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Chapter 1138: Did he send people to pick her up?

Shane Shaw entered the hall and said to Bai Zhi who was playing chess: "Bai Zhi, guess who I brought to see you?"

Xiao Qing, who was fanning Bai Zhi with a fan, turned her head and looked outside, but saw nothing, only heard some messy voices, but she couldn't hear it.

Bai Zhi didn't lift her head, she ate the opponent's elephant with her cannon on the chessboard: "Checkmate!"

When Mister Shane saw this, he immediately shook his head: "It doesn't count, I made a mistake in this move, it's all Shaw's fault, if it wasn't for him suddenly coming in, I would not make a mistake, take a step back, take an action back. "

Bai Zhi sighed: "Grandpa Shane, how many steps have you taken back? If you go on like this, even if the sunset, we won't be able to finish this game of chess."

"No, no, just take this step back, this is the last time, just this time!"

Bai Zhi was helpless and turned to look at Shane Shaw: "Who did you bring? Could it be that you found a master shipbuilder?" Three years, three years, she knew that she could not count on the shipbuilder in the shipyard, so she asked Shane Shaw to go elsewhere to find a powerful shipbuilder.

Could it be he found someone?

Shane Shaw shook his head: "No, you'll know it when you come out." With that, he stepped forward to pull Bai Zhi.

Seeing this, Xiao Qing hurriedly stood in front of Bai Zhi and said, "Just talk, don't move your hands and feet." In the past three years, Xiao Qing followed Bai Zhi'sorder to learn English. Although she was still not proficient, communicating was no longer a problem.

In Xiao Qing's eyes, Bai Zhi was the person that her young master liked. How can she let other men touch her casually?

Shane Shaw was very helpless. Xiao Qing always does this. When he wants to get close to Bai Zhi, she will always jump in between him and Bai Zhi, preventing him from having more intimate contact with her.

Bai Zhi was eager to leave this chessboard, and after listening to Shane Shaw's words, she immediately put down the chess piece in her hand, and said with a smile to Mister Shane: "Grandpa Shane, I'll go out for a while, and come back to play chess with you later."

Mister Shane was thinking about the following chess path, and he had no clue. If Bai Zhi walked away, he would move the chessboard and the path would be clear. Thinking of this, he looked up with a smile and said, "Okay, you go and come back and play chess with me."

Bai Zhi got up and walked out of the living room with Shane Shaw and Xiao Qing.

In the courtyard outside the living room, many people were standing, many people from the Central Plains with yellow skin and familiar eyebrows.

Bai Zhi and Xiao Qing were both stunned until the voice of Master Wu sounded, they just recovered.

"Are the two girls from the Central Plains?" Master Wu bowed his hands to Bai Zhi and asked politely.

As soon as Bai Zhi heard his accent, she knew that she was from the state of Chu, and immediately asked, "Are you from the state of Chu?"

Master Wu said with a wide-eyed smile: "It seems that the girl is also from the Chu Country." He looked at the girl in front of him. She looked like sixteen or seventeen years old. She was born very beautiful. Wearing a bit of jewelry, but on her body, you can see a strange gorgeousness.

Bai Zhi also looked at the man in front of him. He was in his early forties, with a slightly fatter figure, wearing a dark cyan suit, looking like an ordinary person's clothes, but the sharp-eyed Bai Zhi saw that on his cuff, there was a hidden python pattern, and the hem of his clothes has a clear crane pattern.

These were embroidered patterns that can only appear on the clothes worn by the officials of the dynasty.

He was not an ordinary businessman, he was an official of the Chu Dynasty.

Did Chu Yan know her whereabouts and sent people to pick her up?

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