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Heavenly Star - Chapter 263 - Request and Promise

"Well, before the end of today, Auntie Leng's body will be buried together with Feng Chaoyang." Without any hesitation, Ye Wuchen said so. She had been dedicated all her life to Feng Chaoyang, but she couldn't stay by his side when she was alive. At least she should be buried next to him. It was not only Cold Cliff's wish, but it should also be the life-long wish of his mother as well.

"Ah? Then…" After hearing that Ye Wuchen promised so quickly, and he even said "today", Chu Jingtian was very shocked, he wanted to ask for several times by what means he could do so.

After Cold Cliff heard Ye Wuchen's promise, he raised his right hand and said clearly, "me, Cold Cliff, is swearing to G.o.d today, that I will forever be loyal to Ye Wuchen. I will never betray him! If I do, may G.o.d destroy me and send me to h.e.l.l!"

"Well…can someone please tell me what has happened?!" Chu Jingtian had no clue what was going on, and he was. .h.i.tting his head.

"Isn't it too early for you to take such an oath? Aren't you afraid that I won't be able to accomplish my promise?" Ye Wuchen asked.

"My master will never promise something that he can't do."

Ye Wuchen smiled lightly, "rest a.s.sured. I will not disappoint you. Tonight, Auntie Leng's body will be safely buried with Feng Chaoyang's. And…Cold Cliff, you will be able to make them rest in piece together. You're going to find out soon that even though I'm disabled, I am still qualified to be your master. However, can you not call me Master anymore?"


Ye Wuchen thought for a while and said, "forget it. You can call whatever you want. Get up first."

Cold Cliff got up stiffly. Chu Jingtian touched his head and asked, "brother Ye, isn't this too strange? Aren't you and Cold Cliff friends? Why do you…" Chu Jingtian just couldn't figure this out.

Ye Wuchen laughed and said, "Big brother Chu, you once said that you're going to Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Contest. Now, all the heroes in the world are getting ready, and it's getting closer. It will take place at the center of the Tianchen Continent, and it's very close to where Feng Chaoyang's tomb. Let's all go to Tianfeng City with Cold Cliff. There will be so many talented people. Don't worry, although you're still young, you will shock everyone and make them remember your names."

There was a flash of light across Cold Cliff's eyes. Chu Jingtian couldn't help but laugh, "actually, I am not as good as you've said. My grandfather told me that talented people are all hidden. Even if I am good, it doesn't mean anything significant."

"Why don't you try and judge for yourself? Brother Chu, you're a kind-hearted person, but at the same time, you're an aggressive person as well. Those who can get into the contest must be the top talented people in the Tianchen Continent. And you'll open your eyes. With your young age and capacity, I'm sure you'll impress many people." Ye Wuchen said seriously.

"Hehe…I feel really good with your comments." Chu Jingtian smiled humbly, then doubted again, "but, brother Ye, you know what our recent capacity is?"

Ye Wuchen laughed and replied nothing.

"And, brother Ye, do you really have a way to reach Tianfeng City in one day?" Chu Jingtian asked with his eyes widely open.

"You'll find out." Ye Wuchen said with a mysterious smile.

"So, are you going to come with me or not? My Grandpa said the contest only takes places every 25 years. If we miss it, we'll have to wait 25 years more." Chu Jingtian asked with a lot of hope.

"Me?" Ye Wuchen shook his head with a bitter smile, "even if I want to, I can't. Anyone who isn't capable enough wouldn't have the guts to attend the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Contest. With that level of fight, if you can't defend yourself well enough, you can get yourself killed by the energy released by the top fighters when they compete. There will naturally be no ordinary people who do. Given my current situation, going there is like committing suicide."

"Oh, I see." Chu Jingtian thought for a while and nodded, "I understand. Brother Ye, I can't imagine how powerful you were three years ago. Even Feng Chaoyang was…" He paused and looked at Cold Cliff, then paused and continued, "if you joined the contest, you'd have gotten the first place."

Ye Wuchen gave a weak smile and didn't further explain. The reason why he had killed Feng Chaoyang was different from what people thought. He looked at the greyish, hazy sky and turned to Cold Cliff, "before sending Auntie Leng to Tianfeng City, I do have a task for you. This is a test of your ability as well."

Cold Cliff raised his head, and his gaze met Ye Wuchen's.

