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Chapter 1065: Chaos

The scene was chaotic.

The cultivators of the Cold Water City and Flame City were also in a turmoil when the Cold Moon City’s cultivators were running away.

“Don’t panic! Come back now!”

The 4 Real Pellet State Serene Generals of the Cold Moon City shouted furiously one after another. Although they also wanted to retreat, Leng Meng, the team leader, didn’t say anything. They of course didn’t dare to escape.

After all, Leng Meng’s life and death were trivial, but the tributes on him were a big deal.

Afterward, once the city lord, Leng Yue, found out those who ran away, they would be worse than dead.

The city lord only needed to smash the h.e.l.l soul plates that contained a trace of their soul, and their Divine Thought would be damaged. They would either have their cultivation dropped or even lost their mind completely.

However, at this time, the army was in chaos and under great pressure, so no one would listen to their orders.

At this moment, a white light flashed above one of the silver armored Serene General with a bun, and the 600 meters tall giant puppet appeared silently.

The house-sized giant palm slammed down again.

A huge spiritual pressure instantly descended on the Serene General’s head.

The Serene General with a bun couldn’t move a little; the yin qi in his body was all solidified.

A loud screeching sound.

His defensive h.e.l.l weapon was easily smashed by the black giant palm together with his body.

Whoosh“, a cloud of black air pierced out of the corpse and fled desperately in a certain direction.

The giant ghost puppet slowly stretched out a huge finger and pointed at the black air.

Immediately, a black air arrow flashed away, turning the black air into ashes.

This scene shocked the other 3 Serene Generals greatly. How could they still care about Leng Meng? Before the giant puppet attacked him, they hurriedly escaped into the distance.

The few recruited guards saw that their advantage was gone, and they also fled in all directions in chaos.

Liu Ming was already outside the battle circle at this moment. Seeing the chaos on the battlefield, he quickly flew far away, leaving a few blurred afterimages.

The tall and short cultivators, were slightly distracted by the sudden appearance of the Celestial State puppet. When they regained their senses, Liu Ming had already appeared dozens of meters away.

“Trying to run? No way!”

The tall cultivator shouted and pursued immediately.

Liu Ming turned his hand and tapped behind. The Mother Son Yin Soul Swords transformed into 8 gray sword shadows that formed a net to block them.

The tall cultivators flicked both hands. The 2 round cymbals shone brightly and swirled around him. The few gray sword shadows were crushed in a few crisp sounds.


The 2 round cymbals suddenly closed together, clamping onto the Mother Son Yin Soul Swords.

The tall cultivator was about to channel the 2 round cymbals to cut through this gray flying sword.

At this moment, a light flashed above Mother Son Yin Soul Swords, and a foot size flying sword separated from the mother sword. It rushed through the gap between the 2 round cymbals and shot toward the tall cultivator’s throat in a flash.

It was extremely fast!

The tall cultivator was too late to dodge at such a close distance.

Suddenly, a black light shot from the side, hitting the tiny flying sword with a ding sound.

The son sword was deflected a little and hit the left shoulder of the tall cultivator.

Liu Ming secretly lamented, but the 2 cymbals of the tall cultivator also lost their power.

Liu Ming immediately launched a sword symbol. The mother sword broke free from the cymbals and returned to his hand.

He quickly changed gesture, turned into a gray sword light and escaped without looking back.

The tall cultivator let out a groan and spewed a mouthful of blood.

Although the son word didn’t hit his vital point, the sharp sword qi still caused some damage to his meridians.

“Brother, are you alright?”

The short cultivator kept away the black beast claw. At the critical moment, it was him who launched the black light to save the tall cultivator.

“I’m fine…”

The taller cultivator consumed a green elixir, and his pale face looked a little better, then he took out another talisman and stuck it onto the wound on his shoulder. The bleeding stopped immediately.

“Go, chase him. I must kill him.”

After the tall cultivator finished doing this, there was a look of resentment in his eyes. He made a gesture, and the 2 round cymbals returned to his hands.

The short cultivator was about to speak, but the 2 round cymbals had already wrapped the tall cultivator and turned into a black round disc.

