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Chapter 846: Next Door Neighbor

After chatting with Huo ZhenBang for a bit about Hu Lai, I changed the conversation to get to the main point.

“Uncle Huo, I heard that you’re having a pretty good time in Shanghai.”

Regardless of whether Huo ZhenBang had AIDS, he had the energy to pick up girls, which meant that his mental and physical state were both pretty good.

“Well… don’t tell Xiao Qin about it.” I didn’t even mention any specifics and Huo ZhenBang already voluntarily confessed. It’s a perfect example of having a guilty conscience.

After contracting AIDS, Huo ZhenBang no longer tried to get remarried with Auntie Ren, but he constantly thought about Xiao Qin. The reason why he divorced in the first place was because he was a womanizer, but if Xiao Qin found out that he still hasn’t changed, then he will be despised by his daughter.

I knew that I could use that information against Huo ZhenBang, so I spoke in an understanding tone:

“Uncle Huo, it doesn’t matter if you’re a womanizer, but you should never, ever, make an attempt at a married woman…”

“What?” Huo ZhenBang was shocked, “Shen XueLi has a husband? I clearly investigated her…”

Hey, the cla.s.s leader’s mother is called Lin YuMeng, not Shen XueLi! So do you fall in love with everyone you lay your eyes on in Shanghai? You can’t even figure out who I’m talking about.

“I’m not talking about Shen XueLi, I’m talking about Lin YuMeng, a researcher at the inst.i.tute. I think you should know that she has a husband.”

“So you’re talking about her…” Huo ZhenBang sighed, “The director of the inst.i.tute is an acquaintance of my father. He talked to me two days ago and asked me to keep a low profile on the mainland and stop hara.s.sing his employees. I thought carefully about it and dismissed the idea of having a relationship with her.”

Oh, so the only reason you backed down was because you were warned by an acquaintance and not because she was married? Auntie Lin was right, it’s karma that you got AIDS. Auntie Ren refused to remarry you for so many years because she really understands you.

“Uncle Huo, fortunately you stopped.” I said in a serious tone, “Do you know that Lin YuMeng is the mother of one of Xiao Qin’s cla.s.smates? If you stepped in as a third party and caused them to get a divorce, then how would Xiao Qin face her cla.s.smates? Are you trying to harm your own daughter by sabotaging her reputation at school?”

“No, no.” Huo ZhenBang’s voice trembled. I doubt he was even that fl.u.s.tered when he encountered an a.s.sa.s.sination attempt, so it was evident that he cared very much about his daughter.

“That’s right, that’s right.” I repeated meaninglessly, “Now that Lin YuMeng has been affected by your bad influence, she wants to move her own children from Dong Shan City and settle the whole family in Shanghai. If that happens, then there will be people in the cla.s.s gossiping about Xiao Qin as well. Everyone will say that Xiao Qin’s father is a big pervert, and that some of her cla.s.smates left because of Xiao Qin’s father…”

“Wait.” Huo ZhenBang was puzzled, “Ye Lin, there might be a problem with your logic. It’s true I hara.s.sed Lin YuMeng, but why would that make her want to bring her children to Shanghai. I heard that she and her husband have been planning to buy a house for a long time, so it sounds like she’s trying to buy a house ahead of time. It doesn’t seem like I was the one who caused it, but rather, it’s like she’s trying to get her child away from something that’s in Dong Shan City…”

Huh, Huo ZhenBang was quite perceptive. As expected of the Ju Ying master of the triads, he was actually able to guess the real reason why Auntie Lin wanted to buy a house in advance… But the reason why Auntie Lin was in a bad mood and angry with me was due to your previous hara.s.sment, so it’s still partially your responsibility.

I said a bunch of nonsense to Huo ZhenBang and repeatedly emphasized that he couldn’t let Lin YuMeng buy a house in advance, otherwise Xiao Qin’s cla.s.smate will transfer schools and it will have a negative impact on Xiao Qin.

Actually, if the cla.s.s leader transfers to Shanghai, Xiao Qin wouldn’t really be affected. She might even secretly snicker and say: “The secondary female protagonist that was a hindrance has finally disappeared.”

However, Huo ZhenBang still listened to me even though he was skeptical of my logic. He still intended to remedy the faults he had committed and he couldn’t allow his daughter to be inconvenienced because of him.

“It’s fine as long as I make Lin YuMeng get ride of the idea of buying a house in advance, right?” Huo ZhenBang asked in a calmer tone.

“That’s right, if she doesn’t buy a house, she won’t make her child transfer early, but you can’t use violence, that wouldn’t be good for anyone…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it easily. Also, using violence against a beautiful person would ruin the fun, wait for my good news.”

After a pause, he added: “Help me take good care of Xiao Qin. I’ll hold you responsible if anything happens to her.”

After a few days, I realized that Huo ZhenBang’s way of making Auntie Lin unable to buy a house was really an awful move.

Since the inst.i.tute’s project reached a bottleneck, Auntie Lin had some time off. After returning to Shanghai, she talked with her husband and they decided to take a larger loan from the bank to buy a house in advance. They would use their free time to go with a real estate agent to look for a house.

