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In less than three minutes, He Lianze received a call. He responded and hung it up, then turned to that green tea b.i.t.c.h who was still in a trance and said with a cold voice, “Now I am the owner of this hotel. And I have the right to let you go.”
“No! No way! This is a seven-star hotel! How could you buy it with a phone call?”
He Lianze didn’t talk to her anymore. He called the manager and later the security came in and tried to pull green tea b.i.t.c.h out.
Green tea b.i.t.c.h gripped the edge of the door with her hands and shouted with a nearly crying tone, “No, no, you can’t do this to me. Do you know how hard I am struggling? I was still working while I got a high fever…”
“That’s not our concern. You can get out of here.” He Lianze’s words were really choking.
“But I am just a fragile girl.”
He Lianze waved his hand, and the two securities ignored she was only a girl and pulled her away, in case she became an eyesore of their boss.
Jian Rushi had kept her head down all the way. Though she tried to hold it, but it seemed she was weeping because her shoulder was shaking. He Lianze had never such a fragile side of her. He got up and held her in his arms, saying with a gentle voice, “Sweetheart, don’t cry. It’s all right.”
Now his gentle comforting made her shake even harder.
He Lianze held up her face, then got struck dumb. So she was not crying, but was choking with laughter. That delicate face already twisted since she was trying to hold it too hard.
“Excuse me, I really can’t hold it.”
‘Sugar daddy’ thought he had moved her due to what he had done for her, so it was natural for her to squeeze some tears to show her grat.i.tude.
But on thinking of her ex BFF’s words “I’m just a fragile girl”, she really couldn’t help laughing.
“Pfff!” He Lianze also couldn’t hold it and laughed. He lowered his head and kissed her, saying with an extreme gentle tone, “As long as you didn’t cry.”
“Hm, well…You really bought this hotel?” Jian Rushi felt a little guilty.
“What do you think?” He Lianze pinched her pink face and smiled, “It’s fine, I’m rich.”
That He Lianze protected his girlfriend by buying this hotel really quickened those rosebuds’ pulses. It was undeniable that they were all jealous of Jian.
Having no time for food, they all vied with each other to find a topic to talk with He Lianze. But only when the topic was about Jian Rushi, He Lianze would show some interest.
They disclosed all those embarra.s.sing things Jian Rushi had ever done, which made Jian Rushi grit her teeth. She really wanted to silence those ill-disposed b.i.t.c.hes.
But maybe before she silenced all of them, she would have already ousted by her ‘sugar daddy’.
Jian Rushi was still immersed in anger while digging food, and didn’t even notice her phone was ringing. So He Lianze who was sitting next to her picked it up. He squeezed his eyes on hearing it was a coquettish man’s voice.
Jian Rushi smelled danger. She turned around and found He Lianze was staring at her with a faking smile.
Jian Rushi got goose b.u.mps all over. If she guessed it right, it should be that money boy.
She had no idea what the money boy said, but He Lianze only replied with two words, “No need.”
Jian Rushi forced a smile and said with a trembling voice, “I often received calls from unknown numbers. If someone said some weird words, don’t buy it.”
“Like what?”
“Like someone claimed to be a super star, got hijacked deep in the mountains and lost contact with the crew and asked me to transfer money, and…and someone claimed to be the First Emperor of Qin and wanted to sell Everlasting Elixir to me. Some even claimed to be my boyfriend…So please don’t buy it.”
He Lianze relied with a flat tone, “Hm.”
On seeing their public display of affection, Lin Xue clenched her hands but then loosened them like she didn’t care at all, saying, “Let’s go karaoke after dinner, what do you say?”

Jian Rushii looked at He Lianze and He nodded, “Hm, I’ll take care of it.”

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