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Chapter 1171: Final War (5)

Wherever the poisonous rain pa.s.sed, the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects below the Crystallization Period were dead in an instant.

In a blink of an eye, wherever Liu Ming, Qiu Longzi and more than a hundred Real Pellet State cultivators pa.s.sed by, the ground was filled with low rank h.e.l.lish-Insect corpses in different shapes and colors.

But these numbers were just a drop in the bucket for the millions of h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army, and the vacated s.p.a.ce was filled in an instant by the large swarm of h.e.l.lish-Insects.

A large number of low rank h.e.l.lish-Insect corpses naturally attracted the other h.e.l.lish-Insects to devour.

But the imagined evolution didn’t happen. Instead, after eating the poisoned low rank h.e.l.lish-Insect corpses, these low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects collapsed to the ground and convulsed. More h.e.l.lish-Insects swarmed up and ate them up again.

Since Liu Ming and others started to cast the poison, in just 15 minutes, the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects that were poisoned to death reached 300 thousand, and the number was still rising rapidly.

As the death of the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects kept spreading, some high rank h.e.l.lish-Insects who were entangled with the human cultivators finally understood the seriousness of the situation.

Immediately, strange screams of different lengths came from the mouth of the Real Pellet State h.e.l.lish-Insects!

The low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects at the bottom froze for a moment as if they had received some kind of command. They showed a look of horror, turning a blind eye to the poisoned corpses and rushing frantically toward Liu Ming and others again.

At this moment, there was a distortion in the sky. A gray light flashed as a gray figure emerged.

The figure gradually became clear, revealing an ordinary square face. It turned out to be Transcendent Xuan Yu, 1 of the 4 Mystic Comprehending States of the Taiqing Sect, who had been all this while.

He raised his hand, and a white bone horn emerged on his palm.

The bone horn looked exquisite with countless inscriptions engraved densely on it. It was shining with a layer of black light. One’s soul would be absorbed immediately if taking a glance.

This thing was the horn made from the Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect avatar’s skull.

Grand Elder Xuan Yu took a deep breath and lightly moved the horn to his mouth, then a stream of thick aura mixed with pure spiritual power rushed into the horn.


The low horn sounded very clearly in the air, and circles of intangible sound waves immediately spread out with Transcendent Xuan Yu as the center.

The magic weapon forged with the Mystic Comprehending State Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect avatar’s bone was powerful. The sound waves instantly covered a radius of thousands of miles.

Although this sound was not very loud, the roar of the high rank h.e.l.lish-Insects was overwhelmed by it.

Accompanied by the distant sound of the horn, the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects once again became bloodl.u.s.t. They were no longer controlled by the high rank h.e.l.lish-Insects and continued to devour the corpses of h.e.l.lish-Insects

The poison spread rapidly, and the entire h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army fell into chaos again.

Seeing this, the Real Pellet State h.e.l.lish-Insect couldn’t do anything against Grand Elder Xuan Yu. They could only rush toward the poisoning team angrily and tried to stop them from casting more poison.

As the battle became more and more intense, the casualties of the poisoning team also increased.

In the depths of the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army, a black light lit up. 4 black shadows were besieging a burly human.

The 4 black shadows were 4 half-human form h.e.l.lish-Insects exuding the aura of Real Pellet State later stage.

One had 3 red eyes, one had a pitch black horn on its head and 2 had plump figures and were covered in green carapace filled with sharp barbs.

These 4 h.e.l.lish-Insects were extremely fast. Under the cooperation, their attacks were even more ruthless.

But the burly human who was besieged was superb in controlling the golden flying sword in his hand. He cast a golden sword curtain to protect himself, seeming to gain an advantage even when facing 4 Real Pellet State h.e.l.lish-Insects.

This human was none other than Taiqing Sect’s esoteric disciple Qiu Longzi!

Seeing that their attacks didn’t work, the three-eyed h.e.l.lish-Insect was furious. The third eye on its forehead opened and shot a red light beam at the golden light curtain.

Seeing this, Qiu Longzi seemed to have been prepared. He changed sword gestures and turned the long golden sword into a giant golden sword light.

Just when the red light beam and the golden sword light were about to collide.

