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Chapter 1282: Family Qing

In a matter of moments, the 2 towering doors of the large mansion not far away suddenly opened.

A cl.u.s.ter of green light shot out from it. The light flew over the hilltop where Liu Ming was under a couple of flashes.

The green light faded, revealing a figure of a middle-aged man in a green brocade robe.

The middle-aged man appeared to be in his fifties, but he already had sunken cheeks and white hair. His cultivation level was around the Celestial State later stage, but there was still quite a gap to reaching the perfect stage.

He held a black talisman in his hand, which was the same as the one that Liu Ming cast before.

At this moment, his gaze toward Liu Ming was full of surprise and uncertainty. After looking up and down at Liu Ming a few times, he asked in a deep voice,

“Who are you? Why do you have this talisman?”

Liu Ming opened his eyes, stood up calmly, cupped his hands to the middle-aged man with white hair in mid-air, and said lightly.

“I’m Liu Ming. I’m here to ask for an audience with the Qing Family Master.”

“I’m Qing Cong, the current Qing Family Master. If you have anything to see me, speak it out.” The middle-aged man with white hair said calmly.

“It turns out that you are the Qing Family Master. I was disrespectful! I came here to pay respects to my ancestors.” Liu Ming nodded with a look of understanding, then he said with a serious face.

Oh, what do you mean by “paying respect to your ancestors”?” The middle-aged man with white hair’s eyes flashed. His expression eased a little. He continued to ask.

“I’m the descendant of an old friend acquainted with the Qing Family. As for the details, may I ask the family master to read this letter?” As Liu Ming said, he waved his sleeve and threw a letter to the middle-aged man with white hair.

The middle-aged man with white hair took the letter suspiciously and scanned it with his eyes.

“Personally Written for the Qing Family Master!”

Except for these large characters of demonic texts on the envelope, there was also a symbol that seemed weird and abnormal. Seeing this scene, his heart couldn’t help trembling slightly.

Then, he took a deep breath before chanting a series of complex incantations.

The next moment, the weird symbol on the envelope in his hand lit up, and a series of small characters flew out of it. The characters disappeared into the forehead of the middle-aged man with white hair in a flash.

The middle-aged man with white hair was startled for a moment, then his expression changed immediately. He said to Liu Ming,

“It turns out that you’re the descendant of Mo Tian. Hurry in!”

Then, he turned sideways and made an ‘invite’ gesture.

“Thank you, family master.” Liu Ming stood up straight, cupped his hands at the middle-aged man with white hair, and flew into the manor.

The middle-aged man with white hair took out a communication disk array and mumbled briefly. Then, he withdrew the disk array and flew into the manor as well.

In the manor, the first thing that caught Liu Ming’s eye was the huge long square. On both sides were rows of elegant green-stone buildings that had aged with time.

A sculpture of a masked man in a robe was erected in the middle of the square. Its exposed sharp eyes looked into the distance, seemingly overseeing the world.

Behind the statue was a magnificent large palace.

Led by the Qing Family Master, Liu Ming walked slowly along the square toward the palace.

Although the guards of the Qing Family along the way didn’t know Liu Ming, seeing the respectful att.i.tude of the Qing Family Master toward him, they did not dare to ask anything.

Not long after, the 2 walked into the palace one after the other, and they entered a hall.

The hall was bright. The main seat in the middle was empty. There was a painting hanging on the wall behind. In the painting, there was a man in a black robe with his face covered. His eyes were looking straight ahead, which was similar to the sculpture in the manor square. They must be the same person.

2 men and a woman were seated below the main seat.

When the three of them saw the middle-aged man with white hair coming in, they stood up one after another, cupped their hands to the middle-aged man, and respectfully greeted “family master”.

Qing Cong waved his hands to them to cut the courtesy, then he led Liu Ming forward.

All 3 looked at Liu Ming behind the family master with a hint of surprise.

At the same time, Liu Ming a.s.sessed them too. With just a glance, he had a clear view of their cultivations.

On the sides of the main seat were a burly bald man and a man with disheveled hair and a silver mask.

Next to the man with disheveled hair was a woman in a green shirt with a slender figure and a black mole on her forehead.

The bald man and the masked man were at the Celestial State intermediate stage while the woman in a green shirt was at the Celestial State early stage.

“I have summoned fellow elders here for an announcement.” The middle-aged man with a white hair, Qing Cong, pointed below the burly bald man to signal Liu Ming to have a seat. Then, he appeared on the master seat and announced.

The 3 elders seemed a little puzzled. They looked at each other before moving their gaze to Qing Cong as if they were waiting for his next words.

“Liu Ming is the descendant of Senior Mo Tian, ​​the ancestor of our Qing Family who was exiled to other continents. His cultivation has reached the Celestial State. It is a great blessing to have him return to our family and pay respect to his ancestor. I wonder if Mr. Liu would like to be the family elder?” Qing Cong glanced at the 3 elders, then he announced calmly as if he was just talking about a trivial matter.

