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After a long engagement of moaning and roaring, I finally had the best time with Aela that I could ever have.

I am not sure why but this girl loves violence to a strange degree. She would get bored pretty fast if we are not doing it rough. I am not that big fan of rough action but I can say that she gave all the green lights so I didn't hold back.

I still don't want to teach her the dual cultivation or any of that just yet. She wasn't great with Magicka but I had a feeling I can take a new approach with that problem with her being a werewolf. Perhaps, she will face the same changes as Nefert.i.ti.

Nefert.i.ti's energy comes from me as her partner. She can use my Magicka as a Beast and Human who are bonded many times not only by Hircine but as a Firemane and Familiar with my bloodline blessing.

I still need time to study that but all I want to do now is to appreciate the beauty in my hand.

She was completely taken down when I took a small portion of the Anuic Energy in her. This was me switching her off.

She put her head on my chest and surrendered her body to me. She wanted to rest for a while beside me so, why not.

I took us out of the Haven Cube and splashed into the plunge pool in the bathhouse. Jull was floating on top of the pool and made a fuss when we came.

"Without me again?"

"Look at the scratches over my body! She is not ready for a threesome at all believe me."

"What's a threesome?"


Aela is too hard to control when she lets loose and so does Jull. I am not sure how can I handle them two on one bed.

Anyway, The day came to a close and I invited Aela to sleep crash over at my place.

The next day was a busy day, all sort of paperwork was piling up everywhere just because I decided to take three days in the laboratory.

"How can you be so amazing in a day and so boring the other day?" Aela and Jull complained.

"If you want me to stop being boring, help me with those piles of work."


"Then shut up, both of you."

"I am going to kill on a ride with Magenta." Jull bailed out. Recently, her pet spider grew abnormally large and she started to ride it. I don't even know how to feel about it.

"Give me a job." Aela said.

"You don't want to spend some time resting?"

"I've been resting for three days. Now give me a job."

"Fine." I started looking through the piles and found an investigation request from the Whispering Town. "Here you go."

"Investigation? You think I am Vilkas."

"No, but he uses his nose, you are a werewolf too so use yours."

"... You realize that is insulting?"


"... I will do the job. I may also return to Whiterun for after a few days."

"You don't like it here?"

"I do but I am a Companion and my place is in Whiterun, I will come every now and then."

"So, what about the Outpost you guys made here?"

"I said I will come. The Outpost can be managed by Circle members so I will be switching every month with someone."

"Fine… before you go, I had something I wanted to give you for some time."


I stood up and went across the office to a chest I have prepared for her.

"Come and open it."

She came and opened the chest. Inside, there was a piece of armor that made Aela narrow her eyes.

"That is… it looks familiar." She said.

"You may have seen it on display in the Cube but it is a very important Artifact that served me for a long time. It was gifted to me by Hircine, the Prince of the Hunt and patron of all werewolves."

Aela widened her eyes and looked at me.

"Savior's Hide?"


Her face became very serious and looked between me and the armor but she didn't dare to touch it.

"You are… you won the favor of the Stag Prince?" She looked at me as if it was unexpected.

"You just saw me use a Black Book to enter Oblivion the other day." I retorted.

"..." She was still trying to comprehend something on my face then spoke, "Are you sure you want to give me this? It is a treasure!"

"I know it is but for people who are not Werebeasts, it is a good armor with good functionality that protects against Poison and Magic. To Werebeasts like you, it is way more useful and has much more benefits, I heard that it can make your power as a werewolf grow and you won't have to remove it to switch forms between a Werewolf and a human."

[A/n: I just added those features, not canon.]

"But… it is still useful to you." She said.

"Yeah but Wulfur and I can make something as good and look more befitting of a Thane rather than a fur armor… even though I like it a lot."

"I see… thank you… Jon."


This is the first time she says my name. She always said 'You' and 'He' but not my name. Kinda stubborn that one.

"Fine, put it on."

Aela took out the armor and tried to feel its size but she came to a halt.

"It is big."

"Just put it on."

Aela nodded and stripped in front of me. How casual!

As soon as she put the armor on, it looked very big on her and she turned around looking at me.

"Wait for it… oh! Here it is."

The armor started moving on its own as if it had its own life, it made a strange sound as it started to change its size. As the armor [Savior's Hide] started resizing, it became a perfect fit on her.

"Amazing!" Aela was impressed and so do I.

"The [Savior's Hide] would never turn down a werebeast as I read. It accepts you as a new owner. Congratulations."

With Aela and the [Savior's Hide] together, I can be at ease. I need to ready that girl for the coming chaos too.

With that, I finally got a kiss (which was mostly bites) and she set off to do her job. I returned back to my desk and felt depressed right away.

"f.u.c.king paperwork."

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