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Chapter 555

Ye Wuchen - before he was seventeen, his name was long Xiao.

Bai's male, named Feng Xiao... Although his surname is different from his, it is his father. Biological father. He is a man standing on the top of another chaos, the king of chaos with supreme status and power, and he is the only one who has suffered a lot in his life.

The real name of Wuchen Jue is chaos Jue, which is a unique power of people with chaotic const.i.tution. Chaos is unique, so only one chaotic body can always appear. If two people with chaotic const.i.tution appear at the same time, the weaker one will be completely erased when the chaotic force is fully awakened.

Therefore, when their father finally met when long Xiao was four years old, Long Xiao was unconscious in front of him. His Qi was like a hairspring and the wind broke... The answer was that he also had a chaotic const.i.tution. At that moment, the great surprise of my father's recognition soon turned into a bolt from the blue.

This is also the reason. Before they met, Long Xiao suffered the extreme pain of being completely crushed every day because of the conflict between chaotic bodies. Whenever the chaotic power is active on the full moon night, the pain is multiplied several times. It will be a pain that anyone can't wait to die as soon as he suffers once, And he... When he was only a few years old, he insisted, and did not let his mother or anyone know... At that time, although he was not completely wiped out because of the incomplete awakening of chaotic power, that day was very close. At the same time, the chaotic power hidden in order to protect the master is stored in his brain, which makes his brain far more than ordinary people. Only a few years old, he has extremely mature thought and meticulous to terrible thinking.

For Feng Xiao, in the four years after his birth, Long Xiao never fulfilled his responsibility of being a father one day. He didn't even know that there was such a son, and his father's existence brought son's abyss of purgatory like pain and despair that his form and soul were finally destroyed one day. He is the king of chaos. There is nothing he can't do in the world... But he can't save his son. This is the great pain and sorrow of his life.

It's like fate's cruel joke with their father

Ye Wuchen stood up straight. The tears on his face had been completely dried by his strength. He looked at the man in front of him... His father, the people he respected, worshipped and attached to when he was a child... They were involved in a blood relationship that could never be cut off. The night he met his father on the first day, he fell asleep with him who was only four years old... That night, he couldn't sleep. In silence, he almost heard his father's painful and broken heart. Because that was their father's first day... But they could be so close the next day. After dawn, they must be far apart. The closer two people with chaotic bodies are, the more their lives will die and the greater their pain... Even they may die at any time.

The father as like as two peas in his memory, and has not changed a bit after ten years.

But the child in front of him has undergone great changes, such as age, body, everything he has... And the trajectory of his destiny. Feng Xiao smiled: "Xiao'er, you have grown up."

Yes, he grew up and grew to the same height as him.

"But Dad hasn't changed at all." He responded with the same smile, and the warmth between his father was quietly filled in the plain words“ Mom, Grandpa, grandma... And aunt, how are they? " He asked a silly question.

"Yes." Feng Xiao smiled and nodded: "they are all very well. The only concern is you... Xiao'er, now you have the ability to go back. Go back early... Your mother is waiting for you, your grandparents are waiting for you, and Ruo Ruo who has been obsessed with and worried about you for so many years... If you decide to stay in this world, you should also pick up Ruo Ruo earlier." He smiled as softly as the wind. This is a kind of relaxed smile that puts down some, has no worries, and has only gratification.

"Well, I miss them too..."

Feng Xiao looked up at the sky and sighed with a sigh of regret: "speaking of it, fate is really wonderful. Our father's completely different life trajectory stays at the same end. The difference is that I follow my heart all the way, and you... Are accompanied by endless torture and ups and downs... I don't know whether to thank or curse the arrangement of fate."

"Thank you, of course." Ye Wuchen smiled with melancholy: "although there have been endless pain and almost all forms and souls have been scattered again and again, but... If I were not a chaotic body, I could not save my grandparents, uncle Xiao Tian... And all the people on earth. If I were not a chaotic body, I would not come to this world and meet the important people in my life, And protected this world with their own strength. If I were allowed to choose again... Even if the pain was ten times heavier, I would gladly be right. "

"Yes..." Feng Xiao nodded and looked at ye Wuchen's long and deep eyes: "Dad, always be proud of Xiao'er."

