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Finally, Fang Li and Alisa continued walking without talking the whole way. Alisa had as if lost her pride in front of Fang Li and kept quiet making the atmosphere quite depressing.

Fang Li didn't bother correcting this instead just letting it remain and rushing with Alisa. However, the Aragami they encountered were either alone or even if there were in groups it was only small-sized Aragami there were no large-sized Aragami like Vajra.

Therefore, Alisa didn't find any opportunity to fight before Fang Li had raised his dagger and killed the Aragami.

Naturally, he's killed many Aragami cores along the way. Therefore right now, main quest one was being completed steadily but main quest two was still stagnant, forget additional rewards, he couldn't even achieve the basic pa.s.s!

But right now, Fang Li wasn't too anxious. That's because he found a way to complete main quest two.

Only, he needed Alisa's help for that.

But with the current mood between both of them, Fang Li thought it was better to let this issue dry in the sun for a while before mentioning it later.

After a short time, darkness fell.

Finally, Fang Li and Alisa although they were rushing along and they weren't slow at all, they couldn't overtake Aphrodite, they couldn't even get out from this forest so they could only stop.

After all, moving at night was dangerous.

Furthermore, not to mention Alisa, Fang Li also had some wounds so it was better to rest for the day and go tomorrow.

Fortunately, they had discovered some ruins before in this forest. Both of them entered the ruins and started to rest.


The sound of branches being burnt could be heard. In the dim ruins, a small bonfire was lit illuminating the surroundings with its flame and scattering the chilly air. After awhile Fang Li took out a packet of biscuits from his black ring.

These were the energy compression cookies that he had gotten from the Chief G.o.d's Dimension. In the previous dungeon world, Fang Li used it once and didn't finish it up after.

In the Chief G.o.d's Dimension, in Fang Li's own residence, the fridge he had could actually create food to some extent. Therefore, this biscuit could finally be used by him now.

After taking one out, Fang Li gave Alisa a biscuit and said, "Eat this, it'll allow you to not feel hungry for a day so don't eat too much."

Then Fang Li ate his own biscuit.

As for Alisa, she subconsciously took the biscuit and her heart was speechless once more.

A biscuit that could provide enough energy for an entire day?

This type of thing, she had never heard of it at all.

In the age of the Aragami wrecking havoc, land getting taken and domestic animals being killed, people could only use various types of grains to live, the issue of food was huge in all places.

If this biscuit that could solve hunger for an entire day were to be publicised then the stir it would cause could be imagined. However, this man actually gave her this thing without any care.

Right now Alisa's heart was very complex. Looking at the biscuit in her hand, Alisa was silent for a long time but finally gnawed on it.

Fang Li looked at Alisa chewing the biscuit and smiled saying carelessly, "Do you want to tell me now why you wanted to follow me?"

Alisa's movement stopped immediately.

"That's definitely a well founded question right?" Fang Li held his head and looked up to the ceiling saying to her, "Otherwise, I can't understand why you for no reason at all want to go close to a monster like Aphrodite."

Alisa didn't reply but lowered her head and looked at the biscuit in her hand, no one knew what she was thinking.

Fang Li wasn't worried, sitting there and waiting for her reply.

This turned into an entire ten minutes.

After that Alisa finally said in a low voice, "I have an enemy I want to kill…"

Those words made Fang Li lift up his eyes and look at her. Fang Li naturally knew about this.

The enemy who Alisa wanted to kill was actually an Aragami. However, this wasn't an ordinary Aragami.

"It's the personal enemy of mine that killed my parents." Alisa shook her head and tightened her grip on the biscuit as her tone turned fearful.

"And it did so in front of me as well…"

In other words, Alisa helplessly looked at her parents being killed but she remained powerless. She couldn't save others and couldn't save herself.

Feeling loathing regarding this weakness, Alisa chose to become a G.o.d Eater to wield the Aragami killing weapon, the G.o.d Arc.

"Didn't you ask why I had such an intense reaction when seeing Vajra?" Alisa looked at Fang Li and said, "That's normal because the murderer that killed by parents was a Vajra Fallen Species."

It was mentioned before that the so-called Fallen Species type Aragami had the possibility of being far more powerful than the same type. These Fallen Species relied on unceasingly eating and absorbing various characteristics in order to create a variation.

This Aragami was extremely strong and very formidable compared to before the variation.

For example, a Vajra Fallen Species, if it truly existed it would be even stronger than the large-sized Aragami Vajra.

"To kill it I joined the Russian Branch."

Alisa snapped the biscuit in her hands and her eyes were filled with endless hatred.

"Knowing that this was is caused by Aphrodite's hormones, I decided to find Aphrodite and then I'll find it as well."

After all Aphrodite emitted hormones that could attract any Aragami.

That Vajra variant that killed Alisa's parents would naturally also be attracted.

Therefore Alisa's goal was simple.

"I want to take revenge."

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