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 Chapter 28: Eve.

 Peter said that, when Duncan and the captives and Helena in disguise entered the city of mingji, the city's golden knights immediately came out of the castellan mansion and lectured them.

 The gold knight stationed in Mingji City was named Armani. It was the silver knight who died before, Loki's brother. When he saw the defeated army coming back, Pross the senior magician also dead, and he was immediately disturbed.

 Duncan saw Armani and burst into tears. " Armani eldest brother, Loki, Loki, he was caught by the enemy. The other side, the other side's magician, said he would only release him if you went to negotiate ..."

 " Where?"  Armani immediately picked up Duncan's collar and asked loudly, he is an older brother, when in times of danger comes, he promised his parents to protect his safety.

 " Don't worry, General Armani, ask him about our opponent's strength instead. Although Pross is old, but his strength cannot be denied. Few senior magicians are his opponents. Is there something wrong with our intelligence system?"  At this time, an old man in a blue robe fell from the sky with a moon and a star embroidered on his chest.

 Armani looked back and looked respectfully at the old man in the blue robe and said, " Yes, Lord Kidd ..."

 Duncan looked at the old man with blue eyes and robes, and immediately said respectfully, " h.e.l.lo, Lord Kidd, I am Duncan. Today we met with the troops of the Holy Light Empire, totaling 10,000 people. However, there was a magic leader in the other side's camp. Three moves solved Lord Pross, there is also Princess Charlotte of the Holy Light Empire that is present."

 Kidd nodded and snorted softly: " Hum, I didn't expect to be cheated. Charlotte should be the weakest candidate here. However, with the presence of a magician, it seems that the people of the Holy Light Empire are not fools, and the news from big princess of the Holy Light Empire is not all true.

 However, it is better to do this, and pay a little price to know each other's strength. In this way, dawn, General Armani will bring you 20,000 elite troops, and I will follow. I will deal with each other's guides. If we win Princess Charlotte first, it will surely play a certain role in the strategic layout of the thorns flower Empire, and there will also be a large number of awards.  "

 Armani nodded and said: " Well, Lord Kidd, your t.i.tle will surely rise to another level this time. I will write to His Majesty the King later and give you all the credit. To be honest, I will be satisfied to be able to save my brother ..."

 Kidd laughed and said: " It's okay. I am also responsible for your brother's arrest. I have mistakenly believed the news of the big princess and lost all these troops. Besides, you are my follower. Did you receive the award? Haha, we will take down the Princess Charlotte at dawn ..."

 " Yes, Lord Kidd ..." Armani nodded and said.

 Duncan, who was kneeling at the same time, also breathed a sigh of relief, and finally ... he could be relieved tomorrow.


 After mixing into the city of Mingji, Helena and others observed the enemy's movements. As Wu Ling Feng expected, the incident went on as expected.

 However, what Helena did not think of was that His Highness big princess collaborated with the enemy and betrayed the country. In order to get rid of Princess Charlotte, she borrowed the power of the thorns flower Empire. This is really a disgrace to the Holy Light Empire. Thanks to the presence of Master Ling Feng, otherwise it would be really over.

 All the incidents are under the control of Wu Ling Feng. The gold knights and the magicians in Mingji City will also be dispatched tomorrow, just like someone in the command post, Wu Ling Feng will play with the forces in Mingji City in his hands, which made Helena admire him more.

 Although she followed Princess Charlotte and learned many methods of battle array and the means of marching and fighting, Wu Ling Feng's strange tactics were unheard of. He first lured the enemy to fall for it and then stole the city. It was really through shocking means.


 Looking at Wu Ling Feng's side. After marching overnight, he finally reached a forest five miles away from Mingji City. At this time, Wu Ling Feng only allowed all the soldiers to rest for a while, but he did not fall asleep. He instead calmly stared at everything around him. The wind blew and the gra.s.s stirred. The wind blew into his ears. The faster he want to succeed, the more attention should be paid to all the small things.

 " Here, have a drink of water ..." Winnie gently walked beside Wu Lingfeng and handed him the sheepskin water bag.

 Wu Ling Feng took the water bag, drank two mouthful of clean water, wiped the water stain on his mouth, then called for the storage s.p.a.ce, took out two pieces of roast meat from the inside, handed Winnie one piece, and said, " Eat, my storage s.p.a.ce keeps it fresh. It must be hard for you to following me around."

