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Let's Go, Toward the Hometown of Despair

As the Ogre's fist smashed into the ground, Flamm's footing warped.
Crumble—Crumble; it sounds like something is being ground.
Flamm's body swayed, and her vision blurred in a split second.
Filled with dread, Flamm looked down.
What came in her sight was—the ground that changed shape into fangs, and just like the ogre's flesh vortex , it started twisting.
And by then, her feet are swallowed, crushed, and shredded.

Flamm: “Ah……eh……!?”

It took a while for Flamm to realize that the red things scattered around her were once a part of her.
Her feet were quickly shredded, followed by her ankles, calves, and onto her thighs—and no matter how much she would like to pull herself out of the vortex, she couldn't pour her strength into her legs anymore.
Even her regenerative power might be too slow compared to the pace she's getting swallowed.
At this rate, forget her legs, the vortex would turn her entire body into mincemeat.

Flamm: “N-No, my legs…! I can't…move!?”
Sarah: “Onee-san!”

There were no one else to rely on but her.
Sarah desperately screamed and pushed Flamm's body away.

Flamm: “guh……u, uh…a, cough…!”

With both up to half of her thighs shredded, Flamm tried crawling away to open some distance from the vortex even for a bit.
Losing its prey that is the girl's flesh, the vortex groaned with a creepy “WOOOO” sound and continued to swirl.

Flamm: “Ha, a…aaAAAAAHH!”

Despite the stinging pain, Flamm swooned.
If she waited, her legs would probably regenerate, but unlike that time with the Anzu, her legs are torn into thousands of pieces, so she is suffering a lot more than she did in the past.
She was bleeding profusely, soaking the ground with her blood.
But even still, she didn't believe she would die from this.
I won't die so it's okay, I won't die so it's okay, I won't die so I should be fine—Flamm repeatedly told herself that.
But what smarts will hurt. It hurts so much she feels like she's dying.

Flamm: “U, guh…u…blarghh…!”

Unable to breathe properly, the contents of her stomach rose and eventually spills out to the ground.
Despite knowing that Flamm had a regenerative power, Sarah still thought that the injury the girl is bearing is evidently fatal.
She'll die of hemorrhagic shock before I can heal her—she thought, so she rushed in and held her hands out.

Sarah: “Heal!”

It was out of pure good intention.
Light flew out of Sarah's hands, and following her wish, they gathered on Flamm's legs.
The lights entered the body, restoring its condition to before it was injured.
That was the intermediate-level magic, Heal.
With her current power, it would be impossible to completely heal such large injuries, but the girl aimed to at least stop her bleeding.
However—with a sound as if something's burning, Flamm's thighs melted into thick liquid.

Flamm: “Aa, a…GAAAAHH! A…i…GI…III!”

Flamm received a recovery magic, yet her face twisted in anguish even further in agony.
She dug her nails into the ground, clawing it.
She's desperately trying to endure her pain.
Perhaps because she used too much power, her nails also started bleeding.

Sarah: “W…Why? Why, even though I casted recovery magic—”

Sarah lost her bearing, overwhelmed by confusion.
But she was sensible enough to snap back to reality with haste.

Sarah: “……is it inversed? Even the effect of recovery magic is reversed!? No way…Onee-san, I didn't mean to…!”

But Flamm also understood.
Sarah is a good girl, she was concerned about Flamm from the bottom of her heart and casted the recovery magic.
She wanted to say it's alright to her quickly, but with her barely staying conscious, all she could muster was a groan.
Even still, she wanted to bring comfort to Sarah who was in the verge of tears, even for a bit, so she breathed in and tried squeezing out some words from her mouth.

Flamm: “It's…oka…guh…uughh…!”
Sarah: “Onee-san!?”
Flamm: “Agh, haa…haa…hu, more…importantly…,”
Sarah: “What do you mean, more importantly?”
Flamm: “R…un…a, way……!”
Sarah: “……Run away, you said?”

Sarah was distracted by Flamm's injuries, but the mysterious ogre had its full attention towards her.
The enemy walked straight for the two.
Perhaps because it's getting close, the two could hear splashing sound coming out of its flesh vortex of a face.
Flamm's legs are regenerating, gradually shifting its shape back to what it looks like before, but she didn't think she'll make it before the ogre makes its next attack.

