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Chapter 468: You’re Telling me I Conned Honest People?

Three months later, outside the city walls in which the Devil Gate Star’ hall laid.

The night carried with it endless dark clouds, fluttering Faceless’ banners in the fierce wind and brisk rain of autumn. Four immortal beast riders fell from the sky before the city gates.

Yang Hun, Bu Liuhen, Duan Shou, and Lu Qingxuan dismounted and trudged through the muddy soil.

This was the city from which Faceless sent his orders, the capital of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation. Any besides Faceless daring to fly above it would be considered a traitor and would be dealt with accordingly.

As the Crownless a.s.sembly always reeked with blood, this place was no different. The deposed were place on the block, a blade their only parting gift as they left this world head first.

There had never been instances one survived this blade, since the one wielding it was Duan Shou.

Dressed in black, they sped towards downtown. Sire Faceless was calling them. They knew who Chen Ming was and had no reason to stall for time.

Thousands of Blades half-kneeled in the square before the hall, not minding the raindrops trailing down their clothes. No sound was made in the ever-present rain.

The four strode through the throng of people, entered the hall, kneeled and closed their eyes, “Revered Sire Faceless, your Blades beseech you…”

Chen Ming’s shadow drifted into being on the only seat in the hall, “Rise.”

The four opened their eyes as he continued, “You must know by know who I am, right?”

Yang Hun wanted to say, It matters little even if we do. We will always revere you.

But why would Chen Ming give them the chance? This was a cla.s.sic case of a weak ruler with strong retainers. He might have it easy killing Bu Liuhen, but when going against the three Gold Immortals, he’d be dead in no time!

Please, these are Gold Immortals! To surpa.s.s one’s realm one must first fulfill the basic conditions!

The first thing I’ll do when I get the chance is to write the Realm Surpa.s.sing Guidebook. It will be epic, a historical cla.s.sic.

As such, I must make it so everyone follows my lead. Chen Ming flipped on Enlighten Aura, King Slayer Aura, World’s Crown Aura, Ruler’s Presence Aura, and Decree of Untold Daos Aura in silence. Each by itself had the power to bolster his image by a good margin. Good, now it’s time I lay it on thick. “I have awoken from the endless reincarnation to witness the world’s end.”

The four knew of this. With all the buzzing around regarding it, of course they did and withheld to comment.

The only one at the same level who could contest him was that enigmatic mortal who appeared at the end.

What else was he if not a reincarnated immortal?

They found no fault in his words.

Chen Ming was pleased by his work, “I awoke at the age of 23 and begun cultivating. In three years, I killed a Sovereign. In five years, I killed an immortal. In seven years, no Earth Immortals can stand above me. And now… he-he-he.”

Chen Ming left the words hang, “Do you know what I want?”

He didn’t give them the time to respond, “Through my cultivation and my knowledge, I want the entire world!”

He stood up, arms spread as if to hold the world when he shouted this.

With the ruler weak and his retainers strong gave birth to discontent and thoughts of dethroning. Just how a lord had no ambition and his officials wanted to do so much more, pretty much because the lord could do some things but didn’t feel like it. Since his officials also had the power, they just kicked him to the curb and went for it themselves.

This was the logic.

As such, to solve this matter, it couldn’t be simpler; talk big, the bigger the better. Paint a grand image and give hope to those ruthless retainers. With hope, there was no place for king slaying in their minds.

Here’s how it worked. Say you had a bunch of drunkards in a tavern, causing more than a little trouble. But if you put a revealing and alluring woman to dance for them, they would be speechless, with all their focus on her.

The gist was to give your retainers a little something to do, and they’d be to busy doing it to raise an arm against one’s lord.

Take Chen Ming for example. He didn’t need to cultivate and got his head filled with thoughts of treason.

He was bored out of his mind!

Of course, the Domains’ bounty had something to do with this too.

So he painted a pretty picture. With my cultivation speed faster than yours, by the time you revolt, you’d be either destroyed by me or so glued together that you can’t get out.

Chen Ming continued, “You won’t be mere Faceless or Inevitables in the future, but Relentless!”

That was the same kind of glory and respect a t.i.tle of King would have! As for talks of having them at the helm of an Immortal Domain as Emperors, or Almighty Crownless, that was a tad excessive. They’d never buy it.

Chen Ming spoke in earnest, “Therefore, we need to ascertain our goal and become Relentless.”

This should get their blood pumpin’. Only now he turned to them, and Bu Liuhen took the lead, “Sire Faceless, you have rescued me and my daughter from the clutches of the Heavenly Court. I, Bu Liuhen, am forever yours, Sire Faceless!”

Yang Hun followed, “Sire Faceless, you have saved me from life imprisonment in Jade Lake and have granted me the right of wielding Heavenly Wolf Bow. I, Yang Hun, will do all you ask with fervor!”

Duan Shou said, “I was once your enemy, Sire Faceless, yet you have looked pa.s.sed this enmity and even wished to impart me your Dao. I, Duan Shou, may not be your disciple, however, our bond is just the same as a Master and his disciple. It’s is a true pity my talent is far below the sect leaders. I do not have the gal to ask that you take me in! I will go through h.e.l.l and high water, through any obstacle for you!”

That’s the same as saying you three are loyalists and I’m the bad guy in this!

Come on! You’re way too honest here!

What was the point of my speech?


Lu Qingxuan added, “Yes! Sire Faceless is right! I have waited three long centuries for a Faceless just to start this great undertaking! I wish to stand as the vanguard and crush all obstacles that prevent Sire Faceless from turning us Relentless!”

His eyes shined with eagerness. This was what he’d been waiting for, Chen Ming’s words.

Chen Ming gloated a bit at that, Good, good! It had some use after all!

At least one is hooked.

Lu Qingxuan continued, “Time is of the essence. I will go at once and train my a.s.sa.s.sins. When the time comes and Sire Faceless challenges the Almighty Crownless, they will make a difference!”

Chen Ming: …

Forget it, I don’t feel like saying it.

“Duan Shou, come to Yan Mountain tomorrow.”

Duan Shou showed even greater respect at this delighting order, “Subordinate obeys. I thank Sire Faceless for bestowing me with the Dao!”

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