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Inexplicably Kicked (2)

After the party, the Lu home returned to its previous peacefulness. Zuo Ning originally thought that he wouldn't come across that person without any character again, but he didn't expect this accident to come so quickly.

Before, when Lu Chenghe worked during the day, Zuo Ning could only play by himself or make a mess out of the courtyard together with the two German shepherds. Now, Mother Lu has returned and whether she's occupied or free, she'll call him over to accompany her. Sometimes, he'd also be able to eat some small snacks which he isn't able to eat over at Lu Chenghe's, so Zuo Ning's been pa.s.sing his time very comfortably. However, this was actually his first time going out with Mother Lu.

In fact, Zuo Ning doesn't really like to go out much as when he's at home, he can be carefree and act like a person. However, as soon as he went out, he had to be tied up by a leash. No matter what he did, choosing where to go was beyond his control. If he were together with Lu Chenghe, then that wouldn't be too bad, but replace him with Mother Lu and the time outside would be even more unbearable. He didn't like this feeling, but sometimes it was beyond his control.

This time it seemed that they were going out to see the new clothing for the season. In general, Lu Chenghe didn't care about this. He was fine with having specialists arrange clothing for him and the butler organize them into the closet. However, Mother Lu liked to go and take a look in person every time. Probably because she wanted to have a dress custom-made for him, she brought him along this time.

Zuo Ning, who was sitting in the car and foolishly staring out of the window, was rather helpless. He felt that he had adapted to streaking naked every day. He really didn't need clothes. As long as he wasn't shaved, it would be fine. However, Mother Lu has always dressed him up for fun. If it wasn't for the youngest brother Lu Chenghan blocking her, she couldn't wait to dress him up everyday.

Sometimes, being loved too much makes this dog feel burdened.

That kind of high-cla.s.s store seemed to be accustomed to upper-cla.s.s ladies bringing in pets. When Mother Lu brought him in, they weren't blocked and many people praised him for looking very nice and being very pretty. Mother Lu heard the compliments and smiled as she was very happy. Only Zuo Ning had a lifeless face. Accompanying a woman to window-shop, even if he had four legs now, he still couldn't bear it and was tired, ah.

However, it was fortunate that Mother Lu didn't always pull him along and instead placed him onto the sofa before she went to go look at those clothes herself. Seeing a group of people escorting Mother Lu as she didn't think twice before buying, buying, and buying various things, Zuo Ning lazily yawned as he laid on the sofa. At last, he understood why so many women wanted to marry into the aristocratic. It was exactly this lifestyle, wouldn't it make people envious to death?

Just when Zuo Ning was bored to death, a somewhat familiar looking person walked over toward his direction. Zuo Ning stared at him. Wasn't that exactly the man who told him to get lost in the back garden the other night? Zuo Ning coldly became alert. So long as that guy dared to curse him again, he would definitely trade insults with him this time!

However, what made Zuo Ning disappointed was that the man only glanced at him and didn't speak rudely. Rather, he simply sat on the sofa over to the side. When the beautiful attendant carried tea over, that person casually asked: "Whose pet is this?"

The attendant had an appropriate smile on her face: "Madam Lu brought him in. Madam Lu is currently inside choosing clothes."

As soon as Madam Lu was said, Qi Zhi finally recalled that evening. Originally, he'd merely wanted to have some peace and quiet in the back garden but this dog suddenly started barking toward him. If it wasn't for him leaving quickly, he might be misunderstood by others about what he did to this dog. Nowadays, when he's asking for cooperation with the Lus, he can't even afford to offend a dog from that family. At the thought of this, Qi Zhi looked at the dog to his side whose expression was somewhat cold and gloomy.

The Lu family was rich and imposing but they refused to swindle and didn't do many collaborations. They weren't concerned about them at all. However, he himself was worried about a bankruptcy crisis. The bank over there has already been urging them, and several partners have seen that the situation was amiss and one after another, they've been asking to withdraw their investments. At that time when the project was on fire, it was almost a matter of begging everywhere asking for collaborations. However, the national policy changed everything.

Now, he only hoped  that he'll be able to break able and only the Lu family was capable of helping him. However, originally he'd had a bit of hope of a collaboration, but not long after the dinner party from the other day, he was straightforwardly rejected.

Qi Zhi also wasn't clear on the reason and wanted to find the person in charge of the project on the Lu family's side many times, but  he'd been met with rejection again and again. Now, he'd even had no choice but to go ask for help from an unruly rich daughter he didn't like just do that the company could rise from the dead.

If the Lu family agreed to collaborate, he wouldn't be in such a difficult situation now. The Qi Zhi who the more he thought, the more his heart was resentful and willing, inexplicably somewhat thought that it would be good to vent his anger on the dog before his eyes.

Zuo Ning looked at this man's expression constantly changing. He was originally full of fighting spirit but he started to get a little terrified and withdrew back. This person's mind wasn't abnormal, right? If this person were to go mad, would he be infected if he were bitten by a madman?