Sarah: “O, okay!”

There's no other choice but to follow what Flamm said and run away, so after coming into that conclusion, she carried Flamm's body and broke into a run.
It might look like an insane stunt considering the differences in their physiques, but for Sarah who had high strength, it wasn't a big problem.
The distance between them and the ogre opened up once again.
It was at that time when the grotesque beast clenched its fist and lowered its back.
Is it coming again—Sarah raised her guard, expecting the ground to warp again as she glanced back at the ogre.
But this time, it swung its arm forward, cutting the air.
That means its vortex target is the air that surrounds Sarah and Flamm.

Flamm: “Sarah, cha……ru, n…!”

Sarah roared as she desperately run forward, carrying Flamm in her arms.
The air had started swirling, and it wouldn't be hard to imagine that in a few seconds, the air would turn into a wall of wind like a tornado and wrap the two.
Even though she looked like she was about to fall from her legs getting tangled by the tall gra.s.s, Sarah kept desperately run past through them, and they somehow managed to escape.
WOOOOSHHH! Right after they escaped, the rough, circular storm churned everything in it to bits.

Flamm: “Next, to the side…!”
Sarah: “It's still coming!?”

Without wasting a breath, the ogre struck the ground with its fist again.
GGRRRRRRRRHH—!! Sarah's footing starts swirling as it groaned.
She managed to jump away to dodge, but she couldn't nail the landing, causing her to fall over and dropping Flamm from her arms.
As she fell, Flamm's regeneration was only just complete.
Using the momentum of her fall, she stood back up and manifested her Soul Eater.

—Staying defensive won't secure them the win, she'll have to strike forward.

With her black greatsword in one hand, she dashed forward.
Behind her, Sarah who managed to regain her posture shouldered her mace she took from her back, started circling around to flank the ogre.
From what the status told them, it's likely that its target is Flamm.
The green fist is clenched.
This time—it struck the empty air in front of it.
Following her sense of danger, she dodged to the right.


Something invisible whizzed past in a straight line, pulverizing anything it touches.
A hole that looks like it was opened by a tool to create a perfect circle was opened by that attack.
If she took it head-on—she'd probably be reduced into pieces.
The previous attack had a time lag before it was triggered, but now it's different, it immediately triggered and showed overwhelming destructive power.
The damage happens in an instant.
In other words, if the number of rotations are reduced, the preparation time is also reduced.
But in the end, the power was more than enough to kill a human being.
For Flamm who essentially can't use magic, fighting in a distance will only put them in a disadvantageous position. The same thing could also be said for Sarah whose main weapon is a mace.
In conclusion, they must engage in a close quarters combat.
Flamm performed a cartwheel immediately after she landed, and then she regained her posture and immediately starts dashing in.
In between the time Flamm closed the distance until she can reach him with her Soul-Eater, the ogre managed to unleash one more attack like earlier, but Flamm dodged it again to her side.
Before Flamm arrived in her attacking position, Sarah took on the monster's rear.

Sarah: “SERYAA!!”

She jumped as high as the creature's head. Brandishing the mace with all her strength, she swung the heavy part of her mace toward the back of the ogre's head.


The air vibrated as the sound of skull and metal clashing echoed.

Sarah: “How'd ya like my strike ya cheeky tart!”

Sarah landed and took some distance briefly, putting her finger under her nose, boldly laughing.
There were some resistance.
For a normal ogre, it was a critical hit that would have caused it to faint.
Yet—that ogre barely flinched, and as if it's just noticed Sarah's presence, it slowly turned toward her direction.
Splash, splash,

Sarah: “Didn't work, huh…?”
Flamm: “Then how about this!?”

Perhaps it's only strong against blunt strikes, and slashing attacks would do it some damage.
With that thought in mind, Flamm swung her sword.
Combining her acceleration and her power, she brandished her Soul-Eater horizontally, aiming for the ogre's legs with all of her might—
But with a dull feeling, the blade didn't cut through the ogre's flesh and instead stopped in its tracks.

Flamm: “This thing…the hardness of its body is completely different than an ogre…!?”

Even if it has weird powers, if its status are similar to an ogre then we should be fine,
That hope of hers was easily crushed.
And as if it's about to shatter it into finer pieces, the ogre raised its fist.

