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Chapter 628: Drinking blood

The poison was acting up!

d.a.m.n, when he was seeing such a scene from her, the poison he had completely forgotten about had acted up!

Na Mu Cuo gritted his teeth and did not allow himself to make a sound.  He wanted to use his internal energy to resist the coldness within him, but he was feeling colder like all the blood in his body had turned to ice.  His limbs had all become limb.

Finally, with a peng sound, he fell down onto the ground like a statue.

"Na Mu Cuo!  What's wrong?"

Hearing him fall, Chen Ning instantly came back to her senses.  She found that he had fallen from the boulder and was lying crouched over, continuously trembling.  That face that was always covered in a bright smile had turned white without any blood and his lips were purple.

"Cold…..Ge, ge…..Cold….."  Na Mu Cuo's teeth kept chattering and his hair was covered in a layer of frost.

Chen Ning immediately understood that the poison in his body was acting up.

She immediately knit her brows.

This horn of angels had no cure in this world.  The only way to stop the poison from acting up was for him to take baths in hot springs.

Only the hot springs containing sulfur would allow the frozen blood in his veins to flow again.

But right now they were on a tall mountain peak, where would they find a hot spring?

"Na Mu Cuo!  Na Mu Cuo!" She kneeled down beside him and called out.  She saw that his bright eyes were already dull and he was biting his lips to the point where they were bleeding.

She touched it softly and felt that the blood was ice cold.  She was beside him, but she felt a chill that stopped others from approaching.

She took off the cloak and put it over him, but it was no use to him at all.  The coldness was still coming from his bones itself.

"Na Mu Cuo, tell me, other than hot springs, is there another way to help you delay the poison?"  She shouted by his ears because she was unsure if he was conscious or not.

His eyes seemed like they weren't moving and his entire body was curled into a ball.  It was like he was an ice sculpture, with even a layer of frost forming on his clothes.

She was more shocked the more she watched.  She never thought that the horn of angels would be this powerful.

"……"  He moved his lips, but his tongue was frozen stiff and he could say a single word.

She read his lips and nodded in understanding.

What he said was: blood!

She had no hesitation at all as she drew the blade from his waist.  She sliced it across her wrist and the fresh blood dripped out.

"Drink, quickly drink!"  She placed her wrist's injury onto his lips, letting the fresh blood flow into his mouth.

Na Mu Cuo's eyes opened wide and stared at her without blinking.

When the warm blood trickled down his throat, he felt his body become warmer.  The more warm blood there was, the warmer his body became.

"Enough…..Enough….."  He wanted to say enough, but he couldn't clearly say it.

The blood on her wrist soon solidified and she cut her right wrist again, continuing to feed him blood.

Na Mu Cuo closed his eyes and took in a slow breath.  His body's true qi began to slowly flow, slowly sending warmth into his limbs.  Gradually, he no longer felt cold and his frozen stiff limbs became soft.

Suddenly he jumped up from the ground and gave a clear shout.  He felt that his body was filled with energy and vitality.

But he knew that this was only temporary.  Drinking down warm blood would only seal the cold poison for around an hour, he still had to bathe in a hot spring to suppress the poison.

But this hour she fought to obtain for him was enough.

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