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Chapter 505 - Chapter 505: Gourmet G.o.ddess

Chapter 505: Gourmet G.o.ddess

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wenxiu was excited as he spoke of these things. His eyes lit up, and he continued, “After the earthquake, all the houses Uncle Zhengde and Cousin Xueye built were still intact.”

Shen Qiuhua smiled when her son mentioned this. She added, “Don’t look down on Xueye just because he’s young. Everyone trusts him and asks him to build their houses now.

“People trust your cousin and uncle to build their houses instead of trusting others. Xueye says your house designs are good, and the materials he uses to build them are excellent. He says he learned everything from you.”

Shen Qiuhua thought of something else and continued, “Oh, Erying and your other apprentices helped save so many people after the earthquake. Those who didn’t send their daughters to study under you regret it. They said they should’ve taken the opportunity when it arose.

“No one cares about reputation now. Everyone knows how capable Erying and the others are after they saved so many people.”

Li Erying was listening on the sidelines and felt a little embarra.s.sed. When Su Binglan heard these things, she smiled lightly and said, “That’s because my apprentices are serious about their studies. That’s why they can learn so quickly.”

This conversation taught Su Binglan what had hamened over the oast three days. There were no significant issues in Tenghe Town, as only a dozen people had gotten injured.

That was mainly because the townsfolk trusted Su Binglan. Therefore, almost everyone stayed outside during those three days and avoided getting hurt or worse when the earthquake struck.

Only a few doubted Su Binglan’s words and returned to their houses to rest. Although more people in other towns had gotten severely injured, they were mostly alright.

Nieng Ce arranged for people to maintain order in the entire county. After the earthquake, everyone rebuilt their houses and did what was necessary. As for the injured, he mobilized all available doctors to treat them.

Therefore, many received timely treatment, and only a few did not make it. Still, the casualties were within a controllable range.

After the earthquake, people started rebuilding their houses with bricks, which was why Su Zhengde opened a brick factory. Then he hired many villagers to help him with brick production.

Even so, bricks were in short supply because many people from other towns came to buy them.

Meanwhile, the tofu factory, embroidery shop, and winery continued to operate. Everyone worked and went home as usual. The winery was the one everyone was most emotional about because all the wine would be gone if the jars were to shatter.

However, the winery was okay during and after the earthquake, so the wine was well preserved, shocking everyone. Everyone began to feel even more convinced about Su Binglan afterward.

Many privately said they would believe whatever she said and never doubt her again. Some even said she was a lucky star who saved everyone.

The weather was frigid because it snowed after the earthquake, and the children could not rest well in tents. Ultimately, Su Binglan’s dormitories came in handy for the children.

The adults did not care if they froze outside as long as their children were safe. Moreover, the adults dared not rest after experiencing the terrifying earthquake.

Nonetheless, the children had gathered and lived in Su Binglan’s dormitories. Since there was hot food and charcoal in these dormitories, it calmed the children’s nerves.

Everyone was extremely grateful to Su Binglan, and those who did not know about her in the past finally learned about her.

After surviving the earthquake, everyone’s emotions were unstable. They needed to find mental strength and began worshiping Su Binglan. Of course, they did it privately around Tenghe Town, and no one else knew about it.

Still, most outside Tenghe Town did not know who Su Binglan was. However, after her method of making dumplings spread, many learned it was something someone called Miss Su had developed. As for who this Miss Su was, many people in the county still did not know.

After the earthquake, these people finally discovered Miss Su was Su Binglan from Su Teng Village. She had done many miraculous things, making Su Teng Village more prosperous than the surrounding towns.

They also realized the Su family had developed the delicious desserts they ate, school bags, sweaters, roast duck, hotpot, and many other things. These people had even bought the bricks they used to rebuild their houses and the cheap charcoal to keep themselves warm from the Su family.

They also realized the Su family built all the houses that were still intact after the earthquake. They learned many more legends about Su Binglan, and more people knew about her in just three days.

Many became curious about her. Some said she was gorgeous, like a fairy that had descended to the mortal world, while others said she was a gourmet G.o.ddess because of all the delicious dishes she had developed.

Most chose to make dumplings to eat to improve their diet. Since dumplings were incredibly delicious, most people would also have dumplings for their second meal, but they would fry the dumplings to make them more fragrant.

People in a particular town in the county were also busy rebuilding their houses. They would also chat while they worked.

“You’ve all heard about Tenghe Town and Su Teng Village, right?”

“Of course, we’ve heard about those places. I also heard about the Su family. 1 heard their village has a lucky star that everyone calls Miss Su.”

“The people in Su Teng Village are improving. I heard they can earn a lot monthly by working in some tofu factory.”

“So that’s where the tofu we eat gets made?”

“It’s not just tofu. Miss Su also developed the dumplings we usually make.”


“Why would I lie? The bricks we use are from Su Teng Village, too.”

“l can testify to that since I have a relative in Yangshan Village. He went to Tenghe Town to try stinky tofu. We initially thought it tasted bizarre but later realized how delicious it was.’

The more they discussed, the more they realized they were talking about the miraculous things that had happened in Tenghe Town. They also discovered that the townsfolk had received an early warning about the earthquake, so significantly few people had gotten injured.

Ultimately, many people wanted to move to Su Teng Village and Tenghe

Town. They wondered why they could feel safe living around those two places.

Of course, the earthquake also alerted Lan Ruozhu. Immediately after, he visited the county from the prefecture personally. Although he was not in good health, he was pretty shocked after hearing about the earthquake in Teng County. He knew no one could predict such a catastrophe.

Lan Ruozhu thought about the last earthquake that occurred at the border and remembered that it was his sister who had predicted it. His heart started beating rapidly at the thought of it.

‘My sister said she would return someday. Was she the one who predicted the earthquake? Also, she built Blue Mountain Academy in Tenghe Town. Is there a reason for that?’

The more he considered it, the more excited he became. He knew he had to make a trip to Teng County, no matter what. He wanted to know what was happening and refused to believe his sister was dead.

He could always feel that she was still in this world..

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