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Chapter Prologue
Ee, Tensei Shippai? …Seikou? Prologue 1

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First day of work after new year.

Even there aren’t any national day on the calendar, although the new year holiday is longer than usual, today we only work for half day.

In the factory rest room, with canned coffee and cigarette in another hand the laborer have a discussion.

Because in these days it’s unusual to had permission for smoking in rest area, now the room is full of smokes.

[Aa, today too, the work finish in half day isn’t it…]

And the one that silently murmuring is 35 years old, single, Todo Yoichi.

There are another laborer beside him, all of them held the cigarette in their finger or mouth, but Yoichi.

To begin with, he didn’t have smoking habit, in spite of that the reason for him to be here is, first he didn’t mind the cigarette smoke, second he didn’t dislike the “haven’t decide plan after this” atmosphere.

[I, soon the time to pay my card, if not it’s getting dangerous]

Yoichi senpai, Noguchi, with semi monologue close to complaining.

[dattara, for now let’s discussing about the kokkin] (*note : 国金)


[yes, kokkin. we are more or less one man business]

[what is kokkin?]

[I only know a little bit from my construction shop acquaintance, it’s like money lending from the country]

[loan isn’t it, but I also had a lot of credit card]

[if now there isn’t any tenant we will troubled isn’t it? it’s hard to search even if the interest is 2%]

[seriously!? I’ll try to search a little bit]

so like that, with the chatting and “haven’t decide anything after this” atmosphere continuing the rest room door opened, the regular employee Tamura face peeked.

[ooi… the factory will be closed, sorry but can you go home?]


with each cigarette extinguished, they drink up the canned coffee and stand up. Yoichi too drink up his coffee and put in his canned coffee to trash can, exiting rest room.


The factory where Yoichi work is, a few year ago had been taking complete commission system.

The few regular employee of course taking monthly salary, but non-regular employee is complete commission system.

But, there aren’t any part-timer or temporary employee, it’s one-man business.

It’s like part-timing but, entrusting business in sole proprietorship, is what it seems.

Because of it, the insurance and pension all of it completely paid from each wallet. (*note 完全自己負担=completely paying from one’s own expenses).

Such as application of minimum wage, if there aren’t work, and the work finished faster than normally like today, the remuneration part will be decreased.

I don’t know if it’s black company or not, it’s a sensitive matter.

when it become busy period, time and work quant.i.ty will increase drastically, overtime about 3 ~ 4 hours is natural, therefore because of the complete commission system, remuneration too will be increased.

There are numerous times that the remuneration over 400 thousand yen. (*about 3,548USD)

But in the other side, when it is off-period the remuneration will be cut about 150 thousand yen. (*about 1,330USD)

That mean the average is 250 thousand yen isn’t it.

That mean it’s not sure that this labor is such a bad deal.

But, this wave of income had it’s terrifying part.

Precisely, someone who can take care himself, or someone like Noguchi senpai who had his wife to taking care his income is no problem.

When there’s big remuneration must be saving, when there’s not enough money in another month get money from


If it can be like that there is no problem, but Yoichi is the type that can’t save money.

When there are a lot of remuneration, he will wasting it and his everyday life leveled up.

And then after his everyday leveled up he can’t leveling down so easily, when in month where his remuneration low he can’t self-retaining himself, he going into deficit again and again.

And the result, revolving payment in his credit card application, call it “patching until payday”, and it repeat again and again, now that can be called such a picture of debt.

More or less this month payment can be managed somehow, but next month if  no accommodation from somewhere there is possibility every kind of payment will be delayed, and to be honest there’s fear in the one’s mind.

[uu, it’s cold….  kokkin……. kokkin is it?]

Way home from the factory, Yoichi searching kokkin scond hand information in his smart phone.

To not see his smart phone when walking, when he waiting traffic light, only when his legs stopping he look the screen.

With that moral view Yoichi become like that.

[loan from goverment… this is it]

Discovering that site, he is searching the information.

Yoichi wish is low-interest when refunding it.

But, this second-hand information is site for ordinary people to know the explanation but, in the end it’s like loan service in capital investment or new jobs for the necessary expenses, if there isn’t secure business plan review the money won’t be loaned, so Yoichi drop his shoulders.

[Noguchi-san…. proper like usual….]

Noguchi senpai if he doesn’t have proper wife, he is identical to Yoichi, no doubt that he will have a hard life.

