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Harem Pirates: Chapter 4 - Defeat   During the South Sea Falcon’s voyage, it came across a desert island with pristine sandy beaches.   Lush green trees had weighty fruits handing from them, so it was truly a tropical paradise.   The ship customarily stopped at the island for a short break whenever pa.s.sing by, so they were disembarking for about half a day of time off.   “Nnnnnn.”   After setting foot on solid ground for the first time in a while, Ricardo raised his arms and stretched.   When he looked around, he saw Marion and the other young sailors stripped half naked and shrieking as they played in the waves.   “They all have so much energy.”   He had gotten used to his work on the ship and had built up the strength he needed to complete it comfortably with energy left to spare, but once that spare energy was drained by the girls and young women, he ended up back at square one.   Not even those h.o.r.n.y girls were asking for s.e.x today. They could enjoy s.e.x with him during their normal breaks on the ship, so there was no need to do so when they had a chance to actually spread their wings.   He could not help but watch the lovely girls as they raised their voices and jumped around.   (They look like fairies. And their p.u.s.s.ies feel so good.)   That thought was enough for his p.e.n.i.s to harden.   If Marion and the others saw him like this, who could say what they would say or make him do. He wanted to give his p.e.n.i.s a break for one day at least, so he began wandering the desert island to keep himself from watching the sailors who had become his s.e.x friends.   After a while, he came across a rocky area rising up like a fan. As he searched around that area, he discovered something of a cave.   He set foot inside like a mole trying to escape the sun.   His skin had been tanned by the hot south sea sun, so the tunnel air felt a little chilly. He continued walking without fear and found himself on a white beach.   He saw the blue sea ahead and tall rock walls to his left and right. It was a small cove.   He could no longer hear the lively cries of the sailors, so the crashing waves were the only noticeable sound.   Ricardo had grown sick of never being alone on the enclosed ship, so he lay down as soon as he found this perfect spot.   After dozing for a bit, he heard well-regulated footsteps approaching and someone appeared from the cave.   “Captain.”   “This is where you were, Ricardo?”   It was Isis in her blue coat, white pants, and white scarf.   Her iron mask of a face showed a hint of surprise as she came to a stop.   “But this was my secret spot…”   “Sorry.”   Once he realized this was the captain’s hideout, Ricardo quickly prepared to leave, but she stopped him.   “I do not mind. Stay there.”   She sat next to him in her blue military uniform.   He had difficulty relaxing next to that strict and diligent captain.   “…”   Unable to bear the heavy atmosphere, he hesitantly opened his mouth.   “U-um, I heard you and Scarlet used to be friends…”   “We were not friends. While we have known each other for a very long time, our personalities are nearly incompatible and we were never able to speak on very friendly terms.”   Isis’s chestnut eyes stared out to sea.   “I would nap here on my own while she and the others would sing, dance, and generally make a racket.”   “Really?”   “I will admit she was a worthy rival. Lady Sigrain clearly tried to pit us against each other to better use us.”   Isis grabbed some of the beach sand and let the wind carry it away.   Ricardo may have vanished in her mind, so she was simply speaking her mind.   Ricardo decided to stay quiet.   “I was constantly focused on her and I a.s.sumed she was on me. While we never spoke on friendly terms, I believed we understand what the other was thinking when we did occasionally see each other.”   She collapsed onto her back and looked up into the blue sky.   “But it would seem I was the only one that thought that. I never imagined she would stoop to becoming a pirate. …Not even I know why she left the navy, but I do wonder why she didn’t try to rely on me before doing so. That frustrates me the most.”   She defenselessly closed her eyes.   Ricardo’s eyes were subconsciously drawn to her feminine beauty.   The body contained within her blue coat and white pants was not as mature as Sigrain’s, but she was more of an adult than Marion and the other girls.   He normally shrank back from the intensity in her eyes and did not have it in him to leer at her like this, but now that he actually got a good look at her, he found she had a nice body.   Her face had a hard sort of beauty, her skin was as smooth as porcelain, and her thin lips were quite attractive.   “Lady Sigrain is a lot like Scarlet. She must have hoped that Scarlet would be her successor rather than me.”   “I doubt that. You’re an excellent captain, Isis. …Um, I think you can be proud you won the position of successor over Scarlet.”   He sounded serious, but Ricardo’s eyes were drawn to the plentiful bulges below the chest of the captain’s blue uniform.   (She isn’t as big as Sigrain, but she’s bigger than Marion and the others. Is this what you call the perfect size? I bet it is.)   “I have not fallen so far I need to be comforted by a child.”   Isis suddenly opened her eyes while Ricardo was still observing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s so closely he almost had his face buried in them.   She stared at him while he tensed up with fear, but she finally gave a light sigh and reached out to touch his cheek.   “I had heard boys your age are like monkeys in heat, and it would seem that’s true. I let my guard down for a moment and this is what you do?”   “S-sorry.”   He could not let his perverted side out around this captain. He paled as he recalled intellectual Martha’s warning that she would “chop his d.i.c.k off”.   “Honestly, to think someone this cute would be such a womanizer.”   “A womanizer?”   “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice when you were doing it that much?”   He could almost hear the blood receding from his face when he found out Isis knew about his orgies with the sailors.   “S-sorry.”   “I wasn’t accusing you of anything. You’re free to do whatever you want during your breaks.”   Isis smiled bitterly in front of the frightened boy.   “What was Lady Sigrain thinking sending such an adorable little boy to a ship like that? She might as well have thrown a lamb to a pack of starving wolves. She should have known this would happen.”   “…”   Ricardo did not know what to say. He looked to her face as he tried to find the words, but he noticed something strange.   Her transparent-looking cheeks were flushed and her normally sharp eyes were damp.   It was the look women gave when they were h.o.r.n.y.   His recent s.e.xual experiences had taught him that all women felt l.u.s.t.   Isis would be no exception.   He instinctively realized she might let him do it now, so he hesitantly spoke his mind.   “Um, Isis? Will you have s.e.x with me?”   “…Eh?”   Isis looked caught off guard, but her expression quickly recovered.   “Is that a command as a royal?”   “No. I’m only one of the South Sea Falcon’s sailors right now, so this is a personal request. You’re just so attractive I want to do it.”   She looked a little troubled. She appeared to hesitate, but that was likely only for show.   “C’mon, can’t we?”   When the boy innocently pressed her, the military woman’s white cheeks grew red and she meaninglessly touched her black hair.   “If you insist. Lady Sigrain asked that I make you into a proper sailor and a proper man. If you want to test your manhood with my body, I suppose that would be fine.”
