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Chapter 1066: Crush

Leng Meng glanced at the surrounding enemies with contempt. He sighed and suddenly charged toward the skirmish on the side.

Over there, more than 10 cultivators of the Cold Water City and Flame City Serene Clan were besieging 8 cultivators of the Cold Moon City.

Even though these cultivators of the Cold Moon City had slightly higher cultivation, they were clearly at a disadvantage.

Leng Meng glanced at the 5 trembling ghost bat carriages below the battlefield, and a trace of reluctance flashed in his eyes. He turned and launched dense silver halberd shadows at the battle below.

A few cultivators of the Cold Water City and the Flame city were directly crushed into meat paste.

Leng Meng didn’t stop at all. He flashed in another direction.

At this moment, a loud shout sounded in midair!

“Leng Meng, you can’t escape!”

With a flash of blue shadow, Lan Xu of the Cold Water City flew over from nowhere and suddenly stopped in front of Leng Meng.

A fist-sized, blue-glowing bead was hovering above his head.

Without seeing him channeling, the bead shone and released rolling blue mist. A giant funnel-shaped blue cloud of dozens of meters was formed.

There were strange runes beating faintly in the cloud, and the whistles were loud!

Thick blue crystal silks of thick thumbs emerged from it. They entwined with each other into a dozen thick blue tentacles, sweeping swiftly toward Leng Meng.

The silver halberd in Leng Meng’s hand danced wildly in the sky. The crisscrossing halberd shadows slashed all the blue tentacles in half.

However, Lan Xu changed gestures in joy.

After a few “poof“!

The broken blue tentacles exploded in mid-air.

In an instant, the blue mist spread out rapidly, surrounding Leng Meng in the middle. Leng Meng was unable to resist and got pulled into the blue cloud above Lan Xu.

Lan Xu frowned with a hint of uneasiness.

After all, with what he knew about Leng Meng, he shouldn’t be caught without the slightest resistance.

However, after thinking about the power of the cold cloud transfigure by the Cold Blur Bead, he breathed a sigh of relief. He launched several symbols, and the blue cloud turned into a blue coc.o.o.n.

The next moment, the burly man in a blue robe was about to bring the blue coc.o.o.n far away.

At this moment, there was a whistle, then several figures faded out.

The young woman in silver clothes and 5 Real Pellet State cultivators of the Flame City appeared from nowhere, surrounding Lan Xu in the middle.

“Mrs. Yin Tang, what are you doing? You don’t want those 5 ghost bat carriages anymore?” Anger flashed in the burly man in a blue robe’s eyes, but they returned to calmness immediately. He asked coldly.

“Elder Lan Xu, it should be me who asks this question! Although you and I agreed in advance that we will get 5 ghost bat carriages and you get the tributes of the Cold Water City, that was based on the same value. But I just got the news that, except for some rare treasures in the tributes, there is even a h.e.l.l treasure, Nine h.e.l.l Son White Disk. Does Elder Lan Xu intend to s.n.a.t.c.h all the benefits?” The young woman in silver clothes said casually.

The burly man in a blue robe had a gloomy look in his eyes. He glanced around. The Real Pellet State cultivators were not weak, and his strength was similar to the young woman in silver clothes, then he said with a smile,

“Mrs. Yin Tang must have misunderstood me. I was just afraid that Leng Meng would take the opportunity to escape, so I trapped him for now. As for the Nine h.e.l.l Son White Disk, I didn’t know about it at all, let alone grabbing all the benefits myself.”

“Then, is it me who is getting over suspicious?” The young woman in silver clothes showed a hint of sarcasm on her face.

“But even if there is a ghost treasure as you said, Flame City still harvested 5 ghost bat carriages, which are probably worth nearly millions of h.e.l.l stones, which is almost the same as this ghost treasure.” The burly man in a blue robe sighed in his mind.

“This is naturally debatable. After all, Elder Lan personally captured Leng Meng, but the rest of the tributes must be divided equally.” The young woman in silver clothes said.

The burly man in a blue robe nodded. As he was about to say something else, the blue coc.o.o.n suddenly made a “click” sound. Countless cracks suddenly appeared on the surface.