As the traffic light changing, he put the smart phone in his shoulder pocket, and rising his face.

hereupon, disregarding the traffic light signal, I saw truck figure with force plunging into the pedestrian crossing.

[o…. seriously!?]

If  I still look my smart phone while doing safety confirmation without walking,  or maybe the truck didn’t running into me, with that fast happiness wish when he noticed it he waiting the truck to pa.s.s through.

Because the other pedestrian mostly noticed it, they become panic, stand still and looked shocked.

….But, in the other side of the road, there is a single child that careless with safety confirmation, when the traffic light changing signal I saw that child crossing the pedestrian cross while half running.

Fearing that woman voice that thought to be the mother shouting the child’s name.

If I jump now can I save that child?

I hesitate for instant, and from behind that child a shadow that jumped to him can be seen.

It seems like a young man, that man immediately chase that child, after turning his arms like hugging that child’s back, he rolled over his body and flings away that child to his/her original position.

Then, when that rolled over man with half staggering he waiting that full of force truck, and plunged to Yoichi side. (*didn’t get the real text)

[YOSHII ! KOI !!] (* i think it’s better than “OK! COME!!”)

Near Yoichi the pedestrian waiting signal isn’t broken, also the truck’s route is disconnected.

If he can be catch skillfully then the man is live without injury isn’t it.

More or less because when in the factory had to use the body to do the work, in some extent he had confidence in his strength.

Yoichi dropped his back, the man jump with good vigor, with BAMM and catch him. (*I translate ガツっ to BAMM)

[DOMOSSUU!]  (*nope don’t get it, maybe like from when judo athletic goes sparring)

The man who catch him, reveal his smile to Yoichi.

Looks like a very good young man.

With relief he turn to his gaze, why it looks like absorbed to us, the truck is mostly occupying one’s visibility.

[uwaaaaaaaa…….. eh??]

Until now there must be someone eyes that’s following that truck.

After that, Fearing the collision is what I think, to stiffen face because of fear, but there aren’t another crash anymore .

Lifting up my full of fear face, I look my surrounding but there’s no single thing.

Yes, there is nothing.

There is no single thing, only pure white s.p.a.ce.

[Is this, don’t tell me…]

Despite of  memory of an unpleasant hunch I look surrounding, and there is 1 man standing.

It seems like he is the one that catch me before.

When he is separated from Yoichi?


Yoichi let his voice out, that man turn around his head like a ball.

[…a, thank you for before]

it seems the other side notice Yoichi ident.i.ty.

[ano, we in the truck incident before…]

[isn’t it]

[perhaps we are…]

[die…. isn’t it] (*you diededed)

The decision word have been out.

How you think it, this is different place from before.

Rather than anything, this place is a big s.p.a.ce full of white color, impossible that this place above the earth.

Can see the feet but can’t see ground below the feet.

in spite of this, somehow it’s extremely unnatural

[haaaa…. New year quickly come.. Next month my child will be born isn’t it]

[is it true!? congratulation… I can’t say it isn’t it]

[yea. because just the other day that I put in my life insurance, but lucky is still lucky]

[heee, for me it’s only mutual aid from the prefectural citizen]

[nonono, I’m like that too isn’t it? when it’s break time from the company there’s come auntie invitation and I’m being outdone by her. aa, but I still haven’t said it to my wife]

[It isn’t alright isn’t it? the insurance company will make a contact. the door to door salesman and will make the ex-zaibatsu system]

[it’s like that right? because there is group from the company saw it, someone will report it]

[like that said next month will be born but, is it boy? is it girl?]

[It’s a boy~]

[have you dicided his name?]

[nope~ it’s hard you know? lately to not becoming shiny name, I think alot too right? in the end it’s decided to be “Shinta”, but my wife swiftly reject it, its first for me]

[Shinta-kun, I think it’s a good  name]

[isn’t it, but it’s feels like tokoroten, so confusing..]

[…. don’t tell me that shinta-kun’s name is from “heart” and “fat”?]

[isn’t it, Shinta meaning is to live with a thick heart] (*Shinta is a different way to read “心太” from tokoroten

[ano, by the way do you know tokoroten? it’s food]

[that tranquil snack? I like eat it with Sanbaizu] (*sanbaizu is a vinegar, soy sauce and mirin or sugar mixed roughly equal propotions)

[I’m in the faction of brown sugar faction, but that is tokoroten.  that tokoroten kanji written and there are  kanji for fat and heart.]