  “Thank you.”   Ricardo expressed his grat.i.tude with a beaming smile and Isis held a hand to her forehead.   “How can someone so cute be such a pervert? Everything you’ve been doing wasn’t enough?”   That wordy excuse was meant to protect her pride as she gave into the young boy’s begging and granted him access to her body.   “Th-then stand on all fours and face the ocean.”   Ricardo’s face glowed as delight danced in his chest and he made his first demand.   “L-like this?”   Isis obediently got on all fours and held her b.u.t.t out toward Ricardo.   She had been the only one holding back while the rest of the South Sea Falcon’s crew used the boy to relieve their l.u.s.t, so she was filled with pent up desire. Her body rather than her heart may have been begging her to take advantage of this opportunity.   That convenient interpretation filled Ricardo with as much excitement as a puppy out for a walk and he grabbed the b.u.t.t before his eyes.   Isis hid her s.e.xuality by keeping her face as stiff as an iron mask and rarely smiling, but she was still an adult woman. Her body was blessed with beautiful curves. Her white pants fit tightly around her b.u.t.t, which was not that large itself, but it swelled out nicely from her narrow waist.   (Wow. So this is Isis’s a.s.s.)   Sigrain had introduced him to s.e.x and he had been forced into a lot more s.e.xual experience by the young crew of the ship, but the captain was something special.   She seemed like the consummate naval officer but now she was sticking her b.u.t.t out, hoping he would caress it. With the eagerness of a starving dog, he wrapped his arms around her slender waist, undid her belt, and pulled her pants halfway down her thighs.   Removing that one thin layer of fabric revealed her dazzlingly white b.u.t.t.   It was as tight little b.u.t.t, but not because she was a young girl like Marion and the others. It had the softness of an adult woman and yet it was still firm.   At first, he thought she was not wearing any panties, but a single line of fabric dug into her b.u.t.t and just barely hid her a.n.u.s from view.   He was shocked to realize she was wearing a thong.   “You wear surprisingly risqué underwear, captain.”   His opinion shocked her more than he expected.   “What!? Don’t be silly. I can’t have my panty line showing below my uniform. I promise you I don’t wear those because I want to.”   “Hmm… Does that mean all female officers wear this kind of risqué underwear? I didn’t know that.”   Driven by a childish sadism, Ricardo pulled up on her panties.   “Ahn! Hey, don’t play with those.”   The way it dug into her must have secretly felt good because Isis briefly let out a moan of pleasure.   “Sorry. Then I’ll remove them.”   “Yes…please do…”   She must have been embarra.s.sed because her agreement was barely audible, but the boy still grabbed the string-like panties and slowly pulled them down from her round b.u.t.t.   After lowering them halfway to her knees, he carefully examined the strict officer’s privates.   He saw her calyx-like a.n.u.s at the center of her white peach of a b.u.t.t. Below that, he saw the fleshy crevice decorated by some dark hair. It had opened somewhat and the lips were sticking out.   The elegant black hair was long and had thick roots, but there was little of it and it only covered a small area. Since she was an adult, it was possible she had shaved some of it, but he could not see any trace of that.   Her exposed a.n.u.s looked like a starfish mouth. He gently touched it with a fingertip and felt the slight b.u.mp.   “Nn…”   She wiggled her hips in embarra.s.sment, but Ricardo’s finger moved down to the slit. He spread the lips with both his index fingers and a whitish liquid oozed out.   The inside of the lips was covered in that liquid and the v.a.g.i.n.al entrance was surrounded by small folds. He found it all incredibly erotic.   It really was an adult’s s.e.x organ. It was far more developed than those of the small girls like Marion.   “Don’t stare like that. It can’t be that different from other women’s.”   “But it is. It’s your p.u.s.s.y, Isis. It’s really pretty.”   As he continued violating her with his eyes, the folds of flesh twitched inside her and more whitish love juices dripped out.   His experience had already taught him how different women’s s.e.x organs could be, but he had never seen such plentiful love juices before he even began his caress.   (Wow, it’s just dripping out. Is this what they call being naturally h.o.r.n.y?)   He licked his lips and began devouring the luscious-looking fruit.   He placed his mouth over those lower lips like a seal and began slurping up the love juices and sucking at the s.e.xual flesh inside.   “Ah, ahhhh…”   Isis could not restrain her voice and her back arched within the blue coat.   Ricardo placed his hands on the plump white peach and spread it to either side. He placed his nose against her a.n.u.s and audibly sniffed.   “Hey, wait! Where do you think you’re smelling!? Stop that! I demand you-…ahhhhhh~~~”   He held the military woman’s b.u.t.t firm as she writhed in embarra.s.sment and he breathed in.   