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The sky still haven’t darkened, a shooting star suddenly fell down from the western sky. Chu CanMing stood up from a tree stump, knitted his brows as he looked at the west.

“You two, come over here.” He didn’t turn around, just shouted in a deep voice.

Chu JingTian and Leng Ya’s bodies were already drenched with sweat, hearing the shout, they simultaneously jumped out, then approached. While Chu JingTian was wiping off the sweat on his face, he was on his usual practice of reproaching Leng Ya in a low voice. Leng Ya did not say a word, just furrowed his brows and stared. He had arrived at the right place. For a short period of one and half months time, he felt a great progress. Although Chu CangMing was regarded as the G.o.d of Sword, yet he didn’t just teach sword skills. Chu JingTian’s cultivation was concentrated on the combination of sword light, sword spirit, sword patterns, and the “G.o.d of Sword Spells” with the boundless formidable power, and he…… Chu CangMing had told him that, he doesn’t need any style, as the style will greatly affect his innate skills. What he needed was merely the quick, accurate, fierce, and with one deadly hit, he would be able to hurt the part that he wanted to hurt, whoever it might be.

Although they were just three simple words, yet they had permitted him to fix his goal, and deeply understand the critical component of these three words.

The two of them stood side by side of the old man, looking at him with doubts. The old man shifted his gaze, stopping on Leng Ya’s face, then he said: “An old friend died, tired…… you may take your rest earlier.”

“Old friend?” Chu JingTian scratched his head, then he asked suspiciously: “Grandpa, did you also have an old friend? It’s strange, you’ve never leave this place, how did you come to know about the death of an old friend?”

The old man desolately sighed, almost blaming on the changeable affairs of life: “Feng ChaoYang, died.”

Leng Ya’s body went stiff.

“Oh! Feng ChaoYang? Ah? Feng ChaoYang!?” the insensitive Chu JingTian stared blankly for a while then ferociously responded, subconsciously he looked at Leng Ya beside him. Yet he saw his expression was as calm as ever, didn’t have any reaction that should have been there.

Chu JingTian touched his nose, then secretly said: “This man was indeed a lunatic, his father died yet he still didn’t have any decent reaction…… nevertheless his father was almost the same age as my own grandfather, also old friends, then that means I am one generation younger than him, this is not good…… not good!”

“You go ahead and take some rest, don’t disturb me.” The old man waved his hands weakly.

“That grandpa, Feng ChaoYang…… Ah no, Elder G.o.d of War, a person with such powerful might, who could be so powerful to be able to defeat him?” Chu JingTian couldn’t help but curiously asked.

Chu CangMing acted as if he didn’t hear what he had said, he sat down, closed his eyes, in a blink of an eye his breath was completely disappeared. This tree trump, was the place he used to sleep. And also a method to increase his cultivation. He was different from Feng ChaoYang who was protecting the Feng family, for more than ten years the G.o.d of Sword never exposed himself and he didn’t ever cease his cultivation process, currently no one had ever known the level of his own strength, even himself. Because it’s been a very long time since he had seriously took his fight.

Leng Ya turned around and left, returning to his own small hut…… That small hut, Ye Wuchen and Ning Xue had stayed there before, still having the moist ground surface, and the hard wooden bed.

Inviting a snub, Chu JingTian had no choice but to return to his own room, laid down on his solid bed, felt his own body almost wanted to fly upward because of the great comfort, closing his eyes for a brief moment, with “hoohoo” sound he had fallen into deep sleep, everyday he would leave this place very early under the pressure of his grandpa, gambling on his life as he practised sword skills, sleeping was his greatest pleasure.

During midnight, Chu JingTian was awakened by his urge to urinate as it disturbed his beautiful dream of making his way of success in the world outside, making friends with people of various regions, being highly respected for his chivalrous adventures, he half opened his eyes, mumbled some words indistinctly, then moving slowly as he stood up and headed outside.

Heading out of the hut, he proceeded a few steps ahead, a figure of a person emerged before his eyes, his mind immediately became wide-awake, opening wide his eyes as he looked at that person. By means of the vague moonlight, he saw that this person was clearly Leng Ya, this time, he was holding a long wooden tablet in his hands, his mouth was saying something in a low voice, his mind wandering, he didn’t notice the approach of an outsider.

Chu JingTian’s curiosity rise up, walking quietly on tiptoe he hid behind a huge tree, with rapt attention he listened cautiously to what he was saying.

“...... You were regarded as the G.o.d of War, all the people had called you a G.o.d, but in the end you were just a human, you would die someday. When you were three years old, you knelt down in the streets because your parents had been slaughtered, you almost died because of hunger. That time the emperor of Gale Nation happened to pa.s.s by, having the compa.s.sion, he a.s.signed people to bury your parents ---- also my grandparents, and then he let you eat until you were fully satisfied, as a result, your three-years-old you had made a pledge to repay the kindness, to become the most powerful man in the world, just to protect your benefactor.

“During that time the emperor of the Gale Nation just laughed it away, but afterwards, you became the G.o.d of War, became the most powerful man as you took the initiative to find the Feng family, swearing to protect the entire Feng family. You did it, you gave importance to your commitment, gave importance to the righteousness and pa.s.sion…… But in the midst of all these, you neglected your love for your family.”

Chu JingTian had never heard Leng Ya spoken quite a lot of words, moreover it was his first time to hear this kind of past of Feng ChaoYang, for a moment he just stared blankly. Leng Ya continued on to what he was saying, didn’t notice his presence.