[eh, Is it true~!?]

[It is]

[aaa…. than that snack, we call it big not fat though]

[ma, maa but isn’t your wife will make a good name?]

[my will is it’s okay to not use “fat” in his name but…. it haunt me in my dream]

when the idle talk already complete first topic, in front of these 2 people the s.p.a.ce begin to warped.

[Uoo!? it’s a little soft]

Than, from that warped s.p.a.ce a young woman with j.a.panese clothing appeared.

[I’m sorry, thanks for waiting!! ettoo, Todo-san isn’t it]

From her hand a file appeared, than turn her sight to them.

[Yes] [ussuu]

That girl make a confused face, a surprised facial expression can be seen.

[ He……..??]

In this white s.p.a.ce, her idiotic voice reverberating.

Author Note: Today there is 3 more update story

Note: There are a lot of mistakes in my TL-ing so forgive me, I dunno the next update, but it will be this week. please enjoy it. (Still 2 more prologue and that to the main story)


In the White s.p.a.ce

There are 2 people who died in the truck incident.

And then in the afterlife world, the white s.p.a.ce, there is a sudden appearance of woman wearing j.a.panese clothes.

That woman look at those 2 people, and dumbfounded.

And her gaze looking those 2 people repeatedly.

[why there are 2 people……?]

[anoo, are we already dead?]

[e? aaa, yes, my condolences]

[kaaー!! bull’s-eye isn’t it]

Until before its still ambiguous, but after that woman had inform those two, they become certain.

Suddenly there is a woman who unidentifiable give her consent about the information, it’s a little strange but they don’t know why they agree with her answer.

But they got curious with her word.

Why from that mouth talked that in this place, it must be only 1 person?

If it like that, if one of them can be revived, then he want to be back to earth again, that what Yoichi thinks.

He didn’t mean that he only think about his death.

But, now he is death, and what suprising is there are no lingering affection too.

(nope, if I don’t think about raising my money when I live in the month after next month, I can drop out from life-like this)

it’s a miserable talk but it’s Yoichi true opinion.

[eetto, I’m sorry, Todo Yoichi san?]

[yes] [ussu] (*she talk their name with katakana so it’s mixed up their name)

and then those two people lift up their face together.

[ooo~, same-s.e.x and same name isn’t it]

[looks like that eh?]

[aattoo, I’m sorry east and temple kanji then the last kanji for pacific ocean and the kanji for numeral number one] (* 東堂 洋一 is the young man name, the protagonist name is 藤堂 陽一)

[a, it’s me,ssu]

(it’s not me)

[its wisteria and temple then the last kanji for sun and kanji for the numeral number one]

[so it’s like that… then wisteria todosan please wait a minute]

Summary,  because this woman is the only manager for this world, it can be said that her existence is like a G.o.d.

Then, todo will reincarnate to this world, that what she informed.

To Yoichi that like to killing his time with reading light novel it’s easy to understand it, but to todo he looks so poorly informed, moreover the manager girl way to explain is so unskillful.

In the end, the effect of Yoichi supplementary explanation, finally, what to do from now on todo begin to understand that.

The place to reincarnate is the fantasy world of sword and magic.

The world background is a litte close to europe in middle ages, because there is magic the comparison in this world civilization looks difficult.

Todo will be born in knight family with baron peerage as 3rd son that his social position looks delicate, but now there is demon lord turbulance movement, soon there is high chance to become all out war, so after he is getting his achievement in military, rather than unskillful n.o.ble his chance to be success is higher.

As it’s mentioned about magic,  then the existence of skill in this world, in the previous era, namely until at this point it’s a special ability that break the rules of memory and the relation of compesation of growth, it’s cheat that someone hold because he/her able to be born again. (*TLDR : skill is a cheat that even grown man can’t hold a candle to it)

if he/her want it, he/her can be as strong as someone who can take demon king in his/her castle alone.

It’s a high-speed to become a protagonist, Yoichi admired it.

[that to say, it looks a high fun world to go, ssuka?] (* I think I always use isn’t it, so I change it to become more j.a.panese, btw protagonist is formal and the young man is easy-going)

[now, it’s like first half number world isn’t it]  (*don’t ask me, I didn’t get it)

In the middle of supplementary explanation, their distance considerably shorten.

[it can’t be helped,ssu. I believe that my wife and children can use my insurance money to do something, I will fully enjoying my new life, ssu!!]

