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Chapter 845: I’m Not A Pushover

Auntie Lin wanted to punish me with the stun-gun, but she did not know that an instantaneous electric current could potentially be fatal to me. In her eyes, I was a strong and daring villain who dared to molest her daughter right in front of her.

However, I had heart problems and might the from the electric shock, which the cla.s.s leader understood.

So without much hesitation, the cla.s.s leader rushed ahead of me without hesitation and stopped her mom with outstretched arms.

She didn’t even care about her translucent wet shirt anymore. However, her back was facing me, so I couldn’t see anything anyways.

What leapt distinctly into my field of vision was straight black hair as smooth as silk.

“Mom, that’s dangerous, put it down.”

“Don’t worry.” Auntie Lin said calmly and coolly, “It’s very safe for the user. Mom will give you a live demonstration and if you meet another pervert in the future…”

“It’s not safe for Ye Lin, he might die if he gets shocked.”

The cla.s.s leader shouted as hard as she could at her mother.

“Don’t make a fuss over nothing.” Auntie Lin looked at me through the gap between the cla.s.s leader’s limbs, “He’s so strong, so how could he die from a single shock. I set it to the lowest setting and even experimented it on your father…”

So the cla.s.s leader’s father adult has already experienced it? I feel some sympathy for him.

“No.” The cla.s.s leader’s tone was serious, but her posture looked like she was a goalie as she tried to stretch out both arms to protect me, “Ye Lin is not the same as dad. Dad might be able to withstand it, but Ye Lin might not be able to withstand it.”

“What, don’t tell me Ye Lin is already closer to you than your dad?”

Auntie Lin’s expression seemed to say, “How did my daughter turn out this way.”

“It’s not the same thing.” The cla.s.s leader couldn’t tell people that I had a heart condition. She also wasn’t as good at lying as Xiao Qin, so she blurted out:

“Dad, he… might have more electrical resistance. Ye Lin has a lot of muscles, so he would have less electrical resistance…”

“Well, we’ll have to test it to see.”

Auntie Lin really had the spirit of a researcher as she raised the stun gun and took a step forward.

I wasn’t going to sit back and wait for death. To put it bluntly, Auntie Lin was woman who didn’t do a lot of physical work as a researcher. Even if she had a stun gun, she wouldn’t be a match for me if I was prepared beforehand.

At this moment, I accurately predicted three different routes that Auntie Lin might attack from. Regardless of which route she took, I was confident that I would be able to dismantle her attack in less than 9 seconds. I would knock down stun gun and even step on her hands so that she couldn’t move.

But that would be too rude. We’re in the cla.s.s leader’s house and that’s the cla.s.s leader’s mom. I would never be able to enter this house again if I hit the cla.s.s leader’s mom.

Whatever, a real man doesn’t fight with women. If I can’t fight her, then I can still run. The distance from the dining room table to the door was only about eight steps.

But I was wearing slippers and it’s a bit difficult to run outside with slippers. I also came straight to the cla.s.s leader’s home after school, so my bag was still on the sofa. I didn’t have enough time to get my bag and change my shoes.

“I’ll hold off my mom, hurry up and leave.”

The cla.s.s leader suddenly said to me.

She leaped forward and wrapped her arms around her mom’s waist before she finished speaking.

“What are you doing?” Auntie Lin was enraged by the cla.s.s leader’s behavior, but still subconsciously raised the stun gun above her head to avoid accidentally injuring her daughter.

“Ye Lin, Ye Lin, hurry up and leave.”

The cla.s.s leader turned her head and shouted at me as she tried her best to stop her mom.

“I can’t believe you actually helped him to such an… extent,” Auntie Lin was so angry she smiled, “And you said that he wasn’t your boyfriend.”

“Anyway… mom, calm down first.”

The cla.s.s leader, who was not known for her strength, had a hard time holding her mom back. She turned back and signaled me with her eyes to leave.

Come to think of it, I’ll only be making it more troublesome if I stay, so I didn’t let the cla.s.s leader down. I first took my bag from the sofa, then I found my shoes from the shoe rack, wore them at light speed, and then slipped out the front door.

Before closing the front door, I heard Auntie Lin threaten:

“Don’t get too c.o.c.ky, I won’t let my daughter be tricked by you.”

“Originally, I didn’t want to transfer my daughter in the third year of middle school, but looking at you guys… I’ll have to discuss it with my husband when I go back to Shanghai. We’ll have to buy a house earlier and we can’t let Sha Sha live in the same city with you anymore.”

As expected, what Auntie Lin said to me before about working hard to get into the same university as the cla.s.s leader was just a stalling tactic.

Even if ten percent of it was out of pity for me, the remaining ninety percent was simply a disguised rejection.

In the end, it’s because she thinks I’m not good enough for her daughter.

Just yesterday afternoon, 28 Middle’s school beauty contest had come to an end. The cla.s.s leader was elected as the new prettiest girl in school with a whopping 87% of the votes.

After this news reached the cla.s.s leader, she didn’t seem particularly happy. Instead, she felt that the election was extremely pointless. In addition, she was also very dissatisfied with 87% of the votes. She thought that if she was going to be elected, then she should have at least gotten 88% of the votes.

