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Chapter 1172: The Real Body of Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect

However, when the battle situation gradually became favorable to the human side, strange flickering blue crystal lights emerged in the sky behind the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army.

These crystal lights were like faint stars hanging in the sky.

Because they were quite dispersed, the human cultivators didn’t even notice them at first when they were focused on the fierce battle.

But after 15 minutes, these crystal lights became more and more, and blue lights suddenly burst out from them.

Immediately afterward, small s.p.a.ce fissures appeared out of thin air in the blue lights. As a burst of rustling sounds came, blue silkworms poked out their fat heads from the fissures, desperately trying to squeeze out.

These blue silkworms seemed to be only about 3 meters feet in size. Their whole bodies were glowing with a faint blue light, looking extremely crystal clear. After squeezing out half of their bodies, they no longer tried to get out, but they started to gnaw at the edges of the s.p.a.ce fissures.

All of a sudden, tens of thousands of blue silkworms began to devour the sky area of ​​tens of acres.

Amidst the numbing hissing sound, the s.p.a.ce fissures expanded rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, covering one-fifth of this area in the blink of an eye. The area continued to expand.

The bodies of these blue silkworms also grew rapidly.

The appearance of large-scale s.p.a.ce fissures caused a strong distortion in the entire s.p.a.ce.

In mid-air, the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses who were fighting with the Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect avatars were shocked by the appearance of the strange blue silkworms and s.p.a.ce fissures in the distance.

“These h.e.l.lish-Insects can devour s.p.a.ce energy. The s.p.a.ce enchantment here probably won’t last long.” The Big Dipper Pavilion Master frowned slightly and sent a sound transmission to the rest of the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses.

“Once the s.p.a.ce enchantment is completely destroyed, a s.p.a.ce storm may form here.” The middle-aged man in a scholar robe of the Haoran Academy was worried too.

“A s.p.a.ce storm of this scale can only cause some disorder in this area. What I’m worried about is…”

“These h.e.l.lish-Insects probably have some kind of plan! Quickly give the order. Immediately send every force to destroy these blue silkworm h.e.l.lish-Insects!” Grand Elder Mu Kong’s eyes flashed, and he replied via voice transmission.

Under the command of the sound transmission of the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses, the elders of various sects who also found that something was wrong immediately began to mobilize the disciples through sound transmission.

Immediately, several Real Pellet State cultivators flew out from each battle group, flying towards the distance and launching fierce attacks into the sky.

The rest of the cultivators began to cover these Real Pellet State cultivators to prevent the h.e.l.lish-Insects from blocking the way.

Immediately, hundreds of Real Pellet State human cultivators flew toward the distant sky with unstoppable momentum.

All of a sudden, light beams of different colors shot all over the sky, and the targets were all those blue silkworms in the sky. The scene was extremely dazzling for a moment.

Liu Ming, who was in the depths of the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army, had already noticed the strange vision in mid-air. However, because there were too many h.e.l.lish-Insects around him, he only had time to raise his head for a quick glance, then he continued to kill all kinds of oncoming h.e.l.lish-Insect.

With the efforts of Liu Ming, Qiu Longzi and others, the number of low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects poisoned had reached a million.

The crackling sounds kept coming from the sky.

Although these blue silkworms had reached tens of meters in size at this moment, they seemed to be completely vulnerable. As long as they were hit by the light beams, they would burst into a blue light cl.u.s.ter and splash away.

But all this seemed to be too late. The s.p.a.ce fissures devoured by these silkworms had connected into a large s.p.a.ce fissure. An amazing spiritual pressure burst out from them.

Strange screams came endlessly from the s.p.a.ce fissure as giant h.e.l.lish-Insects of different appearances rushed out of the fissure. There were as many as 800.

Among these h.e.l.lish-Insects, several had reached the sizes of a few hundred meters. The smallest one was at least a house size. They were covered with patterns of different colors and had distorted human faces, looking extremely hideous.

“No, they’re all high rank h.e.l.lish-Insects at the Real Pellet State or even Celestial State!” Liu Ming glanced at them, startled.

At this moment, a Celestial State yellow giant worm casually spewed out a giant yellow liquid.


The yellow liquid spread in the air and covered at the nearest battle group that consisted of hundreds of Demon Mystic Sect cultivators.

Caught off guard, the hundreds of Demon Mystic Sect cultivators could barely channel the demonic qi to form a layer of black air shield.

But these liquids were extremely corrosive. After a flash of yellow light, the black air shield was devoured by the yellow liquid.

The dreadful screams came!

Hundreds of Demon Mystic Sect disciples were melted by the yellow liquid. Only a few who were quick-witted barely escaped from the attack. However, their escape lights also seemed dim. They were obviously seriously injured.

With the addition of hundreds of Real Pellet State and even Celestial State h.e.l.lish-Insect, the battlefield situation had changed drastically again. The Mystic Comprehending State and Celestial State human cultivators were astounded.

Just when they were trying to free up their hands and go to seal the s.p.a.ce fissure themselves, a change occurred again!

