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Chapter 684

Chapter 684: The Real Test

“Heh heh heh, see those fools from the Yan Huang Sect? They’re still stupidly fighting to the death with that bridge guardian!”

“A bunch of idiots, the bridge guardian is invincible. How could they possibly fight?”

“Making me laugh to death. This bridge keeper has existed for countless thousands of years. With our Heavenly Pill Realm strength, it’s impossible to win! The right thing to do is to find a way to cross him. As long as we cross the bridge, it’s victory!”

The geniuses of the upper realms all laughed out loud. One by one, the geniuses began to form teams and started going up to challenge.

These geniuses, most of them started with a wave of fierce attacks, and then they were desperate to throw out the trump cards given by their elders.

As long as they could suppress the Ghost Name Evil Ichiro for a breath or two, and then they burn their blood essence and perform a recluse technique or a flying ground artifact to force their way through, most of the geniuses were lucky and managed to pa.s.s!

But there were also a few geniuses whose strength was not enough. They did not succeed in suppressing Ghost Name Evil Ichiro.

There was even a group of five people who sent wave of fierce attack, but everything was crushed by Ghost Name Evil Ichiro. The bridge guardian then lifted his hand and shot five consecutive times. Five arrows accurately pierced the five geniuses’ brows, all instantaneous killing them!

But even though some died tragically, the following geniuses still rushed up one after another.

It was only after more than ninety percent of the human cultivators had pa.s.sed through that a number of demon powerhouses began to come forward, similarly casting means to force their way through.

“…… ”

He Yiming just watched quietly, not saying a word.

Although the floating island across the stone bridge looked good, it was littered with fifth and sixth grade spirit materials, as well as rare foreign beasts.

It was indeed enough to call it a secret realm.


He Yiming thought of the Deity Transformation powerhouse who had disappeared here. He also thought of the scene from before where they had addressed him as the Supreme Being, along with the bizarre and unpredictable five-colored lotus flower.

He Yiming had a feeling.

This Legendary Secret Realm was not simple!

“Hold the gra.s.s! Since NPCs can pa.s.s like this, we can too!”

“That’s right! Who’s afraid of who!”

“d.a.m.n, if we don’t pa.s.s, the treasures will all be s.n.a.t.c.hed up by these guys!”

Quite a few players couldn’t help themselves and also intended to learn the NPC’s way.

“All disciples, listen to my order. Stay put for now!” He Yiming, however, suddenly spoke.

“???” The crowd of players were all confused.

What the h.e.l.l?

Since we all knew the method, wouldn’t it be good to just utilize the BUG and rush over to grab the heavenly treasures?

“Oh, I understand, this place… is bound to be fishy!” A player suddenly eyes light up, said triumphantly.

“Hold the gra.s.s, are you stupid? This is not nonsense!” The rest of the players were speechless for a while, itching to kick this idiot to death.

“Hehe, a bunch of idiots! Do you really think that the Legendary Secret Realm can be looked upon by the three great clans, and countless Deity Transformation powers are secretly eyeing this place just for a bunch of fifth and sixth grade spirit materials?” At this moment, the Duke of Six Paths, one of the three figures standing behind Mu Xueying, laughed disdainfully.

At this moment, the ones who were motionless in place were the top level geniuses of each major power.

They were very different from the dregs who thought to exploit the bug and rushed over to take advantage of the situation.

“Everyone, it’s almost time for the real challenge to begin!” And at this moment, Mu Xueying also took a step and stood out, opening her mouth crisply.

At this moment, the remaining geniuses of the three great clans numbered less than a thousand smiled smugly.

“A real challenge?” He Yiming froze.

“Yes, this bridgekeeper, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro, has existed for an extremely long time!”

“That floating island behind him is actually not the true Legendary Secret Realm! Rather, it’s the the fragmented continent of the Ancient Era when it appeared in this Chaos Star Sea. countless years ago!

“This small island was tainted with a small amount of the aura of the Fragmented Continent from the Ancient Era, sp.a.w.ning into a place of opportunity littered with fifth and sixth grade spirit materials! If it were placed in the Three Thousand Worlds, it would be enough to be called a nice little secret realm!”

Mu Xueying leisurely explained.

“Then what does the real test mean?” He Yiming asked again.

“The true test, naturally, is this bridge keeper, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro!

“For countless years, there hasn’t been a single person who has been able to defeat this Ghost Name Evil Ichiro, so the Deity Transformation Great Powers all believe that this Ghost Name Evil Ichiro is invincible! His existence is a test.