"Do you have the guts to get into the strictly secured Lin Family?" Ye Wuchen frowned.

"Why not?!"

"What about the top secured Palace? Do you have the guts to get into it?"

"Yes!" Cold Cliff answered without any hesitation.

Ye Wuchen nodded and took out a note from his sleeve, "you've seen Lin Xiao. On this map, you'll see the location of Lin Family, also every part of the Palace. What I want you to do is…"

After listening to the explanation of Ye Wuchen, Cold Cliff took the note and a little bottle of medicine before turning away. His figure quickly disappeared into thin air. He's used to wearing black, and his figure soon immersed itself into the dark.

After Cold Cliff left, Chu Jingtian kept looking stunned. He stuttered, "Bro…brother Ye, about Lin Xiao, is he an evil character?"

Ye Wuchen shook his head, "no, not only that he's not evil, he's a real gentleman. He's both good at literature and martial arts. And he never does anything bad. Many people admire him."


"Because we stand on different grounds." Ye Wuchen replied.

Chu Jingtian didn't really understand what it meant by "different grounds". He couldn't help but insist on his argument, "even if you have different grounds, isn't it too brutal to do so? Grandpa told me, killing a person is not difficult. But if we do so, that person is completely done."

"Too brutal?" Ye Wuchen whispered, and half raised his head and said, "I've always regretted about the fact that I wasn't as brutal as now…since I wasn't brutal enough, Xue'er and I were forced to jump off the cliff. If G.o.d didn't bless us, both of us would have died, and that would be the end of my family. Those who love me will spend the rest of their lives in pain. I shouldn't have considered too much, worried too much, overthought before acting. Now that I am back, I am going to let those who'd hurt me fall into my trap! Since destiny wanted me to come this far, then I am going to take its toll."

Although Ye Wuchen sounded plain when he said all these, almost like mumbling, Chu Jingtian did feel a surge of cold wind getting inside him through his collar, making him shiver. He didn't continue, even though he wanted to ask why Ye Wuchen had prepared the map and the bottle long ago. Could it possible that he had expected Cold Cliff to look for him, so that he could hand over this task?

Ye Wuchen resumed his smile. He said calmly, "brother Chu, you haven't rested the whole night, you must be exhausted. Why don't you take some rest now? You must know Cold Cliff much better than I do, there's no need to worry about him."

Chu Jingtian nodded hurriedly, and with a confused mind, he walked toward the room which was arranged for him by Ye Wuchen. His room was very close with Ye Qi and Ye Ba. What Ye Wuchen had just said worried him a lot.

He suddenly recalled that three years ago, after Ye Wuchen left them, his grandfather told him that if he could grow stronger than Ye Wuchen, he would be the master of the world; if he couldn't, it'd be better to follow him. Right now, Ye Wuchen had become disabled, but he still made Chu Jingtian feel more inferior in front of him.

He had endless trust and respect toward his Grandpa, and there's no way he'd betray him. According to what his grandfather had said, Chu Jingtian had clearly surpa.s.sed Ye Wuchen, but he still felt controlled by Ye Wuchen. He shook his head and tried to quit thinking. Going back to his room, he fell asleep immediately. The bed was so soft and comfortable that he felt like being in Heaven.

At this time, it was pretty quiet on Tianlong Street. There were barely any pa.s.sengers. Cold Cliff's figure was like a phantom under cover of the night. When he reached a quiet corner, he took a quick look at the note given by Ye Wuchen and went forward along the wall.

The courtyard of Lin Family was silent. Inside, there were full of patrolling guards. At the gate, two guards who were holding spears were yawning from time to time. They didn't see a dark shadow hopping over the wall. When it got on the ground, not a single sound was made.

Cold Cliff closed his eyes and stood quietly at a corner. He tried to remember every step that the patrolling guards had taken. He tiptoed for a while before getting near Lin Xiao's room swiftly.

After a short while, Cold Cliff had already caught Lin Xiao who was sleeping heavily. His action was still quick while holding a person. When he got on the ground, he again didn't make any noise. No one in Lin Family found out.

Lin Xiao was breathing regularly. Of course, he wasn't in his sleep, it was Cold Cliff who had poisoned him before he pa.s.sed out. The effect of this poison wouldn't last long, but he wouldn't wake up so soon either.

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