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In the vast wilderness, two forms were moving at high speed like two vehicles against the wind, their speed didn't reduce at all from the drag but instead became even faster. Both Fang Li and Alisa were running like this while staring tightly in front.

In their eyes, the huge form that was like a building had already disappeared. However, they could hear cries in the air telling them the approximate direction. It's a pity that for both of them to get to the destination wasn't easy at all. Although they knew the direction, this wilderness was vast and if it was so easy to traverse both of them wouldn't have thought they'd die before.

Fang Li shot a look at Alisa and didn't say anything but sighed internally.

"She's already recovered enough to move like that?"

How long has pa.s.sed?

The G.o.d Eaters' resiliency was quite shocking. Naturally, Fang Li didn't know that while he was observing her, Alisa was also observing him with shock in her heart.

Before when she lost to Fang Li she wasn't convinced. But even if she wasn't convinced, Fang Li's current performance left her puzzled.

"He's obviously not a G.o.d Eater yet he can show that sort of physical ability?"

If before Fang Li suppressing Alisa that could also be explained by him having excellent skills but right now he wasn't using any skill at all. She could only barely keep up with him which told Alisa that Fang Li's actual physical ability wasn't low. At least in terms of speed, he was much faster.

The evidence of this would be how Fang Li was maintaining his speed yet he seemed at ease. For an average person, to be this fast would already be shocking. But right now come to think of it, Fang Li's performance had always been above average.

"Able to escape easily from the Aragami army."

"Able to kick an Aragami away with sheer leg strength."

"Furthermore he could catch me and even cut off the wall of the training ground."

"Who is this person?"

Alisa was thinking about that question while looking at Fang Li's ability and feeling…envy…

It had to be known that Alisa chose to become a G.o.d Eater in order to not be weak. But right now Fang Li's existence was showing her that even by not becoming a G.o.d Eater one could still get rid of their weakness and become formidable.

It almost seemed like her way of doing things was wrong…

"Really…I can't accept this person at all."

Alisa was thinking about this knowing that she was pretty much unilaterally hostile with Fang Li. Realising this, Alisa had some self-loathing as she gripped her G.o.d Arc tighter.

Fang Li suddenly stopped moving.

Alisa was startled and immediately stopped to look back. But Fang Li didn't look at her and instead gazed in front. Alisa followed his line of sight and her eyes focused as well.

Over there, a crowd of small Aragami following a somewhat bigger sized Aragami were present. They seemed like a wolf pack and its leader which were pa.s.sing through the forest.

They were currently blocking Fang Li and Alisa's path. Fang Li then opened his mouth to ask, "Can you fight?"

Alisa was about to respond placing her hand on her chest. The severe pain from before was gone but her wrist was still a bit weak. With such a condition, although she could still somewhat fight, her strength would fall by a lot.

But Alisa couldn't say no. She looked at Fang Li and said, "Who do you think I am?"

Hearing her reply Fang Li smiled and said, "I actually want to ask, who do you think you are?" He indifferently said, "Don't forget that even if you weren't injured you're only a rookie."

Alisa's eyes trembled as she looked sharply at Fang Li and said in a cold voice, "Are you looking down on me?"

"It's not me looking down on you but me thinking highly of you." Fang Li didn't pay attention to her glare and said, "Although you're a scarce New Type it can't change the fact that you're just a rookie even though you have some strength in battle you're still immature."

"But you actually ignored this weakness and thought you didn't need to depend on anyone, being self-confident and indifferent." Fang Li said, "With you being like that there are too many mistakes that could happen, I don't want to die with you because I overestimated your ability."

"!" Alisa's eyes showed her current feelings but Fang Li's words were actually what he really thought.

Fang Li was familiar with the original plot and knew that Alisa had quite a past. However, this didn't mean she made any mistakes. One year before the actual plot, Alisa truly did have some issues. This young girl was extremely eccentric and could even be called weird.

Although this was just her personality, how could someone like that be entrusted to watch his back?

"People can be weak but they can't ignore their weakness."

Fang Li looked into her eyes and said to her, "You, are you going to face up to your weakness?"

Alisa's heart jumped when he said that.

Not paying attention to her, Fang Li looked away and at the Aragami army in front.

"If you don't want to acknowledge that weakness then you'll only pull me down."

Then, Fang Li rushed ahead.

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