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Harem Pirates: Chapter 5 - Pirate Stronghold   “It’s a filthy place, but try to feel at home as you can.”   Female Pirate Scarlet brought only Ricardo and Isis onto her ship and generously let the others and their ship go free.   The more prisoners, the more effort needed to manage them, so she had only held onto the most valuable ones.   Before being transported, Ricardo and Isis had been allowed to put their pants on, but that was only to make sure they did not catch a fever or something while being transported. There was no need to thank her and being taken prisoner was humiliating enough on its own.   However, even that “kindness” only went so far. Isis’s panties and bra had been deemed too sandy to use, so despite wearing the blue coat and white pants of the consummate naval officer, the b.u.mps of her nipples were visible on her chest and her dark pubic hair showed through the crotch of her pants.   Those gaps showing through in her strict military uniform were unbelievably erotic.   This had to bring her shame as a soldier, but she seemed to be bearing with the shame to fulfill her duty to protect the prince. Sensing that, Ricardo made sure he remained composed.   The pirate ship carried the two of them to the pirate island where Scarlet had her base. Of course, they had not been allowed to see outside the ship, so they had no way of knowing where it was.   Still, the pirate island had to be one of the islands in the Jade Sea. The pure blue sky shined down on them after disembarking and they were led not to a cell but to a decently equipped room.   It felt like the private room of a low-level royal or n.o.ble. It had lovely curtains, wicker chairs, a large table, and other luxurious furnishings. But given where they were, it was all undoubtedly stolen.   Also, the building was built at an elevated location, so it looked down on a breathtaking view.   They saw the Jade Sea glittered in the distance, a disordered gathering of small huts set up for the pirates to live in, lush tropical trees, and bright red flowers. The fragrant wind carried the sweet and sour scent of fruit.   “This is my room.”   Dressed in black and gold, Scarlet sat in a chair with a glance over at her speechless prisoners.   The prisoners were also urged to sit. Neither of them was bound, but they were an unarmed woman and child. The pirates had likely decided they were not a threat. And that was a fact, not just contempt.   Even if they did manage to escape, there were pirates everywhere. The situation was not yet so desperate that they felt the need to steal a ship the two of them could use and then escape the island without knowing where in the sea they were. They would eventually be freed after the ransom was paid.   “Rose, you don’t do anyone any good just standing there, so bring us something to drink.”   After Scarlet clapped her hands and gave an order, a girl in an old-fashioned beige dress carried out a silver tray holding some snacks.   She had to still be in her teenage years, her black hair had a bob cut, her skin was white, she was skinny, and she had small b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She was beautiful, but those looks were ruined by a look of displeasure.   She had been by Scarlet’s side during the entire voyage on the pirate ship, so she was likely an aide.   Ricardo was focused on her not because she was his type but because she was giving him an oddly hostile glare.   She set Scarlet’s gla.s.s down carefully, Isis’s normally, and Ricardo’s carelessly.   Scarlet’s contained a strong drink, Isis’s a red wine, and Ricardo’s orange juice. They were also served m.u.f.fins and stinky cheese.   Ricardo glanced over at the violent ripples in his gla.s.s and asked a hesitant question.   “Um…did I do something to you?”   “No!”   Rose’s tone made it clear there was more to it than that, but she said nothing more.   He was unsure how to respond to that unapproachable att.i.tude, but Scarlet held a hand to her forehead and laughed at the exchange.   “Ah hah hah hah. Sorry, prince. She can never hide her jealousy whenever I speak with a man.”   “Eh?”
  Ricardo was confused and Scarlet wrapped an arm around Rose’s slender waist to pull her in close.   “Cheer up, Rose. Do you really think I’d fall for a little kid like that? He’s going to get us lots of money, so how about faking a smile?”   “Don’t lie, mistress. I can see how interested you are in him.”   After that cold observation that refused to be deceived, a bitter smile appeared on Scarlet’s lips.   The girl named Rose sighed and pleaded with her boss.   “As I said before, taking a royal hostage for the ransom money is too risky. The Etruria Kingdom will feel so disgraced they will target you as their sworn enemy. It’s not too late. You should kill him and insist we know nothing about it.”   She did not look the part, but she was a pirate and she had the cruelty to match.   “But if we killed him now, we’d still be their sworn enemy.”   “Not to worry. We just need to say that woman killed him in a bout of confusion.”   Rose indicated Isis with her eyes.   Despite the harshness of her words, the girl remained entirely calm.   Ricardo was shocked and lacked the willpower to grow angry, so Isis was the one that gave an intense reaction.   “Lady Sigrain is not so blind that such a poor plan would slip past her. Taking a royal hostage for a ransom is outrageous enough. Know your place as the beggars you are and accept the gold you are blessed with.”   The intensity of her words frightened even Ricardo to the point that his b.a.l.l.s shriveled up.   (I-Isis really is scary.)   Rose was clearly offended by the scathing remark. She furrowed her brow, but Scarlet shrugged it off.   “Don’t get so worked up.”   She had seen through Isis and realized it was all an act to manipulate her.   “But I doubt Etruria will pay all that much for this kid,” said Rose.   “Oh, they will. I know Sigrain quite well.”   Scarlet’s words contained complex emotions concerning her former superior.   Rose did not seem to know that rumored hero, but she grew even more displeased in apparent dislike for Scarlet’s tone of aspiration and trust in Sigrain.   “Well, I’ll keep your warning in mind, so don’t worry.”   After rubbing her cheek against Rose like she was comforting a small child, Scarlet set the girl down to the side and directed an arrogant smile toward her old comrade in arms.   “I’m impressed by your loyalty, Isis. You’ve fallen for this prince, haven’t you?”   Ricardo was a little happy it looked that way, but he also looked to Isis.   “D-don’t be ridiculous!”   Isis blushed and spat out words of protest while Scarlet observed her with great interest.   “Oh? You’re really shaken. So spring has finally come for uptight Isis. A romance separated by rank can be quite exciting.”   Isis attempted to murder the pirate with just her gaze, but Scarlet crossed her arms and nodded a few times.   “Sigh. So my Isis has finally fallen in love. Such a joyous occasion.”   “I am not yours!”
