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Chapter 507 - Chapter 507: Pillar of Strength

Chapter 507: Pillar of Strength

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Wenxiu could not understand why his sister wanted to see Lan Ruozhu. “Also, King Lan Ruozhu isn’t someone you can simply visit just because you want to.”

He scratched the back of his head and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he seemed to understand it and said, “Sister, are you going to cure the King? I heard he’s weak, and the mansion’s people once hired famous doctors to cure him. However, the consultation fees were costly.”

Su Wenxiu thought his skills were useless since many doctors could not wholly cure Lan Ruozhu. Still, he knew his sister was different.

‘Little Sister’s medical skills are unparalleled. Perhaps she can cure King Lan


Su Binglan only wanted to check on her brother, but after hearing her brother’s words, her expression changed. She wanted to cure him but did not know his condition.

Her heart clenched at the thought of her brother’s fragile appearance, but there were some things she could not explain to everyone.

“Yes, 1 heard the consultation fees were costly, too.”

Shen Qiuhua noticed her daughter’s anxiousness and said worriedly, “Binglan, you just woke up, and now you want to go to the county? Are you sure you’re okay?”

One had to pa.s.s through two towns to reach the county from Su Teng Village. It was already past noon, and Su Binglan would probably return late at night. Even riding a horse would take some time.

Su Binglan felt her mother’s concern and felt warmth in her heart. She hugged

Shen Qiuhua gently, saying, “I’ll be okay, Mother. I’ve slept for such a long time, so I feel energized. It’s about time I went out and got some exercise. Oh, you and Father shouldn’t tire yourselves out either. You two should rest.”

Shen Qiuhua sighed in relief after hearing her daughter’s words. She said smilingly, “Your father and I aren’t tired. We have a manager at the factory, so we only have to go and check on things occasionally.”

Then she thought of something and added, “Oh, everyone was worried about the earthquake affecting the rapeseeds they planted. They went to their fields to look, and the rapeseeds are doing well.”

Su Binglan nodded. “That’s good, Mother.”

The earthquake was not as dreadful this time and did not affect the people much because she had suppressed it. Soon after, everyone could continue living their stable lives. In addition, there would not be any more earthquakes for a long while.

Su Binglan tidied herself up and took many medicinal herbs from the backyard to place them in her pocket dimension. Then she rechecked her dimension, ensuring she had not forgotten anything.

Immediately after, she told her family some things and rode to the county. The Su family members knew they could not change Su Binglan’s mind whenever she decided something. This time, she did not bring anyone along to the county.

The villagers looked at Su Binglan excitedly and happily when she left her house. “Miss Su, you’re finally awake. Everyone was worried about you. Are you okay?”

Old Madam Liu was sweeping her house entrance. She was delighted when she saw Su Binglan.

“I’m fine, Old Madam Liu. I just needed more rest, that’s all.”

“Thank goodness you’re okay. We’re all safe, thanks to you. Who knows what would’ve happened to us if it weren’t for you.”

Su Binglan explained, “l got the news from the county magistrate, so I told everyone to prepare early. Everyone knows how dangerous earthquakes are, so it’s always best to prepare.”

“You’re right. Still, you were the one who saved us.”

Su Binglan remained humble. She did not want to admit to predicting the earthquake and only said she had gotten the news from Meng Ce. However, the villagers did not overthink it. They just felt Su Binglan had saved them.

“Is your house complete, Old Madam Liu?”

“Yes. Half of it collapsed during the earthquake, but we’re making it st.u.r.dier now. Thankfully my grandchildren can stay in your dormitory. Otherwise, they would be frightened with nowhere to live.”

Sometimes, children would be so frightened they would develop fatal fevers in the middle of the night. Old Madam Liu had a lingering fear when she thought about it. Hence, she looked at Su Binglan gratifiedly.

As if she thought of something, she said, “Oh, your second brother boiled some water for everyone to drink. He says it’s good for our bodies. It helped the children stay healthy and sleep well at night.”

Su Binglan felt relieved after hearing Old Madam Liu’s words. She exchanged a few more pleasantries with the older woman and continued her journey. She even ran into many other villagers who greeted her warmly, filling her in on what had happened while she was asleep.

She knew the villagers were okay. Moreover, they could rebuild their houses much faster with bricks. Although it had only been three days, the people had rebuilt many houses according to Su Xueye’s designs.

Su Teng Village looked brand new from the outside, and everyone’s smiles showed how well they were doing. Su Binglan nodded discreetly and then rode her horse toward Teng He Town.

However, she saw the winery and embroidery shop and decided to check-in. Su Fengzhang and Su Wenxian were in charge of the winery, and everyone was busy inside.

Su Binglan felt like she was in a trance after entering and seeing everyone working hard. It looked like the earthquake had never happened. Everyone continued with their work as they usually would.

She smelled the fragrance of wine and thought she would also give out alcohol during New Year as a bonus to the winery workers. Everyone was busy with their tasks and did not notice her arrival.

Although guards stood at the winery entrance, they immediately let Su Binglan enter without alerting anyone. It was Su Wenxian who noticed Su

Binglan and became excited. “You’re finally awake, Cousin Binglan!’

Su Binglan nodded. “Yes, I am. I’m sorry for making everyone worry.”

Su Wenxian heaved a sigh of relief. “You have no idea how worried we were.

My parents and 1 felt empty when you were unconscious for so long.”

He could not adequately describe his feelings. However, he and his family unknowingly treated Su Binglan as their pillar of strength. They would only feel at ease in everything they did with her around.

After all, she would arrange everything, and they would only need to do their jobs well.

“I’m fine. 1 just needed to sleep. 1 feel much better now. Also, did the earthquake affect the winery at all?”

Su Wenxian shook his head. “No, the winery is perfect, and so are the wine jars. Everyone still wonders how st.u.r.dy the winery is to be unfazed by the earthquake. However, Uncle Zhengde and his team are swamped. Many wealthy families in town are fighting for him to build more houses.

“Oh, right. People from other towns and villages wanted to see you, but your parents told them you needed rest.”

Su Binglan raised her eyebrows. “Oh?”

Su Wenxian nodded. “Yes, rumors are saying you’re our lucky star. Of course, everyone wants to see what a lucky star looks like..”

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