Sarah: “Onee-san, watch out!”
Flamm: “Kuh!?”

She dodged it by backstepping.
In the aftermath of that strike, the place Flamm stood in was gouged deeply.
There was something equipped on its arm, and if they were to take it head-on, there probably wouldn't be anything left of them.
Afterwards, the two retreated further, and looked at each other.
They thought they could do something if they bring the fight up close, but they also failed to achieve that.
Sarah's mace barely scratched it, and Flamm's Soul-Eater couldn't sink its fangs into it.
We can't possibly take down this beast—such are the belief of the two.
Flamm looked at Sarah who were on the other side of the beast and made eye contact, before nodding to her.
Afterwards, the two dashed further deep into the open ground.
Of course, the enemy pursued them, but they thought ogres don't have much in terms of speed, so they opened quite some distance easily.

Sarah: “What do we do?”
Flamm: “There's no other choice but to run for now!”

If they could pa.s.s through the hole in the blocked tunnel, they would have reached the exit by now.
As they proceeded deeper and deeper into the cave, they found a large hole just past the trees.
Judging by the size, most likely it's the hole where the ogre came out from.
Would it be alright to enter its den? Obviously, it only brought them unease.
But the monster is chasing after them.
They had no time to hesitate.

Sarah: “Are we going?”
Flamm: “Let's go, if it doesn't work then what happens, happens, right?”

If push comes to shove, Flamm thought that she could just sacrifice herself to be a bait to allow Sarah to run away.
Steeling themselves, they set foot into another cave.
They were greeted by a long, straight corridor.
Judging by the walls, this place is also excavated by human hands.
Flamm glanced behind her, and—

Flamm: “Wha—!”
Sarah: “What happened…wait, HII?!”

Normal ogres can't move fast due to its ginormous body.
But this one is different.
It's running in a form that looks like a human, closing in with large strides.
Perhaps it's also taking a toll on its body; from its legs, they can heard snapping sounds, like its muscles are tearing themselves apart, with blood congesting and coloring it black.
But as if it doesn't have any sense of pain, THUD, THUD, THUD, the ogre stomped the ground, not losing speed.
It's ignoring its own limit as a creature.
Flamm felt that the creature had a different purpose than a regular ogre.
…no, save the investigation for later.
For now, there's no other choice but to run desperately.
The gap is swiftly closing.
Unlike the wide s.p.a.ce they were in, they can't have the same versatility if they fight in this narrow cave.
And then, what appeared in front of them were—a wall of dead end, and a large hole so deep they couldn't see the bottom.

Sarah: “It's a dead-end…!”
Flamm: “No, there's still this hole…but,”
Sarah: “There's no other choice, huh…”
Flamm: “I don't think there's any way to hide from its attacks in this dead end, and if we don't run away, that thing will—”

The ogre is still rushing toward them as they hesitate.
If they're going to die anyways, they're going to choose how—Flamm remembered the path she chose when she was locked up in a cage with Milkit.
That memory pushed her in the back.
She closed her eyes, exhaled, and slapped her cheeks, saying “Alright”—but even so, her heart is still screaming in terror.
She took a step forward,
and plunged herself into the bottomless pit.
Following after her was Sarah, who threw herself into the pit.
The ogre stopped in front of the pit, staring into the darkness with its face of flesh.


After a brief feeling of no gravity, Flamm's body landed on top of something that is questionably soft.
Sarah also fell next to her, and she immediately rose and surveyed her surroundings.
The area around them were dark, but it was very dimly lit

Flamm: “Where is this…”
Sarah: “Looks like this place is also one made by people, but…urk, what a smell……”

Flamm turned her gaze downwards.
The moment she saw what broke their fall, she immediately panicked and held Sarah.

Sarah: “Nn, guh!? Guh!?”
Flamm: “Sarah-chan, close your eyes.”
Sarah: “…Nn, gu-goh?”
Flamm: “Just do it! Close your eyes until I tell you otherwise.”

At her warning, Sarah nodded.
Flamm carried Sarah, down the hike.
Decomposing bones—some still looked fresh, but what they landed on was a mountain of corpses.
Regardless of races, both monster and human corpses are piled together.
At a glance, she could see some body parts and even bones warped into the shape of a spiral.
No, that's not all.
Even the grey walls that made the room are twisted into the shape of a spiral.
Yes, just like that Ogre's face.

