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In the game, [Bardic Knowledge] was just a minor power that would increase the Stamina Regeneration by calling out for a spectral drum to keep playing a motivative tone or whatever.

In reality, this thing is simply too overpowered.

As long as one has a minor understanding of a certain instrument, one can summon a spectral version of it and make it play. Depending on the type of instrument and the type of tone being played, a buff or a debuff can be cast.

What are the possibilities of such power?

Let's say… for a person like me, it is limitless.


Instead of summoning a spectral drum, lute or a flute… I can summon a Piano, an Organ, a Violin or even a French Horn.

But does it end there?

Nope. Anything that can make music is qualified to be summoned in a spectral state and that includes, Gramophones, Stereo Speakers or a DJ Mixer.

Well, I don't know how they work but I at least studied something before about the speakers so I'll manage.

I couldn't wait to use such power but I had to return to Mundus first as the air of Apocrypha was giving me chills. I would be mad if I stayed longer than that anyway.

Thankfully, the way of return was easy and I read [Book Book: Untold Legends] once again and my consciousness faded. Next thing I know, I was laying on the ground covered by some disturbing tentacles while Jullanar, Aela and Nefert.i.ti were looking down at me.

"Told you he's a pervert." Jull said to Aela.

"It is so eerie, how could he stand such a thing being on his skin." Aela looked at me with disgust.

"Hooman is immune to any sensation except fluff." Nefert.i.ti defended my honor and reputation.

I staggered up from my place and cracked my stiff bones. Without replying at them, I took the Black Book and returned it to its place after making sure it was well sealed.

"So, what were you doing opening a Black Book without us knowing?" Jull said.

"Unfortunately, each [Black Book] is one person ticket to Apocrypha. And you know I wouldn't pay a visit to Oblivion unless it is urgent. Also, I picked the book with the least evil aura."

"I see."


Opposite to Jull's understanding expression, Aela turned pale.

"You just said you had s.e.x while skydiving which none of us tried before so him going to Oblivion on a whim is not that strange, okay? We'll all get there in the end." Jull explained.

"..." Aela was trying to understand the logic.

"Don't worry about her. She is an Adrenaline Junkie so she'll fit in just right."

"Oh, welcome aboard, wolf girl. So, what was so important that made you go to Oblivion?"

"I wanted to fill some Soul Gems with Daedra Souls and got a nice reward in the way. You should try it some time."

"I'll pa.s.s. By the way, that operative that you sent to Morthal returned with this item. You said you wanted it."

Jull handed me a dagger hilt.

"Oh, that's the hilt of Mehrune's Razor. I'll put it with the blade shards."

"And we are going."


Jull pulled Aela out of s.p.a.ce 51 and headed out to show her the rest of the Cube s.p.a.ces and I started reorganizing the room and put the Shards and the Hilt together. Now I only need the Scabbard and the Pommel.

And now, it is time.

I cast [Bardic Knowledge] and made headphones and a microphone connected to each other.


"Yes, Hooman."

"See that thing?" I pointed at the mic.

"Mhm." she nodded.

"I want you to fluff at it. Give it all you got."

She tilted her head then looked at the mic.

"... Okay."

She seemed hesitant at first but she switched to normal form right and I put the headphones on right away.

I started hearing the sound of her movement as she approached the mic.

Gooseb.u.mps overtook my whole being.

It is finally happening.

She walked by the mic and rubbed her body on it... it was then.

The sound manifested in my headphones was clear and carried a strong magical energy. She got closer and purred at the mic.


It really happened!

The Cat ASMR!

I think I saw Holy Cat G.o.ddess smiling on me for a second just there.

Cat bless!

After experiencing a full session of the glorious 'Cat ASMR', I returned back to the workshop s.p.a.ce in the Cube, I started using the Soul Gems with the Souls of the Seekers and fused many of them together until I got a Grand Soul Gem.

Now, the enchantment I was working on should take the characteristics of the Seekers who are the Daedra that gather knowledge for Hermaeus Mora. With souls that has curiosity as a part of their behavior, I am sure the Radar Enchantment will work just fine.

Still, it needed time for the trial and error stage. I know it will work because the Soul and the Enchantment worked together really well.

I powered the device by a Magicka Reactor and it started showing signs of response to the s.p.a.ce. The Screen started working as I predicted and a 3D map appeared on it, the map took the shape of the Cube s.p.a.ces I put together and started to act as I expected immediately.

It had a few modes installed. [Hostility Detection], [Search] and [All Detection]. They function as they were called.

The soul of the Seeker is an Undying Daedric Vestige so it will try to act on its own and go wild but an Enchanter like me won't leave such a thing for the chance, I put many restraints and seals on the soul gem and the enchantment so that the soul of the Seeker remain in an illusion loop that it has returned to Oblivion.

Daedra are impossible to kill and the rule applies even on the lesser ones. If a Daedra was killed, its fake soul which is known as the Vestige will return to its origin in Oblivion and will go through a rebirth to become the same Daedra once again with everything intact.

This meant that the Daedra creatures are not really living or dead. The living creatures need an Aedric vessel called the 'Soul' and the Undead need a magic vessel created by Necromancy. The Daedra is something in between powered by the Vestiges of Oblivion but they are still fit to use in Enchantments even though they are really dangerous.

One of the examples is the tale of Feyfolken. A quill that was enchanted by the soul of a Daedra called Feyfolken that served the Prince of Wishes, Clavicus Vile. That quill could change any script written by it into a beautiful piece of art that no mortal can write anything like but there was a cost. That quill would possess its user until his demise which will probably be orchestrated by it.

[A/n: I recommend reading the tale of Feyfolken in a book with the same name in the game.]

I, on the other hand, made sure that such a thing doesn't happen to my little Radar over here. I need it to be restraint and work as I command. The device has a metal case to contain its parts which were a Screen, a Magicka Reactor, an Antenna, a Control Orb, the Command Gems (which are enchanted gemstones linked together by Elven steel wires) and three switches. They all were arranged in the metal case together and only the Light Emitting Screen was installed outside above the case.

Looking at it, I had a weird feeling.

"Did I just create a magical Macintosh Computer?"

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