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The Time We Spent Wasn't a Waste kurokurori.worpress.com

Flamm's arms are being swallowed by the lady with a flesh vortex of a face and she couldn't pull free.
While she was unable to move, the ogre's fist is drawing near.
If she couldn't pull her arm off—then there is only one way to break free.

Flamm: “Sarah-chan, cast healing magic on my arm!”
Sarah: “Eh?! But if I do that—”
Flamm: “That's okay, hurry!”

Sarah didn't learn magic to hurt people, and Flamm understood that as well.
But Flamm's eyes are desperately shouting “you are saving me!”.
Thus, Sarah overthrows her will and extends her hand.

Sarah: “Recover!”

Simply using Heal won't be enough to heal the part of the arm that are already shredded.
Therefore she needed to use a more advanced spell.
The dazzling light shining from Sarah's hands wraps up Flamm's arm, seeps into it and dissolves it from the inside.

Flamm: “A…Ga…AAAAAHHH!”

Finally with her power, Flamm pulled herself free from parts of her arm that has been minced to pieces.
She gnashed her teeth, attempting not to lose consciousness from the pain. Rolling over, she managed to dodge the ogre's fist.
The fist that grazed Flamm collides with the wall and created a glaring spiral shape.

Sarah: “Onee-san!”
Flamm: “Haa, haa, haa……kuh, Sarah-chan, let's run!”

The two ran side by side.
The ogre who was on all fours glared at the backside of the two—and it broke into pursuit.
As expected, it was slower than when it was dashing on two legs.
Flamm and Sarah used the turns of the corner and opened their distance with the ogre.
All the while they ran, Flamm's arm grew back and the pain disappears as well.

Sarah: “Are you sure you're okay?”
Flamm: “I'm al-right…or so I'd like to say, fuh……but, I can, still go on…I think.”

Every time she felt pain, her spirits are worn down.
But despite her worn down spirits, remembering Milkit waiting for them in Enichidae, her spirits are immediately restored.
As long as she's waiting, she can't possibly die in this place.
She was out of breath because of her pain,
but as her body returns back to how it was before, the two ran through the facility at full speed.
As they tried to escape with utmost effort, the figure of the ogre eventually vanished.

Sarah: “Did we lose it?”
Flamm: “Yeah, perhaps. But we need to still be on our guard.”
Sarah: “That's right, this time we can hear voices from everywhere.”

Save me; Please save me, those words are echoing all around them.
Perhaps it's a trap that uses a dead body like the woman from earlier and they're set up all around in the facility.
It seems like strength is not the only thing that's improved of that ogre; its intelligence did as well.
Perhaps the original purpose of this research facility is strength improvement.

Sarah: “But what should we do? I feel it's going to be difficult if we keep running.”
Flamm: “We can't really do anything without beating him, can we?”
Sarah: “I'm not really good with light-attribute offensive magic. My highest damage output is this here mace……”
Flamm: “Me too, if this sword won't cut it, then…”
Sarah: “For now we can only think of a way to improve our power. That, or we have to use some sort of device within this facility.”

While it's true that they have came through some equipment used for experiments, they didn't know how to use them.
Perhaps they're already broken and can't be operated anymore.
If that's the case, they should search for a way to improve their power—but are they really going to be lying around somewhere?

Flamm: “Were there any light-attribute magic that can buff your status?”
Sarah: “I can't use those as well. I'm ashamed of myself.”

Sarah lowered her head.

Flamm: “Then—”

Flamm put her hand on her chin and thinks.
But their enemy didn't give them any leeway to think of a counterattack.
The sound of heavy footfalls they heard earlier reached the ears of Flamm who was deeply thinking their next step.
The direction of the sound was—from their front.

Sarah: “Onee-san, that thing is coming!”

From their front, the ominous flesh vortex face peeks out suddenly and gazes toward their direction.
As soon as he sees the figure of the two, it immediately broke into a chase.

Flamm: “Kuh, does this mean it understands its way around the facility!?”

The two changed directions and begin running away again.
If they keep running, there won't be an end to it.
They had to find a way break through its tough defense, somehow.
The method is—the method to immediately improving the power of her sword is—

Gadio: “We adventurers would sometimes need to fight enemies with their status several times higher than ours. At that time, there's a way to break through their defense”.