  Isis snapped back at her, but Scarlet waved a hand dismissively, leaned forward, and grabbed her cheeks.   “Do you remember what I said out at sea? I was serious about that.”   “You meant that nonsense about me becoming a pirate?”   Scarlet nodded and Isis resolutely narrowed her eyes.   “I am proud of my position as a soldier of Etruria. I will not stoop to piracy even after the shame of being taken prisoner.”   “I thought you’d say that.”   Scarlet narrowed her eyes as well and sparks seemed to fly between the two beautiful faces.   “I even love that overly serious side of you. I’ve thought long and hard about how to get you to join me.”   “Wasted effort. My loyalty cannot be shaken.”   Scarlet brought her red lips in close to Isis’s resolute ear.   “Eh heh heh. I did come up with an answer: winning your heart with my s.e.xual technique.”   Isis was taken completely by surprise.   “S-stop that. I knew you were l.u.s.tful, but that was with men. When did you become a lesbian?”   “Oh, you didn’t know? I always swung both ways. I like decent women and decent men. I don’t discriminate. But you think doing it with another woman is dirty, don’t you?”   Scarlet whispered with her warm breaths reaching Isis’s left ear.   “Things get quite interesting with two women. With a man, it’s over once he blows his load, but two women can continue making love all day long.”   Scarlet smiled as her eyes turned to the girl who served her.   “In fact, it doesn’t even have to end at a single day. As long as time permits, you can desire each other forever. …It’s incredible. Once you get started, you just can’t seem to stop. Isn’t that right, Rose?”   “Yes, mistress.”   The displeased-looking girl did not hesitate to respond.   “At the very least, I can bring you far more pleasure than that boy.”   Scarlet’s left hand grabbed Isis’s breast.   Isis tried to brush off the hand and escape, but Scarlet whispered in her ear.   “But things have changed. Now your weakness is that cute prince.”   Isis’s eyes widened in shock. This meant Scarlet would attack Ricardo if Isis did not do what she said.   Isis gave up her resistance and Scarlet freely groped her breast.   “Oh, how admirable~ But you understand, don’t you? Even as Sigrain’s favorite, you can’t call yourself the navy’s ace after a failure like this.”   “Kh…”
  Isis’s agonized look showed she understood all too well.   “And besides, the bigshots of Etruria are thinking of diverting strength from the navy to the army.  They aren’t going to treat you very kindly.”   Even as Scarlet sneered at her, Ricardo could see Isis’s nipples were quite erect even through the blue coat.   Scarlet seemed to be hypnotizing her as she ma.s.saged the not too big and not too small b.r.e.a.s.t.s while whispering into her ear.   “I know better than anyone how talented you are. I want you.”   With that pa.s.sionate confession, Scarlet placed her hands on Isis’s cheeks and planted her lips on Isis’s.   “!?”   Isis’s eyes widened, but there was nothing she could do.   Scarlet took advantage of that by licking all over Isis’s lips.   She let her saliva pour into Isis’s mouth. Some of it spilled from the corners of Isis’s mouth, but she had to swallow to avoid suffocation.   The two women’s saliva mixed together and their hot tongues wrapped stickily and seductively together.   (Wow… Seeing two girls kiss is hot enough already, but it’s almost picturesque with those two.)   Ricardo was charmed by the intense kiss between beauties, but then he glanced over at the other person whose presence he suddenly remembered.   He a.s.sumed Scarlet-obsessed Rose would be incredibly jealous, but she seemed fine. She was jealous when it came to guys, but women did not seem to be a problem.   (I bet Scarlet has sucked on those thin lips so many times that she isn’t even interested in guys.)   As he pa.s.sionately watched the kiss scene developing before his eyes and imagined Scarlet and Rose’s lesbian scenes, heat rapidly filled his body.   After the long, long kiss, Scarlet pulled her head back and several sticky threads remained between their lips. They both grasped for fresh oxygen.   Before Isis could voice her complaint, Scarlet turned toward her other prisoner.   “Eh heh heh. Before you say anything, take a look at this. The boy’s c.o.c.k is pitching quite the tent in his pants.”   “…”   Isis gasped when she looked to Ricardo’s crotch and he blushed when she looked up at his face.   “Eh heh heh. There’s nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. Any boy would react like that with such superb women making out in front of him♪”   Scarlet argued his case with a cruel smile and gently brushed a hand through Isis’s black hair.   “When you get down to it, boys his age are essentially monkeys. They’re just giant sacks of c.u.m. Seduce them a little and they’ll get hard, principles be d.a.m.ned. And they’ll f.u.c.k any woman that’s willing. You weren’t anything special to him.”   Ricardo silently argued back against Scarlet’s cruel a.n.a.lysis.   (I don’t have s.e.x with women that insincerely. No matter how it happened, anyone I have s.e.x with is my woman and I’ll protect them.)   Scarlet mocked the displeased-looking boy and continued tormenting Isis.   “I’ve heard countless stories of inexperienced women like you falling for some cute boy like this and offering her body and her heart to him.”   “…”   “And you even gave him your a.s.shole. I honestly pity you.”   Isis trembled in disgrace, but Scarlet was not done yet.   “But you know what happens to those women after they offer their body and their heart? He gets tired of her and throws her out like a used rag.”   Isis was not like Sigrain or Scarlet. s.e.xually, she could be called a late bloomer.   While walking the elite course as a naval officer, she had relied on men professionally. But that had made it difficult for her to view them as targets of love. She had to have felt some impatience once she was still single at her age. Scarlet was merely rubbing salt in the wound.   “Eh heh heh. I’ll unmask that cute boy for you, so watch from there.”   “Stop. Do whatever you want to me, but keep your hands off His Highness.”   Isis practically clung to her, so Scarlet held a hand out toward Rose.   Rose knew what her mistress wanted, so she handed over some rope.   “Wh-what are you doing?”   “You need to settle down. Well, I’m sure your head will get a little softer once you see your beloved boy moaning before your eyes.”   Isis tried to resist, but she could not do much when Ricardo was in their hands.   Scarlet and Rose worked together to tie Isis’s arms and legs to a chair.   “Eh heh heh. I’m not going to cook him and eat him. I just want to see how much of a man this boy you’ve fallen for is. I’m betting he’ll be crying with pleasure.”   Scarlet shrugged at Isis’s ashamed look of anger. She left Isis with Rose and then approached Ricardo.   “Wh-what are you going to do?”   “Something I know you’ll love. Feel free to get your hopes up.”   Ricardo could not hide his concern over the dangerous atmosphere and he was suddenly pushed back onto the floor.   “…!”   As he lay on his back, Scarlet’s slender legs moved to either side of his face.   Her thighs were thick, her calves were tight, her ankles were skinny, and her legs were overall blessed with beautiful curves. Her tight skin was amber colored. Amazing strength was hidden in every little movement and those slender legs were truly a sight to be seen.   He could almost but not quite see up her skirt, so his interest naturally turned there. Also, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s looked quite large when viewed from below.   “Heh heh♪”   Aware of the boy’s focus…no, intentionally drawing the boy’s focus, Scarlet gave a mocking laugh and drew the short golden sword from her hip.   “Eek!”   Ricardo tensed up in fear as the blade reached his crotch. The cold metal stroked across his skin, slicing apart his pants and underwear. The energetic erection was revealed to the outside world.   The pirate frowned at the lively manhood of the adolescent boy.   “It’s already been stained with s.e.x juices at your age?”   She peered down at him with surprise on her face, but he could only wordlessly lower his head.   He could not bring himself to confess that he had had all sorts of s.e.x with the female sailors on that ship.   It was not that he had sought out their bodies himself. They had sought out his body. He had been a tool to satisfy their l.u.s.t. He had been the public d.i.l.d.o for all the female sailors aboard the South Sea Falcon.   “You’ve been using that cute face of yours to f.u.c.k a lot more woman than just Isis, haven’t you? Isis, your beloved youth is quite the cheater.”   “…”
  Isis opened her mouth to say something, but she ended up closing it without saying a thing.   However she had interpreted her rival’s hesitation, Scarlet seemed filled with righteous anger as a woman.   “A cheater needs to be punished. I think I will punish you in Isis’s stead.”   The pirate woman removed her boot and stepped on his manhood with her bare left foot.   “Ahh…s-stop…”   He shamelessly spread his legs like a frog as she stepped on his weak point as a boy. The fear and humiliation produced a pathetic cry from his lips.   “You were born into royalty and you’re so d.a.m.n cute. You’ll never have any trouble finding women. Especially when you’re skilled enough to f.u.c.k the strictness out of Isis.”   She licked her lips in true enjoyment and kneaded the rod with the bottom of her foot.   “Eh heh heh. When I see a boy as blessed as you, I just want to bully him. Maybe I should traumatize you so badly you’ll never touch another woman again.”   A s.a.d.i.s.tic smile appeared on Scarlet’s cheeks and that seemed to express her fetish better than anything.   “Hey, prince. Do you want to put this wonderful c.o.c.k inside Isis right this instant?”   “W-well…”   He could not figure out whether saying he did or he did not was the right answer here, so he hesitated.   “So you’d rather get off to my foot? What a perverted little prince.”   “Fwaaah!!”   Scarlet pressed down and rubbed along the underside of the p.e.n.i.s from the b.a.l.l.s to the tip.   She looked down at the boy in amus.e.m.e.nt, pulled her foot back, and reached both hands into her skirt. She then grabbed both sides of her black panties and slowly lowered them.   She removed them from her right ankle first, then from her left, and finally tossed them aside.   She stood boldly over Ricardo’s face, but her skirt kept him from seeing inside.   “Eh heh heh. Yes, young boys have the eyes of animals. There’s nothing but pure l.u.s.t there. There must be nothing but s.e.x filling you from the tip of this dirty c.o.c.k to the top of your head. Do you want to see my p.u.s.s.y that badly?”   “…”   Her look of scorn stabbed at his pride, so he averted his gaze.   “Oh, dear. Forcing yourself not to look? How admirable. But you want to see it, don’t you? You want see how my p.u.s.s.y compares to Isis’s, don’t you? You want to lick it and suck it to see if it tastes any different, don’t you? And you want to stick your c.o.c.k inside to enjoy how different it feels, don’t you?”   “I do not!”   He had his pride as a man, so he did not want to have s.e.x with a woman who mentally toyed with him, no matter how beautiful she might be. However, his body betrayed his rational mind.   “There’s no point in pretending now. Just look how big and hard your c.o.c.k is.”   Scarlet lifted her left foot and stepped firmly on his manhood as it curved back almost to his navel.   “Kwaah~”   Even if it was front to back, she was spreading her legs a fair bit and Ricardo could see pretty far up her thighs through the skirt.   And beyond the visual stimulus, having some pressure on his manhood felt better than just letting it stand tall.   “How about that, Prince Pervert? You love it when I step on your c.o.c.k, don’t you?”   