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Chapter 1281: Zang State

“I’m afraid it’s more than that. Judging from this token, this person is probably a direct disciple of the Gao He Family.” Mo Tian said faintly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming secretly took a breath.

Even though he didn’t know much about the Thousands Demons Continent, he still knew very well what a Celestial State direct disciple meant to a family.

“If I were you, I would immediately take that scorpion and leave here as quickly as possible.” Mo Tian’s voice sounded again.

Liu Ming nodded. He glanced at the several demonic weapons and magic weapons on the ground.

“You’d better not take these things away. As far as I know, the Gao He Family is best at tracking. The demonic crystals and spiritual materials you took are fine, but these demonic weapons and magic weapons must have been stained with the aura of this kid. Taking them will just lead the people of Gao He Family to you easily.” Mo Tian continued.

Liu Ming sighed softly, and he didn’t touch the magic weapons of the man in a black robe, but he took the demonic crystals and spiritual materials in the storage device of the red-haired young man. All the weapons that had been refined were all left on the ground.

He launched several fireb.a.l.l.s to burn their corpses into ashes.

After confirming that there were no clues about him left around, he went into the underground cave.

A moment later, a black light flew out and disappeared into the distant sky.

Not long after Liu Ming flew away, several bright escape lights came from a distance. 8 figures suddenly appeared and landed near the cave.

The leaders were 3 Celestial State demon cultivators. There was a tall old man in a black robe, a short old man in a black robe, and a young woman in a red dress.

They saw traces of battles and several magic weapons scattered on the ground, and they looked extremely ugly.

“This is definitely Young Master Ye’s Nine Mou Ghost Slaying Blade!” The tall old man in a black robe picked up the man in a black robe’s black ghost head sword and said in a deep voice.

The short man in a black robe flicked his hand toward the ground and collected the few magic weapons of the man in a black robe with black air. After they looked at each other, they looked livid.

The young woman in a red dress also took the magic weapons and demonic weapons of the red-haired young man and examined them. Her face turned livid as well.

The tall old man in a black robe chanted. His forehead shot a crystal light that shone at the surroundings.

After a while, the old man opened his eyes and said with difficulty, “There is a lot of resentment and death aura here. I’m afraid that Young Master Ye and Young Master Huo Di have already…”

“Who did it? Young Master Ye’s strength is already comparable to the Celestial State later stage cultivator, and even Mr. Huo Di too. Could it be that a Mystic Comprehending State did it?” The short old man in a black robe guessed.

The other 2 were shocked by these remarks. They looked around with worried looks.

If the Mystic Comprehending State really killed the 2 people here, the 3 of them would be in a dangerous situation.

At this moment, a light flashed on the tall old man in a black robe, and a gloomy ancient mirror flashed out. As the mirror flashed, countless fist-sized black runes emerged. Then, a slender man slowly emerged from the runes.

The slender man was shrouded in a faint black light. Only his face could vaguely be seen. He looked like an unusually young man.

“Greetings to Venerable Yan!” The 2 old men immediately bowed down when they saw the slender man.

The young woman in a red dress on the side and several demon cultivators in the distance also hurriedly bowed down.

“In the family’s Life Hall, Ye’er’s life fire has been extinguished. The family master let me ask about what happened here?” The slender man said calmly.

“Reporting to Venerable Yan, Young Master Ye and Young Master Huo Di were killed by someone in Dong Lu Mountain Range. When we arrived here, the enemy had already fled far away.” The tall old man hurriedly explained the situation.

“I see. It seems that the enemy knows our Gao He Family quite well. He threw Ye’er’s ident.i.ty token, magic weapons and demonic weapons here. He is a very careful person. But if he thinks that he will be safe and sound, then he is really underestimating our Gao He Family.” The slender man sneered, raised one hand, and spread 5 fingers. A white light circle spread out from his hand.

The light circle enveloped the entire valley in it.

Under the white light circle, the surrounding ground and the s.p.a.ce seemed to be given life. They trembled slightly. In the empty s.p.a.ce, strands of white air and golden sword light remnants appeared on the ground.

The slender man smiled. He moved his hand, and the white light circle shrank. The white air and golden sword light were gathered together.

The white circle of light finally turned into a palm-sized talisman. A trace of white air and golden sword light could be seen in it.