 Winnie took the roast with both hands and said, " it doesn't matter. these days are my happiest days. I want to stay with the Onii-chan all my life."

 Wu Ling Feng gently patted Winnie's little head and said, " Fool, follow me if you want, but don't shout ..."

 " Hehe!  !”  Winnie put on a delicate smile.

 Charlotte, on one side, saw the sudden emergence of Wu Ling Feng and two pieces of steaming roast meat. She immediately trotted over in surprise and said in surprise, " s.p.a.ce magic?"

 Wu Ling Feng nodded and said: " It's about the same. I can summon a small and different s.p.a.ce, only one cubic meter in size. The contents can guarantee the quality for a long time. What will it look like when it is put in and is what it will look like when it comes out. It's very useful. Does your highness want a barbecue? Winnie made it very delicious ..."

 Charlotte nodded: " Well, give me a piece, too. Also, don't call me your Royal Highness. Call me Charlotte later, so I can listen comfortably."

 Wu Ling Feng nodded, took out a piece of barbecue from the storage s.p.a.ce and handed it to Charlotte.

 After eating the barbecue, Wu Ling Feng began to check his stats. The previous war did not take into account the system prompt at all. Through the identification of his right eye, his personal stats is now @:

 Id: Wu Ling Feng

 Profession: Male Mage Rank: 10 ( 222/5000 )

 Magician: Mainly uses magic as an attack. When HP hit 0, hit the host can ressurect back, so it will not be killed easily.

 Basic stats:

 Hp ( Life Value ): 435

 Mp ( Magic Value ): 515

 Physical attack: 36

 Magic Attack: 56

 Strength: 26.5

 Physical strength:  29.5

 Intelligence: 35.5

 Spirit: 38.5

 Physical Magic Reading Attack: 550

 Physical Defense: 147.5

 Magic Defense: 192.5

 Physical Critical Hit: 0 %

 Magic Critical Strike: 0 %

 Attack speed: 10 %

 Casting speed: 10 %

 Movement speed: 14.5 m / s

 Anti - Magic Value: 0

 Hp recovery rate: 10

 Mp recovery rate: 190

 Fire affinity: 0

 Ice affinity: 0

 Light affinity: 0

 Dark affinity: 0

 Unexpectedly one battle rose so many levels, his physical strength is more powerful, now Wu Ling Feng feels he is as strong as a bull.

 This is only a change in the basic stats. What's more is that the upgrade comes with a few more magic skills:

 Ghost Fire lv2 ( Active ): Elemental Skill, Instant Fire, Cooling for 10 seconds, Lasting for 60 seconds, Consuming mp32.  Each fireball has an improved physical magic defense of 240 and each fireball has an attack of 362 %.  ( Peach Wand Added One Level )

 Skills Description: Generates two dim fires, which can increase their physical and magical defenses for 60 seconds.  If you cast this skill again while generating dim fire, you can shoot fireb.a.l.l.s and give certain damage to the enemy.

[New] Flicker lv1 ( active ): s.p.a.ce skill, instant cast, cooldown for 1.5 seconds, consuming mp25.  The instantaneous shift of the distance in the front-back direction is 4m, and the instantaneous shift of the distance in the left-right direction is 1m.

 Skill description: You can telephoto to a certain distance in the specified direction. You can reduce the teleport distance by reducing magic power, but you cannot increase the teleport distance.

[New] Revolving Fire Shield lv1 ( Active ): Elemental skill, instant cast, cool down for 4 seconds, consuming mp31.  Attack power: 356 %, ranged attack damage reduction: 15 %, shield advancing distance: 4.5m

 Skill description: Generate a flame shield and cast it forward to attack the enemy.  When the shield is generated, the damage caused by the enemy's long-range attack can be reduced.

[New] Bunny Hop lv1 ( Active ): Enhancement skill, cast for 0.4 seconds, cool down for 25 seconds, consume mp13, last for 10 seconds.

 Skill description: Increase the jumping power within the height range of one's own meter, and the effect lasts for a period of time.

[Suggest other names for Bunny hop]

[New] Throwing Proficiency lv1 ( Pa.s.sive, Throwing Props Required ): General Skill, Instant, No Cooldown, Consumes mp1 sec, Increases Attack Power by 10 %.

 Skill description: Throwing can increase the attack power of throwing props. Props that cause 2 times of damage however, do not increase the attack power of the second attack.

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