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Originally, he'd thought that after Mother Lu returned, his own life would definitely change by having everything turned on its head. But in reality, his days were going by even better than before! He knew that Lu Chenghe wouldn't send him away so during the day when Mother Lu wanted to take him over to play, Zuo Ning would go. When Lu Chenghe was nearly home, he would run back by himself. In any case, it was all within one manor so no matter how he ran about, he wouldn't get lost.

The most important thing was that Mother Lu had zero resistance to him. So long as he eagerly looked at something, that beef jerky, cheese stick, even that small cake, Mother Lu didn't put restrictions on the amount of anything!

The price of his happy days was just that even if he went on morning runs with Lu Chenghe every morning, his body weight still rose sharply.

Seeing Lu Chenghe's serious expression, Zuo Ning's body shifted slightly. His line of sight drifted away and he felt like running away a little.

However, Lu Chenghe clearly didn't intend on letting him run. He firmly captured his two paws and forced him to look face to face with him: "In only one week, you've gotten this much fatter. Do you know how much you weigh now?"

Zuo Ning resentfully said: "Woof!" I exercise every day!

"If you continue to be gluttonous and eat that many snacks every day, I'll shut you in a small dark room to go lose weight."

Zuo Ning suddenly became anxious. He didn't eat that much. Every day, even if it was refined dog food, when eating it, there was no flavour and it really wasn't that good. Already, he hadn't eaten even a bit of spicy stuff in many months, and he'd been craving it to death already. At present, he wasn't even allowed to eat beef jerky with even a bit of saltiness or a slightly sweet cupcake. How was this supposed to let him survive? He'll become depressed, okay?!

"Wu wu wu…"

Lu Chenghe pushed away the little thing who was tenaciously pouncing toward his body and throwing a tantrum. If he didn't make him know the seriousness of the matter, he'd become more and more undisciplined and out of control in the future.

He himself had been very temperate since childhood, so his mother simply didn't have the opportunity to spoil someone. Now, raising a little thing who was this good at acting like a spoiled child and selling meng when asking for food to eat, he believed that with his mother's temper, she definitely wouldn't be able to refuse the little thing regardless of whether it was harmful toward this little thing. He reckoned that she'd feed him just because she saw that he was happy when eating. In this short, short week, the originally very beautiful body type had almost become as plump as a ball!

Right when Lu Chenghe wanted to give Little Pudding a nice lesson and was hardening his skin, the steward knocked on the door from outside: "Young master, it's almost time for the dinner party."

Lu Chenghe responded and then picked up a towel to clean the dog fur by Little Pudding's mouth. If it wasn't for him seeing his mother actually feeding this guy cream cake a moment ago, he wouldn't be aware of his mother actually feeding the dog like this during the day in the slightest. Was cream something that could be casually fed to dogs? Feeding him a tiny bit of a cupcake was more like it.

After the dog fur was wiped clean, Lu Chenghe carried him into the doghouse: "This evening, I'll starve you for a meal. Properly reflect upon yourself for me."

Zuo Ning pitifully looked toward him: "Wu…"

Regardless of his fake crying, after Lu Chenghe changed his water, he directly shut Little Pudding in the room. Today, there were many people in the house. Who knew whether someone would feed him things at random when he wasn't looking? It was still safer to keep him in there.

Mother Lu saw her son come down and immediately stepped forward: "Where's Little Pudding? Don't do anything, alright? I just fed him a little bit. Hitting dogs isn't right. They don't understand anything, just saying things properly is fine."

Lu Chenghe looked toward his mother with an expressionless face: "Don't think about me hitting him. Just don't randomly feed him things in the future."

Mother Lu felt wronged and looked at her son. She thought, who could be like him and be capable of being indifferent toward that kind of cute thing? Seeing those wet little eyes, she'd simply die if she resisted them, okay?

TN Note: Do you think LCH would actually be so hardhearted toward his beloved dog? You’ll find out soon! (´꒳`) Just know that LCH isn’t going to abuse Zuo Ning (≧ヘ≦ )

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