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Chapter 506 - Chapter 506: Check on my Brother

Chapter 506: Check on my Brother

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lan Ruozhu strongly felt that his sister was still alive. After all, he and his sister were twins. The more he considered it, the more his heartbeat quickened.

Then his subordinates realized the change in his demeanor. Everyone thought their master had regained a sudden sense of vitality. It was the aura of life. Since Bing Suwan’s pa.s.sing, the subordinates felt like their master had lost his soul and never saw him smile again.

Lan Ruozhu no longer cared about his body, but they felt a shift in his expression at this moment. They wondered if the news from Teng County was that important to where even their master’s demeanor changed.

Therefore, Lan Ruozhu’s subordinates felt they should object to their master’s prompt decision to visit Teng County. After all, their master needed to recuperate as his body could not withstand too much jolting.

Traveling from the prefecture to Teng County would take several days by carriage, but the subordinates could not object after seeing their master’s vigor.

Still, everyone braced themselves for their master’s health. One of the subordinates said, “Master, the doctor says you must recuperate.”

Lan Ruozhu looked toward Teng County and waved. “I’m fine. 1 know what I’m doing. ”

He was eager to see Teng County.

He remembered some of the things Luo Jin’an had said when he last visited. Luo Jin’an said he was hurrying to return to Su Teng Village, and Lan Ruozhu guessed the former had someone he cared about there.

Moreover, Luo Jin’an mentioned the place Lan Ruobing had chosen for him to lie low. Although Wei Jin’an had a.s.sumed the ident.i.ty of Luo Jin’an, the two were the same person.

Lan Ruozhu wondered why Luo Jin’an would be concerned about a place or a person without reason. In addition, the former thought there was something strange about the latter’s expression.

‘Did he find my sister?’

“We’ll set off for Teng County tonight,” Lan Ruozhu said.

However, his subordinates were still worried about his safety. “Master, those forces have been thinking of ways to kill you. They will send a.s.sa.s.sins if they learn about our travels to Teng County.”

They believed the mansion was the safest place for their master because the Gongsun family had designed and built it. It was also something Princess Lan had arranged long ago.

Still, the emperor later exterminated the Gongsun family. Since then, no one could unlock the mechanisms and formations the family had set up. The mansion had many mechanisms and secret guards. Hence, none could break in and kill Lan Ruozhu.

The mansion was like an iron wall, but Lan Ruozhu was determined to visit Teng County. No one could stop him because he firmly believed he could see his sister.

“Gather some of the Shadow Guards before we leave tonight,” Lan Ruozhu ordered. He could no longer wait as if he could undoubtedly see his sister as soon as he arrived in Teng County.

“Also, arrange for a few more carriages to travel from multiple directions to confuse our enemies.’

Now that Lan Ruozhu was in Dingzhou, people secretly watched his every move. Therefore, he knew he could not hide his whereabouts from the various factions but could only temporarily confuse them.

That night, he set off for Teng County, three days before the earthquake. Although he was unhealthy, he still told everyone to speed up. Along the way, they encountered two to three waves of a.s.sa.s.sination attempts, but the a.s.sa.s.sins were no match for the Shadow Guards.

Six days later, Lan Ruozhu finally arrived at Teng County. Soon after, he secretly met with Meng Ce, the county magistrate, to ask about someone.

However, Meng Ce did not know Lan Ruozhu’s intentions and did not want to betray Su Binglan. Therefore, he only told the king that a secluded master was the one who had warned them about the earthquake.

Lan Ruozhu observed Meng Ce l s expression. The former’s pale lips moved as he slightly raised his brows and said, “l heard someone talking about a Miss

Su on my way here.”

He had already asked someone to do some reconnaissance and discovered that Miss Su was fifteen years old and was very intelligent. Some of the things he had heard were similar to his sister, but her age was wrong.

‘Even if she was reborn, she should only be three years old. Hmm, perhaps she could also be fifteen.’

There were many miracles in this world, and there were certain things none could explain. For example, the people from the Ice Clan bloodline had special powers. Bing Suwan was from that clan, and so was Lan Ruobing.

Meng Ce’s expression changed when he heard Lan Ruozhu’s words. ‘Does King

Lan Ruozhu already know who Miss Su is?’

However, Su Binglan had done the county magistrate a favor and said she did not want others to know that she had predicted the earthquake. So, Meng Ce felt he could not speak up even if Lan Ruozhu pressured him.

Instead, he lowered his head and said, “I’ve also heard about a Miss Su that’s much more brilliant than ordinary girls.”

Lan Ruozhu looked at Meng Ce and became anxious as the latter did not want to tell the truth. Lan Ruozhu could be calm in most situations, except for when it came to his sister.

“County Magistrate Meng, you don’t have to hide it. I’m sure you’ve heard about my sister. I won’t hurt Miss Su. I only want to know the truth. You should know, as King, I will do as I say.

“Even if you don’t tell me the truth, I have investigated it. The results of my investigation differ from what you tell me. Besides, something strange has happened here.

“Do you think the people in Beijing will believe you if you make up an excuse to explain how you knew about the earthquake in advance?”

Finally, Meng Ce’ s heart relaxed. ‘l know King Lan Ruozhu is an excellent leader, but…

At that moment, Old Madam Feng entered and respectfully bowed to Lan

Ruozhu. She hurriedly greeted him, “Your Majesty!’

Lan Ruozhu gently held her hand, saying, “You don’t have to be so polite, Old Madam Feng.”

Then the older woman looked at him and said, “Your Majesty, may I speak to you privately?”

Lan Ruozhu looked at the older woman and nodded. Then he kindly asked Meng Ce to leave while the Shadow Guards stayed behind.

His father had left the Shadow Guards for him, and his sister had personally trained them to protect him. Therefore, they were his most trusted allies.

No one else knew what Old Madam Feng said to Lan Ruozhu, but after he came out and sat on the chair to look toward Teng He Town, his fingers gripped the armrest tightly.

He seemed to be suppressing his emotions.

Meanwhile, Su Binglan’s eyes widened when she heard that King Lan Ruozhu had come to Teng County. She quickly left her brick bed and said, “Father, Mother, I’m going to Teng County.”

She wanted to see her brother and know how he was doing. Even if she could not tell him her true ident.i.ty, she would feel at ease after looking at him. However, her sudden words shocked Shen Qiuhua.

“Why do you want to go to Teng County so suddenly?”

Su Wenxiu recalled his sister’s excitement when Lan Ruozhu had just become

King.. “Little Sister, is King Lan Ruozhu here? Is that why you want to visit Teng County?”

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