It wasn’t because the cla.s.s leader was greedy and felt that there were too few votes, but because the cla.s.s leader liked even numbers. The number “8” was symmetrical both vertically and horizontally among the even numbers, so it was quite favored by the cla.s.s leader.

In short, even if the percentage of votes was reduced by one point to 86%, the cla.s.s leader will still be happier than now, since it would at least be an even number.

To sum it up, a girl who was elected as the prettiest girl in school, but doesn’t think of it as an honor and is still approachable is many times better than girls who get too arrogant after being voted as the prettiest girl in school.

The cla.s.s leader was indeed not someone an ordinary person can match up to. Sometimes, I feel inferior in front of the cla.s.s leader (but I don’t her see it).

But it’s fine for me to think that I’m not worthy of the cla.s.s leader, but it’s wrong for Auntie Lin to say it to me.

I’ve been giving in to you for the cla.s.s leader’s sake, but now you’re even threatening me with transferring the cla.s.s leader by shouting it out loud.

I don’t have any right to say when your family should buy a house, but have you asked the cla.s.s leader for her opinion? The cla.s.s leader has other friends in Dong Shan City in addition to me! Even in the pet hospital, there are many cats and dogs the cla.s.s leader wants to get closer to.

I secretly decided: I couldn’t let the cla.s.s leader get transferred.

I didn’t want to get in the way of the cla.s.s leader getting a better living environment and spending more time with her family (the latter is more important), but Auntie Lin, have you prepared everything? Didn’t you say that you hadn’t saved up enough money for a down payment on a house yet?

How are you going to buy a house in advance? Are you planning to borrow money from friends and relatives, or ask for a bigger loan from a bank? Or are you going to lower your requirements and buy a smaller house with a not as favorable location for commuting?

That’s not good for the cla.s.s leader nor for your whole family, right? Just to keep the cla.s.s leader and me apart? It’s not like my body emits nuclear radiation, so is it really necessary?

Just you wait and see, I won’t let you buy a house successfully. You want the cla.s.s leader to transfer to another school at the expense of her living conditions just to prevent her from dating early… that’s irresponsible behavior.

I don’t care what city the cla.s.s leader’s will be in for high school, but she’s currently the cla.s.s leader of cla.s.s 3-3 of 28 Middle and she’s loved by many people. You don’t have the right to make the cla.s.s leader step down from her duties dishonorably.

After leaving the cla.s.s leader’s house, I walked back towards my house while waiting for the cla.s.s leader’s call.

In the end, I still didn’t get a call even after I returned home. I’m a.s.suming that the cla.s.s leader was trying to persuade her mother to calm down and give up the impulsive idea of buying a house earlier than planned.

Currently, the cla.s.s leader and her mother were the only ones home. I’ll be adding fuel to the fire if I gave them a call right now.

So I didn’t call the cla.s.s leader, but looked through my contacts and found the contact information for Xiao Qin’s father, Huo ZhenBang.

After pressing the call b.u.t.ton, it didn’t go through after ringing for a while, so I dialed again. This time, after two beeps, someone answered.

“Who is it?” A person asked in a monotonous and serious voice.

I was slightly stunned, and then recognized that he was Huo ZhenBang’s bodyguard, Uncle Long’s voice, so that means the call was forwarded.

After identifying myself, I said I was looking for Huo ZhenBang for something.

“Is it related to the second miss?” Uncle Long said while handing his cell phone to another person. It looked like Huo ZhenBang was right next to him.

The “second miss” they referred to was Xiao Qin. Before Xiao Qin, Huo ZhenBang had a secret illegitimate son who was the “young master”, but the young master had already been poisoned and a.s.sa.s.sinated because of a conflict with the mafia. Xiao Qin had never met her older brother that Huo ZhenBang groomed to be his successor.

Young master, I will protect your sister and I will treat her like my own sister.

After Huo ZhenBang answered the phone, he asked a lot of questions in succession about Xiao Qin’s recent situation before I could say anything.

Since the last time Auntie Ren found out that Xiao Qin and Huo ZhenBang were still in contact, she strictly forbade Xiao Qin from talking to Huo ZhenBang. She also checked the phone records on a regular basis to see if Xiao Qin had violated the rules, so Xiao Qin and Huo ZhenBang haven’t been in contact.

“Xiao Qin is fine, I’m also trying to make her work harder to improve…” I then complained, “The shoe repair uncle who works downstairs from Xiao Qin’s home at the vegetable market, he belongs to the triads, right? That’s quite impressive using a retired national spy to monitor me, I feel like I’m someone really important.”

“Lao Hu isn’t part of the triads.” Huo ZhenBang said, “But after he retired and started repairing shoes, he was bullied by other small gangs and we helped out a little, so he did us a favor in return…”

Oh, if you didn’t say the shoe repair uncle’s surname was Hu, then I almost forgot his name was “Hu Cai”. When I went to find him to buy a listening device, I saw the National Security Bureau’s Director Jiang visit him and called him by his full name.

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