He did not smell much of anything, but he loved how the calm young woman was too embarra.s.sed to control herself. He wanted to tease her much, much more.   A feminine flavor filled his mouth. She was always almost inhumanly disciplined and he had questioned whether she ever sweated or went to the bathroom, but her p.u.s.s.y still tasted like p.u.s.s.y.   He could taste the sour love juices and a hint of urine. He lost himself in slurping it all down and, after sucking up as much as he could, he licked from her c.l.i.toris to her urethra and v.a.g.i.n.a. After that, he licked all the way down to her a.n.u.s.   “Ah, hey, nn~ …Nnahn.”   His tongue technique was thorough. He held her b.u.t.t in place as she tried to wiggle it around and he moved back and forth between c.l.i.toris and a.n.u.s.   Finally, he focused on her a.n.u.s. He teased it a while before stiffening his tongue, sticking it in, and licking around.   “Ah, d-don’t do…that… I’ll…ah, ah, ahhhh~~~”   Isis of all people was moaning weakly.   True to her strict image, even her a.s.shole did not taste particularly raw.   She was too strict to approach under normal circ.u.mstances, so seeing her writhing as he licked at her a.n.u.s aroused the boy. He had been fully corrupted despite his innocent appearance.   While licking her a.n.u.s, he stuck his left middle finger in her v.a.g.i.n.a. The wet s.e.xual flesh tightened around his finger, but he gently moved it about regardless. The movements of his finger produced obscenely wet noises.   “Ahhhh!”   She did not seem to be a virgin. She was an adult and it would hardly be surprising if she had a lover, but an indescribable flame of envy burned in Ricardo’s chest.   He grabbed her c.l.i.toris with his right hand.   “Eeeeeek!”   He stroked her c.l.i.toris with a finger in her v.a.g.i.n.a and his tongue in her a.n.u.s. If a woman felt no pleasure then, there was something wrong with her body.   Isis was of course a healthy adult woman.   Her normal iron mask had been stripped away. Her upper body collapsed, she grabbed at the sand with both hands, and she moaned loudly.   That strict young woman was writhing shamelessly before him, which greatly satisfied the boy’s sadism. He wanted to embarra.s.s her even further while he was at it.   The technique Sigrain had taught him had been further honed by having s.e.x with all the female sailors and he used all of that to tease her.   The finger stirring up her v.a.g.i.n.a rubbed at the folds on the stomach side of the v.a.g.i.n.al cave. As he felt along the rough folds, he found some smoother folds. He moved his finger along that divide a few times and found a stiff spot.   (Okay, found it.)   He smiled because he knew this was the most fragile weak point of a woman’s body.   As expected, Isis panicked even as she writhed in pleasure.   “Ah, wait! What are you…!? N-no. Not there… I-It’s going to…it’s going to come out!?”   He had found what was known as the G-spot. Whenever he teased a woman there, she was unable to avoid p.i.s.sing herself.   It seemed even a woman who strictly disciplined herself as the consummate naval officer was no exception. Her body stiffened and her b.u.t.t began to tremble.   “Ahhhh~~~”         With a pathetic scream void of all pride as a woman, a mist of liquid sprayed from her crotch and was swept away by the sea breeze.   The fluid squirted out in bursts and created a rainbow in the tropical sun.   Isis’s entire body convulsed as she stood on all fours like an animal and the intensity of her squirting increased.   She was clearly peeing now. The squirting had primed her for urination.   (So even Isis pees.)   Impressed by something obvious, Ricardo removed his hands and observed Isis as she shamefully p.i.s.sed herself on all fours.   She trembled in humiliation even as drool flowed from her mouth and tears from her eyes.   When he had asked the other women who had c.u.m from G-spot stimulation, they had said they could not help but let all of their bodily fluids flow out and that seemed to be the case here.   The puddle below her crotch was soon absorbed by the sand.   Once Isis stopped peeing, Ricardo spoke to her.   “Are you okay, captain?”   “I-I am fine. Pant, pant, pant…”   She desperately tried to act calm, but she was still horribly embarra.s.sed by what had just happened. Both her face and her white b.u.t.t had grown pink.   “Y-you’re…good at that. I’m starting to think being on my ship has taught you how to pleasure women more than how to operate a ship.”   “Th-that isn’t true. I’ve been training hard.”   He protested, but he was not entirely sure she was wrong. He had of course given his all to his work as a sailor, but he did feel like he had spent even more time having s.e.x with all those girls and young women.   He was loath to admit it, so he sucked at her feminine lips to change the subject. He had no problem drinking the pee of a beautiful woman.   “Hyah. Stop that…”   c.u.n.n.i.l.i.n.g.u.s so soon after climax was tough on her body.   She had been mocking him, but now she was tearfully pleading with him.   “E-enough of that. Um, isn’t it about time you…p-put it in?”   “Put what in?”