The golden sword light trembled in an instant, transfiguring a dozen sword shadows with astonishing momentum. A few sword shadows. .h.i.t the red light beam, and they disappeared together.

The remaining sword shadows suddenly turned toward the three-eyed h.e.l.lish-Insect, and they merged into a giant golden snake in the air.

The tearing sounds came, followed by a poof!

The three-eyed h.e.l.lish-Insect was pierced by a golden snake, and blood rained all over the sky.

The green-carapacedh.e.l.lish-Insect activated a strange technique and appeared not far behind Qiu Longzi as if teleporting.

There was a burst of whistles!

The sharp barbs on the green carapace shot out, drawing black lines in the air and piercing toward Qiu Longzi viciously.

Qiu Longzi couldn’t evade anymore, so he planned to attack with his body.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred behind him!

A wave of green light covered the green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect from behind.

It was a materialized ferocious huge geen bull that flew over silently!

In an instant, wisps of black smokes were emitted from the green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect, and the painful screams were endless.

The green bull stomped the green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect to death after a m.u.f.fled sound.

Then the green bull opened its mouth and devour the body of the green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect…

“Illumination G.o.d?”

The remaining black-horned h.e.l.lish-Insect screamed in shock after seeing the green bull clearly. It turned around and left immediately.

But the next moment, a golden light stream flashed in the air, and a girl in black tulle emerged from above. She waved and cast a wave of yellow light toward the black-horned h.e.l.lish-Insect. It was Xie’er who had been hiding nearby.

As the black-horned h.e.l.lish-Insect slightly touched the golden light, there was a buzzing sound from its body. After a strange cry, it hurriedly retreated backward.

Seeing this, girl in black tulle naturally flew after it.

Almost at the same time, Liu Ming also came out from the dense h.e.l.lish-Insects in a blur and blocked in front of the last green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect.

He raised his right hand and launched the Bitter Wheel Sword, then a purple sword light slashed obliquely at the green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect.

The green-carapaced h.e.l.lish-Insect screamed strangely. A layer of unknown hard substance was condensed on its body, but it was futile against the purple sword light. As a purple light flashed around its waist, it was slashed in half and fell to the ground.

From the appearance of the green bull to Liu Ming’s attack, the series of actions were as fast as lightning.

Seeing this, Qiu Longzi was both surprised and delighted!

Although he had heard about Liu Ming’s ability to fight against the Celestial State h.e.l.lish-Insect, he couldn’t believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

But now was not the time to be shocked. After he nodded to Liu Ming, he recalled the golden long sword in the distance and continued to charge into the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan.

“Master, there are too many h.e.l.lish-Insects. If this continues, I’m afraid…”

A yellow light flashed around Liu Ming, and Xie’er appeared beside him. She threw out a huge h.e.l.lish-Insect head in her hand.

“Don’t worry, the nearby high rank h.e.l.lish-Insects are only at the Real Pellet State. Now that we are in the depths of the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army, just don’t stay too far away from me.” Liu Ming smiled and said faintly.

Xie’er gave a soft “en“, and her graceful figure flashed and disappeared in the yellow light.

After Liu Ming looked around, he flew towards another place where h.e.l.lish-Insects were densely packed.

He took out a yellow cloth bag and waved in the air. A cloud of yellow dust quickly shrouded a group of low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects. A surprising scene happened.

The dust seemed to have a spirituality, and they scattered and rushed toward the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan in front of them.

Once the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects came into contact with the dust, their eyes turned red immediately and madly rushed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming didn’t bother fighting them. He just flew to another batch of h.e.l.lish-Insects that were hundreds of meters away with a cloud of yellow dust.

The low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects that lost their target all turned to their own kind and started devouring each other.

At this moment, less than half of the other esoteric disciples who charged into the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army were left. The remaining people had also begun to release these dusts that make the h.e.l.lish-Insects crazy. At the same time, they joined forces to kill the Real Pellet State h.e.l.lish-Insects that tried to stop the chaos.

The berserk potion perfectly matched the effect of the poison. The poison spread again in the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan army. In just a while, the losses of the low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects were as high as one million.

Obviously, situation was heading toward the direction expected by the Middle Sky Continent Alliance’s high level executives…

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