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Chapter 1139: Sincerity

Bai Zhi's heart was beating violently. She was about to ask a question, only to hear the man in front of her speak one step ahead: "Can I ask this young lady for help?"

Bai Zhi was stunned, "Huh? What?"

Master Wu waved his hand and ordered his subordinates to deliver the gift.

Master Wu's subordinates have good eyesight. At a glance, they could tell that Xiao Qing was Bai Zhi's maid, so they directly sent two pieces of cloth and two packets of tea to Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing looked sideways at Bai Zhi, and when she saw Bai Zhi nod her head, she reached out to take it. Although the fabric was not a fine satin, it was something she was familiar with. As soon as her fingers touched the soft and smooth fabric, Xiao Qing felt like she was floating. Yes, they finally saw a familiar face and thing. Will they be able to return to that familiar place soon?

Bai Zhi's heart slightly sank. She knew she was thinking too much. the person in front of her was not sent by Chu Yan to pick her up.

How could Chu Yan know that she was here? Maybe he thought she had died a long time ago.

She sighed in her heart, looked up at the middle-aged man, and said, "No need to be too polite, please tell me!"

Master Wu's heart loosened, and the smile on his face became more and more bright and said with a smile: "We went to the sea this time to bring our Chu country's good things overseas and sell them. At the same time, we want to bring some things here back to Chu country. Originally, there was a person from the United Kingdom on the ship traveling with us, but who knew that he had a serious illness yesterday and has not woken up yet."

Bai Zhi suddenly said: "So, you need someone who can understand both sides of the language to translate?"

Master Wu nodded: "Yes, yes, our ship is full of goods, all of which are satin, tea, porcelain, and food. The satin and porcelain are nothing, but they are not important items, but the tea and food cannot be delayed any longer."

When they came here for the first time, they were not familiar with the place, and it was impossible to unload the goods as soon as they wanted. They have to get the port steward's permission first.

Moreover, when the goods are unloaded, they have to deal with local merchants. These were not a matter of exchanging a few sentences.

Bai Zhi understood, "I have a friend who can translate for you. As for unloading, buying, and selling, you can talk to Shane Shaw. He is good in this kind of thing."

Master Wu was ecstatic and thanked him again and again.

Bai Zhi said again: "I have an unkind request."

Master Wu hurriedly said, "Miss, please speak."

"I'm originally from the country of Chu, and it's been more than three years since the shipwrecked. I've been waiting for the United Kingdom to build a big ship enough to go to the country of Chu, hoping that one day I can return to my hometown and reunite with my relatives."

"Now, although they haven't been able to build a big ship, I always look forward to seeing my relatives and fellow villagers. G.o.d must pity my sincerity, and I also ask the master to let this wish of mine happen." Bai Zhi said.

From Master Wu's point of view, this was nothing more than a small effort. For his big ship, not to mention adding two or three people, even if it adds twenty or thirty people, it was not a problem.

"It's a small matter, it's an honor of mine to send the young lady back to her hometown." Master Wu clasped his fists.

Bai Zhi was overjoyed, but she didn't see that Shane Shaw's complexion had become very ugly.

He simply thought that Bai Zhi would be very happy when she saw her fellow countryman, and the sorrow that she had buried in her knitted eyebrows all year round would dissipate after seeing her fellow countryman.

But he never thought that the arrival of her fellow villagers would be her way back.

Is she leaving? She was leaving him!

Now and not in the distant future.

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