  It was obvious what the adult woman wanted, but Ricardo played dumb.   Isis looked briefly embarra.s.sed, but she could not restrain the desire of her mature body. She closed her eyes a little, pressed her eyebrows together, and opened her trembling mouth.   “I want your c.o.c.k.”   Ricardo could not have been more satisfied when he heard that plea from Isis.   (She seemed a little distant before, but I get the feeling we’ll be a lot closer from now on.)   He pressed his energetic p.e.n.i.s against her dripping-wet p.u.s.s.y lips.   He rubbed the swollen head around the hot and sticky hole to gather up the love juices.   “Ahh, ahn, c’mon…hurry…”   Sensing he was teasing her, she breathed sweetly from her nose and stuck her hips back toward him.   Even the consummate naval officer was cute when it came to this. Ricardo smiled, adjusted his position, and slowly pushed forward.   “Kh!”   Isis moaned and arched her back.   The rod was smoothly swallowed by her sticky feminine lips and his hips b.u.mped into her b.u.t.t.   “Ahh…”   Isis let out an intoxicated sigh as her upper body collapsed and she kissed the sand. Since she would start breathing in the sand like that, she crossed her arms and placed her face on them.   Ricardo savored the v.a.g.i.n.al pressure of this respected captain.   She was not as fully mature as Sigrain, but she was not underdeveloped like Marion and the others either. The v.a.g.i.n.a of a woman in her prime was something else entirely.   (d.a.m.n, this feels good. I think my d.i.c.k is melting.)   The rough folds sucked and squeezed at every contour of his rod.   His instincts told him to thrust his hips like crazy and release every last drop of his seed, but he desperately held back now that he had learned the joys of toying with a woman.   “D-does it feel good?”   Before moving at all, he whispered that in Isis’s ear.   “Yes, it does…”   “What do you want me to do now?”   He knew perfectly well what a woman would want, but he wanted to tease her.   In his experience, the longer a woman was teased, the more maddeningly the flames would burn within her. He did his very best to drive Isis mad with s.e.xual pleasure.   “…”
  The prideful young woman hesitated again, but she was no match for the desires of her body. She compromised again and again, like peeling back the layers of an onion.   “Move your hips. And reach deep inside me…”   “You want me to f.u.c.k your p.u.s.s.y?”   He asked for confirmation and Isis began moving her own hips as if she could not hold back any longer.   “Yes. Hurry. f.u.c.k me. f.u.c.k me. Ahhhh!”   She had utterly become a slave to pleasure, so Ricardo grabbed her slender waist and provided the rhythmic thrusts she wanted.   He ma.s.saged the soft flesh and forced love juices out with a wet sound. Even his b.a.l.l.s grew wet with her juices as they slapped against her.   When doing her from behind, he felt empty-handed and wanted to fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but he asked instead of just doing it.   “Do you want me to fondle your t.i.ts?’
  “I do. Please do.”   She pleaded him with crazed intensity. Even the consummate naval officer had become a mere animal. She was only a s.e.xual beast that greedily sought s.e.xual pleasure.   Ricardo moved his arms around front and grabbed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s through her uniform.   They were the perfect size to fit in his hands. There was far less than with Sigrain, but they were well grown compared to Marion and the others. They were not too mature and not too young, so the term “ripe” seemed best.   He groped them over her clothes, but she seemed displeased.   “That isn’t enough. Do it directly.”   He obeyed his selfish captain’s request and unb.u.t.toned her coat and blouse.   There was a light blue bra inside, but he could not see it from his position. Removing it without removing the rest of her clothes would have been difficult, so he just tugged it down.   Those b.r.e.a.s.t.s that filled his hands perfectly seemed to suck at his fingertips.   (They’re just the right size. And they seem to have more volume when she’s leaning forward like this.)   He teased them and stroked the erect nipples.   “Ah… That feels great.”   Her intoxicated voice suggested she was drowning in the masochism of being teased by a boy so much younger than her.   She was normally a dignified captain, but she may have had a secret m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic side.   (The nape of her neck is really s.e.xy… I bet I’m the only one that knows that.)   Driven by a sense of superiority, the boy lost himself in ma.s.saging her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and thrusting his hips.   When he thrust in, love juices flowed out. When he pulled back, he stirred those juices up and soaked even his b.a.l.l.s.   “Ah… I-it’s. .h.i.tting me. Your giant thing is. .h.i.tting me deep inside. Nnah…”   Isis looked incredibly cute as she writhed on all fours like an animal.   “Isis, I’m about to c.u.m!”   “Ahh!! c.u.m…c.u.m inside me. c.u.m inside me. I’m also…about to…”   Once he had permission, Ricardo intensified his thrusting. His p.e.n.i.s felt like it was made of steel as it danced freely around inside her, stirring up her honeypot.   He used his youthful energy to thrust again and again until the intelligent and courageous captain surrendered.   “Heeeeee! I’m c.u.mmiiiiiiiing!”   She let out a wild voice as her entire body convulsed.   