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Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Legendary Battle Robe, Strongest Iron Beater King

“What is that guy doing?”

“Isn’t this looking for death?”

“Oh my G.o.d! Did I see it wrong?”

Each of the other geniuses present were looking at Indomitable Bear with a dumbfounded expression.

Surprisingly, he didn’t even wear a single spirit weapon from head to toe?

Even the blade in his hand was condensed from a strand of sword intent?

This is not enough!

This person is even blindfolded!

Is he too arrogant?

Or is he just stupid?

“s.h.i.t, it’s the Legendary Battle!”

“Isn’t this the Legendary Battle that rocked the world 4 years ago?”

“Come to think of it! Hold the gra.s.s, I forgot about it after playing for so long! d.a.m.n, isn’t this the costume that completed the Legendary Battle in Sekiro held 7 years ago? Moreover, it’s made my Brother Bear!”

“Yes, yes, yes, at that time, it was the only Sekiro speedrun that was held! It was the Nut Country expert that got the highest score at that time, and there was also the Stick Country that ranked second, mocking our country in all kinds of ways! Then, Brother Bear, who hadn’t planned to compete, arrived by airplane!”

“One person, one sword, one pants, blindfolded, injury-free speedrun. He defeated the Nut Country and the Stick Country! He dominated the first place! Injury-free, blindfolded, fastest, finished! He shocked the world! He was known as the strongest iron king!”

“d.a.m.n, Brother Bear, is he planning to dream back to four years ago?”

The players instantly boiled over, especially quite a few Soul Game bigwigs each roaring out in excitement.

Four years ago on Earth, Indomitable Bear became famous in one battle and shook the world! He got the reputation of being the world’s strongest iron king!

Four years later!

In this Heavenly Demon Immortal, Indomitable Bear unexpectedly wore this legendary battle robe once again!

One word, show!

Two words, show-off!

Three, invincible show-off!

“Who is the challenger, report your name!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro surprisingly did not make a move. He slowly raised his long black sword and slowly questioned.

“Indomitable Bear!” Indomitable Bear slowly replied, similarly raising the long blade in his hand, Ghost Cheer!


In the next moment, Indomitable Bear’s long sword, Ghost Cheer, and the black long sword in Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s hand instantly clashed together in a strike that shook the void!

Bang Bang Bang!

Both sides exchanged dozens of consecutive slashes between their breaths, and with each strike, both sides’ blades chopped each other with incomparable precision!

“Ghost Name Seven Chop!!!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro suddenly whispered, his figure directly transformed into a black stream of light flashing in front of Indomitable Bear.

In the next moment, seven black streams of light flashed by, directly slashing at the seven vital points of Indomitable Bear!

“Martial Intent, Insight to All Things!”

However, Indomitable Bear directly exerted his martial intent in an instant!

Within the world in front of his eyes, seven blades arrived in a hurry, but they were precisely seen by Indomitable Bear!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Indomitable Bear wielded his long sword, and with seven consecutive blocks, he blocked all seven of these chopping attacks!

“Ghost Dance Step!!!”

But at the next moment, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s figure swayed.

He surprisingly circled back around Indomitable Bear, and another Ghost Name Evil Ichiro even appeared as if he was a doppelganger.

“Ghost Fury Reincarnation!!!”

Immediately, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro who had formed a circle around Indomitable Bear suddenly stood in unison and struck out at the same time, unleashing thirty-six black blade lights, all of which attacking Indomitable Bear!

“Brother Bear!!!” Quite a few players exclaimed in shock.

This time, it was a disaster!

These thirty-six black blade lights, blocking the ground and the air, heading toward him all at once.

There was nowhere to hide!

“Martial Intent, 1 second world!!!”

However, Indomitable Bear steeply unleashed his second Major Achievement Intent!

In the midst of that extra second, Indomitable Bear’s right hand trembled!

“Colored Intent!” As the Colored Intent directly wrapped around Ghost Cheer, Indomitable Bear and Ghost Cheer transformed into a circle!

Bang Bang Bang!

The next moment, seizing the extra second, all the black blade lights were unexpectedly chopped up in unison!

“Ghost Chasing Arrow!!!”

Without saying a word, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro bent his bow with his backhand and fired five consecutive shots!

Bang Bang Bang!

However, Indomitable Bear’s hand easily flicked away all five arrows.

This wave of exchange was simply like an electric flash, ending in just one or two breaths!

But all the geniuses and players who could see this wave of exchange clearly were all shocked!