A memory of her journey resurfaced.
The battle-hardened warrior Gadio had told her, before teaching her a sword skill despite fully knowing its futility.

Flamm: “Cavalier Arts……”
Sarah: “What's that?”

While Gadio had taught her that skill, Flamm whose statuses were flat zeroes back then couldn't use that skill at all.
But if it's now,
Her status is improved upon equipping cursed equipment; she can convert her strength into Prana, and her power are boosted, so right now, Flamm might be able to use that skill. (TLN: Prana is some sort of chi. Imagine it as some sort of inner power you can bring forth)
She's performing this without trials. If she failed, she could die.
However, she would die if she didn't try anyways.

Flamm: “If I use that, my attack might go through.”
Sarah: “Do you have a way?”
Flamm: “Yeah…It's kind of all or nothing though.”

She truly didn't know if she would succeed or not.
Wagering with that odds, she couldn't bring herself to bring a little girl like Sarah along.
But for the brave Sarah, she said thus with an expression of trust;

Sarah: “Do you need some preparations?”

Would she leave it up to her? Even if it's for a bit, she would have to send this little girl to face that beast.

Flamm: “…I think would need a little bit of time.”

She didn't have a choice, for now. No matter how disgraceful it feels, she needs to do this to seize a better future.

Sarah: “If that's the case, then I'll buy you some time until you're ready!”

Sarah stopped on her tracks, held her mace and faced the ogre.
She couldn't waste her determination.
Flamm pulled her Soul Eater from the dimensional pocket just behind Sarah.
And then she closed her eyes, held the sword with both hands and begun concentrating.

Sarah: “Alright! Come at me! If ya wanna be taken down by me then it's fine ya' know!”

The ogre who recognized Sarah as an obstacle gathered its power and swung its fist.
She dodged with a paper-thin distance, and while rushing along the wall, she runs round and forth.

Gadio: “The basics of how you should think about it is like magic, collecting mana that fills your body into your hand and turn it into power. The difference with magic is that it's difficult to think of your strength as a similar feeling.”

Recalling her teacher's words, she attempted to grasp the strength dwelling inside her body with a third hand that she stretched into her body.
However—as if it was water, it slipped between her fingers.

Gadio: “It's more fluid, smoother, and purer than mana. Therefore you would need your heart to be as calm as clear water that can produce reflections.”

—Flamm further deepened her concentration.
The sound from her surroundings are slowly disappearing.
She becomes more keen.
The waves in the depths of her heart are gone, leaving a calm, transparent, colorless, silent s.p.a.ce of water.

Sarah: “Guh…!”

Sarah received the ogre's fist with her mace, blowing her away.
The girl crashed into a wall, and remembering an ominous feeling from her back, she promptly cast healing magic on herself.
In the gap of her a.s.sault, the enemy started pursuing her further.
She dodged the attack by jumping out of the way, and after that she had to dodge again, and again—with each repeats, she was driven further into a corner.

Sarah: “Onee-san, you're…not done yet, huh? It's alright, I can still hold!”

Grasp it—that which is flowing; lay it on her palm.
She succeeded.
But she cannot celebrate just yet, if the tranquility of her heart is broken, that inner power will spill and scatter.
She proceeded to the next level.

Gadio: “Once you take hold of it, the rest is simple. Bring that power forth into your arm and infuse it into your sword.”

Unlike magic which you had to keep a firm image or it won't activate, once you seize your Prana, it is easy to use them.
With the Prana in her third arm, she fills her bodily arms with them.
From her inner body onto her shoulders,
From her shoulders to her arms, and from her arms to her palms, and from her palms—the clear, pure and therefore sharp power, is infused into the Soul Eater.

Gadio: “When the highly pure Prana is infused, then—”

She didn't know if it'll go well.

Sarah: “Onee-san…!”

The ogre's fatal blow is approaching the downed Sarah from above her.
She did wish to be saved, but her voice is wavering.
Everyone would be scared if they were about to be killed by that beast.
It would be too much for a girl in her early age.
Flamm thanked the girl from the bottom of her heart. She then dashed to flank the ogre, aimed at its neck and swung her blade.

Gadio: “Bring forth all of your strength, and swing your sword.”

This is Cavalier Arts.


——Mitou · Kikenzan! – Imitation Prana Slash!


