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A/N: HUN KAAL ZOOR {Ilka Sebastian}.

Will sing your name is Sovngarde and publish an Extra in your honor!

I also posted an Auxiliary Chapter under the name 'The World Explained (Creation)', do check it out.

A bunch of Ebony Gear, a powerful Dragon Priest Mask, Ahzidal's artifacts, a new Word of Power, many ancient treasures, a Black Book of forbidden knowledge, I would say we hit the jackpot till it got swollen.

But I dare dally not as my plan was still being brewed and we spend almost half of our time in digging up an ancient tomb.

Yesterday, House Redoran's government in Raven Rock summoned me and agreed to a business partnership. They seemed to have sent a word to the main house in Blacklight City in mainland Morrowind and received the green light. Now we have a kicked another worry away.

I boldly requested the ruins of Fort Frostmoth and Councilor Morvayn agreed to my terms in return that the Redoran Guards will occupy the fort as its security detail and whatnot. I couldn't argue of course as an outlander like myself can't get just pop up and request the fort for himself. We are only using the pier as our dock and the empty s.p.a.ce as our storehouse, we managed to also make a small office in Raven Rock for our personnel to settle and make do business.

With all said and done, I acted sa.s.sily and requested to extend my visit to Raven Rock claiming that it is my first time out of Skyrim… blah blah blah, and the land is fascinating... blah blah blah. Well, you just can imagine me being boldly rude and taking advantage of people with thick skin. Riften is still within me, I would say.

Anyway, Wulfur, the greatest Blacksmith I know managed to put Ahzidal's artifacts on the Ebony Gear that we acquired. I know carry some good artifacts on me and can walk proudly with them.

'System, show me how cool I am."

-Staff: [Skull of Corruption: (Dreamsteal) (Waking Nightmares) (Agony)]

-Staff: [Staff of Sheogorath (Bind) (Paralyze)]

-Head: [Ahzidal's Helm (Far Sight) (Homing Effect)]

-Armor: [Saviors Hide (35% Magic and Poison Resistance)]

-Gauntlets: [Ahzidal's Ebony Fists (25% Physical Damage) (25% Magic Resistance)]

-Boots: [Ahzidal's Ebony Striders (Waterwalking) (15% Speed)]

-Cloak: [Fancy Azure College Robe (150% MP Regen)]

-Ring: [Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy (+25% Stronger Undead) (Soultrap)]

-Ring: [Haven Cube (Subs.p.a.ce)]

-Ring: [Nurina's Gold Ring (200% MP Regen)

G.o.dd.a.m.n! I love it…

Savior's Hide is made from black fur so it went really well with the Ebony Boots and Gauntlets, the Helm was the only part that resembled its original appearance from the game but it was good and covered my head really well, it also was horned and looked really cool.

My old gear was mostly enchanted by me and it was not armored really well so with that I feel like I am back to business again. Due to my physical size and I am a bit of hulkling so I really fit with heavy armors and it doesn't annoy me that much.

What I lack is a good weapon and I know just where to find one but let's keep that for later.

Anyway, we initiated 'Phase 2' of the plan of 'Making Solstheim Great Again' and what possibly can go wrong. Last time there was an Ash Storm, this handsome young man shouted it back to the devil's a.n.u.s. Truly, these Ash Storms make you feel like Molag Bal is farting.

Anyway, back to 'Phase 2'.

This time I am going to the north with my crew and some men to explore the old caves up north. Before I go, I made some of the men go around the coast and ask about some items known as the Resonance Stones just to hasten things up. It will be needed for 'Phase 3'.

With that out of the way, we departed to the north and decided to make camp in the wild at nightfall just for the sake of fun.

Wulf was tired of working so he just decided to go have a swim with Jorna in the nearby lake. I gave him an Energy Training Scroll that had the basics of the Meditative Cultivation and the Dual Cultivation then left him with a wink.

Alina and Jullanar were having a girls discussion so I decided to go on a hunt with Nefert.i.ti.

"What's with you these days?" I asked.

"... Nothing." She said.

Actually, she was acting strangely. She kept her Human Form up for a long time and she also is having a weird change of att.i.tude. I would always appreciate a black-haired loli with cat ears and tail but something was off I could feel it.

What is stranger was that she started to use Shadow Magic a lot which is also not that usual for her, she is normally lazy and would sleep a lot but now she possesses my shadow by sinking in it and saying that she had a nap… in my shadow.

She once slept on my lap in her human form too.

I don't hate it at all but… something is really off with her lately.

This morning I checked her teeth and made her eat some medicine but it didn't change anything. She is less cheerful and a bit moody too.

I had to keep the Haven Cube with her so that it would cheer her up and it worked for a while.

Sigh! Being a cat father is so worrisome when the cat isn't acting like her usual.

Maybe the weather is bothering her or she… I don't know.