The crazed wave-like motion of her body repeated again and again and her v.a.g.i.n.a tightened seductively around him.   (Sh-she’s so tight!)   The young boy’s p.e.n.i.s was no match for the o.r.g.a.s.mic motion of a woman in her prime.   The movements of that feminine hole became the movements of his manhood and the pleasure raced from his crotch and up his spine.   “I’m c.u.mming too!”   He sprayed his c.u.m into her v.a.g.i.n.a while continuing his piston-like movement.   “Ah, ahh, ahhh…”   Isis wordlessly trembled as her v.a.g.i.n.a continued contracting again and again until she had sucked out every last drop.   The calm and courageous captain collapsed limply to the beach and Ricardo collapsed onto her back. Their union naturally separated.   Instead, Ricardo tried to climb below Isis. She rolled onto her side, so they lay side by side while the boy buried his face between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.   He basked in the satisfaction of making that respected captain writhe in pleasure and c.u.m. Isis’s eyes turned to the sea and Ricardo’s eyes naturally followed.   “I heard from Lady Sigrain that you wish for Etruria to be known as the ruler of the south sea. Such a conceited little boy.”   She was implicitly saying she found it cute and she peered into his eyes.   “You can do it again, can’t you?”   “Of course.”   Ricardo’s rod was already full of life so soon after releasing its seed. He tried to do her from the front this time, but she stopped him.   The female captain gave the confused boy a bitter smile and blushed as she looked the other way.   “Don’t cling to me like that. We’re on the beach, so…u-um, why not do it in the ocean this time?”   “In the ocean?”   “Y-yes. D-don’t you want to try it? I-I always have.”   She stammered, scratched her head, and glanced over at him.   You could not judge a woman by her appearance. She had seemed the most straitlaced of all, so who would have thought she wanted to do something like that?   He had never thought about it before, but it did sound like a kind of s.e.x worth trying out at least once.   He got up and ran to the water with his flesh rod bouncing around.   The tropical sea felt chilly on his sun-warmed skin, but he soon grew used to it.   As Isis watched him move waist deep, she started to get up, but then she realized her pants and panties were only down to her knees. She quickly removed them.   She now wore nothing on her lower body. She also removed her military sword lest it rust from the seawater.   She must have been annoyed by the bra wrapped around her slender belly like a belt because she removed it too.   She still wore her blue coat and white blouse, but she kept them on perhaps out of embarra.s.sment. She did unb.u.t.ton them the rest of the way, revealing the cleavage of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her navel, and her black pubic hair.   Her white skin was almost dazzling. The harshness on her face was replaced by a friendlier look, so she simply looked like a lovely young woman as he watched her from a distance.   “Ah!”   She let out a cry and bent her legs inward.   She winced as something flowed down her inner thighs. Standing up had caused the s.e.m.e.n pumped inside her v.a.g.i.n.a to flow back out.   “Are you okay?”   “Yes, this is not a problem. But…I didn’t know your hot c.u.m would feel so good… Eh heh heh. Now I know how Lady Sigrain felt. I could get used to this.”   With the inner side of her long legs wet with the fluids flowing from her v.a.g.i.n.a, Isis awkwardly entered the ocean. Ricardo embraced her slender waist.   His p.e.n.i.s was pinned between their lower stomachs.   “Nh… It’s a shame to let all the c.u.m you gave me wash away into the ocean.”   “If you liked it that much, I can give you plenty more.”   “Please do. Fill me up with your hot c.u.m…”   Isis pulled Ricardo’s head to her chest. He rubbed his manhood along her crotch, but their position made it hard to get it in position.   She seemed to enjoy his struggle because she smiled and gave him some advice.   “Try lifting up my leg.”   He did so as if holding her left thigh and her knee reached the surface.   “Ah!”   “What is it?”   “Th-the seawater got inside…”   He did not know how that would feel to a woman, but it did not seem to be pleasant. Her eyebrows lowered in a pathetic expression.   Ricardo lowered his hips and worked to skewer Isis’s feminine crevice from below. Once he got the head in, the rest slipped in easily.   The love juices were warmer than the seawater, so warmth enveloped his rod.   “Ah, ahh, ahhhn.”   She moaned with her eyes closed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her raised left leg around his waist. While she was at it, she wrapped her right leg around his waist too.   The captain was completely floating in the water now.   Ricardo was not strong enough to pull off this position on land, but he could do it in the ocean.   (Wow. It’s like I’m supporting her with just my d.i.c.k.)   Fiercely aroused by the thought, he grabbed at her b.u.t.t and thrust away.   “Ahhh!”   Having s.e.x in the ocean seemed to be arousing Isis too. She forgot her embarra.s.sment and raised her voice.   She cast aside her mask as a military officer and revealed the lovely face of a woman purely enjoying s.e.x.   Their movements stirred up the seawater. Ripples not caused by the waves spread out around them.   Sometimes the waves would shake them in an unexpected direction, twisting their flesh.   