“When you were forty years old, because of one single bet to determine if you would have your own descendants, you suffered from the Snow Woman’s ‘Enthusiastic Heart Jade’, during the situation wherein you were unable to break the spell, you were forced to rape my pitiful ignorant mother, and as a result you have me. Yet because of me, you’ve lost your bet, because you have a descendant……”

“You were ashamed, yet you never directly looked into my mother’s eyes, and you never looked directly into my eyes. That year when I was ten, because my mother had seen ‘something she wasn’t allowed to see’, you had ruthlessly stabbed her both eyes until she got blind, then you pressured her to leave. From that moment on, my hate towards you became stronger day by day, no one knows, that I have used all my might to increase my cultivation, only because I wanted to defeat you, for the sake of my mother. But my foolish mother never hated you, regardless of your intention to chase her away, struggled to stay by your side without any t.i.tle, expecting you to change your mind……”

Leng Ya let out a long sigh, he looked at the wooden tablet that he carved in his hands: “I really hated you, still hate you until now, what I hated wasn’t your lack of regard, but the way you treated my mother. I knew it all along, that the reason why you did it, wasn’t because you’ve lost your humanity, but because you were extremely serious with your commitment, you only wanted to protect the Gale Nation, didn’t want to have any other concerns. I cursed you, but you only avoided, I hit you, used the blade to slash you, yet you never hit back. I stole your Shattering Wind Blade, you’ve obviously find out about it, yet you pretended not to know. Although you concealed it very well, but in your eyes, I could feel your pain and guilt…… I knew, and I knew it all along, that you’ve never treated my mother as your wife, yet you’ve treated as your son.”

Leng Ya suddenly knelt down, so heavily that his knees were deeply sank into the earth. He stretched out both hands, spread open the ice-cold ground surface, took that wooden tablet that was carved with ‘Father: Feng ChaoYang’ words and buried it inside the earth: “......Even if you didn’t treat me as your own son, you…… are still my father. In fact…… you might never know, that even though I hated you, hated the way you treat my mother, but I still feel proud of having a father like you. Now that you were dead, forever dead, all your life you never had any foe, even if you were to die, it will certainly because of the Gale Nation, to die because of your own commitment, and you must have no regrets. So…… as your son I will not take revenge, no matter who killed you, I would never take revenge, because it will trample on your pride as the G.o.d of War. The last thing that I can do for you, would be to send you off, because…… I am your only son, your only relative……”

He was the G.o.d of War’s only relative, the only one who could send him off…… And his mother, wasn’t regarded as his father’s wife.

“Mother had already regained her eyesight, she is not in Tian Long City, having no worries about the clothes and food, she doesn’t have to feed on the wind and drink the drew with me, I’ve already known my own future path, and the thing I needed to do, you…… just go on with ease. All your life you were destined to be lonely because of your commitment, I hope that in your next lifetime, you could live for the sake of your own life, and for the sake of your relatives and the people beside you.”

Leng Ya used his hands to push the earth, burying the piece of wood inside, the in a low voice he said: “I am the son of the G.o.d of War, I will not make you lose your reputation, my goal is to surpa.s.s you…… by all means I will surpa.s.s you.”

Chu JingTian was quietly listening all along, this moment, he began to fully recognize this man, in normal times he was in his usual cold face, very few words, almost seemed emotionless, as if the people of the whole world were his enemies. He now realized that, his nature was acquired from neglected affection from family and the complicated hatred. It wasn’t because of his merciless nature, but because he had sealed off a part of himself very long time ago, to face the people coldly. He wanted to become a wolf, but he was bound not to become a real wolf, but a real person with emotions.

He hated his father, yet in the deepest part of his heart he highly respected this G.o.d-like father, longing for the father’s love, but when his longing became a disappointment, then slowly turned into desperation, he sealed off his own emotions, harboring hatred, taking his mother as they departed far away. Today, his father died, he finally faced his dead father, then revealed his own thoughts. Today, will be the last time he called him “father”, after this day, he will only be present in his memories, became his goal and reason for becoming stronger.

Leng Ya heavily made three kowtows on the ground, this is the first time he made kowtow towards his father, and it will also be the last. When he stood up from the ground, his blurred eyes transformed into his usual cold gaze. Suddenly, his ears moved, he abruptly turned sideways, with one movement in his feet, his hands like eagle claws, s.n.a.t.c.hing towards the location where Chu JingTian had been hiding.

Before, his thoughts had fleeted away, because he wasn’t able to notice Chu JingTian. But when he transformed into the usual Leng Ya, he immediately sensed the soft breathing sound coming from behind a huge tree.

When Chu JingTain knew that he was being discovered, he immediately rushed out, and he waved his hands alarmingly and said: “It’s me, it’s me……”

Leng Ya’s hands didn’t stop moving, completely regardless of who he was, he directly grabbed his throat. Chu JingTian used his fingers as the sword, with a “wind around” spell he brushed away his hands, the other hand firmly grabbed his wrist, using the fastest speed he explained: “Don’t, don’t hit me, if you interrupted grandpa’s sleep it will be no good. I knew it was my mistake to eavesdrop, but I didn’t do it on purpose. Moreover we are friends, hearing them accidently is not a big deal.”

During their period of interaction, he evidently knew that when Leng Ya went insane it will be terrible, the most important thing he must do is to calm down his mind.

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