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 Chapter 30: Prevail! (Part 1).

 Helena found three magic arrows made of secret silver in the armory of the castellan mansion. She also found two matching crossbows and poison. she found some poisonous snakes' poison bags in the alchemy room in the city.

 Wu Ling Feng was very happy to see Helena find everything. He said, " You let a silver knight use mithril arrows on the Ming side of the city wall against the incoming magician, and then you carry out the same attack in the dark. This is just in case. If the light and shade match, the guy will not be able to hide, then take that opportunity."

 Helena nodded and said: " Well, a magician who has been poisoned and seriously injured is equal to a waste, but even if the attack succeeds and he cannot get out of the city, how do we kill him? After all, he can hide and recuperate after the injury, and unless the Golden Knight is injured, both him and the wizard will be able to make a comeback if they worked together 'properly' , I would have then no chance to win."

 Wu Ling Feng patted Helena on the shoulder and said: " Don't forget, I have the ability to teleport. At the critical moment, I will teleport to his side to destroy him, and then I can jump on the wall and escape back. You should have seen my skill of jumping very high. The height of the wall is absolutely no problem.

 Before they arrive, I will lie in ambush outside the city wall, after all, my teleport has some distance, four meters, so you must be certain about your crossbow skills, my life... I entrust it in your hands, miss Helena. "

 " No, you are the leader, how can you play the bait, you, you can't ambush outside the city, if you have a ..." Helena immediately said with concern.

 Wu Lingfeng shook his head: " no, you are certain to die, the gate can't be opened, when the time comes you such a beautiful young lady will die in the outside, I will be very sad, I said before, I as a handsome man has three problems, one, try to be brave, two, play handsome, three, in front of the beauty try to be brave and play handsome. So just leave it to me. "

 Helena bit her lower lip and said: " you ... no, no, don't go. Plus, we have already occupied the city of mingji so we just have to wait for Napoleon the army chief to meet us then ..."

 Wu Ling Feng chuckled and grabbed Helena's hand and said, " Don't worry, I promise that I will come back. You have read so many war books, you must also understand that the battlefield changes rapidly, and a powerful knighg can bring us disasters at any time.

[If only picking up girls are this easy]

 I have just been promoted to the level of an intermediate magician. I can do well against a senior magician. The existence of the level of a magician is also very dangerous for me. Otherwise, I won't have to bother Mithril arrows. I said I would be the reliance of your highness. I want to fulfill my promise. Please believe in me. "

 Helena immediately curled her mouth, turned her head and went out, saying, " No matter what, I'm happier when you're dead, so I can be your highness's guardian knight."

 Wu Ling Feng shook his head. He is really a guy with a double heart. He is proud of a girl. Ha ha, with such a girl, life in another world is so interesting. Winnie, who is like her sister next door, Helena, who is proud but kind, Charlotte, Gaga, who is like a little princess, are indeed very good and powerful.

 After a long walk, Helena felt uneasy and turned to Wu Ling Feng again and said: " but... If you ... if you die, I ... I ..."

 Wu Lingfeng couldn't help but be speechless. If I die? You clearly care about me, but unfortunately I can't possibly tell her directly this. Oh, Helena, you are so charming.

 " Well, if you want me to come back alive, give me a condition. For example, if I come back alive, how about you giving me a kiss? I like beautiful women very much, especially 'young' ones like you. With motivation, I will naturally come back desperately." Wu Ling Feng said with a smile, folding his arms.

 " You, pervert! ..." Helena, with an angry cry, stamped her feet, turned her head and snorted coldly, said: " Fine! Remember what you said, even if I ... I don't like you, you have to come back alive to protect your highness ..."

 Wu Ling Feng didn't expect Helena to promise. He only made fun of it. He didn't think of it, but it is better. Now he is very motivated, Gaga.

 After Helena left, Charlotte also came out of the side hall and said, " She likes you, Master Ling Feng. Helena is just like my sister. I know her mind best. You must really come back, otherwise Helena will be very sad.

 Like you, her parents died in the war. That's why she pays so much attention to your affairs. You let her see herself, so she also appreciates you. "

 Wu Ling Feng turned his head and said with a smile: " Does your highness not worry about me?"

 Charlotte blushed, lowered her head and said, " worry? Me? It's everyone that is worried about you. Don't let us down. You are my guardian knight. If you don't come back, I will let others be my guardian knight."

 Wu Ling Feng gave Charlotte a thumbs-up and said: " No problem, I will come back, because I am special, Winnie, Helena and Her Royal Highness. I will not let you down."


 Towards dusk, the captives had already dug large and small traps in Mingji City, with a large number of sharpened wooden sticks inserted inside. Wu Ling Feng also hid in ambush among the traps outside the city, ready to give a fatal blow to the wounded Golden knight.

 Helena and another silver knight armed with secret silver arrows also took their respective positions, while the other soldiers were guarding the city wall. A large number of archers were placed on the wall to shoot indiscriminately at those who dared to approach the gate.

 Everything was ready. In the evening, Armani, the golden knight, led the troops back. His face was obviously ferocious and horrible. He not only failed to catch Princess Charlotte, but also saw the body of his own brother lying there and thrown to the ground with those soldiers who died.

 Even though Armani made a stupid mistake, he knew that he had been tricked and had come for nothing. Armani, who was sad because of the loss of his brothers and sisters, did not notice the changes in Mingji City. The flag of thorns flower on the city wall had already changed its colors.

 " Ah ..."

 Soon a large number of riders leaning in front fell into the trap set by Wu Ling Feng. However, even if the people in front fell into the trap, it would be impossible for the cavalry behind to stop. The force of the group is very large. Moreover, the cavalry was too close to each other before. You squeezed me and I squeezed you, and immediately a large number of cavalry got into the trap.

 " Poof ..."

 " Ah ..."

 " Help!!! ..."

 Traps arrangement of sharpened sticks immediately penetrated the knights, the following silver knights have also been seriously injured, only a small part of the silver knights who responded quickly only suffered minor injuries.

 " b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who is it ..." Armani, the golden knight, is also inevitably caught in the trap. However, he is not injured due to his strong strength. He is just all covered in dust, it made him very ashamed. The death of his younger brother has already made him lose his mind. Now this thing happend ...

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