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Chapter 1140: Farewell

Bai Zhi introduced Gu Boyang to Master Wu and asked him to translate for Master Wu.

The Shane Family was very interested in the goods of Central Plains. After seeing the goods, they were even more determined to cooperate.

Immediately, they took all the goods brought by Master Wu, h.o.a.rded them in the warehouse, took out only a small part, and put them on display in the shop of the Shane Family. They were only for display but not for sale. Every day, a large number of people came to watch. The soft and gorgeous fabrics and exquisite porcelain were many times better than the pottery they usually use.

Also that magical tea and delicious oriental food.

After the momentum was established, Shane Shaw released the news of the sale. Before dawn, there were long queues at the door of the shops.

There was a kind of supermarket discount promotion, so people stands in line in the dark.

"You are a genius." Shane Shaw gave Bai Zhi a thumbs up.

Bai Zhi shook her head: "I just borrowed flowers to offer Buddha. I didn't come up with this idea."

These days, it was Bai Zhi who helped the Shane Family to build momentum. She just wanted to do something for Shane Shaw before leaving to thank him for taking care of her for the past three years.

Master Wu sold the cabin empty, bought a large number of United Kingdom products from Shane Shaw, and filled the cabin again.

Some special products look strange but tasted very good. The sh.e.l.ls were hard and can be preserved for a long time. Master Wu installed half of the cabin, and the remaining half of the cabin was filled with the face cream produced by the United Kingdom. It was said that after rubbing this kind of face cream, the skin will be more white and smooth.

This thing works, Bai Zhi secretly laughed, but didn't say it.

This cream was formulated by her, supervised by Shane Shaw, and jointly sold.

Selling this item in the United Kingdom was not good, after all, there were too many poor people… …

But this time, Master Wu emptied the warehouse and even brought her a lot of benefits.

Shane Shaw put a box of silver coins in her luggage, stood at the port, looked at the girl who was about to board the ship, and finally couldn't help shouting: "Bai Zhi, you waiting for me in the Chu. I will come to find you. I will come to you."

Bai Zhi laughed and waved at him: "If you come, I will treat you to the most delicious Hu spicy soup."

Master Wu whispered: "Are they used to eating Hu spicy soup?" Thinking of Hu's spicy soup, Master Wu swallowed. He has never eaten a decent meal these days. The food was tasteless and incomparable with the food of Chu State.

Bai Zhi responded with a smile: "Shane Shaw is not a picky eater, he eats everything."

She stood on the boat and looked at the sandy plain on the sh.o.r.e of the port, which gradually turned into a black spot and finally disappeared.

Perhaps, this parting was goodbye forever.

She has lived in this place for three years, thinking about leaving every day and thinking about returning to the Chu.

But when it came time to leave, she was reluctant.

That's just how people are, boneheaded.

"Miss Bai, this United kingdom is more than ten thousand miles away from our Chu country. How did you come here?" Master Wu asked.

Bai Zhi smiled wryly and shook her head: "To be honest, I don't know how I got here. I only know that I encountered a storm at that time, and I was in a coma for a few days. Strangely, I woke up here."

Master Wu said with a smile: "The things at sea are mysterious. You are alive, which is a great fortune."

Bai Zhi nodded: "Brother Wu is doing business overseas, you have extraordinary courage. This kind of thing is something that ordinary people would not dare to think about."

Master Wu was delighted: "I don't want to come here to the sea. To tell the truth, I came here by the emperor's order."

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