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Being provoked like this, could Zuo Ning endure it? Definitely not! Coming to his home and actually having him get lost. Even if he was merely a dog, this kind of person was too unqualified! Moreover, this guy actually cursed his Lu Chenghe! This was even more unbearable!

Although he wasn't sure whether the one cursing the Lu family a moment ago was him, as of now, the only person in the entire back garden was him, and he actually told him to get lost. That was definitely him cursing!

Zuo Ning, who originally only looked down from the balcony because of curiosity, stood up and found that he wasn't high up enough so he pushed a nearby chair until it was against the railing. Standing on the chair, his two paws were just able to press on the railing. After that, he moved his qi toward his dantian and in one breath, he suddenly said toward that person who was sitting downstairs: "Woof woof woof woof woof!!!"

Lu Chenghe, who was in the middle of making small talk together with his eldest brother and some company CEO, heard the faint sound of a dog barking and his hand which was holding a wine cup stopped moving for a bit. Following that, he was slightly apologetic as he said to that CEO: "I'm sorry, but please excuse me. I must leave for a while." After speaking, he turned around and went upstairs.

As soon as he opened the door and entered, he saw that the top of the bed had been made into a complete mess, and the main culprit was on the balcony shouting towards downstairs. Seeing Little Pudding's posture at present, Lu Chenghe's was suddenly alarmed and his face sunk: "Little Pudding, get down from there!" If he fell and recklessly broke his leg from falling, he might lose his life if was serious.

Zuo Ning turned his head and saw that Lu Chenghe had come. Quickly and impatiently, he said: "Woof woof!" There's a bad person cursing you here! And they told me to get lost!

Lu Chenghe walked forward two or three steps until he'd reached the balcony, picked up that little thing, and brought him inside. Seeing the chair which wasn't in its normal position, he sternly said: "You've really got guts! After starving you for one meal, you're rebelling? What did you want to do, jump down?!"

Zuo Ning's entire face showed that he was stunned by this roaring. Seeing Lu Chenghe, who was this angry for some unknown reason, his paws shrunk back. He looked wronged as he looked toward the balcony: "Awoo…" Someone cursed you, and they also told me to get lost.

Lu Chenghe was clearly incapable of comprehending such complex dog speech and regarded it as him wanting to go out and play: "You want to go out and play so you intend on jumping from the balcony? Before, you wouldn't even go down from the bed and now, you dare to jump down from the second floor?"

Realizing that Lu Chenghe had misunderstood, Zuo Ning immediately pounced over onto Lu Chenghe's body. He stuck out his paws to point toward the balcony: "Awoo awoo!" I definitely wouldn't be foolish enough to jump down from here. Go over and take a look!

Seeing his actions, Lu Chenghe held the puppy in one hand as he walked over to the balcony to take a look. In the courtyard, there was not a soul in sight, only one gla.s.s which had been drunk from by a person and placed on a small round table. He looked down and saw that his own puppy's eyes looked to be filled with grievances. He made his voice sound milder: "Someone called you from outside just a moment ago?"

"Wu…" Someone just cursed at me from outside.

"Even if someone called you, you can't do that. You might accidentally fall down." Not able to cling onto it by himself, he even knew to use the chair's height to help. He was truly unintelligent when he should be intelligent and quite proficient when he shouldn't be intelligent.

Zuo Ning was somewhat discontent and glanced toward the balcony. He figured that that guy ran fast. Otherwise, he had to let Lu Chenghe know that someone without any character actually snuck into their home. In the future, they have to be careful and keep an eye out!

Seeing Little Pudding chidingly look over at the balcony with a vengeful appearance, he couldn't help but poke his head: "Hungry? Want to eat something?"

Zuo Ning instantly threw that outsider to the back of his mind and immediately stuck out both paws to prod at Lu Chenghe: "Woof!" Hungry, wanna eat!

Lu Chenghe coldly said: "Then in the future, will you be obedient? Still dare to eat things indiscriminately?"

Zuo Ning sat up straight at once and let out a sweet Samo smile: "Woof!"

Lu Chenghe held his mouth and shook it: "So you're actually well versed in selling meng!" While speaking, he got up, closed the door to the balcony, and also pulled the curtains shut. Seeing Little Pudding blindly follow him from behind, he kneaded his ear: "If you stay well-behaved, I'll have the steward send food up for you. You're not allowed to randomly climb up onto the window. If I see you climb up again, then I'll really take action and hit you!"

Only after Lu Chenghe had warned him repeatedly for a good while and went out did Zuo Ning proudly wag his tail. He was relaxed as he jumped onto the bed. He just knew that Lu Chenghe loved him the most and would definitely hate to leave him hungry.

Lu Chenghe returned to the dinner party and saw the steward. The steward, who was just in the middle of receiving guests, immediately walked over: "Young master."

Lu Chenghe said: "Have people send Little Pudding's dinner up. Besides that, who went to the backyard just now?"

The steward said: "For the most part, the guests are all in the reception hall. Only Mr. Qi went over to the backyard a moment ago." As a steward, the movements of everyone inside this place had to be taken note of. Otherwise, if something happened, it would be due to the negligence of the host and that would be a situation where face would completely be lost. That's why when the young master asked, he could immediately answer.

Lu Chenghe nodded. With not much to say, he let the steward continue to busy away.

Aside from this brief episode, the entire dinner party was very successful. It was considered to be something to introduce Lu Nianqi to everyone and get acquainted with them, and also to let people know that the Lu family had another person like this, announcing his ident.i.ty.

After all of the guests had dispersed, Mother Lu smiled and praised him: "Your performance today wasn't bad."

Lu Nianqi shyly smiled. Lu Chenghe loosened his clothes on the side and spoke out: "I'll be going up first."

Mother Lu took a quick glance at him. In any case, there weren't any important matters at home. For the closing work, the steward was present and they didn't need to worry about it, so she allowed him to leave. Once again, she spoke to Lu Nianqi: "I've prepared a house for you near your university. When the time comes, you can have the steward decorate it according to your preferences in advance. In the future when you've moved out, you have to remember to come back often to share a meal. Right now in the Lu family, there's only this few of you in the younger generation. Your relationship definitely can't be shallow."

Out of the corner of his eyes, Lu Nianqi saw that Lu Chenghe didn't even have the slightest bit of a reaction after hearing these words as he was heading upstairs and his eyes slightly smiled: "Second aunt, don't worry. As long as you don't find me annoying, I'll come back often."

Lu Nianqi originally had a very lovable face.  When he smiled like this, it made him seem even more lovable to people. Mother Lu liked this kind of child, so she also smiled as she said: "How could I dislike you? Anyway, you've also been busy the entire night. You should hurry and go rest."

Lu Nianqi nodded and said goodnight to Mother Lu before walking over toward his own room. He'd thought that he would feel happy and relieved when he left the Lu family to go out and be independent. After all, when he was in the Lu family, he was always uptight in fear that if he wasn't doing well in any way, it'd cause people to dislike him. But when he really heard Mother Lu speak like this, he felt like he was at a loss and more disappointed than relieved.

Zuo Ning, who knew that the dinner party had ended, obediently laid on the bed waiting for Lu Chenghe. As soon as he saw him come in, he opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and smiled.

Seeing that meng-selling appearance, Lu Chenghe coldly harrumphed: "Starting tomorrow, run another lap for me. If you don't reduce your body fat, in the future, the amount of food you get will be halved!"

Zuo Ning, who heard these words, immediately became dispirited on the bed. Not this kind of dog abuse!


When will LCH let ZN live in peace without these empty threats?

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