She was not putting much weight on her foot, but the verbal abuse plus the foot on his weak point was quite humiliating for the boy who was still relatively pure.   However, that did not stop the physical pleasure.   The mental burden gradually faded and only the physical pleasure remained.   He could not stop the seductive pleasure that made him want to submit to anything this frightening but beautiful young woman told him to do.         “Ah, ahh…kh…khhh…”   “Eh heh heh. Such cute moans. I never knew how wonderful it was to hear the agonized cries of young boys as you step on their c.o.c.k. Ha ha. I could get used to this…”   Scarlet could not hide her arousal as her cheeks flushed and she stuck her left pinky in her mouth. A clear liquid was trailing down the amber-colored thighs visible through the gap in the skirt.   “Hey, Prince Pervert? In your opinion, who is the better woman? Me or Isis?”   “Eh?”   Ricardo was confused by the sudden question, but Scarlet grew angry. She pressed so much of her body weight on his p.e.n.i.s that she might as well have been standing on it.   “Fgaaaaaaaaaahh!”   The pleasure grew to pain and the boy let out the pathetic cry of a crushed frog.   “Honestly, did no one teach you any manners, kid? Who is it that’s pleasuring you right now? It’s me, isn’t it? You’re supposed to give that name without hesitation. Got that!?”   “Y-yes. I’m sorry… You’re prettier, Scarlet.”   In pain and afraid she would crush his p.e.n.i.s, Ricardo tearfully responded while gasping for breath.   “Better.”   She stopped crushing his b.a.l.l.s and placed her feet on either side of his face once more.   “I’ll prove to you that I am better than Isis in every way. Look very closely.”   Scarlet lifted her skirt and slowly lowered her hips as if to relieve herself.   Her v.u.l.v.a, decorated in bright red hair, moved right in front of his nose. The crevice of flesh had opened a little, revealing the contents, and s.e.x juices were flowing out around it.   She placed her index fingers on either side of the crevice and spread the fleshy petals. Drops fell down onto his nose.   “Now, look verrrry carefully. Even my p.u.s.s.y is prettier than Isis’s, isn’t it?”   Her s.e.x organ was rose pink and it gave off a raw feminine smell.   Ricardo could not decide which one was better, but he was only allowed one answer here.   “Um, yes… Yours is prettier.”   “Eh heh heh. I see you’ve grown much more obedient.”   She looked satisfied with his answer and licked her plump lips with her red tongue.   “Do you want to lick my p.u.s.s.y?”   “Y-yes… I want to lick your p.u.s.s.y. Please let me lick it. And suck it.”   She had not needed to force this answer from him. l.u.s.t had truly built up within the boy as soon as he saw the lovely young woman’s v.u.l.v.a so close.   “I can’t exactly say no to a request like that. Okay, have a taste♪”   She immediately dropped her hips down.   “Nph!”   She sat on his face.   Her dripping l.a.b.i.a gave a perverted kiss to his lips.   (Wow, it really does taste like p.u.s.s.y. It tastes like p.u.s.s.y juices, sweat, and pee. Even if it belongs to a pirate or a naval officer, p.u.s.s.y is p.u.s.s.y.)   It was a strong acidic flavor that stung his tongue, but he loved that flavor that only came from a woman.   “Don’t you dare use your teeth. I’ll tear your b.a.l.l.s off. Got it♪?”   He nodded at her cheerful yet violent warning.   “Then get licking. Do a good job and I’ll show you much, much more pleasure. Ahn.”   Ricardo obediently stuck out his tongue and licked the s.e.xual flesh.   Scarlet shrugged toward restrained Isis as if to say, “See? This is all boys are.”   Isis sadly shut her eyes.   She could not stand to see Ricardo sucking at the pirate’s v.a.g.i.n.a like a s.e.x-crazed beast.   “He would have gone for any p.u.s.s.y he could. Eh heh heh. They really are just monkeys…no, they’re worse than monkeys. …Ahn!”   Scarlet spread her legs splendidly wide and arched her back with her long red hair fluttering behind her.   “Ahh… You’re pretty good at this. Did Isis teach you this? …Nhah!”   The pirate woman was feigning calm, but she could not hide her surprise at the pleasure filling her.   Ricardo’s skill at c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s was far greater than anyone would have expected from his appearance.   Sigrain had carefully taught him the basics of pleasuring a woman. And on the ship of nothing but women, he had been forced to eat out all sorts of women every single day.   Those h.o.r.n.y young women had always told the boy where they wanted him to lick, so he had been given a clear picture of what they liked.   Recently, he had gotten a good grasp on how to make a woman c.u.m, so he could make his own attack on her honeypot and guide her to climax while observing her reactions.   “You’re kidding. Wait a- heeeeeeeeeeee! N-not there all of- ahhhhhhh!”   Before long, Scarlet had lost control of herself as she writhed in pleasure.   (Oh, she really is weak here. Then how about here?)   Ricardo used both his tongue and his nose to search out the pirate woman’s weak points.   Unwisely sitting on his face had exposed the strong-willed woman’s body to him. Isis and Rose’s gazes stabbed into her.   “Ah, nn… ahh, ahhhh. M-my c.l.i.t! Eee! …Fwah!”   Ricardo sucked on the flower petals, attacked the flesh bud, stroked across the urethra, and dug into the v.a.g.i.n.a. The tip of his tongue quickly rotated to torment all the weak points of her v.u.l.v.a.   He stuck his tongue out as far as he could to dig deep inside her v.a.g.i.n.a and licked around the urethra to pry it open. Love juices were gushing out now, but he continued digging at her flesh and finally flicked his tongue tip at the c.l.i.toris that had pushed free of its hood.   “Ee…amazing…eeee…ohh, I’m c.u.mming!”   Scarlet’s previous composure had entirely vanished.   