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Chapter 627: Present that can't be taken back

"You really are a strange girl.  I clearly saved you, but you don't appreciate it at all."  He smiled while stepping off the stone cliff. His body suddenly flew off, fly off the cliff like a hawk.

He did not let go of her waist, bring her up the mountain again.  When they were back on the high mountain top, he sat down on the same tall boulder as before.

"If you put this on, you won't feel cold."  He took off his cloak and placed it over her shoulders before tying the straps for her.

"Na Mu Cuo, are you thinking of waiting for the sunrise tomorrow morning?"  She turned to look at him, not understanding why he wanted to come back. With his martial arts, climbing the mountain was like walking on land for him, he could go up and down as he pleased.

"I want to give you a present."  He deflected the question. He took out a dark object from his waist which was winding, like a little snake cast from iron.

"One does not reap rewards from no work.  Your highness' gift, I do not deserve, please take it back."

She did not spare it a glance and directly refused it.

"He, he, you think it's this?  Of course not. The thing this prince wants to give you can't be taken back."

Na Mu Cuo placed the little snake to his lips and blew into it.  A sharp whistle sound filled the night and spread into the distance.

Birds in the mountain forest were shocked and they all flew into the sky.

Following this, there was a m.u.f.fled sound from the foot of the mountain.


She saw a meteor fly into the sky, reaching about halfway before exploding in the air.  It was bright with various colours, looking very dazzling in the sky, making it very gorgeous.

So…..the gift he was giving her was this!

Chen Ning suddenly understood.

She immediately focused her mind and her body slightly leaned forward as her eyes watched the fireworks in the sky without blinking.  She was remembering that ever changing scene frame by frame in her mind.

Hearing continuous "peng, peng" sounds, fireworks one after the enter flew into the sky.  They looked very colourful and fantastic.

Chen Ning could not clap, she was completely focusing her attention on her eyes and mind.  She was completely ignoring every sight and sound around her.

The night sky was filled with flowers, creating a red glaze over her face.  Her dark and bright eyes were stained with those magnificent colours in the sky, making her look exceptionally beautiful.

Na Mu Cuo stared at her without turning.  She was remembering the fireworks and he was remembering her.

It had been many years since such a beautiful image had appeared in his eyes.  He remembered when he watched fireworks with Ya Li Xian, thinking that they would be together for a lifetime.  However, she was like that firework, after blooming, all that was left was a single lamp.

With the mountain breeze blowing and the silent night, the beautiful fireworks that bloomed soon faded to nothingness.

He had lost Ya Li Xian before, can he obtain this girl in front of him now?

Would she be like a firework?  Leaving nothing behind after blooming?

So he would firmly remember this scene.  He would remember the lights on her face and her eyes that were as bright as flowers in bloom.

Suddenly, his body softly trembled and the expression on his face changed.

But she was completely engrossed in the beauty of the fireworks, not paying any attention to him at all.  Even the corner of her eyes did not even spare him a glance.

"Ge, ge, ge, ge, ge."

His teeth began to chatter uncontrollably and he hugged his chest, but that did not stop the cold current that came from deep within him.

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