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Chapter 1297 - 1297 Zhou Yunjie (5)

1297 Zhou Yunjie (5)

“Serious business?” Her mother’s words successfully aroused Liu Xi Yi’s interest. “Mommy, you’re biased! Why aren’t I included in the business?” Liu Xiyi pouted.

“Mommy wants your eldest brother and second brother to recognize Uncle Yunjie as their G.o.dfather,” Chen Meng’er explained.

“Mommy, you still say that you’re not biased. Why didn’t you ask whether I wanted to do this too?” Liu Xiyi was even more displeased. “I’ll go tell Great-grandpa and the others.”

“Tuan Tuan, use your little brain to think. Will your great-grandfather and the others stand on your side or Mom’s side?” Yuwen Xichen asked.


“Exactly. If great-grandfather and the others find out that you want Uncle Yunjie to be your G.o.dfather, they won’t agree to it,” Qu Xilei added.

Qu Xilei knew from a young age that the other families valued sons over daughters. Their family, on the other hand, valued daughters over sons.

Liu Xiyi was speechless at the words of her two brothers. Needless to say, what her two brothers said was absolutely right. Based on the love her great-grandfather and the others had for her, the chances of them agreeing to her taking Zhou Yunjie as her G.o.dfather were very slim.

However, when Liu Xiyi thought about how her two older brothers would address Zhou Yunjie as G.o.dfather in the future and how she would still have to address him as her uncle. This made her feel uncomfortable.

Liu Xiyi straightened her neck and said, “Great-grandpa and the others cannot disagree. In any case, I want to acknowledge Uncle Yunjie as my G.o.dfather.”

“You can settle this yourself.” Chen Meng’er did not want to get into trouble. She did not even need to think about it. If she were to tell the old men about this matter, they would definitely scold her.

“I’ll go myself then,” Liu Xiyi raised her head and said.

Chen Meng’er didn’t know what method her daughter used to actually make the three old men loosen their tongues and agree to let the three siblings acknowledge Zhou Yunjie as their G.o.dfather. However, Chen Meng’er didn’t bother with these things. Anyway, as long as the three old men agreed, it would be fine.

* * *

After Zhou Yunjie finished dealing with his matters, he saw the children of his little miss standing at the airport waiting for him. When they saw him, they smiled.

“Uncle Yunjie.” Liu Xiyi saw Zhou Yunjie coming out and jumped up to greet him. She stretched out her hand to hold Zhou Yunjie’s hand and called out coquettishly.

“Uncle Yunjie,” Yuwen Xichen and Qu Xilei also called out.

“What’s the occasion? Are the three of you here to pick me up? Don’t tell me you want gifts from me?” Zhou Yunjie said jokingly.

All these years, Zhou Yunjie had always treated Chen Meng’er’s three children as his own children. Every time he went out and came back, he would bring gifts for the three of them.

Hearing Zhou Yunjie’s words, the three children pouted. “Uncle Yunjie, do we look like those brats who only love you for material gain?”

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Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich Chapter 1297 - 1297 Zhou Yunjie (5) summary

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