Thus, Zuo Ning decided to generously not bother with this person and jumped off from the sofa. He eagerly ran in to go look for Mother Lu. He cherished his dog life and would keep far away from mental cases.

Mother Lu thought that he was thirsty so she fed him a few mouthfuls of water and also gave her a few strips of beef jerky. Seeing Little Pudding obediently and cleverly using two paws to hold the beef strip as he started to nibble away, she picked up a hand-made cheongsam and went to change into it.

At this time, a tall girl came out from another fitting room with a beautiful little Western-style dress on. She was all smiles as she called out toward outside: "Zhi, come in and help me see if this outfit looks good or not."

As soon as Zuo Ning turned his head around, he saw that man also come in. Thus, he lowered his head and continued to nibble on his meat jerky. Ghosts really don't go away.

Qi Zhi had great skill in coaxing the girl. In just a few words, he'd coaxed that girl into beaming with joy. After that, she changed into another outfit and continued to try them on.

The two clerks took the clothes to be tried on in for the girl, so there was only him and the dog remaining outside the fitting room.

In Qi Zhi's heart, his hatred was at its max. He looked left and right and saw that no one was around. He walked forward by a few steps and directly and ruthlessly kicked Zuo Ning. After that, he immediately turned around, ran out, and closed the door. He couldn't afford to offend the Lu family so kicking a dog to get rid of his hatred was fine!

Zuo Ning was just in the middle of laying on his cushion and eating his beef jerky and he never expected that this person would suddenly lose it. Even if he'd heard the sound of his footsteps as he walked over, he was still a step late when he'd thought to avoid it and was kicked. That person simply used all of his strength to kick him and he felt that he could fly after being kicked. Subconsciously, he barked.

Hearing the dog barking, Mother Lu who had just changed clothes came out at once. Seeing her Little Pudding not laying on his own cushion and instead lying down on his side in a corner, tossing from side to side for a while but seemingly unable to turn over, she immediately stepped forward: "”What happened here? It's slippery here, don't run around and be careful of falling." As she spoke, she wanted to pick him up.

Zuo Ning's body which had been kicked hurt all over. However, this kind of thing by no means could be tolerated so as soon as he got up, he ran towards the door.

Mother Lu saw Little Pudding turning the door open by himself and afraid that this little guy would run out, she immediately chased after him.

Zuo Ning saw that man unexpectedly sitting on the sofa outside leisurely reading a magazine and immediately viciously howled facing him.

The man seemed to have been startled and immediately got up and backed up. Mother Lu also hadn't seen Little Pudding with a fierce appearance like this before but she knew that her family's Little Pudding was very well-behaved and would never be this vicious toward anyone without reason. However, she was also scared that Little Pudding would really bite someone so she promptly stepped forward and hugged Little Pudding to pacify him: "It's okay now, baby be good. What's going on here?"

Even if Zuo Ning was hugged by Mother Lu like this, he still viciously stared at the man in front of him. Hitting him and wanting to run away? No way!

The young lady who was fooling around with by Qi Zhi also heard these sounds and came out to see this kind of scene. She raised several dogs at home herself. Although she wouldn't go as far to say that she could understand everything about dogs, at the very least, she knew that dogs wouldn't stare at a person viciously without any cause or reason and immediately frowned as she said: "Zhi, what did you do to this little guy? Why is it staring at you?"

As soon as the girl spoke, Mother Lu also realized this problem. Little Pudding wasn't vicious toward anyone and only stared at this man. When this man took a step forward, Little Pudding would follow by taking a step. This was too abnormal.

Qi Zhi immediately said: "I didn't do anything. How should I know what suddenly happened to this dog? It suddenly barked toward me and I was even startled by it. Have you finished trying on clothes? When you're done, why don't we leave?"

Mother Lu who has rarely dealt with such a thing saw Little Pudding rigidly staring and not looking away. She thought that if that person dared to leave, he would pounce up and bite him, leaving her no choice but to call her son.

Hanging up the phone, she watched a man who was urging girl to leave. Mother Lu suddenly walked over with arrogance: "Mr. Qi wouldn't mind staying here for a few more minutes, right? My son will be coming very shortly. If my family's dog has been vicious toward people for no reason, I'll have my son apologize to you." If it wasn't for no cause or reason, the beating would also depend on the owner!

Only now did Qi Zhi realize how impulsive he'd been today, and he started to panic a bit in his mind. However, wouldn't insisting on leaving now prove that he harbored ulterior movies? Thinking that he didn't kick that heavily earlier and that dogs are unable to talk, as long as there weren't injuries on its body, there wouldn't be any evidence to prove that he did something and like this, he gradually calmed down.

Lu Chenghe picked up the phone and immediately broke up the meeting that was going on at the moment. Luckily, his company was just on this road and it didn't even take him five minutes to come over.

As soon as Lu Chenghe arrived, he saw this deadlocked scene. Seeing that his mother and his puppy were both okay, he let out a sigh of relief.

As soon as Zuo Ning saw Lu Chenghe, he immediately let out his grievances and whimpered as he ran over asking to be hugged: "Awoo…" This guy kicked me, it hurts like h.e.l.l!

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