Flamm: “What is this place…”

To prevent Sarah from seeing the corpses, Flamm covered her eyes, but she'll need to do it until they're out of the room.
But is there any meaning in the room that she didn't show Sarah?
While thinking to herself, Flamm exited the room through the half-opened door that thankfully didn't have that vortex pattern.
As she did, she immediately closed the door again and finally released Sarah.
The girl who finally got to feel the ground on her legs exhaled “Hafuu” and checked her surroundings.
This place is dark as well, as expected.
Sarah found a crystal stuck on the wall.

Sarah: “Can I light this up?”

It's an activation device for a magic-type lamp; just by channeling magic into your palm, you can switch that light on.
It has a different shape than the one they usually see in the capital, but its functionality should be similar.
After Flamm's nod, the hallway that the two were in lit up by the lamps on the ceiling.
Finally, in the sight of the well-lit facility, the two were stunned.

Sarah: “What a place we ended up in, huh? How do you call it, futuristic?”
Flamm: “Yeah, that ogre is not chasing after us anymore, but…we ended up in a more bizarre place, didn't we?”

Flamm touched the cold wall as if to ascertain its existence.
She hasn't seen this sort of metallic structure before.
And the fact that this is way below the cave they were in means that this place is further underground.
Furthermore, the room full of corpses earlier were huge.
For one to have such large facility underground means that they had such an impressive technological and economical advantage.

Flamm: “For now, we should look for the exit.”
Sarah: “You're right, there's a lot of things I'm curious about, but our lives are more important.”

As they exited the room, the right side leads to a dead-end.
Thus the two turned left and went straight ahead.
Soon enough they reached a T-junction; turning left would lead them to another dead end, and the right side is a long hallway.
The right side was still dark; perhaps they'll need to find another light activation device.
Before the dead end to the left was a room, and they decided to search it first.
Flamm put her ears on the door, confirming that there were no one inside—and afterwards, she held her Soul-Eater in one hand and pushed the door open.
Groping the wall just by the door, she found another crystal.
It would be her first time using the activation device, but after understanding the gist of Scan,  channeling magic onto her palm was a lot simpler.
Being a little bit on edge, she lit up the room.
Inside, there was a desk, a cupboard, and two bookshelves.
Additionally, there were also two sofas facing each other and a table in between, perhaps for receiving guests.
Though it wasn't on the level of the previous room, the room was quite s.p.a.cious as well.
Perhaps it belongs to someone with a high status, or so was Flamm's first impression.

Sarah: “The shelves are all empty, huh?”
Flamm: “Yeah…”

While Sarah rummaged the shelves, Flamm was surveying the walls.
As she did, she noticed that this room had those spiral patterns in several places as well.
They were in various sizes, but all of them are swirling.

Sarah: “Onee-san, what's that all about?”
Flamm: “I have no clue, but it's also there on the walls of the room before. Also, we also see this on the ogre that was chasing after us.”

The swirling walls, corpses, and the monster.
This facility—perhaps it's a facility that utilizes such phenomenon or some sort?
As she asked herself that, Flamm looked through the drawers on the desk and noticed that one of them are locked and can't be opened.

Sarah: “Can we just break it? I mean, there's no one here anyways.”

Sarah plainly suggested a dangerous idea, but they're in an emergency.
Flamm aimed to destroy the lock with her greatsword.
As she did, the drawer easily opened. As expected, they didn't consider that they had to go this far.
Inside, there was a single notebook.
Flamm picked it up and opened it, while Sarah also peeked into it from the side.

“It's been two days since we lost control of that thing. There was finally a contact from above, telling us to destroy all the data. I asked if rescue is coming, but I was ignored. Seems like we're being abandoned here.”

It was a scribble that couldn't really be called a diary.
There was no date written, but judging by the condition of the notebook, it's probably over 10 years old.

“Inherited position isn't something good. I didn't want to come to this place in the first place, I just want to gain some achievements and climb the social ladder. But why? The subject was imprisoned in the room, but the energy leaking out is starting to warp its surroundings. There's several casualties reported as well. Are we doomed?”

The note was filled with sadness.
The subject—Flamm remembered the corpses when she read that word.

Sarah: “They experimented in this place, which means that ogre…”
Flamm: “It was probably man-made. But still, according to the note, it said that they failed to control it.”