She leaned forward and pressed her crotch against the boy’s face. As she cried out pathetically and let drool drip from her mouth, nothing remained of the dashing pirate woman. Hers was the look of a woman drowning in l.u.s.t.   Isis and Rose gulped as they watched.   This frenzy was especially shocking after seeing the woman’s previous arrogance.   As his nose kneaded her flesh bud and tongue stirred up her flesh pot, Scarlet was taken straight to o.r.g.a.s.m.   “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?”   Legs spread and sitting on the boy’s face, the pirate woman’s mouth opened so wide it seemed to take up half her face and a tremendous cry of pleasure burst from within.   Her v.a.g.i.n.a squeezed down on the tongue sticking inside it.   Deceived by his adorable appearance, she had never imagined he would have this kind of technique and had completely let her guard down.   An unexpectedly intense climax reached her, so her entire body convulsed and fluid sprayed from her urethra.   However, the adorable-looking but devilish boy showed no mercy. He grabbed her slender waist so she could not escape and rotated his tongue even more.   “Ahhh! S-still…? W-wait! No! Eee, stop that!”   He of course did not stop.   He even more fiercely tormented the v.a.g.i.n.a as the afterglow of o.r.g.a.s.m filled it.   He grabbed her c.l.i.toris between his lips and sucked as hard as he could to expose it down to the base. He used his tongue tip to flick the swollen pearl again and again.   “Khee! I’m c.u.mming!”   Scarlet tearfully met a second consecutive o.r.g.a.s.m.   Ricardo’s tongue moved over to her a.n.u.s and dug deep in there as well.   “Ha ha…”   The a.n.u.s was not as strong an erogenous zone as the c.l.i.toris. Scarlet breathed a sigh of relief at that and even uttered an ecstasy-filled laugh as he dug into her b.u.t.t.   His tongue licked from her a.n.u.s and back to her crotch.   “Pant, pant, pant…”   Scarlet could not catch her breath.   But after being forced through two intense climaxes in a row, even that strong young woman could not move her hips properly.   Noticing that, Ricardo let go of her waist and instead stuck the index and middle fingers of one hand in her a.n.u.s and of the other hand into her v.a.g.i.n.a. He also attacked her red and swollen c.l.i.toris with kneading motions from his tongue tip.   “Nwohhh…ngh…ahhhh…”   The pirate woman who left the ruffians of the Jade Sea trembling in their boots could only produce b.e.s.t.i.a.l cries.   The unending tongue a.s.sault sharply honed just the s.e.xual pleasure of her s.e.x organ. He made her c.u.m again and again without rest.   Love juices gushed onto his face No, there was too much of it and it smelled and tasted different. It was definitely urine.   “Ah, no, please no more. I-I can’t take any morrrrrrrrre!”   The pirate woman cried as she p.i.s.sed herself. Ricardo was not averse to drinking a beautiful woman’s pee, so he swallowed what got in his mouth and continued the c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s.   A new climax seemed to a.s.sault Scarlet each time he licked her c.l.i.toris, but she finally ran out of strength and collapsed onto the floor.   “Pant, pant, pant…”   Freed from below her crotch, Ricardo sat up.   His adorable face was soaked with love juices. As Scarlet lay face down with her cheek pressed to the floor, she was gasping for breath and utterly exhausted.   Ricardo was confident in his oral s.e.x skills, but he had never pleasured a single woman quite this thoroughly.   His felt a satisfied sense of accomplishment that was even greater thanks to her confidence beforehand.   She looked like she had been driven near to death by s.e.x.   This would be their best chance to escape, but since they would be recaptured before long even if they did temporarily get away, neither Isis nor Ricardo made any vain efforts.   Ricardo’s p.e.n.i.s was twitching violently. He wanted to stick it in and f.u.c.k her right away, but someone got in his way. Rose ran over, unable to bear watching her beloved mistress in this shameless state any longer.   “Mistress, are you okay?”   “My…drink…”   The pirate woman’s voice was dry and cracked after so much moaning.   Rose seemed to catch on because she held out a tall, narrow gla.s.s bottle. Scarlet greedily drank down the container of strong alcohol and finally took a relaxed breath.   “Phew… Boy, that was amazing. I haven’t had someone eat me out like that in a long time.”   Ricardo blushed a little at exhausted Scarlet’s open praise and Rose was clearly displeased with the exchange.   “How dare he do that to you. We should cut off his d.i.c.k.”   “Rose, I was saying it felt good. You should have him lick your p.u.s.s.y too. It would change your worldview.”   Even on her beloved mistress’s recommendation, Rose shook her head to say she would never do anything so filthy.   “I have no need for men.”   “Your hatred of men is the real deal, isn’t it? You don’t often find such a cute boy who’s that good at oral.”   “I don’t hate men. I just love you.”   Although she probably did hate any guy who caught Scarlet’s attention.   There was definite murder in her eyes when she looked to Ricardo.   “And Isis. What did you do to this young boy? You trained him a little too well.”   “I wasn’t the one that trained him…”   Scarlet’s complaint was likely just a way to hide her embarra.s.sment after c.u.mming like that, but Isis still grew fl.u.s.tered and insisted it was a false accusation.   “You’re probably right. I suppose a terrible f.u.c.k like you could never train such an amazing boy.”   “Terrible f.u.c.k…?”   Isis’s mouth trembled at Scarlet’s accusation.   While she did not want to be known as the one who taught this young boy his s.e.x technique, it also hurt her pride to be told she had no s.e.x technique herself. Ricardo felt the need to argue on the behalf of his respected captain.   “Isis is not a terrible f.u.c.k. She gets way more into it than you would think. She moves her hips like a madwoman during s.e.x. Also…”   “Your Highness!”