There were bursts of explosions in mid-air!

All the remaining blue silkworms exploded at the same time, and waves of blue air waves quickly opened up the nearby s.p.a.ce fissures.

In the blink of an eye, the s.p.a.ce of tens of acres was turned into a large s.p.a.ce fissure.

From a distance, it looked like a huge black hole that appeared abruptly in the blue sky.

After a thunderous roar, a giant light array that almost filled the entire s.p.a.ce fissure loomed in it.

From time to time, densely packed black runes fluttered in the light array.

Immediately afterward, a majestic aura came from it!

A white light flashed, and a huge white meat clump was faintly visible from the light array. From a distance, it looked like the torso of a giant silkworm.

The air around the tunnel gradually froze. There was a strong distortion in the s.p.a.ce. Some of the attacks of the Real Pellet State cultivators collapsed when hitting the white giant silkworm, causing no damage at all.

At this time, Liu Ming only felt his body sink suddenly, and a strong sense of oppression acted on him.

This feeling was completely different from before. The aura coming from the s.p.a.ce fissure above was many times stronger than any aura he had ever encountered. In comparison, the cultivation of Mu Kong and Xuan Yu was like a drop in the bucket.

“Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect!”

A Demon Mystic Sect Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse immediately blurted out.

The existence in this s.p.a.ce fissure was the rumored Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect, the ultimate existence of the Eternal State!

2 loud thunder-like noises!

2 giant ant-like claws that were as white as jade stretched out from the edge of the s.p.a.ce fissure and began to forcefully open it. Its plump body also kept squeezing, wanting to squeeze out of the s.p.a.ce fissure.

Every time it moved, there would be bursts of terrifying spiritual pressure sweeping down.

This scene greatly boosted the momentum of the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan, making them frantically attack the human cultivators like a tide.

At the same time, under the deterrent of the Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect, the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses in the sky also had ugly faces.

The Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect avatars all had the power of Mystic Comprehending State. If the true Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect descends on the Middle Sky Continent, the consequences can be imagined!

“We must not let this Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect come out. The s.p.a.ce fissure is not very stable, so it shouldn’t last long. Try to prevent it from coming out!” High in the sky, Grand Elder Mu Kong hastily transmitted a sound transmission to the surrounding Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses.

Immediately, except for leaving more than a dozen Mystic Comprehending State cultivators to entangle the avatars, the rest of the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators freed their hands one after another and began to channel their magic weapons.

Taiqing Sect’s Grand Elder Xuan Yu took out an incomparably crystal-clear jade disc in his hands. As his hands launched symbols into the jade disc, it released intense green light and transformed into a dazzling green lotus.

The green lotus spun in the air, turning into a round of green light and shooting directly to the s.p.a.ce fissure.

On the other side, Grand Elder Mu Kong stretched his arms. One black light beam and one white light beam blasted out, turning into a black flag and a white flag.

As Grand Elder Mu Kong launched symbols into them, the black and white flags turned into a giant black dragon and a giant white dragon. After intertwining in the air, they slammed toward the 2 giant claws of Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect on the left and right.

Ao“, there was a furious roar from the s.p.a.ce fissure. The pair of giant white claws that stretched out suddenly retracted.

The woman in a yellow robe of the Nature Work Sect directly summoned a giant puppet eagle.

This giant eagle was more than 300 meters in size. It had red, green and yellow colors from top to bottom and a pair of shiny black pupils. Its aura was no less than that of the Mystic Comprehending State cultivator.

The giant eagle flapped its wings, and its red feathers transformed into sharp long lights and shot directly around the s.p.a.ce fissure, forming a huge net at the edge that prevented the s.p.a.ce fissure from expanding.

But after only 1 second, a cl.u.s.ter of yellow liquid was spurted out from the s.p.a.ce fissure, turning the giant net into ashes.

The Nature Work Sect’s woman in a yellow robe was startled. She spat a mouthful of blood essence at the eagle, making it grow to the size of a small mountain.

Yah“, a clear chirp!

The giant eagle screeched and emitted sound waves from its mouth.

A layer of ripples appeared in the s.p.a.ce where the sound waves pa.s.sed. Under the interference of the sound waves, the entire s.p.a.ce fissure slowly began to close up.

At this moment, the remaining Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses also went all out in channeling their magic weapons, trying to seal this temporary s.p.a.ce fissure.

All of a sudden, lights of various colors were blasted toward the s.p.a.ce fissure.

But at this moment, an evil b.l.o.o.d.y light appeared in the sky in the east of the battlefield.

Immediately afterward, a boundless blood sea surged over.

The blood sea was advancing extremely fast. It appeared within a thousand meters to the east of the human groups in a flash. The terrifying spiritual pressure of the blood sea made the cultivators on the spot turn pale in terror.

It turned out to be a Mystic Comprehending State cultivator!

TL: GG? This will be more Mystic Comprehending State villains too. Do humans even

Has more Mystic Comprehending State?

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