Isis had fully unb.u.t.toned what little of her naval uniform she still wore. That had revealed the cleavage of her white b.r.e.a.s.t.s while still hiding her nipples. But as the seawater soaked it, the white blouse clung to her skin and her pink nipples could be seen sticking out through it.   Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s looked tight yet soft on the inside. They were not exactly large, but they had a beautiful bowl shape. They were floating and dancing in the water. The nipples at the peaks looked almost painfully erect.   “Pant, pant… Ahhn.”   She moaned and looked down at him with damp eyes. Each time her b.r.e.a.s.t.s trembled, he could clearly sense her desire.   He licked his lips, waited for the perfect timing, and held her waist with his left hand while he removed her blue coat and white blouse with his right. The youthful perkiness of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s came into view.   Her skin was almost dazzlingly white. The innocent color of her nipples made them look like pure and lovely flowers that had not been defiled by countless people before.   He doubted she had plentiful s.e.xual experience. Ricardo could not hope to match the rest of the crew, but he had a feeling he had more experience than her.   Not allowing such a beautiful body to enjoy the pleasures of s.e.x would be like throwing a jewel into the mud.   Ricardo was someone who thought about things like the loss of the Etruria Kingdom, the loss of the Jade Sea, or even the loss of all mankind, but now he resolved himself to f.u.c.k this beautiful young woman until even her marrow had melted.   First, he sucked at her nipples.   “N-nn…”   She let out a nasal moan. The pleasurable look on her hardened face was incredibly s.e.xy.   He looked up at her fully melted face as he sucked at her hard nipples, squeezed her b.u.t.t, and used the head of his p.e.n.i.s to sc.r.a.pe at her v.a.g.i.n.al folds while moving slowly in and out.   “Ah, ahhh…”   Her voice was growing louder. And her body was twisting around even more.   “Ahhhhn. Amazing… It feels good… It feels so good… Ahh…”   She could not help but cry out and her voice echoed off the surrounding rocks. Her fleshy folds were growing tighter and tighter.   She moved her own hips to receive even more pleasure. She looked as obscene as a monkey in heat, but the gap from her normal behavior tickled at the male heart.   Before long, Ricardo was the one being overwhelmed.   “I feel good to. And I’m about to c.u.m.”   “Go ahead. c.u.m whenever you want… I-I’m about to as well…”   Isis seemed to be near her limit too. She nodded again and again with her lips hanging half open like they had melted.   Ricardo felt an incredible sense of liberation missing from s.e.x in the dim cabins of the ship.   They were inside the never-ending Jade Sea and the never-ending expanse of the sky was visible overhead.   (This is my ocean.)   He was proud of being a prince of the Ocean Kingdom of Etruria and he loved the beautiful sea.   He also loved the s.e.xuality of the captain in his arms. As she sought pleasure so greedily while still in her naval uniform, there was no sign of the powerful image she normally gave. She had simply become a lovely woman.   (The Jade Sea is mine and so is Isis.)   A powerful desire for control filled his chest and led him to move Isis’s floating hips back and forth with all his might.   His manhood moved about like a sea snake as it devoured her womanly flesh to its heart’s content.   “I’m c.u.mmiiiiiiiing!!!”   The head spread out like an umbrella and the rod grew to its limit. Then it throbbed violently as it pumped its hot fluids into the woman.   “I’m, ah, c.u.mming toooooo!”         Isis clung to him with all her might as she let out a shrill cry.   Below the tropical sun, the boy and woman soaking in the jade-colored seawater let their life force explode.   They both turned to white ash. They clung tightly to each other with their union intact and let the waves wash them up onto the beach.   They were joined on the beach with Isis on the bottom and Ricardo on the top.   “You know what, Isis? You’re incredibly cute when you c.u.m.”   “C’mon. You shouldn’t tease adults.”   She gave him a somewhat frightening look, but he no longer felt any fear.   He decided to keep going until she lacked the willpower to act tough, so he removed her blouse, fondled her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, sucked her nipples, and resumed moving his hips.   “Ah, ahh…”   Her look of anger quickly crumbled away.   “You still haven’t had enough?”   “Nope.”   “Fine then. Do it as much as you want today.”   She embraced him with the kind smile of an adult gave to an incorrigible child.   Their hearts were one. Ricardo was happy that they seemed like a couple in love.   She had her dignity as captain, so she could not ask for this kind of thing all the time like Marion and the others could.   They could only enjoy this today, so of course he was going to get greedy.   The boy’s p.e.n.i.s had grown a little softer, but it was soon as hard as ever and plunging into her feminine flesh.   “Ah, ahn, ahh…ahn…”   As they were enjoying s.e.x in the missionary position, an inappropriate desire entered Ricardo’s heart.   This young woman was usually so straitlaced, but tearing off that mask, had revealed the unbelievable horniness hidden below. He wanted every part of her now.   