  Isis frantically called to him, but he only looked puzzled.   “Th-thank you very much…”   She thanked him, apparently to say she knew he was trying to help but wanted him to please stop.   Catching on to how Isis felt, Scarlet put on a mischievous smile.   “I stand corrected. You are a pervert that loves shaking her hips for young boys.”   That label petrified the proud naval officer.   (But a woman who’s active during s.e.x is a good thing.)   Ricardo could not figure out why Isis was so shocked.   “Hm. I guess that pervert of a woman couldn’t have done it. That means she must be behind this… But why would she go the trouble of creating this lady-killing s.e.x doll?”   Scarlet placed a hand on her chin and stared thoughtfully at Ricardo’s face, but she finally gave up.   “Well, I don’t have enough information to go on. More importantly, it’s my turn now.”   “Stop this, Scarlet. If you do anything to His Highness, I will never forgive you.”   “Don’t be silly. Look at the boy’s c.o.c.k. It would be crueler to leave him be. As a woman, I couldn’t possibly be that heartless.”   Scarlet gathered her strength to get up and then she pushed Ricardo onto his back.   His young tree stood shamefully tall in front of her face and prec.u.m was dripping from the tip.   The pirate woman gave a mocking laugh, wrapped his manhood in both her hands and began a b.l.o.w.j.o.b like she was sucking on a piece of candy.   “Ahh…”   “Now that’s more like it. He looks so d.a.m.n cute when you pleasure him. I can see why you fell for him, Isis.”   She taunted Isis while sucking Ricardo’s p.e.n.i.s.   “Eh heh heh. You look so jealous. Do you want to suck it too? Well, I won’t let you. You just sit there and watch.”   “…”   “I’ll win him over with my technique. When I’m done with him, he’ll never want to f.u.c.k a boring and inexperienced woman like you again.”   The two were rivals as warriors, but that rivalry leaked over into their s.e.x technique as well.   Scarlet’s view of Ricardo seemed to have changed somewhat after the intense c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s she received. The scorn in her eye was replaced with l.u.s.t.   “Eh heh heh. How about I go all out to thank you for before?”   She removed her black and gold bustier, revealing her tanned skin and weighty b.r.e.a.s.t.s.   It had been obvious even with her clothes on, but they were quite large. They were two sizes larger than Isis’s, but they were likely smaller than Sigrain’s. But they made up for it with intensity.   When she held them forward, they had the intimidating air of a weapon.   She grabbed the fleshy mounds in her hands, fondled them so they changed shape, and lifted them up.   With a s.e.xual grin, she licked her seductive lips with her red tongue and then licked each nipple in turn.   (Wow. When your t.i.ts are that big, you can lick them yourself.)   The boy’s eyes were glued to that obscene act and he was even impressed by it.   Enjoying the boy’s eyes on her, Scarlet continued licking her own nipples until they were both nice and hard.   She then gently grabbed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s from the side and placed them on either side of the boy’s rock-hard p.e.n.i.s. She was giving him a t.i.tjob.   Her smooth, warm, and soft skin felt nice and the visual was too obscene to look away.   While she would lose out to Sigrain a bit in size, she was definitely the winner when it came to firmness. Her springy b.r.e.a.s.t.s ma.s.saged his rod.   “How about this? Isis can’t do this with her flat chest, can she?”   Arguing that Isis’s chest was far from “flat” would be useless here. This was something she could never do with b.r.e.a.s.t.s her size.   Scarlet pressed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s in from either side to ma.s.sage the rod between them and she also began moving her b.r.e.a.s.t.s up and down.   The hardened nipples reached around perfectly to stimulate the other side of the head.   “Nn, ahh…”   Ricardo instinctually stuck his hips out toward the pleasant sensation of the warm soft flesh ma.s.saging him.   “Eh heh heh. I love those moans. There’s nothing like the agonized look of a young boy overwhelmed with pleasure. So how about this?”   It must have been hard work because beads of sweat appeared on Scarlet’s face and b.r.e.a.s.t.s. One drop on her forehead absorbed others as it dripped down and eventually vanished into her cleavage.   When she opened her mouth to let out a heated sigh, she stuck her tongue out to an indecent extent. The saliva-covered tongue tip traced along the underside of the p.e.n.i.s head.   Her tongue was warm and felt amazing.         “Ahh, ahh, ahh…”   “Eh heh heh. You’re so d.a.m.n cute… How could anyone resist teasing you?”   The beautiful young woman continued the t.i.tjob while licking along the underside of the p.e.n.i.s and carefully observing the writhing boy’s face with eyes that glittered with the same color as the Jade Sea.   That image alone was almost enough to make Ricardo c.u.m, but she pushed him even closer to the edge. She used the pointed tip of her tongue to dig into his urethra.   “Ahh…”   He let out a pathetic cry and thrust his hips out as far as they would go.   (Th-this feels amazing… My d.i.c.k is going to melt.)   The head swelled out, the rod as a whole grew in size, and it all throbbed.   When Scarlet noticed, she placed the head inside her mouth and sucked at the urethra.   “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”   Ricardo’s entire body convulsed and he raised an anguished cry.   His s.e.m.e.n erupted out, but he did not feel the usual pleasure of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. It felt like the s.e.m.e.n was being sucked straight out of his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es, using the urethra as a straw. He had never felt anything like it before.   She sucked even harder than the throbbing force of the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.   “Kwaaaaaaah!!”   As his mind went blank from the intense pleasure, Scarlet gulped down the c.u.m.   