The black disc blurred slightly and spun at a very high speed, sweeping aggressively in the direction where Liu Ming fled.

The short cultivator sighed and looked around.

At this moment, the battle in the distance was in chaos. The young woman in silver clothes could not be found.

When looking back, the tall cultivator and Liu Ming had already escaped for several miles.

In desperation, he had to raise his hands, and a pair of ghost claws spun in the air. A black mist emerged from the claws.

He jumped on it and pursued Liu Ming in a black light.

On the other hand, after the Celestial State puppet killed another Real Pellet State Serene General, it finally roared as if its spiritual power was depleted.

The roar was unusually low.

Immediately afterward, its gigantic figure suddenly collapsed, turned into a billowing black air and rolled back. It turned back into the black iron plate in the hand of the muscular man in a blue robe in mid-air.

At the same time, the cultivators of the Cold Water City and the Flame City also swiftly adjusted their formation under the lead of the few Real Pellet State Serene Generals, then they spread up and pursued the escaping Cold Moon City’s cultivators.

In the chaotic battlefield, Leng Meng looked at the surrounding battle with a gloomy expression.

At this moment, 2 Cold Water City’s Real Pellet State Serene Generals in blue armor were leading 20 cultivators to surround Leng Meng.

Leng Meng’s eyes flashed coldly. He made a gesture with 1 hand, and his other hand drew out a 6 meter long silver halberd.

With his 9 meters height and this giant silver halberd, he looked very imposing!

He just shook the silver halberd in front, and black air gushed out from it. A giant one eye rhino phantasm with silver-black h.e.l.l patterns emerged. Its head was even full of dense bone horns.

As soon as it appeared, an earth-shattering roar erupted, then it stomped 4 legs and turned into a silver light that charged at the 2 Serene Generals.

When the 2 blue armored Serene Generals saw this, they waved the blue flags in their hands hurriedly. Rolling blue flames spread out, reducing the surrounding temperature sharply. Blue icicles were condensed around them.

The silver light caused a distortion in s.p.a.ce when it flashed forward. It appeared above the 2 Serene Generals with a burst of rattling sound.

Those blue icicles couldn’t stop this giant one eye rhino in the slightest.

However, the momentum of the giant one eye rhino’s charge was slightly slowed down.

The 2 Serene Generals were shocked, but they were still experienced fighters to be able to cultivate to the Real Pellet State early stage. They spurted a thick aura into the blue flags, making the blue flames even more vigorous!

Immediately afterward, the 2 blue flags each transfigure a giant ice blue wolf. They leaped and entangled with the giant one eye rhino phantasm.

Seeing this situation, more than 20 Cold Water City’s cultivators, who were about to shrink the encirclement, looked at each other in dismay and did not dare to go forward.

Seeing this, Leng Meng sneered and shook the silver halberd suddenly.

Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt!

The dense silver halberd shadows swept away in all directions.

Those cultivators were too late to dodge.

After a burst of loud noise, more than 20 cultivators were instantly drowned by the silver halberd shadows. Before they could even scream, they were turned into meat paste.

After doing all this, Leng Meng let out a cold snort, shook the silver halberd in his hand again, and threw it fiercely in front.

An ear piercing blast!

The silver halberd became several times bigger in a flash and turned into a 30 meter long beam. It moved 90 meters in a stretch, piercing through the chest of the left Senere General.

The Serene General first looked at Leng Meng, who stood like a G.o.d of war in the distance, in disbelief, then he looked at the big hole that covered almost his entire chest. He lost his consciousness suddenly and died instantly.

In mid-air, an giant ice blue wolf that lost the source of power also collapsed with a whimper.

A giant ice blue wolf alone could not resist the rampant attack of the giant one eye rhino. After just a moment, it was defeated by the horn thrust of the rhino.

When another Serene General reacted, his body was pierced through by the giant one eye rhino in a silver flash.

2 Real Pellet State Serene Generals and 20 cultivators were killed by Leng Meng in just a while. The others who were eager to earn the merit all became silent.

At this moment, in their eyes, that 9 meters tall Leng Meng, who was holding a silver halberd, was like a G.o.d of killing.

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