And it’s a fast exchange between those 2.

[if we go to these world together, maybe we can meet again,ssune]

[nonono, because of reincarnation we will become another person, if we will meet again we won’t know each other isn’t it]

[isn’t it,  let’s decide the pa.s.sword]

[…yoshi, the pa.s.sword is tokoroten]

[oottoo, it’s harsh don’t you know! oke then]


When those 2 become closer, the manager manage to cut in.

[can we do it now?]

[aa, oke,ssu]

[by all means]

[jyaa, let’s start the reincarnation]

[I’ll be going first,ssu]

With an extremely light greeting that remain, todo is vanishing.

[okay then…]

The manager uneasily looking at Yoichi.

[now what can we do, temple’s wisteria-san?]

That way of calling is to differentiate his name with todo, but to suddenly called him like that Yoichi did a little frowning.

But, because it’s not especially unpleasant, he isn’t particularly pointing it out.

[nonono, for what can we do now, is there any option for me?]

[eetto, to be honest the one that have arrangement here is that temple’s east-san only, you know?]

[but I’m dead too isn’t it]

[etto…it looks like that]

[so there aren’t anything that we can do now you know]

Yoichi is murmuring that he looks already give up, and the manager suddenly start doing dogeza.

[Please forgive me!!]

[nonono, it’s not like I’m angry! I think I will be vanishing just like this]

Yoichi fl.u.s.tered when replying her, and the manager suddenly stand up.

Her face is wet because of her reflection and regret’s tears.

[It can’t be like that!! I will use my authority to the maximum and something bound to happen]

[Haa. so there will be option for me?]


Then, what is that tears that just now fell down and it’s fast that you can utter complain, now that manager’s expression and tone changed completely.

somehow with that principle, she rub her tears.

[When I check it, because there are no serious injury in your body it’s possible to restore it. So, you can just revive just like that]

(nope, what can I say, in the real word living as working poor is so boring)

[I can’t reincarnate to another world isn’t it]

[Aa, is that palce better?]

[ettoo, it’s depend on the condition]

Like that, when she take it out, but the manager while staring the notebook she start talking and turn the page.

[isn’t that right… because there isn’t existence in this s.p.a.ce that you can reincarnate into, it’s impossible to reincarnate, but what about transfer?]

[transfer… can be said, with my former body to the another world?  can I survive?]

[Aa, if it’s like that, because of temple’s east-san reincarnation,  for now for one person there’s [standard skill set] in this s.p.a.ce]

[standard skill set… what it’s content?]

[etto, it’s [judgement] [infinity storage] [language comprehension] [return] this 4, desu]

Yoichi take the explanation of those skill

[judgement] : confirm the information of object that you see. The information possibly quiet detail. The source of information looks like from akashic record, could I take your understanding. [unlimited storage] : within 1m radius and the user as its center,the goods will stored in other dimension. Related to its weight and capacity, the principle that it’s limitles, but living thing can’t stored. Then, in the [unlimited storage] the time will be stopped. it’s called item box isn’t it. [language comprehension] : can understand every language like own mother language. it’s also supporting your writing and reading. Even that is another world language it’s not a problem. [return] : instantly return to the home point that had been set. When altered the home point, the next day until 10 days later the home point can’t be changed. It’s like the special return skill. (*all of the last line is Yoichi monologue)

[The truth is I want to add growth comprehension or unique skill, this is all that I can do for now…]

[no no!! It’s a skill that I often saw in another world so all of it is handy, desuyo! Thank you very much!!]

[if you already say it like that, it’s really helpful… Then let’s begin the transfer]

[yes, please]

the manager held Yoichi arms.

Yoichi’s field of view become dim, before long he lost his consciousness.

I opened my eyes and see white ceiling.

it seems I sleep on the bed.

Lightly looking around, I see tube that stretching from my arms.

After that, there is a pouch that similar to raindrops,  and when I moved my neck a little bit, I can see electronic equipment that showing electro-cardiogram.

The nurse show a surprised expression in an instant, while a little panic she approaching Yoichi side.

[toda-san, can you hear my voice]

Because I can’t vocalize my voice well, I lightly nod.

[Thanks G.o.d… Then I will call the doctor. Please wait a little bit]

With that conversation the nurse leave Yoichi side with a little run.I didn’t know well the situation, but even little bit it didn’t seems like a middle ages of europe atmosphere with sword and magic world.


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