After sucking up every last drop of the boy’s sap, she removed her mouth and let out the satisfied sigh of someone after chugging a beer.   “Your c.u.m is so thick. And sticky too. It’s all caught in my throat. Delicious.”   Looking satisfied, Scarlet used her fingertip to toy with the p.e.n.i.s that had gushed out that aphrodisiac that could intoxicate any adult woman.   Ricardo lay limply on the floor, but his p.e.n.i.s was anything but limp. This was partially thanks to his youth not being satisfied with just the one round, but it had more to do with Scarlet not allowing it to grow flaccid.   “You came already? That was fast.”   She brushed back her red hair as she stood up and she placed her feet on either side of his hips.   “I guess no matter how much experience you might have, your c.o.c.k is still a kid.”   She placed her slit on top of his towering rod.   Warm love juices dripped down onto the shaft. No matter how much she had c.u.m from his c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s, that was nothing but foreplay. She would experience true pleasure only after taking his manhood inside her.   (Oh, I’m going to have s.e.x with Scarlet.)   She was essentially about to rape him, but he was okay with that.   Not only was he used to this after having a physical relationship with so many women, but he had also fallen for her during her one-on-one swordfight with Isis.   Scarlet licked her plump lips as she looked down at the impatiently waiting boy. Hers was the look of a woman preparing to try out a new man.   “Eh heh heh.”   She looked down at the boy’s bright look of antic.i.p.ation, spread her legs in a crouch, and sneered at him while rubbing their s.e.x organs together.   “I’ll f.u.c.k you so hard mine will be the only body you ever care about. Here…I’ll put it in. O-oh…nnn.”
  She placed her hands on her knees and gradually lowered her hips, but she cruelly refused to let the entire thing inside her.   In fact, she stopped her hips with only the head inside.   Only the sensitive head was surrounded by the soft folds of her warm feminine flesh, but the shaft felt uncertain and lonely.   “Eh…eh heh… Well?”   “Well what?”   “Do you want me to put the rest of it inside?”   Scarlet gave a provocative and daring smile with a clearly s.e.xual flush in her cheeks.   She was teasing Ricardo, but she had to be teasing herself as well. She was seeing who could resist the longest.   If he said he wanted her to, he would lose. By completely taking control away from him, she would completely violate his male s.e.xuality.   “Eh heh heh. Just how long can you resist?”   The haughty look on her flushed face was s.e.xy enough for him to fall for her all over again.   She had the charisma to convince someone to follow her to the ends of the earth.   Her eyes sparkled as she crouched down with only the head of the boy’s p.e.n.i.s inside her v.a.g.i.n.a, held her knees in her hands, showed off her proudly exposed b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and began rotating her hips.   “Hh, kh! Nn, nn, ah!”   The red-haired pirate licked her lips as she watched the boy moaning quite pathetically from the pleasure.   A sticky sound surrounded them and his manhood was already soaked with translucent love juices. It had even dripped down as far as his b.a.l.l.s and a.n.u.s.   (Y-you’re soaking wet. It’s almost like you’re peeing. Just put it in already.)   Ricardo was moaning too much to put his thoughts to words, but they must have reached Scarlet through his wordless gaze.   “Well, how about it? Do you want my p.u.s.s.y? Or do you not? Should I just take it out now?”   “————!”   Once Scarlet started lifting her hips, Ricardo gained the look of an abandoned puppy.   Her feminine folds had rubbed just a bit against the head and the pleasure was indescribable.   “Ahh, wait. I want it! …Please put it the rest of the way inside!!”   Ricardo finally gave in. He could no longer stand the torment from such a s.e.xy woman.   “Eh heh heh. What a hopeless boy.”   Scarlet, winner of their little contest, gave him a smile of scorn, but even that smile was charming.   “Okay. In – it – goes♪ …Oh!”   The h.o.r.n.y woman feigned calm despite her heated gasp as she slowly lowered her hips. The boy watched with bloodshot eyes as his manhood was buried inside a flower bud soaked with shameful fluids.   Scarlet was a cruel woman through and through, so she lowered her hips ever so slowly in her crouched position.   The muscles of her beautiful inner thighs were twitching madly.   The sticky flesh and ever-trembling folds licked all over his manhood and sucked at the head.   That seemed to be a way of telling the boy how good her v.a.g.i.n.a felt and it also shared the pleasure with the manhood causing it.   Even as her eyes glittered with l.u.s.t, they did not lose their great pride. It was such a s.e.xy look that Ricardo thought he would c.u.m from that alone.   “There, it’s all…it’s all the way in.”   Scarlet took in the entirety of the manhood while letting out sensual breaths through the nose.   The proud beauty sat on the boy’s hips with her legs spread. Her v.a.g.i.n.al folds contracted inward to suck at the entirety of the flesh tube.   “Uuhhh!”   Ricardo’s slender body convulsed, the rod grew even larger, and magma rose through that tube.   It fired up into the depths of her feminine flesh like artillery sh.e.l.ls.   “Ahn, ahn, ahn…”   He suddenly e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed in the great quant.i.ties only a young boy could. The “water” gun was so forceful one could scarcely believe he had just been sucked dry earlier and even that proud young woman had to toss her head back and release s.e.xual cries.   The boy’s throbbing seemed to spread to her and she convulsed as swell.   She had teased and played with him, but her body had not yet recovered from the c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s so intense she had nearly pa.s.sed out from several consecutive o.r.g.a.s.ms. The slightest thing was enough to reignite that flame.   However, this climax was expected. She remained in control and calmly enjoyed the waves of pleasure.   