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Chenghe's Mom Came Home (2)

Lu Chenghe saw that he had already greeted him, so he was ready to bring Little Pudding upstairs. However, Little Pudding used his four paws to firmly cling onto his body. He was like an octopus, no matter what, he wouldn't be willing to come down. If it weren't for his tail not being long enough, he might wrap around his waist once before giving up. As a result, Lu Chenghe could only carry this seriously heavy little guy upstairs in this way.

As soon as they entered the room, Zuo Ning knew that Lu Chenghe was going to take a shower and change clothes and didn't stick to his body anymore. Only, he thought of the words he'd just said to Lu Nianqi. He couldn't help but be nervous: "Woof!" Is your mom coming back?

Just at that time, Lu Chenghe was taking off his outer clothes when he heard barking and then responded by saying: "Be good. We'll eat very soon."

"Woof woof!" When your mom returns, she won't want to forcefully take me away, right? You certainly have to firmly refuse!

"Okay okay. In a moment, I'll give you two extra pieces of meat to eat."

"Woof…" Anyway, even if I'm carried away, I can also run over myself!

"After eating, I'll bring you out for a walk again, okay?"

"Wu…" Communication barriers are so stifling.

Throwing his jacket onto the sofa on the side, Lu Chenghe walked to the bedside and rubbed his hand along the dog's head for a little while: "I'm going to go shower. Be obedient and wait for me to come out."


Hearing the bark which was like a response, Lu Chenghe faintly smiled and turned around to walk toward the bathroom.

Very quickly, the sound of water came out from the bathroom and Zuo Ning sighed silently. In the past two months, aside from occasionally receiving Mother Lu's presents which were sent over from abroad, he'd pretty much forgotten that he should be the dog of Mother Lu. Now that the owner was returning, if Lu Chenghe felt that raising him was too troublesome and wanted to return him to Mother Lu, what should he do then?

Even if he could run over here over and over again, what if Lu Chenghe had people send him back over each time? He also had self-respect, okay? After many times, he'd definitely be discouraged, okay?

He thought of the fact that in the future, he might have to be separated from Lu Chenghe in the future. With great difficulty, he'd cultivated their relationship to this degree and at that time, their lives might be separated. From being able to be sticky and intimate each and every day to maybe just petting the dog being counted as a greeting, Zuo Ning was simply being abused and crying because of his own thoughts.

After Lu Chenghe finished taking his shower and came out, a little artillery sh.e.l.l immediately rushed over. If it wasn't for him having gotten used to being charged over this period of time, he might have already fallen to the ground from this kind of surprise attack if he wasn't standing firm. Hugging Little Pudding who was firmly sticking onto himself, Lu Chenghe patted his b.u.t.t twice: "You really get stickier as you get older."

Zuo Ning had decided. Rather than waiting for Lu Chenghe to p.r.o.nounce judgement upon him, it was better for him to take the initiative. When Mother Lu comes back, he must stick closely to Lu Chenghe and firmly reject being taken away by Mother Lu. As for Lu Chenghe's att.i.tude, that can be talked about when the time comes.

While waiting for Mother Lu to come back, Zuo Ning was afraid of being sent off and restless. Lu Nianqi was afraid that the mother of his brother who couldn't be trifled with at all wouldn't like him so he was nervous and helpless. The person and the dog were in the same boat. For a moment, Zuo Ning felt rather sympathetic toward Lu Nianqi.

What's to come will inevitably come. On this day, the skies were clear and boundless, and the autumn air was fresh. At dawn, the steward directed everyone to tidy up, rushing inside and outside. The dead leaves in the front courtyard were cleanly swept away, and the sculptures outside the room were also wiped until they were spotless.

Seeing this war state, Zuo Ning knew right away that Mother Lu was coming back. As a result, the entire dog stuck onto Lu Chenghe's body and wouldn't come down for the life of him.

When the steward was leading everyone outside the room to greet Mother Lu, Lu Chenghe was still struggling against Little Pudding: "Be good, come down."

"Wu wu wu!" I won't, don't even think about it!

Lu Chenghe took one of his paws off and another paw stuck onto him. Helplessly, he said: "If you don't listen, there won't be any meat to eat today."

"Awoowoowoo!" If there's no meat to eat, there's no meat to eat. You're more important than meat!

Outside of the room, as soon as Mother Lu got out of the car, she saw Lu Nianqi who was standing by the steward's side. When the refined looking upper-cla.s.s woman smiled, she looked exceptionally gentle: "This is Lu Nianqi, right? This child has grown up quite well."

