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At this moment, Fang Li and Alisa saw something unbelievable. They saw a huge form like a hill in the wilderness suddenly appear. This huge form surpa.s.sed the size of the Vajra by far. Such a huge build would surpa.s.s any ordinary large sized Aragami!

This huge form was monstrous as it cried out with tentacles surrounding its body which it flung down.


The ground was. .h.i.t hard.


The sound of an explosion rang out.


With the havoc the huge form was making, it was like the heavens and earth were shaking. This fearful scene was something no one would ever dream about.

Even Fang Li and Alisa couldn't believe it as they opened their eyes wide.

"W-what is that?"

Alisa asked out to Fang Li through the huge sound waves.

Fang Li could hear that Alisa's voice was shivering. This was natural. Compared to Vajra, this present form was synonymous with destruction.

Compared to it, Vajra was like a docile cat.

If this world truly had G.o.ds then anyone seeing it would think.

"That's…a G.o.d."


A G.o.d.

The reason that this bunch of Oracle Cells could be called G.o.d, having such a huge body was definitely one of the reasons. Understanding this, how could Fang Li not guess what this huge form was?


The Deusphage Aragami listed as the most fearful on Earth. The cause of the entire Russian Branch's current crisis was now showing its power in a far off direction. The reason was simple.

"So that's why…" Fang Li tightly stared at the huge form.

"Has the First unit made contact with Aphrodite?"

In other words, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were currently fighting Aphrodite. Alisa knew this as well.

Only before, she didn't know what it truly meant to fight Aphrodite.

Now Alisa understood. Seeing the scene far away Alisa whispered, "How can we beat such a monster…"

That's a normal question.

After all, Aphrodite was only destroying its' surrounding and yet Fang Li and Alisa who were so far away could feel the aftereffects, this showed how fearful its power was.

Facing such a monster, what can three trivial G.o.d Eaters do?

Even Fang Li was wondering how exactly the three people expected to defeat Aphrodite.

Although in the original plot, Rindou Amamiya did indeed defeat a Deusphage similar to Aphrodite, Ouroboros but even so Aragami in the Deusphage rank were not all of the same levels.

Just like humans, there were weak ones and experts, within the G.o.d Eaters there were strong and weak ones and therefore even for Aragami, there were strong and weak ones.

The Oracle Cells all had the ability to eat and swallow anything to obtain similar functions and abilities of its prey.  Naturally, an Aragami who has preyed on many things would be stronger than an Aragami that hasn't.

Perhaps Aphrodite was more powerful than the other Deusphage Ouroboros.

There was also the fact that Rindou Amamiya defeating Ouroboros was something that'll only happen one year later…

Right now, all of the First Unit was walking on death's edge. They might momentarily die.


The vibrations started to slowly get smaller. The loud cry also grew weaker.

This wasn't Aphrodite stopping its destruction but just that it seemed to be moving in another direction farther away.

After a while the earthquake and soundwaves stopped.

Fang Li and Alisa helplessly looked at the huge form going away and fell silent. The silence replaced the thundering sounds from before.

Fang Li and Alisa both didn't speak for a long time. Alisa finally lowered her head and asked, "Are you going to go?"

Fang Li just replied while sighing, "Do you think I can fight that monster?"

"But aren't the ones fighting against it your companions?" Alisa turned her head and looked at Fang Li, "I don't think those three G.o.d Eaters can fight that monster."

The implied meaning was, the First Unit's people were most likely going to be heavily injured or even die.

Alisa then said, "If you go now, you could still save them."

After she finished speaking, the surroundings turned silent again. Fang Li looked at the huge form moving away and his heart was racing.

This time's event wasn't even mentioned in the original plot, but since the plot of one year ago hadn't started yet it shows that Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma won't die here. Therefore Fang Li wasn't worried about the First Unit.

Naturally, since Fang Li was here, perhaps there was a b.u.t.terfly effect. However, Fang Li was more worried about the First Unit suffering the Russian Branch's backstabbing.

If the First Unit's people all died on the battlefield Fang Li would be cut off from any help. When that time comes, forget finishing the Quests, Fang Li would probably be hunted by the captain.

"It seems like I need to go and take a look." Fang Li turned his head and looked at Alisa saying, "What do you want to do?"

After a moment Alisa steeled her resolve.

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