships.”


Miku-sama laughed as if she was having fun.

I'm glad that Miku-sama is having fun but, what about my brother's hardships?

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Ed: Aeternatrix 

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