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Chapter 1298-END - 1298 Zhou Yunjie (6)

1298 Zhou Yunjie (6)

Zhou Yunjie had the intention to tease the three of them, so he deliberately looked up and down at them and said, “You guys still look alike.”

“Uncle Yunjie!” Liu Xiyi almost stomped her feet.

“Okay, okay, Uncle is joking with you. However, Uncle really brought good things for the three of you.”

“Oh, that’s good. The three of us also have a gift for you today,” Qu Xilei said.


“Oh? What gift?” Zhou Yunjie was interested.

“You’ll know when we get back,” Yuwen Xichen said. He wanted to be mysterious.

* * *

On the way back, no matter how much Zhou Yunjie asked, he could not get any information from the siblings. He could not help but sigh. As expected of his little miss’s children, they kept their mouths shut.

When they arrived at the Green Gang, before Zhou Yunjie could take his luggage back to his room, he was pulled to the front hall by the three children.

When he arrived at the front hall, there were people seated.

Elder Liu and the other great-grandparents were all there. Even Zhuge Yu and the others were there. This made him feel uncertain. “What important day is today?” Zhou Yunjie could not help but ask Liu Xiyi, who was holding his hand.

“It’s a very important day. Uncle Yunjie, you will know in a while,” Liu Xiyi said and revealed a fox-like smile.

“Yunjie, thank you for your hard work,” Elder Liu said with a smile as soon as Zhou Yunjie entered the room.

“Look at what Sir said. Yunjie didn’t work hard at all,” Zhou Yunbo teased. Zhou Yunjie pinched his side.

However, Zhou Yunbo kept giggling at him.

“Yunjie, everyone is gathered here today to witness something. Of course, I have to seek your opinion on this matter,” Elder Liu said.

Elder Liu’s words made Zhou Yunjie involuntarily think of his younger brother’s suggestion two days ago. Moreover, Zhou Yunbo’s expression just now made him think in that direction.

“Please go ahead.” Zhou Yunjie decided that no matter what, he would definitely not agree. Zhou Yunjie was already prepared to refuse.

“Meng’er came to me and said that she wanted the three children to acknowledge you as their G.o.dfather. About this matter, the three of us don’t have any objections. However, we still need to seek your opinion on this matter. If you don’t agree…” Elder Liu started slowly.

“I’m willing!” Zhou Yunjie did not expect that such a surprise would await him. How could he not agree to let the three children acknowledge him as their G.o.dfather?

All along, he had always treated these three children as if they were his own and doted on them. Now that their relationship could be taken a step closer, how could he not agree?

Therefore, Zhou Yunjie didn’t wait for Elder Liu to finish speaking before he agreed immediately.

“I told you. With Uncle Yunjie’s love for us, why wouldn’t he agree? You guys are just worrying about nothing.” Liu Xiyi looked at Chen Meng’er and the others with a knowing expression.

“Since you agree, let’s start the ceremony.”

After Yuwen Xichen, Qu Xilei, and Liu Xiyi served tea to Zhou Yunjie and Zhou Yunjie gave gifts to the three children, the ceremony came to an end.

“G.o.dfather,” Yuwen Xichen, Qu Xilei, and Liu Xiyi called out respectfully.

“h.e.l.lo.” Zhou Yunjie had tears in his eyes. Although Liu Xiyi and the other two were not his biological children, this meant a lot to him.

Chen Meng’er looked at Zhou Yunjie, who had tears in his eyes. She did not feel good. She knew that Zhou Yunjie was sad, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Yuwen Jing, who had been paying attention to his wife’s emotions, reached out and patted Chen Meng’er’s shoulder to comfort her.

“In the future, your uncle, Yunjie, will be your G.o.dfather. The three of you must remember to respect him and be filial to him. If you can’t do it, don’t acknowledge me as your mother in the future,” Chen Meng’er said as she looked at her three children with a serious expression.

She asked Liu Xiyi and her siblings to acknowledge Zhou Yunjie as their G.o.dfather, not just as a formality. She wanted them to take care of him when he grew old.

“Mommy, we know. We will be filial to our G.o.dfather.” Liu Xiyi and her siblings did not know why their mother suddenly asked them to acknowledge Zhou Yunjie as their G.o.dfather.

However, after their mother told them about the matter between her and Zhou Yunjie, they understood.

They said that Zhou Yunjie was a good-looking person. Moreover, he had money, money, and wealth. Why did he not have a partner at his age, let alone get married?

The three of them went to investigate in private. However, after the people in the gang heard their questions, they all showed a troubled expression. Then, they answered in unison. They did not know either.

And for this reason, the three of them discussed all sorts of possibilities in private.

In the end, the three of them came up with two possibilities. One was that Zhou Yunjie was not straight. If Zhou Yunbo knew about the discussion between the three of them, he would laugh. The second was that Zhou Yunjie had always had someone in his heart. However, the person in his heart could not be with him because of various reasons. And because he could not forget his old lover, he had never looked for them again.

When they found out from their mother the reason why Zhou Yunjie was not married, the three of them exchanged glances. They had really guessed it. However, they had never thought that the person in Zhou Yunjie’s heart was actually their mother.

However, they thought about it a little and felt that it really made sense. It would be difficult to fall in love with someone else after falling in love with such an outstanding woman like their mother.

Their father had fallen into their mother’s hands.

Thinking of this, the three of them looked at their jealous father, Yuwen Jing, and their expressions didn’t look too good.

However, since Zhou Yunjie had recognized the three children as his G.o.dchildren, Zhou Yunbo could finally put his mind at ease. At least his elder brother had someone to take care of him when he grew old.

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