What was the outcome? Wherever she went to look at houses, she saw Huo ZhenBang following her around. If Auntie Lin wanted to buy unit 1 on the 5th floor, Huo ZhenBang would take out a large stack of cash and say that he wanted to buy unit 2 on the 5th floor. Basically, he wanted to be Auntie Lin’s neighbor by whatever means possible.

Auntie Lin, of course, was extremely angry. She almost used her stung gun, but he had several bodyguards and she couldn’t get close to him.

“What’s wrong with her?” Huo ZhenBang referred to Auntie Lin, “I would run into her every time I come to look at a house. She keeps glaring at me and I can’t peacefully buy a house.”

Auntie Lin was so mad she was about to explode. He was the one stalking her yet he complained first. Auntie Lin originally didn’t have enough time to look at houses and had to squeeze out time, so once he started following her, all the running around was for naught.

As you would expect, Auntie Lin would never be neighbors with Huo ZhenBang. Even if it’s not for her own sake, it would be for the sake of her children. Auntie Lin would never let her own children get so close to the triads.

Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Totoro”, also known as “My Neighbor Totoro”, had cute characters like Totoro or the catbus, however, “My Neighbor the Triad” would not be cute at all. Totoro can take you to the hospital to give your mother corn, but what can the triads do? It’s good enough if they don’t force you to sell heroin.

Once, twice, thrice, Auntie Lin’s attempt at buying a house earlier than planned would be interrupted up by Huo ZhenBang.

Originally, the cla.s.s leader’s father wasn’t very supportive of getting a larger loan from the bank, since the monthly mortgage would be too hard and it will be very hard on Shu Sha and Shu Zhe. Auntie Lin went with the agent to check on the market condition and would place a bid if she found a suitable house.

As a result, due to Huo ZhenBang’ as a destabilizing factor’s interference, Auntie Lin only looked at houses for a week before the matter was laid to rest for the time being.

See, I kept my word. There are a lot of things I could do, but just don’t want to do. If I really wanted to trick your daughter, there are a countless number of despicable means I could have used. If I only wanted to play with girls, I could have long sided with Ai ShuQiao, but I can’t guarantee what I will become if I partner up with that cold-blooded woman.

At noon on Friday, I ate at the same table with Xiao Qin in the cafeteria, along with Winnie and Loud Mouth.

“I heard the cla.s.s leader’s mom took a flight back to Shanghai this morning.” Loud Mouth said, “It seems like the cla.s.s leader is very unhappy now…”

“Tsk, I can’t figure out what the cla.s.s leader is thinking.” Winnie frowned as she pulled the stem off her green bean, “I don’t know how happy I’d be if my parents weren’t around. All they know how to do is fight every day, and just yesterday they had a huge fight over whether or not Jang Keun-suk had gotten plastic surgery…”

Loud Mouth said: “Most Korean celebrities have gotten plastic surgery. My cousin said all South Koreans have had plastic surgery. North Koreans are what South Koreans look like before they had plastic surgery…”

“That’s true.” Winnie showed disgust immediately after she ate the green bean, “Also, the name Jang Keun-suk is too erotic. The only Chinese celebrity with a name on par with him would be Gu JuJi.”

“Jang Keun-suk and Gu JuJi.” Little Smart, who came back from getting food joined the conversation, “That’s a good pair. Who would be top and who would be bottom?”

While the girls were discussing celebrities and plastic surgery, I was focused on pulling out the hairs from a piece of braised pork. I can’t believe this piece of pork had so much hair on it, how could I even eat it properly.

It took me a long time and two napkins before I finally cleaned up the piece of pork, just as I was about to put it into my mouth…

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate.” Xiao Qin blinked her eyes and asked, “Why are you eating ginger? If you want, I have a lot of it on my plate and you can have all of it…”

d.a.m.n, I took a bite and it was really ginger! I had heard that ginger was the master of disguises in the culinary world. It can be disguised as pork, beef, chicken, duck, fish, meat cubes, shredded meat… basically it can make the person who eats it suffer, but I didn’t expect to fall for it today.

Also, Xiao Qin, why didn’t you tell me beforehand? Why couldn’t you have told me it was ginger while I was sitting there trying to pluck out all its hairs? How did you come to the strange conclusion that I like to eat ginger?

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate’s hobbies are always weird, what if Ye Lin cla.s.smate actually likes eating ginger?” Xiao Qin replied.

Xiao Qin rushed home after school yesterday to make the sixth chapter of “Cthulhu Also Wants Love”. The plot was what she had discussed with Winnie previously. Bug aliens would attack the Earth and Cthulhu would turn into the earth’s guardian to fight the invaders.

Since Xiao Qin was afraid of bugs, she used a black bar as a mosaic to cover the bug aliens. It saved a lot of time in terms of drawing them, but also makes them look like male s.e.x organs that also get covered with the same black bar in H-manga.

Unsurprisingly, the sixth chapter of “Cthulhu Love” caused a tide of smack talking among the readers just because there were just too many points to ridicule.

“These aliens aren’t bugs, they’re c.o.c.ks, right?”

“I understood the plot of the sixth chapter in a second. Attack of the big c.o.c.ks.”

“No, it’s more like Cthulhu vs. c.o.c.k monsters.”

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