Seeing Mother Lu's seemingly very amiable appearance, Lu Nianqi let out a sigh of relief. He promptly greeted her according to the seniority in the family: "Second aunt."

Mother Lu repeatedly nodded: "Okay okay, if anything happens in the future, don't hesitate to find your second brother." While speaking, she didn't see her own son and beloved pet so she asked the steward: "What about Chenghe?"

The steward slightly moved to the side: "Young master is in the living room."

Mother Lu let people take her luggage back to her own residence and had the steward divide up the gifts she'd brought back before walking over toward the living room. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw her extremely cold during the day and taciturn son wrapped up with her cute Little Pudding. Her son who'd always had neat and tidy clothing appeared to have been ravaged at this moment. Seeing this, she didn't even dare to recognize him.

At this moment, Lu Chenghe's clothes had been somewhat messed up by Little Pudding but not to the point of having been ravaged. It was likely because of his normally excessively tidy image that in Mother Lu's eyes, the difference in image at the moment was somewhat major. However, regarding the steward and Lu Nianqi, they'd already gotten used to Lu Chenghe indulging Little Pudding and letting him be a little demon on his body so this wasn't unexpected for them at all.

Seeing Mother Lu, Zuo Ning was scared and shrunk back closely into Lu Chenghe's arms at once.

Lu Chenghe also gave up and didn't control him anymore. He turned his head over toward Mother Lu: "Mom.”

Mother Lu straightforwardly ignored her son and reached out wanting to hug Little Pudding: "Aiyo~ My little baby grew this large, come and let me hug you."

Zuo Ning buried his own head into Lu Chenghe's arms. As if he was afraid of being carried away, he firmly stuck onto his body.

Even when Mother Lu used a bit of strength, she couldn't take this little thing over into her own arms. Suddenly, she was broken-hearted and said: "Little Pudding really doesn't recognize me anymore. He won't even let me hug him."

Lu Chenghe helplessly stroked the dog head in his own embrace: "All right, be obedient. Come out. You won't be sent away, I guarantee it."

Only after hearing these words did Zuo Ning lift his head and look toward Lu Chenghe: "Awoo?" Really?"

Lu Chenghe held him out toward his mother: "Be obedient, go over and hug mom. The little car you like the most was, nevertheless, bought for you by mom."

Thus, Zuo Ning was placed onto Mother Lu's body like this. Hugging this soft white ball of fur, Mother Lu was simply so happy that she could fly. If it wasn't for having to wipe off her lipstick, she would really want to kiss that furry face.

Kneading and pinching the little furball, once she'd absorbed enough dog, she started to pick up the toys she'd especially bought for Little Pudding and coercively said: "Look at this, this is a model of Little Pudding. When you knead its paws, it'll bark! But of course, this is what I had custom-made for you, like it? If you like it, go back with me today, okay?

As soon as Zuo Ning heard this, he immediately jumped off of Mother Lu's body and pounced into Lu Chenghe's arms. He just knew it, just knew that Mother Lu definitely wouldn't give up on taking him away that easily!

Mother Lu suddenly stared blankly and stopped: "It understood my words and knows that I'm going to take it away?"

Lu Chenghe pacified Little Pudding who didn't seem to have been startled just a bit and faintly smiled: "Little Pudding is very smart and can understand many words. Probably knowing that you were going to come back, he was afraid that he'd be sent off and has been tightly sticking onto people these days."

Zuo Ning stared blankly, Lu Chenghe unexpectedly knew?! The crucial point was, how did Lu Chenghe know?!

Mother Lu was also rather surprised. However, she didn't feel that it was strange at all. There were plenty of dogs smarter and more humanlike than Little Pudding and there were dogs and cats which were actually able to sniff out if someone was going to die. He only felt that it was a bit of a pity. At that time, it was her who brought Little Pudding back, but seeing how Little Pudding was sticking to her son this much now, it felt like her baby was taken by an outsider and she felt sad, even though that outsider was her son.

Seeing Little Pudding stick to her son desperately, her heart felt like it was going to melt from meng. She immediately took out her cell phone and took all kinds of photos: "Aiyo~ My little baby is truly too cute. Come on Little Pudding, look at the camera~"

From the side, Lu Nianqi looked at the family in front of him which looked to be warm, harmonious, and happy. Only, he felt that all along, he'd been an outsider. No matter how hard he tried, it seemed that he'd never be able to fit in.

(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ poor Nianqi…

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