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Chapter 29: Conquer Mingji City!

With so many skills added, Wu Ling Feng has some deep pockets at this time. Ya Ya Bah, this young master has become more powerful. Ga Ga, everyone come on, Ga Ga, indeed it is good to go to the battlefield. There is simply too much killing experience. He rose to level 10 in one fell swoop, and many more skills were added. The flicker skill especially, a life-saving skill, all available, too powerful.

Moreover, after killing Pross before, a rare piece of jade also fell off. Wu Ling Feng quickly took it out of the storage s.p.a.ce. A gem ring inlaid with red, and the red gem has a charming halo, which is perfect.

Name: Greedy Ring

Equipment Cla.s.sification: Ring ( Purple Rare )

Applicable occupation: General

Equipment level limit: level 5

Additional effects: can be binded to the host ( blood can be used to identify the owner, after identification, it cannot be dropped, stolen, transferred to others, and with storage s.p.a.ce it can be stored )

Weight: 0.3kg

Inherent stats:

Movement speed + 7 %

Strength + 4

Intelligence + 4

Magic Defense + 192

Special stats:

Falling rate of rare equipment + 6 % ( for every additional player wearing the same equipment + 2 % )

Epic equipment drop rate + 3 % ( each additional player wearing the same equipment + 1 % )

[ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

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Although this kind of thing really is beneficial but just think about it, Wu Ling Feng has not reduced to the point of crazy for just an equipment, the most important thing is their own strength and not from external sources.

As the day grew brighter, the gates of Mingji City opened wide, and a large number of cavalry rushed out from the inside. The front red-haired knight in gold armor had a hard face like a knife. The steed he is sitting down is all flaming red. The four hooves braved with fiery flames, and the flames spat out lightly between their breaths.

The golden knight was surrounded by an old man in a green robe. to his surprise, he was suspended in the air without the power of any horse, and the speed was very fast, almost the same as that of a horse.

Wu Lingfeng rubbed his eyes and stared at the advancing cavalry closely. The golden knight was the highest general in Mingji City. The old man in the green robe was the wizard. He was really powerful and could float in the air. It seems that the wizard from other circles will enter another state completely when he reaches the level of the wizard. This is really powerful.

Soon, the cavalry left Mingji City. An hour later, the gate of Mingji City was opened again, and smoke rose everywhere in the city.

Seeing this situation, Wu Ling Feng waved quickly and shouted, ” Everyone, follow me and capture the city! !"

Under the lead of Wu Ling Feng, all the soldiers rushed in. Wu Ling Feng saw Helena at the gate. She was fighting with several silver knights.

” [Basic Attack] ! !"

” [Revolving fire shield] ! !"

” [Magic whirlwind] ! !"

” [Magic hockey] ! !"

A series of magic was released from the hands of Wu Ling Feng to help Helena subdue the enemy.

With his a.s.sistance Helena got rid of her enemies quickly and came to Wu Ling Feng's side after she disengaged.

” Well, take all the silver knights and mount a horse, and come with me to the barracks in mingji city to wipe out all the potential forces.” Wu Ling Feng nodded and said.

” yes! !"

Helena nodded, and all the silver knights mounted one after another, following Wu Ling Feng's attack on Mingji's camp.

After arriving at the barracks in Mingji City, all the soldiers were already in panic. When they saw the neatly equipped Wu Ling Feng, they suddenly lost their wits and crashed like headless flies. Moreover, most of the elite left the city. Only a few scattered silver knights were trying their best to command, but at this time they were already unable to retaliate.

” Catch those silver knights and kill the commanders of the enemy. The others can abandon their weapons and surrender without killing them.” Wu Ling Feng followed.

” Yes, yes!”

The silver knight beside Wu Ling Feng responded loudly and joined in the battle.

” [Bunny Hop]!"

Wu Ling Feng instantly started his jumping skill, lightly pedaling his single-horned horse's back and jumping up to the height of meters, pitching everyone loudly and saying: ” h.e.l.lo, soldiers of Mingji City. I am the baron of the Holy Light Empire. I have killed your duke and Lord of the Magistracy. You have failed. There are two roads before you. One is death. The other is surrender. Make a decision immediately. No, there is no forgiveness! !"

” [Flicker] ! ! !" After saying so, he casted flickering instantly disappearing in the air, and then out of thin air appeared to an enemy's silver knight.

” [Grasping Claw] ! !"

” [Revolving fire shield]! !"

Then Wu Lingfeng instantly cast spells, he suddenly grasped the silver knight in front of him in his hand and threw him out. Before he fell on the ground, a huge rotating flame shield immediately hit him and sent him flying back again. When he landed, his body was black and was already halfdead, he fell to the ground struggling.

Wu Ling Feng's powerful force immediately shocked all the enemies. A large number of enemies laid down their weapons and raised their hands.

” s.p.a.ce magic! !" Someone exclaimed.

The skill the Wu Ling Feng showed is to them is real s.p.a.ce magic. On the other hand Helena and Charlotte looked at each other. This guy grew up too fast. Is he the reincarnation of a G.o.d?

After all the enemies surrendered, Wu Ling Feng immediately said: ” Helena quickly take 1,000 people to put out the fire in the city, then gather all the food to the castellan mansion, occupy the castellan mansion, and then all the remaining soldiers gave me all the captives outside the gate of Bo and collect all the digging tools in the city …”

Helena heard Wu Ling Feng's orders, nodded and quickly implemented his plan. Then Wu Ling Feng drove the prisoners out of the city while letting people collect the digging tools of the city.

Out of the city, the golden knight and the army led by the wizard are estimated to be back in more than ten hours. During this period, Wu Ling Feng has a lot of arrangements. He wants to dig a lot of traps and arrange them outside Mingji City, waiting for the gold knight to come back.

The captives of more than 20,000 people, each one with a digging tool in his/her hand. Under the supervision of Wu Ling Feng's soldiers, they started the great task of digging traps. These guys became slaves. The lazy guys that walked away were killed thus no one dared to go slow after seeing their miserable end.

The prisoners began to dig traps. Wu Ling Feng returned to the city. Helena, who had completed the task, was called up. Charlotte was also called up.

” Is there any kind of long-range attack weapon that can break through the defense of a golden knight and shoot him in an instant …” Wu Lingfeng asked straight to the point.

” Yes …” Helena and Charlotte looked at each other and nodded.

” What is it? Do we have it now? ” Wu Ling Feng excitedly asked.

Helena nodded and said: ” There should be a secret silver arrow made of refined gold in this castellan's mansion. It can easily penetrate the protective shield and cause damage to the magician…”

Wu Ling Feng nodded excitedly and said: ” Well, that's good. Helena, you will attack the returning magician later. You will shoot him with the arrow. If there is poison to be found, you will add a lot of poison to the arrows. Because although a frontal attack will definitely beat the other wizard but do we really need to risk our men of stalling the knight if we can sneak attack instead. As long as we can win, how you win is not important.

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