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And it was just the start.

For the following three days, I just locked myself in my laboratory and started working on all the new ideas that I got. The Soul Gems with Seeker Souls didn't run out yet and I invested a lot of gemstones on my work.

I came up with two new things after all that.

I now have a [Surveillance Orbs] devices with a new Memory storing system. The memory gems were not as good as the original Memory Crystals that appeared in Hammerfell and Clockwork City but they were storing changing enchantments and reading the data back so it sounded pretty much like the 'Magnetic Storage' method that was used in electronics on Earth.

I added a 'Facial Recognition' ability to the [Surveillance Orbs] and it started to take notice of details and seek the face shapes of the people walking around the town. After I installed them around Neo Saarthal, the next day, they alerted me to a boy who was stealing from the food storage. A very good result, I would say.

The next device I came with was an upgrade of the Auto-Targeting system on the Tesla Towers fixed on the walls. I can now make install the Mechanism on the [Anti-Air Ballistas] and the [Magicka Cannons].

Speaking of which, a new generation of Magic Cannons was applied in Neo Saarthal different than the Naval-Grade Fireball Canons. These [Magicka Cannons] would shoot blasts of blue Pure Magicka and the damage was a bit scary. I got the idea from the function of the Bloodskal Aura and created something similar that can work on Magicka Reactors.

Why did I do all that? Arming the town and adding complicated Magicka defenses?

The answer is not easy to say but I am afraid. Actually, I am terrified.

The Dare Dragon Group has stayed kept a low profile for long enough and we started to attract a lot of attention lately especially after I started moving on a wide range and clashed with the Intelligence Agencies of the Empire and the Stormcloaks.

I wasn't worried at first because of my personal strength but let's face it… Winterhold is not strong enough to remain intact without me. I don't want to be a hero who saves Winterhold every time. I just want to sit around and watch it save itself and handle things on its own.

And who knows, maybe I may not be able to save it one day and a tough situation comes up. I need a superpower behind me.

I have a lot of money that I can't spend it all in one lifetime so it was the time to start doing something actually useful with it.

And the last thing is that I made many enemies recently and I need my town to survive the trials yet to come. No defense is enough for the chaos that will arrive in the latter half of year 4E 201. I won't get satisfied if I don't have enough defenses that can be as strong as the [Dare Fleet], strong enough to repel an army from just the walls.

Anyway, Jullanar started yelling at me after three days of being completely engrossed in work. I was dragged back to Winterhold town and thrown into the bathhouse to have a shower.

"I am sorry, the inspiration is not something I should push away when it comes. I really wanted to work like that for a long time."

"Shut up! You and Alina become so obsessed when you start saying magical terms I can't comprehend. What on Nirn is that Magical Engineering? It is so complicated! Even Alchemy is not that…"


"No, Alchemy is not predictable so it is fun. The word I am looking for is…"


"Yes! Why do you have to dig deep behind every truth like a sane person? It may ruin your head."

Jull was really p.i.s.sed.

"Well, I guess that's how you see things. Magic is about the truth of things."

"No, it is supposed to be about blasting things off and having fun."

"Calm down, Sheogorath."

Her madness was really acting up tonight again.

"What are you two talking about?" From behind the vapor of the bath, Aela voice came out.

She walked in the bathtub with a towel wrapped around her chest and waist. I only grinned and cast [Telekinesis] taking the towel away from her.

"We're talking about Magic."

"... Whatever, I don't get it anyway." She hid her body with her arm and went in the water away from me.

She seemed to be still taking distance from me after all that. I just winked to Jull and she nodded.

"I am going to bring some drinks." Jull said and walked out. It was only me and Aela now.

"So, what do you think?"

"About what?"

"What you saw."

"... It is alright. Winterhold is way better than what we heard about and the work her is good."

"I am talking about myself." I said.

"... What do you mean?"

"You said that all us lord do is to sit around on their b.u.t.ts all day and do nothing brave or adventurous."

Aela looked at me for a while and nodded.

"I am not going back at my words."


"I will only say that you proved that you are different but that doesn't mean the rest of the lords are."

"Well, that's good."


"Me… being different."

"... Are you always this smug?"

"All day long. Come closer!" I signaled for her to come closer but she seemed hesitant.


I stood up and went to her.

"What should I do to turn your head around?" I asked as I sat beside Aela and closed on her.

She remained unfazed unlike each time I get close to her. She then turned around and looked at me.

Her eyes were not as cold as before, instead, they were bright and gleaming golden. I could feel her gaze so sharp but so frivolous and her smile was wide and clear.

She was just like a wolf, no, she was always she-wolf. Her gaze alone made me feel like she wants to gut me open and eat me from inside.

"I said that you proved yourself before, can't you take a hint?"

As she finished speaking, she jumped from her place and sat on my legs facing me and hugging my head closer to hers.

"Oh, I see! You were already on board."

"Hehe!" She giggled with smiling eyes of a beast. "You go to Oblivion just to fill some soul gems and took me for that Skydiving. I don't think there is much excitement one can offer another."

She is a true Adrenaline Junkie. What on Nirn did I do to have a Holy Maiden, a crazy girl and adrenaline junkie in my life? Are there no normal girls out there?

"Sigh! Fine, but that was just a normal day. The crazy stuff haven't started yet."

"Oh! Now you are making me wet." She shivered from excitement and her nails dug in my skin.

We were acting like mad people and started breaking stuff at only the foreplay. For safety purposes, I pulled us into the Haven Cube. But officially, I got a third girlfriend at the end of the day.

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