Her swing couldn't be considered perfect, it was a tempered blade used as a stopgap.
Therefore, it's Mitou (unattained), and therefore, it's fake.
However, the Praninfused Soul Eater cut through the impenetrable ogre's skin, and cut its flesh until its bone.
The spiral on the ogre's face spun even quicker while it spills a ma.s.sive amount of blood.
It looked like it's suffering, which means the attack is effective.

Sarah:  “It got through—if that's the case, it's my turn next!”
Flamm: “Sarah-chan, please!”

Flamm let go of her blade and took some distance from the ogre.
And then, Sarah held her mace aloft, leaped into the air and smashed it down on Flamm's sword that was stuck halfway into the ogre's neck.
With that impact, the blade further sinks in until it completely decapitated the ogre.
The head slips off and it fell on the ground with a thud.
Afterwards, the vortex on its face stopped spinning, and the unpleasant gurgling sound of blood spilling out from its face couldn't be heard anymore.

Sarah: “Ha…hehe, as I expected that was awful, but…we did it, didn't we?”
Flamm: “Haa, haa…we cut its head off, I think it should be dead.”

Sarah stood forward and approached the now headless, unmoving ogre  to confirm their victory.
Flamm on the other hand observed the open wound of the ogre where blood is spilling ma.s.sively.
It'll be alright if it's dead.
But why is its body still on all fours and not collapsing?
In any case, this thing is a creature beyond any sort of imaginations.
Flamm still kept her guard up, in consideration of the possibility that it can't be taken down just by one strike.
And then, surely enough—

Flamm: “Sarah…chan…haa, haa…let's run…”
Sarah: “W-what is it? It should've been taken dow…eh?”

From the open wound on its neck, a new spiral was coiling.

Flamm: “No…way…the neck is swirling…!”

And then, the ogre restarts its operation.
Normally it would've died.
That means this thing isn't normal; this thing is an opponent that had surpa.s.sed common sense.

Flamm: “Hurry!”

The two took flight once again.
As they turned the corner, they could hear the ogre's movement from behind them.
If it's now, they might still be able to slip away briefly.
If they do, they can take a breather and use Kikenzan again—they thought of that method, but would it even stop its operations if they cut it one more time?
They turned another corner, and another, and another. When they confirmed that the pursuer is not coming, the two stopped on their tracks, leaned on the wall and adjusted their breathing.

Sarah: “Ha…haah…t-that thing is weird…! Even though we cut off it's head…even though it's bleeding so bad…!”
Flamm: “Ha, hahah…just the same as me, isn't it…?”
Sarah: “Onee-san…has that power of the curse.”

This means that ogre had another sort of power separate from its heart that keeps it alive.

Flamm: “If we could find…some sort of core…haah, withinin its body…it should be fine…”
Sarah: “Either way…this situation is…frustrating.

In this situation, as they are…
The answer to that phrase was once the Cavalier Arts.
No, perhaps if Flamm wasn't inexperienced, they might have won earlier.
But it turns out they were still lacking in power.
They would need it; a power that surpa.s.ses what they have.
Not just a tempered blade, but something that can certainly increase their power.

Flamm: “…Hey, Sarah-chan, can I place another bet one more time?”
Sarah: “I couldn't think of anything else. To think that you would want to place another bet, I've got nothing but respect for you.”
Flamm: “You won't get anything out of flattering me, you know. Well…first of all, let's go back to the first room.”
Sarah: “The room that I didn't see?”
Flamm: “Yeah……I didn't want you to see it, but since it's an emergency, I can only choose that place.”

The two relied on their memories and traveled back to the first room while avoiding the traps set up.
Perhaps because it had lost its head, the ogre's footfalls far away are not coming closer.
The more time they have the better.
After they arrived at their destination without being spotted, Flamm warned to Sarah not to “look around as much as you can” and entered the room.
The room was as pungent as ever, and as they turned the lights on, the disastrous spectacle becomes clearer.

Sarah: “Uu…i-is this all…corpses…?”
Flamm: “I'm sorry for bringing you to a place like this.”
Sarah: “N-no……it's okay. I'm used to seeing…corpses or blood…”

The duties of the people of the church includes healing those who had injuries or sickness.
Perhaps she had seen a dead body or two.
Even so, this is probably the first time she saw a ma.s.sive pile of them.
Sarah's face paled, and they didn't know when the ogre might get to where they are.
Thus, Flamm rushed toward the mountain of corpses and suddenly drag one out.