The handwriting gradually turned ugly.
It wasn't pretty to begin with, but in the end, it even start going up and down.

“What do you mean, “divine revelations”? What do you mean “it's for the country”. I don't care about any of that. I entered because I just want to do the right thing. Is the country not human? Am I not even a part of the country? I don't understand. I don't understand what they're all thinking.”

“I just did what they asked me to do. Is it perhaps because I'm not perfect that it's not good enough? Is it because it's not linked well enough? It's true that the connection was lacking, but we lack knowledge as well. Is that why it went wrong? No, that's not true, it shouldn't be true. I did the right thing!”

“I am me. I am me. I am me. It's spinning. No, it's not spinning. I am me, so it is right. But what really is the right thing? Ah, it's connecting. Everyone is connecting. Will the spinning knowledge gradually reach wisdom? If that is so, then what is really the right thing?”

In the end, the note was so cluttered that there were only up to 10 characters in a page and it started getting more difficult to read.
It was becoming obvious that whomever wrote the contents of this note is gradually losing his sanity.

Sarah: “Spinning knowledge…wisdom…”
Flamm: “I don't quite understand, but this is about the thing that's leaking energy, right?”
“……I think so.”

Power beyond human knowledge.
It wouldn't be strange if it affects the human minds.
As they continued flipping the page, they got to a point where they had to read while tracing the text with their fingers because of how messy the writing had become.

“I want to connect, I want to connect. That's the way to reach wisdom. That's right. This is what we've always aimed for, wished for, and believed in. We've finally reached it, yet what small things we're always fussing over.”

“The researchers are all linked. I'm also going. Where? Am I going to die? I don't know. Wisdom cannot be imposed upon the human body. That's why we must go. But, ah, isn't that a place that isn't peaceful yet? To realize true wisdom, to realize true peace, judgment or rule is”

However, the two understood if they followed the finger.
There was a pattern to the alignment of the letters.
And on the last page, it says, in a spiral shape,

“Flamm Apricot”


The two were simultaneously silenced.
Flamm's hands trembled as she held the book, and the edge of the page is distorted.

Flamm: “……Again…?”
Sarah: “Onee-san……”
Flamm: “But this note is even older, right? It's from when I was still small, when I was still living in the countryside…but why, why does my name come out in this book? This is weird!”

She didn't understand if the feeling that rose in her chest was anger or fear.
That mixed feeling incites her impulse. She slammed the notebook on the floor, while her shoulders rose and lowers as she breathes roughly.

Flamm: “I just…wanted to live peacefully in my hometown. It won't even come true for me right now, but then I met Milkit. I thought if it's with her, I could probably live a carefree life in the capital…but what is this, what the h.e.l.l is this. We just came to this place by coincidence, but why the f.u.c.k is this happening!?”
Sarah: “I-I'm sorry!”

The one that guided Flamm here was undoubtedly Sarah.
She willingly took the blame and grabbed Flamm's hands tightly while her eyes moistened.

Flamm: “……ah,”

Right then as she saw Sarah who was in the verge of tears, Flamm regained her composure.
She squatted down to her and gently patted the girl's head.

Flamm: “I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.”
Sarah: “I'm the one at fault without a doubt. If I didn't come up with the information about this cave, maybe it could've ended a lot more easily!”
Flamm: “That's not true. If it wasn't for Sarah, I wouldn't have found the place where the Chialries grow.”
Sarah: “Onee-san…I'm really sorry. Normally at this sort of occasions I should be the one comforting you.”
Flamm: “It's alright. Thanks to you, I've calmed down.”

While pretending to be Sarah's sister, Flamm's fear had subsided.
Most probably she won't be able to do this herself.
That's why she wanted to say to Sarah, thank you for being with me.

Flamm: “It doesn't seem like there are any maps in this place, what do you say we look again in another room? Okay?”

Flamm wiped the tears trailing down Sarah's cheeks.
The young girl whose gentle body temperature carried courage finally regained her smile, thus she energetically nodded.


They both then continued their search, but they couldn't find anything like a map nor an exit door.
At any rate, judging by the extensiveness of the facility, they wouldn't have the time to walk and explore around the facility.
The more they explored, the more deformed the walls become, and it got to a place that even the hallways become twisted.
It was such a tremendous power.
So powerful that not even the ogre can win against it.