I need to ask someone with more experience than me.




A couple of creepy incorporeal dudes haunting me can't figure out a cat!

(I think the problem is that she has changed.) Shadow said.

'I am listening.'

(She was just a normal animal when you picked her up, you took her on your journeys, you rode skies, met a dragon, she became a werebeast, went into a daedric realm together… I am not expert about animals but something happened along those lines and she became a cat no more.)

'You really are asking to be banned!'

(No, she is a cat but she became more. A magical creature or spirit cat… I am bound into your Mind Realm so all I can do is make guesses.)

'Well, all cats are magical creatures but you may have a point. She indeed gained more intelligence and transcended the normal limits of a cat.'

(I wouldn't say transcen…)


(... Whatever suits your fancy!)

'She may be mantling the great Cat G.o.ddess as we speak.'

(... I am out of here.)

'Tsk! Puppy loving heathen.'

I cut the transmission with Shadow and started thinking about it seriously… I still guess I need to observe more.

"Nefert.i.ti, where are you?"

I looked around and didn't find her, once I tried to track the Magicka Mark I left on her I got her signal forward. She was moving fast in weird pattern… or that was a fight!

I cast 'Levitation' and flew forward right away.

A large black cat was hissing while moving in circles in front of another beast, that beast had unusually long limbs and claws with a big head and grey fur, it was a werewolf.

The Werewolf howled at Nefert.i.ti but he got hissed at.

Nefert.i.ti's presence seemed to be a lot stronger and provoked the werewolf greatly. He took the initiative to attack and charged at Nefert.i.ti with its claws slashing at her.

Nefert.i.ti turned into a bolt of shadow and disappeared from the werewolf sight in second, she then appeared over him and slashed his back with her claws.


The werewolf got set flying to a tree's trunk and its back seemed to be injured badly. Even with the injury, the werewolf got back on its feet and stood on its legs then howled to the sky.

Nefert.i.ti was provoked by the howl but she didn't charge, she stood on her rear legs too and something bizarre started to happen.

Her limbs started to extend more and her head started to be larger, she was still smaller than the werewolf but rather than just a larger cat form she became much larger and her paws became hands with long and sharp claws.

Her general appearance resembled a Suthay Khajiit with their lean limbs and slender figures, her tail, however, became taller. Her fur started to become taller on her back and her tail while and her ears became a bit larger.

Jon who appeared later in the sky witnessed that transformation at first hand and became amazed.

He was noticing Nefert.i.ti's change of behavior but he never thought that she was still growing as werebeast from the inside. He looked at the sky at the moons and noticed the two full moons in the sky.

"Sigh! I should watch over her then."

Jon kept silent and started looking at the fight once again, he had to make sure that Nefert.i.ti doesn't get harmed but he still had to leave her to grow up more.

Nefert.i.ti was done transforming and her height was fixed at a few centimeters shorter than the werewolf. This was a full-fledged Werecat.

[A/N: https://ibb.co/8XCL6pD you can imagine it that way.]

Her blue eyes shone in the dark and a wave of strong anger started to manifest from her eyes, the Werewolf was threatened and charged with all the power it hand but Nefert.i.ti disappeared once again.

She was not aboved him this time, she was below him and thorns made of Shadow Magic started to appear on her back like a hedgehog. Once she was right at the position she wanted, she launched those spikes at the werewolf above her.

The werewolf felt a crazy amount of pain all the thorns that attacked its front and back, it was in agonizing pain and started whining as soon as it fell on the ground.

Nefert.i.ti came above the badly wounded werewolf and waved her claws at its neck ending its life.

Nefert.i.ti started devouring the flesh of the werewolf, she started feeding on it but it was not really to her taste yet Jon didn't stop her at all. A werebeast needs energy to prolong their transformation. He knew that she was in berserk state right now. She would attack anyone on site and that would be a problem.

Jon took the Skull of Corruption and cast the staff's ability 'Waking Nightmares' at Nefert.i.ti. Not far from here, another Werecat with a similar appearance manifested from the void.

'Let's see how good you are.' Jon thought and commanded Nefert.i.ti's image to taunt her.

Once Nefert.i.ti heard the hiss of a beast similar to her, she was clearly in the mood to fight once again, she let the body of the werewolf and focused on the new guest.

The fake Nefert.i.ti took another command from Jon and turned around to run away. The original Nefert.i.ti was completely provoked and gave a chase.

The mastermind Jon was still floating above the trees while witnessing the two beasts and their amazing speed. He was commanding them to a destination where they can have a fight but as he was in the sky, he noticed a place and sensed some life auras from inside.

'Frostmoon cave? I almost forgot. A pack of werewolves that worship do live there… hmmm! I wonder."

Jon commanded the fake Nefert.i.ti to the cave and landed down to witness how will this unfold.

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