Let alone the fact that Indomitable Bear was blindfolded!

Even if he could see, could he really block this round of onslaught with such precision?

“d.a.m.n, Brother Lufei’s Colored Intent, has Brother Bear practiced it so skillfully already?”

“d.a.m.n, didn’t you guys learn Brother Lufei’s Colored Intent too? Who learned it?”

“Aba aba aba aba, come on. Do I look like someone who has learned it?”

The players were each shocked, and then each vomited.

How could the gap between a master and a rookie be so big?

“Are you done with your attacks?”

“It’s my turn!”

Indomitable Bear smiled, and in the s.p.a.ce of a breath, the Colored Intent wrapped around his feet!


In the next moment, Indomitable Bear surprisingly arrived in front of Ghost Name Evil Ichiro at an astonishing speed!

He then attacked the guardian!

Bang Bang Bang!

Oniame Evil Ichiro raised his long black sword, and with precision, he blocked all of Indomitable Bear’s fierce attacks!

“Your chopping attack is unable to break through my defense!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro slowly spoke, full of confidence.

“Is that so?” Indomitable Bear smiled strongly.


Indomitable Bear’s right hand chopped down, the moment Ghost Name Evil Ichiro steadily blocked…


In an instant, Ghost Cheer disappeared!

Immediately afterward, the long sword unexpectedly appeared in the Indomitable Bear’s left hand!


In the next moment, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro hurriedly retreated, but he was still cut through his armor by the Ghost Cheer, leaving a huge wound on his torso.


Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s eyes stared, steeply looking towards Indomitable Bear!

“Hold the gra.s.s! Brother Bear is bullish!”

“d.a.m.n, changing hands. It’s a changing hands blade technique! The highest level of blade skills lies in changing hands!”

“I just like it when you don’t understand anything but you still brag in a serious manner!”

The players were in an uproar, and each of them was thrilled to see it.

Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s defense was definitely considered a brick wall, but this hand change blade technique of Brother Bear’s was simply divine!

Indeed, Ghost Cheer was condensed from sword intent, and it wasn’t a real-life metal cutter, so why stick to the original usage?

“You, very good!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro took a few steps back and suddenly spoke slowly.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

“Ghost Name Evil Ichiro chanted, indicating that he’s going to enter his second form!”

“Wow, this boss enters form 2 after one slash? Is it that easy?”

“d.a.m.n it, when Brother Bear is done, I’m going to be the first to go up and have a good time!”

“d.a.m.n, you speak as if you can beat it!”

“What cannot beat, will I not read the strategy? Brother Bear will definitely make a video guide after he kills this sc.u.m Ichiro in a while! Watching it a few times, even a monkey can pa.s.s. Are you stupid?”

Many players could not wait to try fighting the guarding!

However the next moment…


All over his body, an endless black ghostly aura erupted on his body!

“You are strong! You are the second human to injure me in these 47,000 years!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro said slowly, and the huge ghost aura directly spread out, causing the surrounding ground to be surprisingly covered entirely in black ghost aura.

“This is…”

Indomitable Bear was slightly startled. He felt his movements slow down a lot.

The surroundings seemed to have endless extreme evil, constantly trying to erode him and limit him!

Zi zi zi…

And at this time, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro’s form had even more changes.

On the forehead, two long black horns grew. He had double pupils black as ink. His armor shattered in half, revealing half of the body, which was covered with black bizarre lines.

These lines were also writhing constantly, as if they were alive.

“This is my Evil Ghost Domain! Within this domain, all of your abilities will be drastically weakened, while I, on the other hand, will be strengthened tenfold!

“You are indeed very strong! You, however, will still die under my blade!”

Ghost Name Evil Ichiro slowly said, then his figure swayed. His speed was surprisingly ten times faster than before, and in an instant, he pa.s.sed by the side of Indomitable Bear!


However, what even Ghost Name Evil Ichiro didn’t expect was that this strike… was still blocked by Indomitable Bear!

“Hehe, awesome! Is this the power of the domain? Sorry… I have it too!” The corner of Indomitable Bear’s mouth curled up.

“Hold the gra.s.s, Brother Bear also has the power of the domain?”

“d.a.m.n, has Brother Bearcomprehended a new power of intent?”

“Awesome, worthy of being my Brother Bear!”

The players were abuzz with excitement as they all looked towards Indomitable Bear.

However, right at this moment, Indomitable Bear moved!

“Draw card!

“Conqueror’s Haki!”

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