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I looked at my little brother imposingly standing in front of me, and thought, ‘My little brother is cute when angry,’ to escape reality.

Iya, I understand that it's meaningless, you know? But I can't help it because he truly is cute.

“Hey neesan, are you listening?”

“I'm properly listening.”

My mind was brought back to reality.

But as I returned to reality, my mind was swooped down by the problem of having to explain the situation to my brother.

I glanced at Hasumi next to me but I felt like he was making an unconcerned face. But actually, I don’t really understand because of the sungla.s.ses on him.

“With that appearance, why are you meeting with Hasumi-san? What kind of relationship do you two have?”

“This is a complicated situation, you know.”

“What kind of situation?”


When I was all fl.u.s.tered in answering my brother's question, Hasumi looked at me with a shocked face. No, in reality I don't know if that's a shocked expression.

The fault lies in the sungla.s.ses that makes it hard to grasp his expression.

“I don’t really care but, is it fine?”

“What is?”

“We're losing sight of them?”


Without noticing, Miku-sama’s figure had become distant. Even now it look like I'll lose sight of them.

I turned to look at my little brother.

“Sorry, Yuto. I have to hurry. I'll properly explain to you later. Let's make haste, Hasumi-sama.”


I pulled Hasumi's arm, and walked.

Looking at us, my brother’s face turned sullen.

And then he pulled my arm.


“I'll come too.”


“No matter what neesan says, I'll come too.”

Troubled, I looked at Hasumi.

Hasumi shrugged his shoulders.

“Isn't it fine, even if he follows.”

“Is that so…...if it's fine for Hasumi-sama, then I don’t mind too.”

I smiled bitterly, looking at my still angry little brother.

I don't understand why he is angry, but I know that he got angry for my sake.

“Fine, then Yuto can come too. I'll explain it to you while we walk…….rather than explaining, it might be faster showing you instead.”

Seeing my brother nodding, I began to walk.

We cannot lose sight of them.

When I tried walking faster, and almost fell because of the high heels of the sandals I wasn’t used to wearing, Hasumi and my little brother supported me at the same time.

“You really are careless.”

“Hold on to me neesan. It's dangerous.”

“Yes, I'm sorry…….”

For some reason these two are angry at me. I don't understand.

After that, we somehow caught up with them.

While following behind Miku-sama, I explained to my brother the reason for my outfit and the reason why I am together with Hasumi. Though, I didn't tell him that Hasumi likes Miku-sama. It's not something I should say.

On this occasion I properly explained about the, 『Wishing Miku-sama happiness’ fan club』.

As my brother was listening to me he looked at me with the eyes of someone looking at a pitiful child. Why is that?

“In other words, you are following behind them because Miku-san asked you to, right?”

“That’s right. Did you understand?”

“Un, well, more or less. It's just that I still can't understand the meaning behind your outfit.”

“I’m of the same opinion.”

My brother and hasumi questioned the meaning of my disguise.

Fine, I'll tell you. The significance of my appearance.

“Isn't this obvious ---to create the right mood, heh.”

I declared with a self-satisfied face.

“Tailing those two like this, doesn’t it look like we are detectives? I always admired things like detectives disguise in mystery novels.

“................that is the reason?”

Said my brother, with a taken aback expression.

That, of course. Any problem with this?

“Certainly, that's one of the big reasons but there are other reasons too. If I wear something I usually don't, you wouldn't get that it's me at first glance, right? I’ll be troubled if someone from school were to see me and Hasumi walking in town together on a holiday, and circulate strange rumors. That’s one reason.”

“I see……..you did think about it properly.”

I do think, how rude. About my actions, I always properly think…..there were times where I didn’t. I'll reflect on it.

When I was secretly reflecting on them, my little brother, suspicious, said.

“Is this truly the only reason?”

As expected of my little brother. You understand me well.

I responded with a smile.

“No. The main reason is that I wanted to try this outfit.”

My brother turning towards me said, “as I thought,’ with a shocked expression.

I feel a pitying look from Hasumi. Why is that?

And then we entered the cinema after those two, it turned into a, ‘What shall we do during the time they are watching the movie?’ Talk.

“It's fine if we go watch a movie too, but…...there’s the possibility of losing sight of Miku-sama but if we go watch the same movie, we could be exposed if our seats are near them.”

“That’s true…..what shall we do?”

While Hasumi and I were having a serious conversation, next to me my little brother was staring at the poster for a movie.

And suddenly called out to me.


“What is it, Yuto?”

“I want to watch that.”

He said while pointing at the poster.

It was an horror movie. It was the type of film that sang something like, ‘Everything in the world has gone insane,’  that was spoken about on the net, it was advised that people with a bad heart shouldn’t watch this.

My brother was looking at me with shining, sparkling eyes.

My brother really likes horror movies. I, too, don't hate them. They are scary and makes my heart race, but I don’t hate them.

My brother, that looks at me with sparkling eyes, is cute. It's a request from my cute brother. How could I not fulfill it?

“Fine, let's watch that.”

“No way.”

In a flash, I heard a rejection come from next to me.

“Isn't it fine? Why not watch this movie? We have nothing to do while waiting for the two of them.”

“It would be troubling if we lose sight of them while we are watching the movie.”

“We will be fine if we leave as soon as the film is over.”

“I think it's no good.”

At Hasumi’s refusal, my little brother become a bit depressed.

In my mind I wanted to kill Hasumi who has suddenly become stubborn.


“......don't tell me perhaps, Hasumi-sama is weak to horror movies?”

“.........! Such a thing……”

Looks like I hit the mark. Finally, I found Hasumi's weak point.

I broadly grinned.

It's my chance. I have to retaliate for all the things he has done so far.

“Then, it's fine to watch a horror movie, right?”

“......well, we can't lose sight of Miku, I'll kill time in the shop over there so, the two of you can…….”



“It's not manly. Yuto, go buy 3 tickets. If you don't hurry, it will began.”

“......! Understood, I'll immediately buy go buy them!”

Yuto went to buy them with sparkling eyes.

I firmly grasped Hasumi's arm that tried to stop my little brother.


“You are not weak to it, right? Do you have some issues? Now, we should go buy the drinks.”

“.......you better keep this in mind for later……..?”

Hasumi is saying something with a scary face, but I can't hear him.

So, I have nothing to keep in mind.

Sorry to interrupt you, Hasumi-sama.

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Ed: Aeternatrix 

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