Once the boy’s e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n came to an end, she let out one last sensual sigh and brought back the scornful smile.   “Oh? You already came? But all I did was put it in. You really are fast.”   Ricardo was too afraid to point out that she had c.u.m too.   The pirate woman placed her hand on his cheek with his p.e.n.i.s still inside her in the cowgirl position.   “Do you know what we call a p.e.n.i.s with no stamina whatsoever?”   “…”   “We call it a premature ejaculator. That’s the kind of p.e.n.i.s women hate the most.”   That hurt his pride and Scarlet smiled in unrestrained enjoyment of the ashamed look on his face.   His manhood was still surrounded by her feminine flesh. It had lost some steam from this second e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, but it was still plenty hard. She squeezed down on it.   “If you can’t last long, you’ll have to get by with frequency.”   Scarlet slowly lifted her hips.   “Khhh…”   Her v.a.g.i.n.a rubbed and sucked at the urethra so soon after e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. The sticky white liquid was being forced out from their union.   “Nhh… Okay, let’s get you d-deep inside again…”   She lowered her hips once more. As she took his rod inside, the white liquid flowed out.   As the wriggling folds wrapped around his p.e.n.i.s, they stimulated the head deep inside.   The s.e.xual woman asked him a question as she slowly moved her hips up and down so he could feel the sensation and friction of her sticky v.a.g.i.n.al flesh.   “W-well? …My p.u.s.s.y feels so much better than Isis’s, doesn’t it?”   Ricardo could only nod.   The v.a.g.i.n.al folds surrounding his rod were wriggling and squeezing. That v.a.g.i.n.al movement and pressure were amazing. But this had nothing to do with the shape. Scarlet’s clear victory came from her technique to pleasure a man.   “Eh heh heh. Good boy. You’re so cute. I’ll reward you with lots more pleasure.”   With that announcement, she began moving her hips much more intensely and much more quickly.   “Kh, ahh, wait, not so sudden…”
  Ricardo cried out and writhed around like a young girl overwhelmed by s.e.xual pleasure and he reflexively grabbed Scarlet’s slender waist.   Scarlet held those hands with her own.   “Now, you thrust up too. You like s.e.x, don’t you, you little perv?”   Ricardo began using his hips as the h.o.r.n.y young woman demanded.   He had gained the upper hand during the c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s because she had let her guard down, but now that she was serious, he could not overcome the difference in experience.   No matter how hard he tried, he was no match for the well-honed technique of an adult woman.   She had complete control and he could only cry out in physical pleasure.   “I-I’m c.u.mming!”   He e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed for the third time during the high-speed piston motion.   But Scarlet refused to free him.   “Ah ha ha ha ha! More, more, more~”   The sensation of that unparalleled v.a.g.i.n.a resurrected his young flesh again and again.   He held onto her and continued thrusting his hips.   “Ahhh~ Ahhhhhhh~”         The poor boy was continually exposed to the merciless movements of that h.o.r.n.y woman’s hips.   She may have been getting back at him for making her c.u.m so many times earlier.   All thoughts were fried from his brain as he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of this skilled woman toying with him.   Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced wildly, a s.e.xual sweat scattered into the air, and her hips moved splendidly up and down. She could not have looked more obscenely beautiful. On top of that, her hot v.a.g.i.n.al flesh mercilessly stroked and squeezed at his rod.   It must have been possible to force repeated o.r.g.a.s.ms out of a boy because his erect p.e.n.i.s convulsed as it endlessly spewed s.e.m.e.n. No, there was not actually a single drop left inside his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es. He had released it all, yet she was still milking him. Once more was produced inside him, it was then milked out.   She really did seem to be raping and having her way with the boy.   “Ahn, wonderful. This boy has quite a nice c.o.c.k. Isis, Isis. Come lick my a.n.u.s.”   “Why would I do that?”   Isis was overwhelmed by the intensity of the s.e.x, but she still snapped back.   “Oh, are you sure you should be saying that? If you don’t satisfy me soon, I really will milk his c.o.c.k dry. Ha ha. He might just die of shenkui♪”   “…”   Isis clenched her teeth and Rose released her bonds.   “Go on now. You want to join in, don’t you?”   Isis trembled in humiliation at the young girl’s mockery, but she still crawled over and brought her face to the well-shaped b.u.t.t that trembled with pleasure as its owner raped her ruler.   That beloved boy’s p.e.n.i.s plunged into Scarlet’s v.a.g.i.n.a as she enjoyed the cowgirl position.   Isis’s face grew pale, but her eyes alone sparkled as she hesitantly stuck her tongue out toward her lifelong rival’s a.n.a.l flower.   “Ah ha ha. To think I would have Isis licking my a.s.s one day. Enjoying a prince’s c.o.c.k while Isis licks my a.s.s is the best feeling in the world. Ahhhhh!”   As Isis licked at her a.n.u.s, Scarlet’s v.a.g.i.n.a grew even tighter.   “Ahhh, Isis, Isis, Isis…”   Ricardo tearfully raised his voice.   Isis’s hand naturally grabbed his b.a.l.l.s. She gently cupped that beloved boy’s b.a.l.l.s in her palm and toyed with the t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es inside while licking at Scarlet’s a.n.u.s.   Isis was actually quite a h.o.r.n.y woman and the extra accent she provided helped fire back up the s.e.x between Scarlet and Ricardo.       Afterwards, Scarlet kindly shared Ricardo with the pirate women and girls working for her because, as she put it, “it isn’t every day you get to f.u.c.k a prince”.   After Ricardo and Isis spent ten straight days of s.e.x from morning to night, Admiral Sigrain of the Etrurian Navy successfully rescued them.   And then a sudden change occurred.

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