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Chapter 683

Chapter 683: The Bridgekeeper, Onii-Name Evil Ichiro (Part 2)

“Why can’t I see this guy’s cultivation? Whatever, let’s fight first!” Use Three Swords shook the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand, the corner of his mouth grinning.

He then jumped onto the ring.

“I Use…”


Use Three Swords hadn’t even finished saying his name when a long black sword split him and his Green Dragon Crescent Blade in half.

“???” Standing in the Resurrection Hall, Use Three Swords’s brain was full of question marks.


“Nameless person!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro whispered disdainfully, then slowly walked back to his original position.

One person, one blade just standing there silently.

After a brief moment of silence in the room, the third-test human players caused a loud ruckus.

“Hold the gra.s.s, Brother Three Swords was killed in a second!”

“What the h.e.l.l? This is too fast, right?”

“d.a.m.n, I didn’t see anything!”

This scene shocked the third-test human players.

“I’ll do it!” Without saying a word, Pineapple Blowing Snow directly charged up!


With a crisp shattering sound, Pineapple Blowing Snow looked like the twin swords in his hand, chopped to pieces and holding hatred to the end.

“If you can’t block it, just dodge it. Watch me!” Eat My Last Sword was the third to take up the challenge.

As soon as he got into the ring, without saying a word, he backed away sharply.

“This ring, there’s a problem!” However, Eat My Last Sword shockingly discovered that his Heavenly Pill Realm cultivation and his powerful physical body strength were actually suppressed to death in general.

He could only retreat a few meters backward at full speed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The next moment, three arrows arrived instantaneously, directly shattering the longsword in Eat My Last Sword’s hand, while also piercing Eat My Last Sword’s body.

Another instantaneous kill!

In a short period of time, three experts from the third-test human players were instantly killed on the spot!

“…… ”

Seeing this scene, Lose Half silently retracted his foot.


Fortunately I didn’t go up.

It this actually a setup?

“Genichiro is so strong? What the h.e.l.l, this d.a.m.n developer is being toxic againt!”

“Are you stupid, Genichiro has always been strong, right?”

“I feel that the third-test players have no chance. Maybe we can ask the first test and the second test big brothers to go up and perform!”

Many players were all in a flurry of discussion.

But right at this moment, the three geniuses at the head of the Three Swords Alliace stood out.

“Hehe, guys from the Yan Huang Sect, widen your eyes and watch! This is what a true genius is!”

These three figures smiled proudly.

With that, the three of them nodded their heads and without saying a word, they leapt into the air and jumped onto the ring.

“Three against one?” The player was confused.

d.a.m.n, it can be three against one?

“Sword intent, Heavenly River Sword!”

“Sword intent, Great Sword Without Blade!”

“Sword Intent, Sky Cutting Sword!”

As soon as the three geniuses from the Three Sword Alliance got into the ring, they unleashed their sword intent to unleash countless attacks without saying anything!

Bang Bang Bang!

However, Ghost Name Evil Ichiro waved his long sword and shattered all the attacks sent by these three geniuses!

“Talisman, Mountain Suppressing Seal!”

“Heavenly Weapon, Mountain River Diagram!”

“Nascent Soul One Finger!!!”

However, the three geniuses were not the least bit fl.u.s.tered.

They all took out the cards given to them by their respective clan’s Nascent Soul Realm seniors and struck out in unison!

Boom boom boom!

This wave of attacks bombarded Ghost Name Evil Ichiro in the span of another breath.

And within these two full breaths of time, the three geniuses burned their blood essence and executed their greatest evasion techniques.

With a single shift in the void, they rushed out of the ring and arrived on the other side of the stone bridge.

“Despicable outlander!!!” Ghost Name Evil Ichiro spoke icily, but did not pursue.

Instead, he stood quietly in the middle of the ring.

“Hahaha! The heavenly treasures in this Legendary Secret Realm are ours!”

The three geniuses from  the Three Swords Alliance laughed triumphantly, then directly rushed towards the floating island in front of them.

“Hold the gra.s.s!”

“They are… so despicable?”

“What the h.e.l.l, this NPC can utilize BUGs? I want to throw up!”

All the players vomited blood in unison, feeling that their intelligence had been insulted!

Hold the gra.s.s!

This dog developer is too much of a sc.u.mbag!

We were seriously fighting the bridge guard, but the NPCs rushed straight through by using a BUG?

The NPC’s are not the only ones who can play like this.

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