The burly man was startled. He planned to throw out the coc.o.o.n, but it was too late!

A loud bang!

The coc.o.o.n burst suddenly, and a large blood mist came out of the silk in an unavoidable speed. The burly man in a blue robe was completely swarmed in it. A stench spread out.

This abrupt change shocked all of them. Before they could react, a few b.l.o.o.d.y figures flew out of the blood mist and pounced toward the nearby Flame City’s people.

The young woman in silver clothes and the others hurriedly formed gestures. Various colors of lights lit up on them.


The young woman in silver clothes just lit up the body protection light, then she was. .h.i.t by the blood silks shot by the b.l.o.o.d.y figures. The surging force shook her back for a few steps.

At this moment, the blood mist rolled violently. It turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y escape light and rushed out of the encirclement at an incredible speed, then it dashed toward the east.

The b.l.o.o.d.y figures also trailed behind the b.l.o.o.d.y escape light, leaving a series of afterimages. They had traveled for about 300 meters in a second.

After the young woman in silver clothes stabilized herself, the b.l.o.o.d.y escape light had disappeared into the distant sky.

“What happened? What was that?”

Beside the young woman in silver clothes, the masked cultivator asked in a deep voice.

“It’s Blood h.e.l.l Technique. We have underestimated Leng Meng!” The young woman in silver clothes said with an ugly expression.

“Should we chase now?” Another Flame City’s Real Pellet State cultivator asked tentatively.

“What Leng Meng uses is Blood h.e.l.l Escape. This technique can be ranked top 3 in the deepest underworld. He has already fully mastered it. It’s too late to catch up!” The young woman in silver clothes said bitterly.

The few Real Pellet State cultivators looked at each other, and no one spoke for a while.

At the same time, a hundred miles east to the battle of Leng Meng and others.

The gray sword light that Liu Ming turned into disappeared into the distant horizon.

The tall and short cultivators also chased closely.

They had escaped for another few miles in a blink of an eye. No other Serene Clan cultivators could be seen.

Liu Ming stepped on the gray flying sword without looking back. He just slowed down from time to time as if he didn’t have enough spiritual power, but his gaze gradually turned cold.

Since the other party chased him so relentlessly, they clearly wouldn’t stop until he was dead.

After flying for another distance, Liu Ming saw the shadow of a small valley in front from a distance, and he was moved immediately. He turned around and looked back.

More than 30 meters away, the 2 escape lights were vaguely visible.

A cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He flew directly toward the small valley.

The tall and short cultivators chased without hesitation.

After a while, Liu Ming landed on the gravel ground on a platform in the valley.

Just as he looked around, there was a whistle from mid-air.

They landed in the front and back of Liu Ming respectively, sandwiching Liu Ming in the middle.

Haha, why did you stop running? You took so much effort, don’t you still have to die!” The tall cultivator grinned. He held a black round cymbal in each hand.

The short cultivator was still stepping on the black wheel. He was quite cautious. Seeing Liu Ming’s calm look, he had an ominous feeling.

But before he figured it out, the taller cultivator had already attacked impatiently.

He closed his hands, and the 2 black cymbals collided. Circles of black halo spread out and transfigured into a black lotus. Hundred of black blade lights were launched from it.

The short cultivator glanced at the tall cultivator, but he didn’t say anything. A small black rod appeared in his hand, and he waved a few times. After a few blasts, black hurricanes shot out.

The black hurricanes rolled toward Liu Ming in loud rumbles.

With a flash of black blade light, several holes were pierced through Liu Ming’s body.

As soon as the tall cultivator looked joyful, he was shocked again!

Because Liu Ming, who was pierced by the black blade slight, dissipated into thin air. It was just a phantasm!


The tall cultivator closed the round cymbals in his hands, shrouding himself in a black round disc. He wanted to dodge.

But it was too late!

A blurry figure appeared on top of him.

Immediately afterward, a yellow light shot out. A fist-sized yellow bead was in the yellow light.

The bead shone, and a yellow mountain phantasm flashed out. The black round disc couldn’t move as if it was imprisoned!

Immediately afterward, the mountain phantasm grew larger in an instant, pressing down ruthlessly!

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