Sarah: “What are you doing?”
Flamm: “Corpse looting.”
Sarah: “Corpse…looting, is it?”
Flamm: “I didn't want to do this as well, but with this much corpses, it wouldn't be weird to find a powerful cursed equipment, right?”
Sarah: “Don't tell me…you're planning to use those!?”

Flamm couldn't think of any other way to improve her strength.
Gather some cursed equipment, improve their strength, and unleash an even more powerful Cavalier Arts.
It might still be not enough to finish that thing off, but perhaps she could at least cut off its limbs.
If she did, that thing won't be coming after them, and they can just run away.
The sensation of blood, decomposed flesh and entrails clung onto Flamm's hands.
As she forcibly tugged the corpse, those things sometimes came flying into her face as well.
With a scowl, she wiped them off her face with her wrist while desperately looking through the corpses' clothes, shoes and accessories while scanning through them.
Sarah sat down next to her.

Flamm: “Sarah-chan, please wait down there.”
Sarah: “I'm…going to help you search as well.”
Flamm: “But that's…!”
Sarah: “I can't let you be the only one working hard for us to survive.”

As she said that, she narrowed her eyes, gnashed her teeth and started scouring the pile of corpses.

Flamm: “I've been helped by Sarah-chan a lot since earlier.”
Sarah: “I've also only been saved by onee-san.”
Flamm: “If we get back alive, what do you say we have a meal together?”
Sarah: “I'm looking forward to it. If possible I'd like to eat Milkit-san's cooking.”
Flamm: “That's alright.”
Sarah: “That'll be just fine.”

It's a promise that they don't know if it'll come true, but it serves as a good distraction.
No matter how many times they used Scan, they can't find a cursed equipment.
Or perhaps it's a sign that the curse is converged into one equipment?
Flamm told herself that.

Sarah: “……It's coming, isn't it?”

The faraway footsteps are coming closer.
This room is the furthest end of the facility. If the footsteps are closing in on the nearby pa.s.sage, it will reach their location without a doubt.
They don't have much time left.
With the intention of being the last one, the two joined hands and pulled the corpse of a woman stuck deep in the pile.
She has been decomposed, but the things stuck to her body are still okay.
The two scanned the equipment from top to bottom.
Her necklaces, ring, innerwear, skirt—and then her boots.


Item: G.o.d-loathing Leather Boots
Rarity: Epic

【Strength -257】
【Intelligence -330】
【Endurance -885】
【Agility -885】
【Intuition -731】
【Inflicts Freeze on user's body】


The moment she saw that status, Flamm immediately took the boots off from the corpse and stuck her feet in them.
Squelch. There was that uncomfortable feeling, but she could feel strength surging in.
She thought of what to do if her body suddenly bursts into flame, but it seems like it's not happening.
Stats that are minus become plus—if the status debuff works the other way around, she was sure enough that the equipment will “inflict Burn on user's body”, but as it doesn't, then how would the equipment affect her?

Sarah: “Onee-san, you found it!”
Flamm: “Thanks to you. I don't know what sort of power it would give me, but we'll see if I fight that thing.”

Currently, Flamm's current status is 3,396.
Her strength and agility easily surpa.s.ses 500, and her endurance had exceeded through the 1,000 mark.
It gives her a peace of mind in her disordered heart.
For her right now, she could further refine her Prana.

Flamm: “Thank you, Sarah-chan.”
Sarah: “It's still too soon to say thanks. We still need to beat that thing.”

As the ogre arrived in the front of the room, it forcefully breaches in.
But for that gigantic body, nothing but its neck could pa.s.s through.
Like a completely different being, the neck looked around and found the two.
The two thought that the thing was temporarily withdrawing, but this time, it put its hands on the door frame and ripped it open.
As it was opened enough for the ogre to pa.s.s, it crawled in before standing up and readied its fist.
Facing the two, it punched forward.
It sc.r.a.ped the mountain of corpses.
Flamm and Sarah jumped away, dispersing from each other.
Obviously, the ogre is aiming primarily at Flamm, but its movement is completely different than it was before it had its head cut off.
Approaching quickly before the ogre can unleash its next attack, Flamm pa.s.sed by it and made a cut with her Soul Eater.
A thin red line was appeared on the green skin.
Thanks to the effect of strength increase, she can now pierce through.
Flamm further flanked to the ogre's rear; this time, she felt the new power flowing in her body, and thus she slashed at the ogre.
Same as before, a thin cut was made, and afterwards—c.h.i.n.k!, the open wound freezes.