“Venerable Yan’s Nature Search is really incomparably profound. No matter how cunning the murderer is, he will never escape from sir’s hands.” The tall old man said flatteringly.

“Judging from this aura, the murderer should be a Celestial State cultivator and a sword cultivator with considerable attainments. He also seems to be proficient in illusion.” The slender man looked at the talisman and pondered for a while before saying slowly.

The 3 Celestial State cultivators were all surprised.

“However, most of the remaining aura here has dissipated. With such a little aura, you can’t track it when my real body is not there. But I remember that you have the Ten Direction Compa.s.s of our family. With this little remnant aura, you should be able to roughly sense the location of the murderer.” The slender man said to the tall old man.

The tall old man was stunned, then he nodded immediately. He took out a palm-sized gray compa.s.s. The surface was divided into 10 parts, and 10 strange demonic texts were engraved on it.

The slender man launched a symbol, and the gray compa.s.s shot out a gray light beam. Mysterious runes could be seen from the light beam.

The slender man threw the talisman in his hand into the gray light beam, and a gray flame ignited on the talisman immediately. The color of the compa.s.s suddenly changed, turning into a gray-white color with a little golden light. The pointer in the middle spun rapidly.

But after a while, the pointer of the compa.s.s was still spinning rapidly without any intention of stopping.

The slender man couldn’t help but look a little ugly. The tall and short old men glanced at each other and quickly lowered their heads, not even daring to take a breath.

With a soft “pop“, the talisman on the compa.s.s finally burned out and shattered.

“The murderer is extremely vigilant. He immediately fled away after killing. He has already flown out of the sensing range of the Ten Direction Compa.s.s. You continue to search for the murderer near Dong Lu Mountain Range. I will ask the family master to issue a wanted order. You will definitely pay with your blood for killing the direct disciples of our Gao He Family.” The slender man gave an order to the tall and short old men with an ugly face, then he flickered and disappeared.

After the slender man disappeared, the rest immediately flew out of Dong the Lu Mountain Range.

“Our Young Master Huo Di of the Huo Family was also killed by that murderer. If Gao He Family finds out about the murderer, please let us know.” Seeing this, the young woman in a red dress hurriedly said to the two old men.

The Huo Family was a va.s.sal family of the Gao He Family. They were rooted near the Dong Lu Mountain Range. Although the scale was not small, they were far inferior to the Gao He Family.

“Fairy Yan, don’t worry, the Huo Family has a huge network in the Dong Lu Mountain Range, so we still need your help in searching for the murderer.” The tall old man said.

The young woman in a red dress nodded. They accelerated and disappeared into the sky in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Liu Ming, after leaving the Dong Lu Mountain Mountain Range, he rushed all the way north in a golden-silver escape light.

He didn’t hesitate to use the Void Sword Maru and the silver wings to boost the speed of the escape light. After flying for 60,000 miles, he gradually slowed down.

In the following time, in order to avoid the pursuit of the Gao He Family, he didn’t dare to relax at all. He changed direction from time to time, and he specially picked some remote paths.

After spending half a year in this way, he finally came to the remote place in the northern part of the Thousands Demons Continent, the Zang State.

The mountains in the Zang State were covered with snow all year round, making it a plain white world.

Liu Ming was hovering in the air and looking at a large mountain range stretching thousands of miles in front of him. He looked thoughtful.

This was the border of the Zang State, the Tuo Zang Mountains. From a distance, he could see more than a dozen large and small cities or manors looming in the mountains. All of which were far away from each other. There were overt and covert outposts and enchantments between them.

Around these cities or manors, there were many demon soldiers in various armor, patrolling constantly.

After Liu Ming observed for a while, a green light flashed on his shoulders, then he flew close to the ground and headed deep into the mountains.

With his current cultivation and Che Huan Totem, he could go in without hindrance.

After 15 minutes, he appeared on a hilltop near a rather grandiose large manor.

Looking from a distance, on the city wall outside the manor, a flag fluttering in the wind was imprinted with a big word “Qing”.

Liu Ming waved his sleeve and launched a black talisman. It flashed and disappeared in the air.

After he finished all this, he sat crosslegged with his eyes closed on the top of the mountain.

TL: He should be given the t.i.tle “Young Master Exterminator Liu” for killing so many young masters, then it will be the “Great Escaper”…

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