As soon as the announcement came out, everyone was shocked.

“Family master, although our Qing Family may not have a long history like the 4 great families, we’re still a prominent family in the Zang State. Now, a person of unknown ident.i.ty appears and becomes our elder, I don’t think it is appropriate.” Before Liu Ming could speak, the man with disheveled hair stood up and retorted.

“I think this matter involves the rise and fall of the family, so it’s not appropriate to act hastily. Can family master verify his ident.i.ty before making a decision?” The woman in a green shirt stood up. She said with a glance at Liu Ming.

“As far as I know, Ancestor Mo Tian disappeared tens of thousands of years ago, and now his descendant suddenly appeared after so many years. This seems a bit strange.” The bald burly man touched his head. He clearly didn’t believe in Liu Ming’s ident.i.ty.

“Fellow elders, your worries are not unreasonable, but first let me show this?” Qing Cong seemed to have expected that the 3 would raise doubts. He flipped one hand unhurriedly. A black talisman appeared and was suspended in mid-air.

However, the surface of this talisman was surrounded by rays of light. Black runes of different sizes circulated continuously on the surface.

The 3 of them looked up with various expressions.

“I have verified that this is the real token talisman of Mo Tian. According to the Qing Family’s ancestral teachings, this token can only be activated by people of the direct blood of Ancestor Mo Tian. I don’t think I need to say anymore.” Qing Cong said with a blank face.

Since the family master said so, the burly bald man was slightly relaxed a little as if he believed it. Then, he nodded slightly to Liu Ming.

The woman in a green shirt glanced at the masked man at the side without saying.

“Family master, wait a minute! According to rumors, Ancestor Mo Tian attained the Mystic Comprehending State back then, and his illusion skills are superb. Since you’re the descendant of the Ancestor Mo Tian, ​​you must have acquired the legacy. Why don’t you have a duel with me? If you can win against me, Qing Songzi, I have no further complaints. Otherwise, I think you should not claim not to be Ancestor Mo Tian’s descendant, lest you tarnish the great reputation of Ancestor Mo Tian.” The masked man was straightforward. As he spoke, his eyes swept across everyone and finally landed on Liu Ming.

“I also agree with Elder Qing Songzi’s proposal. Our Thousands Demons Continent respects the powerhouse. Please decide, family master.” The woman in a green shirt turned to Qing Cong and said.

Seeing this, the burly bald man didn’t say much and also looked at Liu Ming.

“That’s fine, but I don’t know what Mr. Liu thinks?” Qing Cong turned his head to look at Liu Ming. Even though it was a request, his intention behind those words was apparent.

“Since Elder Qing Songzi is willing to give me a lesson, I’m eager to see what you got.” Liu Ming agreed smilingly.

“Great. Let’s not burden ourselves with choosing a date. How about we head to the arena right now?” Qing Songzi said smugly when he saw that Liu Ming agreed to duel without thinking.

Naturally, Liu Ming had no objection. They walked out of the hall under the lead of the Qing Family Master.

Not long after, they came to a corner of the manor. It was a rather wide open s.p.a.ce, where a square platform that was 2 people tall was established above the ground.

Around the platform, 4 disciples wearing green robes were scattered in the 4 corners of the platform, each holding a formation flag in their hands.

In addition, there were quite a number of disciples of the Qing Family who seemed to have received the news in advance. They gathered here from all directions. In a short time, hundreds of people gathered at this place.

“Mr. Liu, it’s not too late to back off now. There will be no turning back once you step into the arena.” The man with disheveled hair glanced at Liu Ming and said.

“Elder Qing Songzi, please.” Liu Ming made an inviting gesture in the direction of the arena as if he had never heard the words of the man with disheveled hair, and he said with a smile.

Seeing this, the man with disheveled hair let out a snort. There was a fleeting murderous intent on his face. He tapped his feet, turned into a green light, and jumped onto the arena.

Liu Ming also flashed with a black light and appeared in the arena with a series of afterimages.

Seeing that Liu Ming and the man with disheveled hair had arrived, the disciples of the Qing Family at the four corners of the arena began to chant and pour their spiritual power into the formation flag.

In a short while, green lights flew out from around the platform, intertwined in mid-air, and formed a giant green light shield, enveloping the entire arena.

“Qing Gu, you will be the referee for this battle.” Qing Cong glanced over at the 2 people near the arena and said calmly.


As soon as Qing Cong finished his words, the burly bald man appeared in the air and said in a loud voice that everyone could hear.

“According to the Qing Family’s rules, there are no restrictions on the arena. Unless one side takes the initiative to admit defeat, I will never interrupt. Do you 2 have anything else to say?”

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