Splat! Splurt!

Perhaps not being used to the feeling of its injury freezing over, the neck expelled blood.
The headless ogre immediately turned around and threw its arms at the girl like a la.s.so, but as it did, Flamm was no longer there.
Flamm had snuck through between its legs and once again positioned herself on the ogre's back, fuh, letting out a sigh in the meantime.
And then this time she jumped up and swung her sword down.
That blade had been infused with Prana.
Mitou · Kikenzan – Imitation Prana Slash!
The sword skill that brought more power than the one she unleashed earlier easily cut through the ogre's arm in one slash.
The enemy looked like it's suffering, but its wound immediately turned into a vortex and the bleeding stopped.
As if it's venting its anger, it glanced over its shoulder and swung down its other fist.
Flamm jumped back for quite a distance, easily dodging the strike.
In the gap created by such large strike, Sarah approached from behind it.

Sarah: “TERYAAA!”

Along with her yell, her mace struck its frozen back.
The ice shatters, breaking along with the ogre's skin.
It seems like this attack inflicted a lot of damage judging by how the green giant are pitching forward as it loses its balance.
Furthermore, Flamm's slashes froze its legs, and with a slash infused by Prana, she cut them off.
Sarah then struck the frozen parts, opening large wounds as the ice shatters.
The ogre gradually loses its dominance and was quickly driven into a corner, and then—


Finally, its remaining left arm falls from Flamm's Mitou · Kikenzan.
Its cut legs started forming flesh vortex again, but at this point, Flamm had robbed it of its ability to move.

Sarah: “It's still alive, huh…”
Flamm: “I wanted to finish it off, but I don't even know where to cut to kill it. Maybe it's better if we just leave it as it is and run.”
Sarah: “True, we might have to do it over and over again if we choose to finish it off. We'll be dead tired by then.”

Sarah showed a smile for the first time in a while, but her expression was powerless.
Flamm too was exhausted mentally and physically, so the two left the squirming body with a sense of anxiety and exited the room.
However, Flamm suddenly stopped her movement right after.

Sarah: “……Onee-san,”
Flamm: “You feel it too, don't you?”
Sarah: “Yes, the atmosphere of the room…it's moving, isn't it? Is it still planning to go…?”

They're facing its entirety.
The vortex—the biggest one they've seen, is going to swallow this room, or even the entirety of the facility.
Namely, perhaps this is its last spurt.
Not caring about itself, until it swallows everything. The ogre…no, the purpose of whatever it is, is to kill Flamm.
The spiral's rotation is speeding up.
If it finishes its activation, each and every single existence inside the facility will cease to exist.
Once again, Flamm wields her Soul Eater she had stowed away while Sarah brandishes the mace she slung on her back and faced the headless, limbless ogre.
As they did, the thing that should've been robbed of its movements floats, and the five vortices violently spins, expelling its bodily fluid.

Flamm: “TEYAAA!”
Sarah: “ORYAAA!”

The two recklessly attacked the body with one strike containing all of their might.
For Sarah whose attack cannot go through, she attempted striking the vortex, yet as it absorbs the impact, she couldn't deal any damage.
She gave up and chose to focus on striking the frozen part left by Flamm's attacks.
On the other hand, Flamm attacks by alternating and interweaving her freezing attack and her Prana, further shaving off the ogre from what it used to be.
Yet the spiral is still not stopping.
Gradually, the corpses and the furniture cluttered in the room are swallowed, and the air is getting darker and muddier.

Flamm: “How much do we have to cut…how far should we go to stop this!?”
Sarah: “I don't know…d.a.m.n ittt!!”

The rolling wind even started peeling and destroying the metal walls.
Be it the room or the hallway, the interior of the facility is becoming chaotic. The two are also starting to have a hard time keeping up their balance.
Every time its wounds expand, it will turn into a vortex, and further attacks will be ineffective.
The ogre had lost most of its internal organ including its heart, and what's left is its abdomen…yet the vortex is not stopping.