He knew she would get mad if he voiced this desire. Afraid he would damage the trust they had built up, he was hesitant to speak up, but he could not stop himself.   “Hey, Isis…?”   “What?”   She replied with the intoxicated expression brought on by being f.u.c.ked in the missionary position.   His heart was pounding from the tension, but he tried to keep his question casual.   “I’d kind of like to put it in your b.u.t.t this time.”   Even if she had gone mad with carnality, the young woman’s eyes widened at that suggestion.   “My b.u.t.t? You mean in my a.n.u.s?”   “Can’t I?”   The worried look on his face may have triggered her maternal instincts because she moved her eyes around in a vain attempt to hide how shaken she was.   “It was those sailors that taught you about this kind of thing, wasn’t it?”   She brushed her black hair back over her ear as she thought. Her pride as a woman and her l.u.s.t as a woman were apparently in direct conflict.   “Please?”   The lovely boy’s plea tilted the scales in her heart. She could no longer stop the carnality from driving her heart mad.   She gave a heavy sigh.   She now knew exactly how it felt to be corrupted as a woman.   “Fine. You can put it in my b.u.t.t.”   She would do anything for Ricardo, even a.n.a.l.   She had a refreshing look on her face as she decided to offer all of herself to the devilish boy.   Oblivious to the heavy resolve inside her, Ricardo innocently rejoiced and immediately lifted her slender legs over his head.   He twisted their connected s.e.x organs around.   “Ahh, how embarra.s.sing…”   Her v.a.g.i.n.a was brought into view with a p.e.n.i.s inside it and various fluids flowing out, so the naval officer’s face grew beet red.   Ricardo slowly removed his p.e.n.i.s. Her feminine flesh pulled a little back with it and the sticky juices spilled onto her lower stomach.   “Ahh…”   Isis let out a longing sigh as he removed it.   After her transformation into a shameless woman, even the captain’s a.n.u.s was wet. But this was not seawater. It was the raw white fluids from the two of them.   The tip of the solid rod was covered in the same fluids as it pressed against the flower.   “Isis. Breathe out slowly.”   The veteran captain followed the sailor-in-training’s instructions.   He slowly placed his body weight on top of her.   “Kwah.”   Isis looked uncomfortable, but the head went in easily, perhaps because it was child-sized.   Her a.n.u.s was stretched open almost painfully tight, but the p.e.n.i.s forced its way in.   “Kh.”   It was tight. The entrance was incredibly tight. It felt like it was going to tear his p.e.n.i.s off at the base.   (I’m f.u.c.king Isis in the a.s.s. I took her a.n.a.l virginity.)   He was a little hesitant due to how different it felt from a v.a.g.i.n.a, but he was so mentally elated that he thought he was rising to heaven. Isis still looked physically uncomfortable, but she was clearly in a state of extreme self-intoxication.   (Ahh, how can I be losing myself to a child like this? I let him have s.e.x with me again and again and now I’m even letting him violate me a.n.a.lly.)   She trembled with m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic pleasure and he delighted in a sense of conquest while making his rhythmic thrusts.   “Ahh, hee, ahh…gwah…”   She gave agonized moans as his rod thrust in and out of the a.n.u.s squeezing it so tightly.   As her insides were stirred up, both tears and drool covered her face. A mixture of love juices and s.e.m.e.n flowed from her p.u.s.s.y lips.   It was obscene. And knowing her normally gallant appearance made it all the more obscene.   (I’m the only one that knows she can look like this.)   Seeing the look of anguish on her face was almost enough to make him c.u.m.   Some of the sailors such as Martha liked a.n.a.l s.e.x, but that was a fetish of theirs.   Isis was different. She had allowed Ricardo to have a.n.a.l s.e.x because he had wanted it.   Ricardo had been unilaterally raped by all those girls for days on end, so Isis’s almost impressive obedience felt refreshing and amazingly adorable.   “Ah, I’m c.u.mming!”   Isis thought his p.e.n.i.s was going to tear her a.n.u.s apart, but then it grew even further.   “Kh…c.u.m. Fill me with your seed…”   The joy in his heart and the arousal of non-v.a.g.i.n.al stimulation led Ricardo to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e for a third time.   The flesh rod penetrating her excretory organ grew even thicker and throbbed violently as lots of hot s.e.m.e.n erupted from it.   “Ahhh…”   Unlike with the v.a.g.i.n.a, Isis was unable to achieve o.r.g.a.s.m, so she simply looked uneasy at having something pumped into her a.n.u.s for the first time in her life.   That look was incredibly cute. Ricardo had never even considered thinking of her as “cute”, so he pumped as much c.u.m as he could inside her.   After releasing the last drop, he slowly pulled out while basking in the afterglow.   “Kh…”   With sweat covering her, Isis wrinkled her brow and groaned as the shrinking p.e.n.i.s left her.   With her hips raised, her shameful parts glittered with a white liquid.   This was far too embarra.s.sing for her, but she seemed too weak to move.   Ricardo was satisfied that he had fully conquered that dashing and cool yet strict and frightening captain.   He began to lie down next to her, but then someone else stepped in to block the hot sun.       “I knew inexperienced women could get carried away when they learned the taste of men, but I never thought you’d go as far as giving him your a.n.a.l virginity.”   Shocked by the sudden mocking comment, Ricardo looked back and saw a ruby red skirt. Above that, a curvy body was barely contained within a black bustier with golden borders. The exposed shoulders and arms were a light brown, the hair was a brilliant golden red, and a fearless smile covered the woman’s lips.   “Scarlet? What are you doing here?”   Ricardo was shocked by the pirate’s unexpected appearance. Isis reached for her waist on reflex, but her beloved sword was not there.   “Oh, don’t bother with any futile resistance. If you do, this bolt will pierce through both of you.”   Scarlet held up the crossbow in her hand.   She laughed in delight while her former comrade-in-arms could not move.   “Ah ha ha ha ha. Don’t give me that look, Isis. You took me too lightly.”   “…”