Always be proud of Xiao'er... This sentence makes ye Wuchen's memory float to the moment when he stayed in another s.p.a.ce seventeen years ago... That year, the solar system dotted with bright stars, the thrilling battle with the demon king.

The demon king's Haotian tower was destroyed by Pangu girl zi'er, known as the "chaotic demon emperor", with the "array of killing demons", which made the demon king lose the hope of victory. However, at the moment when he was about to be destroyed to nothingness under the "array of killing G.o.ds" of fengxiao, the chaotic holy king, he took back all his defense forces madly, let his body be destroyed, and his power was thrown to the earth.

So the earth was destroyed. The desperate hope lies in Longxiao, who was only seven years old at that time, that is, ye Wuchen now... Taking the Kunlun mirror, the top ten artifact, as the center, together with the chaotic array composed of Donghuang bell, Xuanyuan sword, Pangu axe, demon refining pot, Haotian tower, Kongtong seal, f.u.xi Qin, Shennong Ding and Nuwa stone, let the time of the earth's s.p.a.ce flow back to before destruction, The central mover of this anti sky array is long Xiao, but the price is his complete disappearance... Because he did not exist in that s.p.a.ce a short time before the destruction of the earth, so everything that did not exist at that time will be erased. This cruel choice tore too many people's hearts, and only he smoothed their pain with a smiling expression and eager eyes... "Dad, many people hope that they are a hero and can use their own strength to save many people. Xiao'er is the same. I've always wanted to be as powerful as my father, and then use my own strength to save a lot of people. Now, I can actually save so many people. I'm really happy, really... Dad, you will meet Xiao'er's wish, right? "“ Dad, Xiao'er has changed so many people's lives with his own life. Will you take Xiao'er as your pride? " At that time, he finally made a painful choice and answered his son in a trembling voice: "Dad... Always be proud of Xiao'er." However, how can he allow himself to watch him disappear completely in front of him... At the moment after the chaos array moved, he poured all the holy water of yaochi regardless of the consequences, endured the pain of body burst, and released two anti heaven virtual and stepless forbidden spells with his surging power... His left hand, The stepless forbidden spell of time void -- forbidden the sky ring, stopped the time wheel of the whole chaotic s.p.a.ce, fixed the time at the moment when the earth was just formed in the reversal time, and the Dragon sky was just about to be erased... Right hand, the stepless forbidden spell of s.p.a.ce void -- dimensional sky breaking. This forbidden spell does not break a simple dimensional s.p.a.ce, It's a different dimension... Another s.p.a.ce outside his s.p.a.ce. Also before that, he inadvertently realized that chaos was not the only one. The chaos they were in was split by Pangu in those years, and there was another chaos... Two chaotic bodies could not coexist in the same chaotic s.p.a.ce, so what about two different chaotic s.p.a.ces... He succeeded and no one ever showed up, Don't mention that he broke a gap in the different dimensional s.p.a.ce. In the fixed time, he transferred his son to the unknown s.p.a.ce... The hope after that. The location of the transmission sent by Longxiao is a big 6 film called "Tianchen". The two fathers, completely different life paths, finally miraculously meet at this moment... Because the only condition for the physical coexistence of the two chaos is that they all reach the peak of the power of chaos. At that time, the chaotic rules will be formulated by them, and there are no rules that can sanction them anymore Thoughts floated back from memories, recalling the years at Tianchen university 6, like an illusory dream. Thousands of feelings and thoughts came to my mind at the same time. Now, although he was born on the earth, it seems that he was born not for the chaotic s.p.a.ce that gave birth to him, but for the chaotic s.p.a.ce where he is at this time. Because everything about him has been closely connected with the world and can no longer be cut off. No one has won or lost the battle of the father. And this is also destined to be their next war. Because hundreds of years later, when the chaotic power of Feng Xiao and ye Wuchen is really mature, their power will be equal to that of heaven and earth, and will never be consumed and exhausted. At that time, the battle is meaningless to them, because even if they fight for thousands of years, there can be no victory or defeat“ Dad, don't forget what you promised me. "“ Haha, can you guess what it will be? " The corners of Ye Wuchen's mouth stirred up and said two words enough to make all creatures Crazy: "eternal life!" Book cloth, t.i.tle - "the evil dragon of online games against the sky", link: P / / / /. Don't be intimidated by Xiaobai's t.i.tle. The content is very loving. Let's collect it first.

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