“The Deity Transformation powerhouses believe that the true challenge is to fight this Ghost Name Evil Ichiro! As long as you can survive an incense stick of time! It will be counted as a pa.s.s!

“With that, the door to the true Legendary Secret Realm will be opened! Inside, there are ancient relics, countless opportunities, and even seventh-grade spirit materials!”

Mu Xueying smiled faintly.

“One incense…” He Yiming nodded.

This real challenge that Mu Xueying spoke of was speculated by those Deity Transformation Powers seemed to be true!

But He Yiming felt… something wrong.

“I’ll go first!!!” At this moment, a figure stood out.

It was the Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect!

“Ten Thousand Beasts Sect’s Holy Son!” The Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect took a step forward and stood on the ring.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Without saying a word, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro started with a trio of arrows!

“Heavenly weapon, glazed realm!” However, the Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect started with a Heavenly Weapon!

Boom boom boom!

This Heavenly Artifact Glazed Realm was one of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect’s Heavenly Artifacts. It steadily blocked Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s attack.

In the next moment, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro drew his sword and charged over with astonishing speed!

“Blood Burning Technique!!!

“Beast Breaking Eight Desolate Steps!”

And without hesitation, the Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect burned his Blood Essence and performed one of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect’s techniques!

The Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect obviously did not intend to fight hard with Ghost Name Evil Ichiro. He kept casting out the trump cards granted by the Nascent Soul Realm, or even the Deity Transformation powerhouses. Combined with the windy walking technique, he forcibly delayed!

Soon, one incense stick of time finally arrived!


Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s original thunderous storm-like attack suddenly stopped.

“Qualified!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro faintly said, then raised his hand.


The floating island on the other side of the stone bridge was seen to abruptly disappear.

And a tiny island appeared. A tiny, tiny island with only one thing on it.

A gate!

“Hahaha! This Holy Son will take a step ahead and go to that true Legendary Secret Realm!” The Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect laughed and said proudly, and then he crossed the stone bridge and walked in front of that gate.

The gate slowly opened, emitting eye-catching light. The Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect took one step and disappeared into thin air.

“Heh heh heh. Did you see that sc.u.m of the Yan Huang Sect?”

“This is the true Legendary Secret Realm!”

“Not bad, only a genius like the Holy Son of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect can hold out for an incense stick of time!”

Many of the geniuses present opened their mouths, not rushing up to challenge, but instead looking at the Yan Huang Sect’s side in unison. They started mocking them to their hearts’ content.

Talent, we are inferior to you!

But so what?

If you can’t utilize your powerful talent, you’re still trash!

When the players heard this, they exploded on the spot.

“Hold the gra.s.s, these NPCs can still f.u.c.king taunt?”

“d.a.m.n, the dog developer is too shameless!”

“d.a.m.n it, Brother Ming, let us on! I can hold on for one incense stick of time!”

Quite a few players couldn’t take it anymore and all wanted to try.

Mu Xueying also looked at He Yiming, wondering what He Yiming was going to do?

He Yiming quietly gazed at the bridge guardian for a long time and suddenly smiled. He then turned his head to look at Indomitable Bear.

“Indomitable Bear, can you finish him off?”

“Yes! Let me go, Brother Ming!”

“Well, then you go!”


After a simple conversation, Indomitable Bear took one step forward.

“Heh heh heh, the guy from the Yan Huang Sect has gone up. Another one looking for death!”

“I’m betting that this person won’t last more than an incense stick!”

“Not bad, me too!”

Many of the surrounding geniuses intentionally didn’t go for the challenge. They just wanted to watch the show, wanting to witness how these geniuses from the Yan Huang Sect would fall!

However, Indomitable Bear walked to the edge of the ring in large strides.

He suddenly did something that shook the entire arena.

Indomitable Bear skillfully stripped off all of his equipment.

Even the Ice Thunder Demon Blade Azzinoth was placed on the ground.

Then, with a skillful shake of his right hand, he drew a card.

“Ghost Cheer!”

Along with Idomitable Bear’s strong whisper, Emperor Zoro’s power of intent, Ghost Cheer, steeply transformed into a long samurai sword!

The next moment….

Indomitable Bear, who was only wearing a small pair of pants, slowly put on a black blindfold to cover his eyes, and then with a leap in the air, he stood on the ring.

One man, one blade, one pair of pants!

Blindfolded, against the bridge guardian who was known to be invincible, undefeated for tens of thousands of years!!!.

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