Flamm: “What a ludicrous facility, don't you think? I guess whoever created this place was really risking everything in researching.”
Sarah: “Certainly if they managed to put this research into practical use, they would gain tremendous power I bet, a power that won't lose to even the demon race.”

Is there any more reasons as of why humans seek power other than to remove the demons?
If they were to think of it that way, considering the scale of the facility, the empire is also definitely involved in this research.
It's just like how the church shut down the doctors, but the citizens knew about the corruption involved in that.

As they walked through the inorganic, grey corridor, they faintly heard a sound.
Perhaps because the place was under complete silence, the two immediately noticed the sound despite it being extremely faint. The two simultaneously stopped in their tracks.

???: “………ve………e……”
Flamm: “Is it someone's voice?”
Sarah: “Someone might be alive!”

Flamm held back Sarah who was about to run ahead.
There is also a possibility that it's the sound of another monster.
They proceed slowly and cautiously.

???: “AAaa……ve mee…! Some…eeee……!”

It was a girl's voice.
They understood as they get closer, that the voice didn't belong to a monster.

???: “AAAhhh, save meeee!! Somebody save meeee!”

It sounds like she's seeking help.
At the end of the hallway, they found the owner of the voice.
It was a long-haired woman wearing a white robe. She was curled down on the hallway intersection with her back leaning on the wall, hugging her knees while hanging her head.
Perhaps that was why her voice was slightly m.u.f.fled.
Just to be safe, Sarah took a step back while Flamm approached the girl and looked at her face.

???: “AAAhhh, save meeee!! Somebody save meeee!”

Even though Flamm was in front of her, the girl repeated what she said.
She might have been through something dreadful.
Flamm plans to calm her down, so she put her hand on the girl's shoulder and thought of talking to her.

???: “AAAhhh, save meeee!! Somebody, save.”

As she did, the girl stopped.

Flamm: “It's alright now, we are normal humans.”

After Flamm said that, the girl slowly lifted her face.
No———it has no face.
It was a roll of flesh vortex; splish, splash, and from it, nothing but blood oozes out.
And then, the girl (beast) spoke;

G͙̔̆ͅi͎̜̤̓̾ͪ̆r̪͔̱̣l̴͇̠̘̝̘̦͑ͬ̿̄: “Found you,” with a m.u.f.fled voice.

It doesn't matter if it was hanging its head or not; its voice was m.u.f.fled from the beginning.
The girl's hands grasped onto Flamm's arms, and then it pushed its flesh vortex of a face into it.
Slurp zlurp.
The vortex swallowed her hand.
Feeling the sensation of warm, raw flesh wrapping her hand, Flamm immediately got gooseb.u.mps on her entire body.
She collected her strength to desperately pull her hand back, but the girl's arm strength is not that of a human's. It's even unyielding against Flamm's strength enhanced bythe cursed equipment.
As if adding fuel to the flame, she could hear footsteps closing in toward her direction.
It's a different being than Sarah who approached, thinking of saving her.
The sound that comes from beyond the corner where they can't see was coming with a tremendous speed, but it stopped just before it turned the corner.
And then, as if it's asking for Flamm's condition, it slowly peeks its face over.
The face of flesh, and the green skin.
It's something that should still be up there; the grotesque ogre.
Flamm's facial muscles twitched.

The hallway was meant for only humans to pa.s.s through, so the ogre shouldn't be able to.
But——this ogre was crawling through the facility on all fours.
Using the repeated voice of a girl on the verge of her death to lure in people's good will, it impatiently waited for someone to be caught by such unscrupulous trap.

Flamm: “Kh……Let me go, LET ME GO! LET GOOOO!”

Flamm and Sarah's voices echoed fruitlessly.
No matter how much she struggled, the girl didn't release Flamm, and the wriggling flesh vortex had swallowed her up to her upper arm.
She can't run.
If she were to take a direct hit at point-blank range, she would instantly die this time.
Planning to finish off the girl once and for all, the ogre lifts its arm.

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TL Notes:

You know, I heard this novel would be dark and I'm fine with that,
But I didn't remember signing up for a horror story. I want Milkit back ?

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Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King? Chapter 10 summary

You're reading Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King?. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): kiki. Already has 814 views.

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