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On seeing the man walking in, Jian Rushi lunged to her feet, “What is ‘sugar daddy’ doing here?”
He Lianze had been doing business abroad. He flew back taking his private plane. It was such a rush that he barely had time to take off his gold-rimmed gla.s.ses, which made him look well refined. And his cold eyes seemed extra gentle under the cover of the gla.s.ses. Now he was wearing that fake smile on his face.
Jian Rushi immediately turned to a lady, with her watery eyes drooping. Actually he was thinking whether he had heart what she said, which ruined her image as a white lotus good girl.
Lin Xue could barely get her eyes off him. After quite a while, she swallowed some saliva and asked, “Jian Rushi, who is it?”
He Lianze walked forward and held Jian Rushi’s waist. That delicate face and charming smile could take one’s breath away. He lowered his head and put his lips on hers. And then he said with a mighty tone, “I am her man.”
“Jian Rushi, why don’t you introduce us?”
Lin Xue came by Jian Rushi’s side, patted her shoulder while bending over to show that pair of big t.i.ts, and asked so.
“This is my boyfriend, He Lianze.” Jian Rushi blushed being kissed by ‘sugar daddy” in front of so many people.
“h.e.l.lo, Mr. He. I’m Lin Xue, Jian Rushi’s BFF.”
Lin Xue stretched out a hand to shake hands with He Lianze, but He Lianze ignored her, he even didn’t raise his eyes, leaving Lin Xue’s hand hanging in there. Finally Lin Xue could only have it back awkwardly.
Jian Rushi grinned. The magnificent and n.o.ble temperament ‘sugar daddy’ was emitting was really beyond ordinary girls’ reach.
To reduce the awkwardness, they introduced each other one by one. But those girls all looked absent-minded, after all they were all drooling about He Lianze.
After ordering the dishes, there was still some time, so they began chatting. Lin Xue brought the topics about Jian Rushi intentionally now and then, and also mentioned that fifty or so sugar daddy.
“Jian Rushi has a rich uncle who is very good to her. He often drives a sports car to pick her up at the school gate, and buys anything she wants. We are all jealous of her.”
All the other girls echoed. Now all the gossip about her came above the board.
As Jian Rushi’s BFF in high school, the green tea b.i.t.c.h was quite familiar with her family background. She immediately picked up the conversation, “Jian Rushi never has an uncle! It should be her ‘sugar daddy’.”
“Ah!” Lin Xue covered her mouth and pretended she couldn’t believe it, “If it’s not her uncle, why is he so good to her?”
“Hehe, of course she is kept as his mistress. She wants his money while he wants her body. Otherwise, how could she have money to treat you a big meal here?” She then cast a glance at He Lianze and went on, “She is really something. She earns money by selling her body and now uses the dirty money to keep a gigolo.”
Jian Rushi’s face immediately turned pale. She lowered her head with tears in her eyes, and pulled her hand back from He Lianze’s palm and seized a fringe of her own dress.
“Get lost!”  He Lianze’s sound wasn’t so loud, but everyone could feel his great anger.
The green tea b.i.t.c.h was startled. She wanted to leave, but still was not reconciled, so she toughened her scalp and said, “You have no right to let me go.”

He Lianze cast a glance at her with his sharp eyes, and then took out his phone, “I give you three minutes to buy Emgrand Hotel for me.”

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