  “I too was once part of the South Sea Falcon’s crew, so I know all its customs. Of course I would know you stop at this island. You couldn’t predict I would make a surprise attack here?”   “Kh… Just kill me.”   Scarlet responded to Isis’s regretful groan by poking the crossbow against the woman’s cheek.   “What happened to the ever-responsible Isis? What happens to the crew if their captain dies?”   “You don’t mean…”   “Of course I do. I’ve captured the entire crew. A crew without its captain is just a mob.”   They had been utterly defeated. They had failed to hunt down their target in the worst possible way. Isis’s face quickly paled.   Scarlet jerked her chin and the subordinates behind her bound Isis and Ricardo’s hands.   “Come with me. I’ll let you meet your crew.”   Scarlet began to walk, but Isis insisted she stop.   “Wait a second. You’re going to make me walk out there like this?”   “Is that a problem?”   When she heard that casual response, Isis clenched her teeth in humiliation.   She was dressed the same as she had while enjoying s.e.x with Ricardo, so all she wore was the wet blouse and blue coat. She wore nothing on her lower body.   Despite her humiliating state of undress, she finally raised her shoulders and resolutely followed Scarlet.   Even if her lower half was entirely bare, the loser could still retain some dignity if she acted the part.   However, she could not prevent the boy’s hot remnants from flowing out and dripping down her inner thighs with each step she took.   Ricardo followed with his lower body similarly bare. His p.e.n.i.s had been magnificently erect before, but it had shrunk pitifully small.   Scarlet teased Isis as they walked through the chilly cave.   “I never thought you were into little kids, Isis. They say love is blind, but I never imagined you would so lose yourself in some brat that you rejoiced as he dug into depths of your a.n.u.s. I made sure to wait until you were done though, so you should thank me.”   The humiliated prisoners’ faces changed from red to blue. Once they returned to the beach where their beloved ship was stopped, they found the rest of the crew gathered together with their hands tied behind their backs.   “It’s quite a sight when there’s this many of them. Rose, are you done? How many was it?”   “One hundred thirteen,” reported a girl who seemed to be Scarlet’s aide.   Scarlet whistled lightly.   “Even at ten gold coins each, that’s a thousand gold coins in ransom money.”   Ricardo fiercely argued back.   “A thousand gold coins? Don’t be silly. I’m worth ten thousand on my own.”   “…?”   Scarlet looked like she thought the boy had gone insane.   And she was not the only one. Isis, Marion, and the other prisoners all looked confused by what he had said.   He felt his legs trembling with nerves, but he had a reason not to turn back now. He breathed in, puffed out his chest, and glared up at the female pirate.   “Who do you think I am, wench? I am Ricardo, 4th Prince of the Etruria Kingdom.”   The entire area grew deathly quiet.   “Prince Ricardo? Come to think of it, Eterna’s kid did have a name like that.”   Scarlet had been close to Sigrain, so she seemed to also know Ricardo’s mother, a good friend of Sigrain’s.   She stared into the distance as she searched her memories, but then she brushed up her golden red hair and faced her former comrade-in-arms.   “Isis. Is this true?”   “…”   Isis held her tongue and looked away.   “Answer me.”   Scarlet’s fingers suddenly grabbed at Isis’s p.u.s.s.y lips.   “Ah…ahhhh…”   Isis moaned in agony.   The pirate’s index and middle fingers forced their way into her v.a.g.i.n.a.   “Do I need to sc.r.a.pe out all of the c.u.m in here?”’   Scarlet smiled s.a.d.i.s.tically as a thick liquid dripped between her fingers.   The pathetic situation was all the worse for a woman who normally maintained a dashing appearance.   “Stop. Don’t torment Isis like that.”   Scarlet ignored Ricardo’s command, but the stubborn look on Isis’s face seemed to tell her something.   She removed her hand from the naval officer’s v.a.g.i.n.a and faced the self-proclaimed prince once more.   “I see. You do look a little like Eterna. And there are rumors about Prince Ricardo being that White Fox’s secret protégé.”   “That’s right. My mother and Sigrain would never abandon me. You can get as much ransom money as you want with me alone, so release the others.”   “The 4th Prince, hm?”   Scarlet held her chin in thought and then she grinned.   “It looks like fortune has smiled on us. Very well. We don’t need those small fries with a big catch like this. Release all of the normal sailors.”

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