Sarah: “It's just a twisted pile of meat at this point! Just stop already!”
Flamm: “K, kuh…stop, stop, JUST STOOPPP!”

Even as she continued cutting, the blade can't cut through the spirals.
Flamm channeled her Prana, but this time, she focused it on the tip of her blade and thrusts forward.
It was faint, but she felt like she penetrated something.
—This might work.
Believing thus, she gathered her power into her two hands and pushed her Soul Eater.

Sarah: “Kuuh…! Ah!?”

Sarah slipped and she fell down.

Sarah: “O-Onee-san, good luck! I'm…already…”
Flamm: “Sarah-chan!”

Her body that lost its footing was blown away and swept by the storm.
If her tiny body is thrown into the mix of debris and corpses, she would undoubtedly die.
She had managed to hold on by sticking her fingers into the cavity on the floor, but it's just a matter of time until she couldn't hold on anymore.
Her hand is starting to sweat, and because of it, her fingers are starting to slip.
The feeling of frustration pushed Flamm's back, pushing her to shout in vain.

Flamm: “Guuuhhhh, u…AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!”

She gathered all the power that she had.
She poured all the Prana she could, and she even used up all the strength of the curse until she could possibly wither.
But it's still not enough.
While it's true that the blade is slowly moving forward, it won't save neither Sarah or herself at this rate.


She gave her all to survive.
Bring forth more power.
If not, think of a reason for it to come forth.
Look, don't you have someone important waiting for you to come home?
Yes, Milkit is waiting for you.
Yeah, that's right. That girl is waiting for you.
She can't be left alone.
Even if it's a codependent relationship, you decided to be safe together.
You can't die now.
She will be sad.
You can't die now.
Else you can't save her life.
In that case—the image of the girl that floats in her mind—anything and everything, charge it into this sword.


She screamed until her vocal chords are close to being shot.
Using Prana beyond the limit of her own body, her arms tear and blood started flowing.
As the wound closes, a new one tears open. Flamm experiences pain as if she's being stabbed by blades all over.
—Yet still,
Her power of perseverance, her rebellious heart is overpowering the malice of the heavens.


The sword penetrated the flesh, breaking something hard on the other side.
At that moment, the power that covered the entire inst.i.tution vanished, and the debris and corpses that was lifted up falls simultaneously.

Flamm: “Ha…a…aah……”

Flamm who used all her power dropped on her knees, and her now powerless arms hang loose, and in a daze, she looked up to the empty s.p.a.ce.

Flamm: “Ah…I finally…defeated it…?”

There are no more signs of any flesh.
The vortices are also all gone.
All that's left on the walls are shattered black crystals crumbling down.
She didn't understand what it is. Right now she wanted to put it off for later.
For now—she wants to rest her body.

Sarah: “Y, you did it…onee-san, you finally defeated it…!”
Flamm: “Hahah…ah…is that so…I defeated it…ahaha…haha…not bad, me…”

She couldn't help but to praise herself.
Overwhelmed by weariness, Flamm fell on her back where she stood.
Sarah too fell on her knees as her strength leaves her body.
The two were left feeling the sensation of the cold, hard floor.

          Chapter 12 >


A bit regarding her sword skill. The Furigana of what Gadio taught her says it's called Cavalier Arts. The kanji, on the other hand, means something like “Knight Swordmanship”.

About Mitou · Kikenzan; Mitou as I mentioned earlier means “unreached”, “unattained” or “unachieved”; something like “imperfect”. Kikenzan is basically three separate Kanjis: 気, 剣, and 斬. The first means Spirit/feelings, the second is the kanji for Sword, and the third just straight up means decapitation. I could translate it roughly into Spirit-Severing Sword, but leaving it in j.a.panese sounds s.e.xier.

What's interesting is that the furigana for this technique literally reads “Pranshaker Imitation”. I was confused at first as of why suddenly a drink container is mentioned, but perhaps the author mismatched the word 振る (furu), which could mean “to swing” (in this case to swing her sword so technically a slash) or “to shake”, and the first entry that pops up when I translate 振る in google translate is the latter.
Or perhaps I was wrong, who knows.

Anyways, enough of my rant. It's been one thing after another, what a ride. I read this while listening to the Finale of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, and it fits rather nicely. Enjoy the double release of the Golden Week, and enjoy your weekend!

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