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Chapter 626: Falling into a meat patty

"Then let's get off the mountain."

She began to move down the mountain.

But it was easy to ascend the mountain and hard to descend, especially for this steep mountain and one that had no roads.

But when she ascended the mountain, she had done so with the force of perseverance.  Adding in the fact that the sky was still bright and she could still clearly where there were cliffs and gra.s.s, but now there was only faint starlight in the sky.

Looking down right now, she could not see any place to step on and only raised rocks stuck out like fierce specters in the night.  If she dared to descend she could fall down and crack her head at any moment, shattering her body.

She stood there in a daze as her teeth bit her lips.  An irritated feeling rose in her heart and those good feelings of grat.i.tude she felt towards Na Mu Cuo completely disappeared.

"Na Mu Cuo!"  She turned around and tightly clenched her hand into fist, staring at him like an angry little beast.

She now understood that Na Mu Cuo's thoughts were deeper than she thought.  He really was the smartest person in the world, no only was he intelligent, he was also ruthless.  He had dug a hole and allowed her to jump in with closed eyes.

Na Mu Cuo was sitting on a high rock, sitting there with a casual att.i.tude.  His cloak fluttered in the wind, like wings of an eagle dancing in the night.

The wind blew through her thin clothes and her body began to tremble.  There was not even a place to hide from the wind up here.

Na Mu Cuo tilted his head as he looked at her.  He suddenly patted the seat beside him and revealed a grin.

"If you don't want to become sick, then sit here."

She completely ignored him.

He wanted her to throw herself into his arms, that was impossible!

She grabbed a vine and carefully began to climb down.  She moved slowly, using only a bit of strength, using her toes to explore the area around her.

Suddenly her hands came loose and the vine snapped in two.  She let out a short cry of shock as her entire person fell off the mountain.


The world revolved around her as she heard someone cursing.  After this, she fell into someone's strong embrace.

Na Mu Cuo protected her head with a hand as he tightly placed her head against his chest, hugging her as he fell down the mountain.  The countless rock spikes left several cuts on his body, but he never let go of her.

Suddenly, the two of them fell through the air, falling down the side of the cliff.

Na Mu Cuo took a deep breath as his hand tightly held her waist.  A short blade appeared in his right hand which he stabbed into the stone wall.

The blade's tip pierced deep into the stone, causing the two falling bodies to stop.

They hung onto the smooth as mirror cliff wall.  There was an abyss beneath them with the mountain wind blowing through it.

There was white mist beneath them, making them unable to see how deep it was.  But if they did fall into the pit, even a martial arts master like Na Mu Cuo would have his body shattered to pieces.

"Little beauty, you wanted this ending?  Do you know that if I didn't save you, you would have turned into a meat patty already?"

Na Mu Cuo looked down at her in his embrace, revealing his white teeth in a smile.

Chen Ning looked up with eyes that were as bright as usual.  She was also smiling.

"You chose to save me.  If you turned into a meat patty, it is not related to me."

Na Mu Cuo thought that she would have fainted from the fear or would want to cry, but have no tears.  He never thought that when he looked down, he would see a bright smile. It was like the winds had blown away the clouds and revealed a bright sky, making his mood a lot better.

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